WARNING: This may contain spoilers! I have tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible. However, there is inevitably information here that will give you a glimpse into events that occur within the series

The world has suffered a magic apocalypse. We pushed the technological progress too far, and now magic returned with a vengeance. It comes in waves, without warning, and vanishes as suddenly as it appears. When magic is up, planes drop out of the sky, cars stall, electricity dies. When magic is down, guns work and spells fail.

It’s a volatile, screwed-up world. Magic feeds on technology, gnawing down on skyscrapers until most of them topple and fall, leaving only skeletal husks behind. Monsters prowl the ruined streets, werebears and werehyenas stalk their prey; and the Masters of the Dead, necromancers driven by their thirst for knowledge and wealth, pilot blood-crazed vampires with their minds.

In this world lives Kate Daniels. Kate likes her sword a little too much and has a hard time controlling her mouth. The magic in her blood makes her a target, and she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight. But sometimes even trained killers make friends and fall in love, and when the universe tries to kick them in the face, they kick back.

(From the Ilona Andrews Website)

I don’t even know where to start with this series. It’s hard to put in words exactly how much I (Suzanne) adore this series. You may have noticed as this series and the characters within manage to pop up in most recommendations I do. The world Andrews creates is unique and fascinating, you know that literally anything could pop up. The characters and the way they are developed has you falling in love with each of them. And the storylines, including the overall story arc, is engaging and exciting making you devour each instalment embarrassingly quickly. If you’re looking for an Urban Fantasy then the Kate Daniels series is at the top of the genre.

Book 0.5: A Questionable Client
In anthology: Magic GravesDark and Stormy Knights, Small Magics
Kate Daniels
has bodyguard duty for a very questionable client. 
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Book 1: Magic Bites
Welcome to Post-Shift Atlanta and meet Kate Daniels, a mercenary with a big secret and an attitude. 

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Book 2: Magic Burns
A magic flare is about to hit bringing out all kinds of magical hazmat…including gods. Kate Daniels, the Pack and a handsy Hero must work together to protect Atlanta.
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Book 3: Magic Strikes
To protect her friends and Atlanta Kate Daniels must enter the Midnight Games. An illegal underground arena where you win or die.  
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Book 3.5: Magic Mourns
In anthology: Must Love Hellhounds
Andrea Nash and Raphael Medrano must work together to defeat a three headed dog and save the soul of a departed friend. 
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Book 4: Magic Bleeds
A mysterious stranger in a cloak comes into town and starts spreading deadly diseases. Kate Daniels, Curran Lennart and their friends in the Pack need to find and destroy the stranger before Atlanta crumbles.
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Book 4.5: Magic Dreams
In anthology: Hexed
When Jim Shrapshire is struck my a magical illness, Dali Harimau is the only one who can help.
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Book 5: Magic Slays
Kate Daniels has just opened her new business. Only it’s a lot harder than she thought, so when an impossible case lands on her desk, she has no choice but to take it.
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Book 5.3: Magic Tests
In anthology: An Apple for the Creature, Small Magics

Book 5.4: Magic Gifts
Julie Olsen
goes undercover in a school to try and find a missing student
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Book 5.4: Magic Gifts
Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart’s date goes spectacularly wrong when a necklace strangle to death a fellow diner and then attaches itself to a young boy. 

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Book 5.5: Gunmetal Magic
Andrea Nash 
has now been kicked out of the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid. Now, she works with Kate Daniels in her PI business and has to try and find her place in the Pack. And, when she is called to investigate the death of some shapeshifters, she has to work with ex-boyfriend Raphael Medrano to find the culprit. 

