Under the Covers Book Blog was born in May 2011 with originally 4 friends that met online.

Books have the power to unite people and that is exactly what happened with us! Our love for books brought us together and we became good friends in a short amount of time. We “met” online through Goodreads and decided to share our passion of books with fellow book lovers. And that is how Under the Covers came to be… 

Nowadays, the team has changed, but while Annie and Angela are no longer blogging with us. But Francesca and Suzanne keep raving about books with everyone that wants to listen.

Under the Covers Book Blog, has been a haven for readers since 2011…

…offering advice, recommendations, latest news and a cozy corner of the internet to celebrate all things bookish.

Whether you’re here to find what to read next or challenge yourself to try something new, we’re thrilled to have you on this adventure.

Welcome to Under the Covers Book Blog, your very own bookish retreat under the covers!

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My reading journey began at an early age, where I eagerly dived into non-fiction books with my father and read about spirituality with my mom. Along the way, I encountered the mysteries of Agatha Christie, the dark allure of Anne Rice, and the romance of Jane Austen. This was the spark that ignited my enduring love affair with the written word.

I’m a passionate advocate for literary diversity. While paranormal romance and urban fantasy hold a special place in my heart, over the years I’ve rekindled my love for contemporary romance. Occasionally, I venture into the past with historical romance and even explore the intricacies of steampunk.

Variety is my antidote to book slumps.

Happily ever afters are my favorites, but I also appreciate authors who can shatter my heart and leave me in a puddle of tears. Whether it’s an epic love story or a spine-tingling thriller, I believe in the transformative power of a well-crafted narrative.

I move around a lot but currently call the west coast of Florida home, spending my days are in a mix of planning, plotting, and savoring coffee as if it were the elixir of life.


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Gosh, we all seem to be admitting our ages…and I hate that I am at the point in life when admitting my age is a “thing”…whodda thunk it? I was kind of hoping I would remain 21 forever. However, I have moved out of that New Adult stage of my life and am now strictly in the Contemporary Romance age zone. I would prefer to be in an Urban Fantasy arena, but I don’t think I own enough black leather. However, I could probably squeeze into some PNR, I am fully prepared to give a horn job to my favourite demon, or suck on my sexy vamps…fangs and I am definitely up for some heavy petting with some fine looking shifters. Than again their’s always Sci Fi…I am fully prepared to do the right thing and help some poor alien race with more 6 packs than a supermarket repopulate their planet. Not that I am loose woman or anything.

Annnnnd I will stop myself there, before I start waxing lyrical about my love of historical romance and fantasy as well; no one needs to know about my elf fantasies. As you can tell, I adore and day dream about most romance genres, and my three big loves are 1) reading about romance 2) writing about romance and 3) talking about romance with my gals. Which, is why I love Under the Covers so much, I get all my bookish needs satisfied and don’t get judged when I talk about my favourite characters like they are real people. Which they are right?


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A look back on
the journey…


Francesca and Angela attend their first RT convention and fall in love with the community

RT Convention 2013 Francesca Angela Leigh


The Romanceopoly Reading Challenge is born! While our aim has always been to encourage people to read outside of their usual genre and ran a reading challenge yearly, Romanceopoly was a way to create a fun experience to encourage it


It all started WITH A CHAT…

Francesca, Annie and Suzanne decided to start a blog. Angela joins them a few months later.


Suzanne travels from the UK to meet Francesca and Angela in person at the RT Convention and spend the best bookish time!


The Fangover Podcast is born! It’s currently on hiatus, and will return soon. This is where we dive into our love for all things paranormal.

02. Our contributors

We have a wonderful group of collaborators and contributors at Under the Covers. From reviews, recommendations and contributions to lists and content! Be sure to give them a follow on social.

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Contributor - Liz


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I was an avid reader as a kid and then really got back into it after I finished up my PhD. Nowadays, it’s really all about reading anything I can get my hands on! I especially like romance (contemporary and historical are probably my go-to sub-genres, but I read a bit of everything), although I love dabbling in other genres too!

When I’m not reading, I love to plan. I really enjoy having a semblance of organization in my life, even if it’s sometimes totally just a façade. Currently I use 4 different planners, only some of which are probably necessary, but I like them anyway!

Contributor - Mariya


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Hi, I’m Mariya. My day job is working with people with hearing loss but whenever I have down time you can find me curled up with a book, my reading buddy, Belle the tabby, never too far away.

A world traveler, I love books that transport me to other worlds and times. Which is why my favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction. A good dose of romance mixed in is always welcome.

When I’m not reading I love taking photos for my blog, grabbing coffee with friends, collecting book inspired merch and exploring the city with my boyfriend.

“A well-read woman is a dangerous creature” – Lisa Kleypas