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Match Your Main Character Energy

Ever wondered which romance novel heroine mirrors your spirit? Dive into our fun quiz and discover your literary soulmate.

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Whether you are an old hand with romance or you are new to the genre, this is a fantastic way to discover new books and authors, plus catch up on things that have been languishing on the TBR. Join us for our fourth year in 2024, and think of us like your book club with a twist.

Romanceopoly 2023 Reading Challenge
Francesca and Suzanne

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Books have the power to bring people together

Hey there! We’re Francesca and Suzanne, the faces behind Under the Covers Book Blog. We started in 2011 talking and raving about books online. In 2019, we introduced the Romanceopoly reading challenge. We wanted to create a space where book lovers like you can discover new reads, embrace your love for all things books, and connect with a community that speaks your language.

But we’re not just about books; we’re about the journey they take you on, the emotions they stir, and the friendships they foster. With a touch of magic, a sprinkle of coziness, and a whole lot of love for stories, we’re here to be your companions on this literary adventure.

Join us as we celebrate the magic of books, romance, and the joy of connecting with kindred spirits.