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Book 5.6: Curran Twitter/The Wilson Building
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Book 5.7: Retribution Clause
In anthology: Small Magics, Hex Appeal
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Book 6: Magic Rises
Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart must go to Europe to secure some pancea, a medicene that stops loupism in shapeshifters children. However, between the political mechanism of the European shapeshifters and a familiar enemy, they may not survive the trip. 
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Book 6.1: Dabwaha/Curran Twitter
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Book 6.5: Magic Steals
In anthology: Night Shift
Jim Shrapshire and Dali Harimau investigate a missing person and find dark magic at play.
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Book 7: Magic Breaks
When the murdered body of a Master of the Dead is dumped in the middle of a Conclave meeting by an unexpected enemy, Kate Daniels and the Pack are given 24 hours to find the culprit or they face a war.
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Book 8: Magic Shifts
When a friend from the Pack goes missing Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart investigate. Along the way they discover an ancient enemy is about to destroy Atlanta. 
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Book 8.5: Magic Stars
Also Series: #1 Grey Wolf
Julie Lennart-Olsen and Derek Gaunt track down a killer but find more than they expect. 
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Book 9: Magic Binds
Kate Daniels
 has claimed Atlanta and must now deal with the aftermath before she turns into her father.  
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Book 9.5: Iron and Magic
Also Series: #1 Iron Covenant
Hugh D’Ambray has been cast out by Roland and must now try and live life without him. He decides to drink instead. However, now his Iron Dogs are being killed and he must once again become the Preceptor before all his loyal friends and soldiers are killed. Even if it means he has to marry. 
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Book 10: Magic Triumphs
In the final book in the series Kate Daniels and all her friends and allies must come together to destroy Roland. Only a more ancient enemy is coming to Atlanta and Kate Daniels can’t defeat him without Roland’s aid. 
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Ever since the Shift human’s have once again been able to wield magic. Some more than others. Witches, volhvs, Master of the Dead and mages are all human. Although humans are generally the weakest of the races they are also the most numerous and individual humans are capable of wielding a lot of magic.

On an M-Scanner. a device that can detect the type of magic used, human magic registers as blue.

Characters: Kate Daniels, Julie Olson, Roman, Ghastek Stefanoff, Hugh D’Ambray, Nick Feldman, Evdokia Ivanovna,


Shapeshifters are humans that have been infected by the Lycos Virus, or Lyc-V as it is commony known as. A shapeshifter can either be bitten by another shapeshifter and get the virus this way. Or if they have shapeshifter parents they will be born this way. The most common shapeshifters are wolves, bears, big cats, rats and hyenas, although there are also many others.

Lyc-V can also transform animals into humans, an animal were. When an animal were is discovered they are usually killed as they can be extremely violent. However, they can attain a childlike intelligence. On the very rare occasions an animal-were and a shapeshifter can produce a child they are called beastkin. Beastkin have two forms, their human form and their shifted form which is the perfect blend of their human and animal half.

Shapeshifters had three forms, their human form, their animal form and depending on the strength of the individual they can also develop a warrior form. The warrior form is a grotesque and terrifying blend of human and animal and only the very strongest are able to speak whilst in this form.

Lyc-V means that shapeshifters are stronger, faster and can heal at a rapid rate. However, they must always have control, if they do not they will go loup. A loup is a shapeshifter who has lost all control and becomes a dangerous and almost unstoppable killer who will rape, murder and eat it’s victims and not always in that order.

Loups are vicious, insane, cannibalistic murderers. There is no cure for loupism, which is why we all practice strict mental discipline and undergo extensive mental conditioning to keep our emotions in  check.  (From Magic Breaks)

Shapeshifters form into packs, usually organised by the type of animal they can change into. Icy Fury in Alaska is the biggest pack and consists of wolves. Atalanta known as The Pack is made up of different clans and welcomes all species of animal shifters and is the second largest pack, and also the most powerful.

On an M-Scanner, a device that can detect the type of magic used, shapeshifters register as green.

Characters: Curran Lennart, Jim Shrapshire, Derek Gaunt, Mahon Delany, George Doolittle, Aunt B, Raphael Medrano, Dali Harimau, Barabas Gilliam, Ascanio Derara, Desandra Kral, Andrea Nash

Vampires are humans that have been infected by the Immortus pathogen.

The Immortus pathogen robbed its victims of their egos. Insentient, the vampires obeyed their hunger for blood, butchering anything with a pulse. The emptiness of a vampiric mind made it a perfect vehicle for necromancers, Masters of the Dead. (From Magic Strikes)

The People are the main users of vampires. Many people living in poverty and dying volunteer to be infected with the Immortus pathogen as The People will pay their families handsomely for use of their loved ones body as a vampire.

On an M-Scanner, a device that can detect the type of magic used, undead magic registers as purple.

