Although contemporary romance dominates the small town romance trope, there are some excellent paranormal romances and fantasy romances as well. As with their contemporary romance brethren fantasy and paranormal small town romance books are set in small communities. Only the communities are made up of paranormal creatures or there is some magic involved, so expect shifter and witch small town romance goodness.

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Sometimes all you want is something cosy and cute. Where your neighbours bake you cookies and mow your lawn. Where there is an eccentric old lady and a bakery that sells amazing cupcakes. Basically you need a small town romance book. But, what’s better than a small town romance book? A small town romance book with magic, or maybe a vampire neighbour. Or a shifter running the local coffee shop. They can be a bit harder to find, but sometimes only paranormal small town romance books will hit the spot.

As they can be difficult to find, we have gathered together some of our favourite romantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal small town romance books so we can share them with you. Enjoy!

Want something more down to earth? Check out our Small Town Romance Books You Need to Visit list! We promise, there isn’t a vampire in sight!

Our favourite paranormal small town romance books

We stand by the books we have on this list, but reads leave a lasting impression. While we recommend every title. these two reads are our must-read paranormal small town romance books and a great starting point.

fave small town paranormal books

On The Edge by Ilona Andrews

I don’t want this list to turn into why Ilona Andrews is the bestest ever. You’ll notice in lists of our personal favourites I (Suzanne) will find a way to slip in an Ilona Andrews book. And it’s because they are fantastic. On the Edge is fantasy romance set in a small town between two worlds: the mundane world, and a world of magic. Rose is doing just fine looking after her two younger brothers, she has strong magic and a job in the Mundane world to keep them going. She definitely doesn’t need the help of the blueblood noble of the gorgeous golden hair and hard body. Not. At. All.

Pick up On the Edge on Amazon. If you want more Ilona Andrews, check out our Kate Daniels series guide

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved A Demon by Kimberly Lemming

If you want a book that is going to make you belly laugh, then this fantasy romance is the one for you. I mean….just look at that title. It’s cheating a little bit to put it on this list, this book starts in a small town, but they do wander. However, the quirkiness and community that is beginning to be built in this book is very small town. Plus, I have to take any opportunity I can to get people to read this book (and this series) it’s just so good.

You can grab That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon on Amazon!

Fantasy and paranormal small town romance books

paranormal small town books

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

Alot of the books on this list are on the lighter side, but Lake Silence adds a touch of darkness to the small town trope. Set on an alternative Earth where human are basically prey animals for the Others, species like Wolfs and Vampires, humans have to tread very carefully. But, in this small town humans and Others live in relative harmony… until the first murder is discovered.

Have we convinced you to give Lake Silence a try? I hope so, you can find it on Amazon, we promise you won’t regret it. If you want to go all the way back to to Bishop’s creation of this world – and you should- check out our review of Written in Red.

Spellbound Falls by Janet Chapman

This magical small town romance offers a heartwarming tale of unexpected love and family bonds. When Maximillian Oceanus arrives in town to reconnect with his some, he saves Olivia Baldwin from danger and sparks fly despite Olivia’s reluctance to fall for him. But, with the machinations of a matchmaking six year old and the undeniable chemistry between them, resistance begins to crumble. Chapman’s gentle romance and charming characters, especially little Henry, create a sweet story, that’s perfect if you want a feel good romance. It isn’t the steamiest of reads, but it is full of warmth and endearing characters to fall in love with.

Pick up Spellbound Falls on Amazon. If you more of our thoughts, check out our review.

The Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

If you read small town romance as you love the eccentric characters and are in the mood for something cute, then this is the book for you. It’s an adorable read with a grumpy/sunshine pairing, kids causing havoc with magic and some quaint English vibes.

You can grab The Secret Society of Irregular Witches on Amazon.

The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling

There’s only room in this small town for one magic shop… capitalism and kissing, nom nom! Gwynn and Wells soon become rivals when Wells opens up a new shop, across the street from Gwynn’s. But their anger soon turns into passion when they share a very hot kiss. If you love an enemies to lovers book and some delicious chemistry, this paranormal small town romance books if for you!

You can pick up The Kiss Curse on Amazon, and if you want more of our thoughts, check out our review!

smalltown-pnr-romance-books (1)

Paybacks A Witch by Lana Harper

Lana Harper’s saphhic romance is a spellbinding read filled with hexes, ancient grimoires, and ghostly spirits running amuck. Emily Harlow has returned to the small town of Thistle Grove to arbitrate a magical challenge called the Gauntlet…and seek revenge on a cheating ex. Harper’s unique spin on witchy lore and historical legends, like the Avramov clan’s connection to Baba Yaga, is captivating. If you like your paranormal small town romance books to have a slow burn romance and lots of magical tales, this is for you.

Grab the Payback’s a Witch on Amazon and if you want to here more of our thoughts check out our review.

The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell

If you want something short and adorable to read, this is the one. It may be quite old – it was originally published in 2008 – but even now I remember it fondly, especially as it is the start of a whole series (Halle Puma series) of shifter romances. For such a short book it also has a lot of tropes packed in: small town, fated mates, shy heroine, alpha hero and childhood crush.

Grab The Wallflower on Amazon. Check our our reviews of the Halle Puma series.

Magic in the Wind by Christine Feehan

This novella is the start of the Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan, it’s set place in the small town of Sea Haven. It’s a great series, it’s part magical realism, part suspense and all romance. The suspense plot definitely becomes more prominent as the series goes on, with the Drake sisters magic adding a unique element to the story. If you have read Feehan before, you are sure to enjoy this. If you haven’t, this book is a nice place to give her a try and see if her unique style suits you.

You can grab Magic in the Wind on Amazon.

Witch, Please by Ann Aguirre

If you’re exploring paranormal small town romance books then you need to give this one a try. Our tech savvy witch heroine Danica runs a repair shop and grapples with her family traditions and community expectations. Then Titus comes to Danica’s shop for a repair and carefully laid plans are in disarray. It’s a heart-warming and captivating romance, with lots of witchy lore to keep it interesting, and of course an abundance of small town charm.

You can grab Witch, Please on Amazon, if you want more of our thoughts check out our review.


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