Masters of the Dead: Ghastek Stefanoff, Rowena

Pack business always took precedence. On a scale from one to ten, the Pack was eleven and everything else a one. (From Magic Burns)

The Pack is the home of over fifteen hundred shapeshifters. It is divided into individual clans, and each clan has an alpha pair. All the alphas of the individual clans are ruled by the Beast Lord, Curran Lennart.

Clan Bouda

Clan Bouda is the home of the hyenas, they are known largely as mischief makes and sexual deviants. However, they are loyal to those who are loyal to them and are vicious and lethal fighters. Bouda children are more likely to go loup than any other type of shapeshifter.

Characters: Aunt B (Alpha), Raphael Medrano (Alpha), Andrea Nash (Alpha), Ascanio Ferara, Barabas Gilliam, Jeezabel

Clan Cat

Clan Cat is home to all types of big cats. Just like their wild counterparts, cats tend to be solitary and independent.

Characters: Jim Shrapshire (Alpha), Dali Harimau

Clan Heavy

Clan Heavy is home to all the larger animals, such as bears, buffalo, bison and boars. In their shifted form they are huge and terrifying and the strongest of all the other shapeshifters.

Characters: Mahon Delany (Alpha), Martha Delany (Alpha), George Doolittle,

Clan Jackal

Clan Jackal live in large family groups and are fiercly protective of their children.

Clan Nimble

Clan Nimble contains all the smaller shifters such as mongoose, mink and foxes.

Clan Rat

Clan Rat contains all the wererats. They are sneaky and quiet and are great spies. They are contantly eating and have the highest metabolism of all the shapeshifters.

Characters: Robert Lonesco (Alpha), Thomas Lonesco (Alpha)

Clan Wolf

Clan Wolf contains all the werewolves and the most numerous clan. Werewolves tend to be rule followers who have a great memory and can remember thousands of scents, making them the best trackers.

Characters: Jennifer Hinton (Alpha), Daniel Hinton (Alpha), Derek Gaunt, Desandra Kral

Most of the Masters served the People. Part Cult, part research institute, part corporation…the People devoted themselves to the study and care of the undead. (From Magic Strikes)

The People are an organisation created by Roland and now a chapter of The People is present in most big cities. The Headquarters of the The People in Atlanta is the Casino. Although there are Masters of the Dead that don’t belong to The People it is rare.

Golden Legion

“They starts as apprentices, then become journeyman, the finally they get to be Masters of the Dead. The best one hundred Masters make up the Golden Legion. The Legion is led by a Legatus…Each Master of the Dead in the Legion can pilot more than one vampire. A Master of the Dead can wipe out a U.S. Army platoon with one undead.” (From Iron and Magic)

The Golden Legion is the top one hundred Masters of the Dead within The People. There is also the Silver Legion which is the fifty below that. A Legatus is the number 1 ranked Master of the Dead and is in charge of all those below him or her.

Characters: Landon Nez, Ghastek Stefanoff

Iron Dogs

The Iron Dogs are an elite fighting force. They are highly trained and disciplined and each individual Iron Dog can kill a vampire one on one. The Preceptor of the Iron Dogs ia also Roland’s Warlord.  This used to Vorno, Kate Daniels step-father. Now it is Hugh D’Ambray who was trained by Voron. The Iron Dogs, although they belong to Roland are loyal first to Hugh D’Ambray.

Characters: Hugh D’Ambrey, Lamar, Stoyan Iliev, Bale, Felix

The Witches

There are many covens of witches all who worship different gos and goddesses. However, the Witch Oracle resides in Atlanta and all covens are lead by them. The Witch Oracle’s place of business is in the belly of a giant turtle and consists of the Mother, the Crone and the Maiden. The Mother represents wisdom, the Crone represents power and the Maiden represents prophecy.

Characters: Evdokia Ivanovna

The Volhv

The Volhv descend from Russia and worship pagan Slavic gods. They believe in balance, as such they have the light side which serve Belobog and dark side that serves Chernobog. They are powerful and deadly magic users and make dangerous enemies, but very good friends.

Characters: Roman

The Departed

The Departed are a motley group of magic users that include witches, druids and banshees that are led by Elara Harper, also known as the White Warlock. They have been wandering the country trying to find a place to call home. They have found it in a castle called Baile in Berry Hill, Kentucky. Elara will do anything in her considerable power to keep all her people safe, including unleashing the ancient power she has leashed inside herself.

Characters: Elara Harper, Dugas, Johanna Kerry, Savannah LeBlanc, Rook

The three law enforcement agencies that regulated life in the United States post-Shift – the Military Supernatural Defence Unit or MDSU; the Paranormal Activity Division, or PAD and my illustrious employer, the Order of Knight of Merciful Aid. (From Magic Strikes)

The Order of Knights of Merciful Aid

…the knight of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid helped anyone and everyone regardless of their ability to pay. They charged only what you could afford and a lot of times nothing at all. (From Magic Strikes)

The Order of Knight of Merciful Aid will help anyone who asks. However, often their help is a double edged sword as they will destroy anything that they deem to be a threat to humanity. And,the knights have a very narrow view on what the deem as “humanity”.

They are a powerful group with years of experience dealing with magical hazmat and they have some of the best fighters and powerful magic users.

Characters: Greg Feldman, Andrea Nash, Nikolas Feldman,

Mercenary Guild

The Mercenary Guild are swords for hire. The Guild is made up of independent operators who don’t necessarily play well with others. The Mercenary Guild was founded by the legendary but rarely seen Solomon Red.

Characters: Kate Daniels, The Clerk, Solomon Red, Mark Meadows, Bob Carver, Ivera, Ken, Juke

Paranormal Activity Division (PAD)  / Military Supernatural Defence Unit (MDSU)

The Paranormal Activity Division (PAD) and the Military Supernatural Defence Unit (MDSU) are the official law enforcement agencies that are in charge of keeping the city safe.

Characters: Patrice Lane, Luther Dillon

* I haven’t included all the characters who make an appearance in the series. But I’ve tried to include everyone who has appeared repeatedly and is vital to the story. If you want to see someone who isn’t included below, let us know!

Name: Kate Daniels
First Appears in: A Questionable Client(Kate Daniels #0.5)
Race: Human
Age: 24 (as of Magic Bites)
Affiliations: The Order of Knights for Merciful Aid, The Pack
Family: Roland (Father) Voron (Adopted Father) Greg Feldman (Guardian)
Romance: Curran Lennart

From a very early age she was trained by her stepfather Voron to kill her father Roland. This has made her a superb swordsman and a lethal killer. She has a sword named Slayer which liquidises undead flesh and was given to her when she was a child. As well as being a superb fighter she has an encyclopedic knowledge of European magical lore and has a rudimentary understanding of lore from other parts of the world.

She doesn’t do well with authority, so although she was one of the best students when she went to join the Order of Knight of Merciful Aid, she dropped out. Instead she joined the Mercenary Guild and avoids developing relationships with others.

In Magic Bleeds  she gains Grendel her attack poodle who turns into a demon dog during a fight.

Appearance: Strong fit body with  long dark hair and eyes and tan skin.
Fantasy cast: Alicia Vikander

Name: Curran Lennart
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1),
Race: Shifter – Lion
Affiliations: The Pack – He is the Beast Lord
Family: Mahon Delany (Adopted Father)
Romance:  Kate Daniels

He became the Beast Lord of Atlanta when he was 15 after killing a werebear who had gone berserk and disappeared into Unicorn Lane. Before he came to Atlanta he lived with his family who were all killed by loups. He survived on his own until Mahon Delany found and adopted him.

Curran is a First, which means he has primal and old magic. This allows him to have greater control over his shifted form and unlike other shapeshifters can change individual body parts and hold the partial shift at will. It also makes him stronger, faster and makes it more likely that other shapeshifters will follow him.

Appearance:  Grey eyes that turn golden with emotion. Blonde wavy hair that he tries to keep short.
Fantasy cast: Simon Baker

Name: Julie Olson
Appears in: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2)
Race: Human – Sensate
Family: Kate Daniels (Guardian) Curran Lennart (Guardian) Jessica Olson (Mother)
About: She is the ward of Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart who both see her as their daughter. As a young teenager she spent a long time living on the streets and is now wary and distrustful of people. Her magic allows her to see the “colour” of people’s magic, making her walking M-Scanner, this is a rare and valuable ability.
Appearance: Slender but leanly muscled with blonde hair and brown eyes.
Fantasy cast: Kiernan Shipka

Name: James “Jim” Shrapshire
Firsy Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Shifter – Jaguar
Affiliations: The Pack – Alpha of Clan Cat and Chief of Security
Family: Keira Shrapshire (Sister) Eric Shrapshire (Father)
Romance: Dali Harimau
About: He is Chief of Security for The Pack and Curran Lennart’s best friend. Jim is paranoid and secretive which makes his excellent at this job. He occasionally works for the Mercenary Guild and partners up with Kate Daniels when a job calls for two people.
Appearance: Very muscular, with dark skin and eyes and a beautiful voice. Likes to wear a black cloak.
Fantasy cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Name: Derek Gaunt
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Shifter – Wolf
Affiliations: The Pack – Clan Wolf
Family: Curran Lennart (Adopted Father)
About: Curran Lennart found Derek when he was a child after living in a house here his father had gone loup. Curran took Derek under his wing and now Derek is extremely loyal to him. Derek is highly disciplined, intelligent and organised as well as an excellent fighter and tracker.
Appearance: Very handsome with short brown hair and soft brown eyes, tall and lean. After Magic Strikes his face is a lot rougher looking and his vocal chords are damaged turning his voice into a growl.
Fantasy cast: Theo James

Name: Mahon Delany “The Kodiak of Atlanta”
Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Shifter- Kodiak
Affiliations: The Pack – Alpha of Clan Heavy
Family: Georgetta “George” Delany (Daughter) Martha Delany (Wife) Curran Lennart (Adopted Son)
About: He adopted and raised Curran Lennart when he found him as a teenager. He is now Pack Executioner. He is very set in his ways and believes that humans and shapeshifters shouldn’t mix. He manages to rile up and alienate the people he meets with his very stubborn and traditional views.
Appearance: A large muscled man who appears in his 50’s with black hair and a black beard.
Fantasy cast: Ray Stephenson

Name: Dr George Doolittle
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Shifter-  Honey Badger
Affiliations: The Pack – Clan Heavy
About: He is a Medmage and head of the The Pack’s Clinic. He was one of the first Medmages after the shift and was friends with Jim Shrapshire’s father. He likes to fuss over his patients and is known to be a mother hen who isn’t above slipping sleeping tablets into peoples tea when he thinks they should rest. Is a fierce fighter when provoked.
Appearance: Black short hair with some grey. Stocky build with ebony skin and intelligent and kind dark eyes.
Fantasy cast: Denzel Washington

Name: Beatrice “Aunt B” Medrano
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Shifter- Hyena
Affiliations: The Pack – Alpha of Clan Bouda
Family: Raphael Medrano (Son)
About: She has a scary reputation and despite her motherly appearance is a fierce and lethal fighter. To protect her clan she is ruthless and manipulative and all the other alpha’s are wary of her. She has had to kill two of her children after they went loup in childhood. She is best friends with Martha Delany.
Fantasy cast: Sigourney Weaver

Name: Raphael Medrano
First Appears in: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2)
Race: Shifter- Hyena
Affiliations: The Pack – Alpha of  Clan Bouda
Family: Aunt B (Mother)
Romance: Andrea Nash
About: A skilled knife fighter with a sharp intelligence, which people often miss due to his smoulderingly sexy looks. He owns a very successful reclamation business.
Appearance: Although not conventionally attractive he nonetheless captures all female attention in the room as he exudes sex. He has dark shoulder length hair,  bright blue eyes and golden skin and a lean muscled body.
Fantasy cast: Mario Blanco

Name: Dali Harimau
First Appears in: Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3)
Race: Shifter- White Tiger
Affiliations: The Pack – Clan Cat
Romance: Jim Shrapshire
About: She is a rare shapeshifter who uses magic. She curses and is also the mystical White Tiger who keeps the balance between good and evil. She is the guardian for good and is able to purify things with her magic. She is also nearly blind and is a vegetarian and panics at the sight of blood. Although nearly blind she loves racing cars and is often in trouble with the Beast Lord for sneaking out and racing.
Appearance: Small and skinny and wears thick glasses. She is of Indonesian descent with long dark hair and dark eyes.
Fantasy cast: Charlyne Yi

Name: Barabas Gilliam
First Appears in: Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4)
Race: Shifter- Mongoose
Affiliations: The Pack – Clan Bouda
Romance: Christopher Steed
About: He is the head of the legal department and a very skilled lawyer. Although he is a weremongoose, his mother was a bouda and he was raised in Clan Bouda. When he became an adult, instead of joining Clan Nimble he stayed with Clan Bouda.
Appearance: Lean and muscled with bright red hair and sharp features
Fantasy cast: Jonas Goltz

Name: Ascanio Ferara
First Appears in: Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5)
Race: Shifter- Hyena
Affiliations: The Pack – Clan Bouda
Family: Martin Ferara (Mother)
About: He was stolen by his father and raised in a cult until he was kicked out as a child. His mother had no idea where he was until he was kicked out, she immediately went to get him and brought him back to The Pack. Although undisciplined, he is smart and wily and can hold a good warrior form. He is given to Kate Daniels to mentor as, due to Ascanio’s wild behaviour, anyone else in the Pack would be forced to kill him.
Appearance: Too attractive for his own good with black hair and beautiful but wicked eyes.
Fantasy cast: Vito Basso

Name: Desandra Kral
First Appears in: Magic Rises(Kate Daniels #6)
Race: Shifter- Wolf
Affiliations: The Pack – Alpha of Clan Wolf
Family: Jarek Kral (Father). She also has twin sons, each twin was fathered by a different one of her husbands.
About:  She was used by her cruel and tyrannical father a political pawn as he married her off to different men for his own ends. As a defence mechanism she pretends to be stupid and defenceless, but in fact is fiercely intelligent, ruthless and a good fighter. Once outside her father’s influences and in Atlanta she plots and eventually becomes the Alpha of Clan Wolf.
Appearance: Beautiful and blonde
Fantasy cast: Doutzen Kroes

Name: Saiman
First Appears in: A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels #0.5)
Race: Quarter Aesir – Grandparents were Loki and a Viking goddess
Affiliations: Saiman is loyal to no one but himself.
About: He is Atlanta’s premier Information Broker and expert on all things magical. He often consults on cases but his fees are exorbitant. He is a polymorph and can shift shape into anything he chooses but a frost giant is his true form. He is amoral and will always do what is of benefit for him, however, once he signs a contract he will abide by the terms of the agreement.
Appearance: Although he can change shape and appear as he wishes, his “neutral” form is a bald man with handsome but plain features and dark eyes.
Fantasy cast: Mark Strong

Name: Evdokia Ivanovna
First Appears in: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2)
Race: Human – Witch
Affiliations: Witch Oracle – The Mother
Family: Roman (Son), Grigorii Semionvich (Partner)
About: A very powerful witch and one third of the Witch Oracle. She is also known as Baba Yaga. She is related to Kate Daniels mother and sees Kate as family.

Name: Eahrratim “Erra”
First Appears in: Magic Bleeds(Kate Daniels #4)
Race: Human
Family: Roland (Brother), Kate Daniels (Niece)
About: She was known as the Plaguebringer and was used by Roland to destroy cities. She can control undead mages and can create blood armour and weapons.  She has slept for thousands of years, but has awoken and Roland sent her to Atlanta to destroy Kate Daniels. Roland created the Order of Sanhau to destroy her as he does not believe she belongs in the modern world.
Appearance: Looks very similar to Kate Daniels, has olive skin with long dark hair and eyes. Is a very tall and muscular.

Name: Roman
First Appears in: Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5)
Race: Human – Volhv
Affiliations: He is the High Priest of the evil Slavic God Chernobog
Family: Evdokia Ivanovna (Mother), Grigorii Semionvich (Father)
About: Former Army Ranger, he is now following the family business and is a volhv who serves the dark god Chernobog. He is a powerful magic user and his weapon of choice is a staff with a raven at the top, which during a magic wave attacks anything that comes near. Although his job is serving an evil god, he has a fun sense of humour and is not evil himself, he just maintains the balance.
Appearance: Dark hair that is shaved on both sides, with a dark goatee and moustache. Dark eyes and handsome.
Fantasy cast: Adam Driver

Name: Christopher Steed
First Appears in: Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6)
Race: Human – Avatar of the God of Terror Deimos
Affiliations: He used to be the 22nd Legatus of the Golden Legion. Now he is loyal to Kate Daniels after she saved him from starving to death in a cage.
Romance: Barabas Gilliam
About: Former Legatus of the Golden Legion, but he shattered his own mind when Roland forced the Deimos, the God of Terror into his body.
Appearance: Cloud of white blonde hair and blue eyes but can transform into his Deimos form where he has large red wings, glowing red eyes and fangs.
Fantasy cast: Bradley James

Name: Ghastek Stefanoff
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human – Master of the Dead
Affiliations: The People
About: He has come from a humble background and is now one of the most powerful Masters of the Dead and part of the Golden Legion. He has a sharp, intelligent mind and the laser focus of a scientist. He comes from humble beginnings and his real name is Matthew. He is ambitious and wants to be the Legatus and immortal. His brand is an arrow tipped with a circle instead of an arrowhead.
Appearance:  Middle aged and gaunt with a receding hairline
Fantasy cast: Nicholas Cage

Name: Rowena
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human – Master of the Dead
Affiliations: The People
About: A powerful Master of the Dead and the PR person for the Atlanta chapter of The People. Loyal to Ghastek Stefanoff.
Appearance: Hour glass figure with fiery red hair
Fantasy cast: Christina Hendricks

Name: Roland
First Appears in: Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) however, is first mentioned in Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: The People – Leader of The People
Family: Kate Daniels (Daughter) Erra (Older Sister)
About: He is the real person behind many myths and has been around for thousands of years. He believes he can rule people better than they can themselves. Being in the same room with him is like standing next to a god, all you crave is his blessing. When there is little magic in the world he sleeps and awakens when the world shifts. All his children end up trying to kill him.
Appearance: He can appear as any age he wishes, but cuurently is trying to look fatherly so looks like a handsome man in his 50s with a short beard and kindly benevolent eyes.

Name: Landon Nez
First Appears in: Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7)
Race: Human – Master of the Dead
Affiliations: The People – Legatus of the Golden Legion
About: He is the Legatus of the Golden Legion and in charge of all the Masters of the Dead. He is arrogant and believes himself superior to everyone, and he especially hates Hugh D’Ambray. He is a Native Amerucan from the Navajo nation, however, they rejected him when they realised he was a necromencer and refused to stop. Because of this he hates all Native American tribes and kills and torturetheir Shamans whenever he finds them.
Appearance: Native American with long dark hair and dark eyes. Lean build.

Name: Nikolas Feldman
First Appears in: Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Knights of Merciful Aid – Crusader
Family: Greg Feldman (Father)
About: He is a Knight Crusader who dedicated years of his life undercover in the Iron Dogs, seeing and doing things he can never forget. He is a skilled and vicious fighter and can grow poisonous vines out of his body and use them like whips.
Appearance: Crazy cold eyes with a hard face and short dark hair.
Fantasy Cast: Norman Reedus

Name: Maxine
First Appears in: 
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human – Telepath
Affiliations: Order of Knights of Merciful Aid
About: She is the Knight Protector of Atlanta’s receptionist and a very strong telepath.
Appearance: Has a stern motherly appearance.

Name: Ted Moyniahan
First Appears in: 
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Order of Knights of Merciful Aid – Knight Protector/Knight Founder
About: He is one of the original 98 Knight Founders of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid. He is shrewd but a bigot and hates everything that isn’t strictly human, especially shapeshifters. If he could he would terminate anything that he doesn’t believe is human.
Appearance: A big man who is all hard fat and muscle. Likes to wear western cowboy style clothes

Name: Andrea Nash
First Appears in: 
Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2)
Race: Shifter – Beastkin – Hyena
Affiliations: Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and The Pack – Clan Bouda
Romance: Raphael Medrano
About: After a childhood of abuse at the hands of a Bouda pack she hates her shapeshifter heritage. Especially as she is Beastkin. Instead she hid that was was a shapeshifter and joined the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and rose to the rank of Master at Arms. She is an expert marksman and can hit any target with ranged weapons. She becomes Kate Daniels best friend.
Appearance: She is petite and cute with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her girl next door appearance masks just how dangerous she can be.
Fantasy cast: Kate Sackhoff

Name: Hugh D’Ambray
First Appears in: Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3)
Race: Human
Affiliations: The People – Preceptor of the Iron Dogs and Roland’s Warlord
Romance: Elara Harper
About: He was found by Voron on the streets of France when he was 6. He was then was trained and raised to be the next Warlord by Voron. He is an extremely powerful Medmage and people’s injuries nag at him like physical empathy. He is cunning, charismatic and manipulative, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is extremely loyal to his Iron Dogs and they are to him. After being cast out by Roland he is finally able to make his own decisions. He has many regrets about actions he took whilst under Roland’s influence. Has a horse named Bucephalus “Bucky” who may or maynot be a unicorn.
Appearance: Strong and masculine with a hard muscled and big body. Dark hair and light blue eyes.
Fantasy cast: Clement Bacq

Name: Stoyan Iliev
First Appears in: Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Iron Dogs – Centurion of the First Century
About: He is Hugh D’Ambrays second in command and loyal to Hugh and not Roland. He was crucified by Roland when he refused an order from him. Has a weakness for petite blondes.
Appearance: Dark haired, grey eyes in his mid-30s.
Fantasy cast: Jude Law

Name: Lamar
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Iron Dogs – Centurion of the Second Century
About: A strategist and intelligence officer. Loyal to Hugh D’Ambray and not to Roland.
Appearance: Tall, black and a body that looks twisted together from steel cables. Short hair and a trimmed beard with wire rimmed glasses. In his late 40s.
Fantasy cast: Don Cheadle

Name: Bale
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human – Berserker
Affiliations: Iron Dogs – Centurion of the Third Century
About: He is a berserker who can go into battle warp, he can be a little slow but is an excellent fighter. He is completely loyal to Hugh D’Ambray and not to Roland.
Appearance: Dark red hair, thickly muscled, almost as broad as he is tall. About 5’8″.
Fantasy cast: Kristofer Hivju

Name: Felix
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Iron Dogs – Centurion of the Fourth Century
About: He is completely loyal to Hugh D’Ambray and not to Roland. Scout master for the Iron Dogs.
Appearance: A huge mountain of a Dominican.

Name: Sam Ryan
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Iron Dogs
About: Hugh D’Ambray takes him in exchange for his horse Bucky. His father was worried he would be eventually end up getting killed by local law enforcement as he fights and doesn’t know when to stop. His family own Black Fire stables.
Appearance:  Lean and dark haired. Young, around 17.
Fantasy Cast: Cole Sprouse

Name: Elara Harper also known as the White Warlock
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human –
Affiliations: The Departed –
About: She is extremely powerful, when she was a child she was made to be part of a ritual that means she now contains an ancient and hungry power. She can kill people and eat their souls with a touch and has the ability to walk in people’s dreams. She very carefully controls the power within herself otherwise it will consume her. When people pray to her and she can hear them. She is fiercely protective over her people and will do anything to keep them safe.
Appearance: Pretty with long white hair, dark eyebrows and sharp hazel eyes. Tan skin.
Fantasy cast: Unknown

Name: Rook
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human
Affiliations: The Departed
About: Spy for Elara Harper. He is mute.
Appearance: Blonde with a scarred face.

Name: Dugas
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human – Druid
Affiliations: The Departed
About: Confidant and adviser to Elara Harper. A very powerful druid.
Appearance: Older man with white hair and beard. Tall and wiry. Scar down his face and across his left eye, wears a patch. Likes to wear Bermuda shorts and t-shirts.
Fantasy cast: Donald Sutherland

Name: Savannah LeBlanc
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human – Witch
Affiliations: The Departed
About: Confidant and adviser to Elara Harper. Head witch of The Departed’s covens.
Appearance: Professional and put together. Black woman with dark hair, normally in a bun.
Fantasy cast: Viola Davis

Name: Johanna Kerry
First Appears in: Iron and Magic (Kate Daniels #9.5, Iron Covenant #1)
Race: Human – Black Banshee
Affiliations: The Departed
About: Confidant and adviser to Elara Harper. Mute and deaf communicates using sign language.
Appearance: Petite blonde in her 20s, with glasses.
Fantasy cast: Elle Fanning

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