Romance book releases for September 2022 you can’t miss!

Are you looking for a new romance book to read in September? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of the September romance books releases we are most anticipating.

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Desperation in Death by J.D. Robb

Genre: Thriller
Series: In Death #55
Tropes: friendship, married couple, murder mystery
Release date: 06 September

This may be book 55 in the In Death series…but that doesn’t mean I am not excited to start reading (actually, I am listening to this one – I have it already pre-ordered so I can start it on release day!). After reading all 54 (plus novellas) of the series, I have actually stopped reading the blurb. But, what I do know is that Lieutenant Eve Dallas will be tracking down New York’s latest killer with the help of her sexy Irish husband Roarke and her best friends and partner Peabody.


The Holiday Trap by Roan Parrish

Genre: LGBTQ+ romance, Contemporary romance
Tropes: Christmas read, cute, M/M, F/F
Release date: 06 September

Have you ever wanted the queer version of the film The Holiday? Welp, Roan Parrish has written it for us. We follow Greta and Truman as they find love (not with each other!) when the do a house swap over the holidays. It sounds adorable, and more than that, it is value for money…two romances for the price of one? Yes please.


Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert

Genre: Erotic romance, Paranormal romance
Tropes: spicy, reverse harem, vampires
Release date: 06 September

Want something a little spicy? With fangs? Then Katee Robert is here to deliver Court of the Vampire Queen. We see Mina, a half human, half vampire plunged into the dangerous and sexy game of vampire politics and by her side; Malachi and his two closest friends. Oh. My.


The Decoy Girlfriend by Lillie Vale

Genre: Contemporary romance
Tropes: rom com, celebrity, fake dating
Release date: 06 September

Whether it’s a fake betrothal in a historical romance or fake dating for publicity in a contemporary romance…it’s delicious. Even when you know exactly how it’s going to end, you just can’t wait to go on the journey. The Decoy Girlfriend offers not only some fake dating, but promises to be funny and smart as well.


Force of Nature by Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

Genre: Erotic romance
Series: Deserted Island #1
Tropes: spicy, menage, stranded on an island, dark
Release date: 06 September

Think of the film Castaway…but instead of Tom Hanks we have the sexy and dangerous Carter Morelli and instead of Wilson we have a feral, brooding and yet sexy mystery man who comes with the almost-deserted island. Then there’s the innocent June…stuck between the two of them. Lucky woman.

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The Make-Up Test by Jenny L. Howe

Genre: Contemporary romance
Tropes: second chance, enemies to lovers, fat heroine, h/H in competition
Release date: 13 September

There are a few things I am a sucker for in a romance book: a fat heroine and when the main couple are in competition with one another over something. In this case, the hero and heroine are PhD students competing for a place on a research trip. I love the tension competing brings…who will triumph? How will if affect their (often reluctant) attraction for one another? I can’t wait to find out.


Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Genre: LGBTQ+, Fantasy
Series: The Locked Tomb #3
Tropes: zombies, F/F
Release date: 13 September

This queer fantasy series has the absolute best covers. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but if I did this series would be up there. Which is great, as this epic fantasy series is a favourite and is now going to be told over four books.


Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

Genre: Sci Fi romance
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #4
Tropes: aliens, wild man, kidnapped, fated mates, virgin hero
Release date: 13 September

So, technically this book is already out (and on kindle unlimited), what is being released this month is the new paperback with the gorgeous new cover! I am a massive fan of the Ice Planet Barbarian series and cannot wait to grab this for my shelf. This book also happens to be my favourite in the series. The hero is just so darn adorable! He’s been on his own in the wild since he was a child and when he sees the heroine his whole world changes. Despite a little kidnapping at the beginning this book is sweet as heck and I highly recommend it.


I’m the Girl by Courtney Summers

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller
Tropes: F/F, intense
Release date: 13 September

This book delves into the cunning and ruthless world of the rich and powerful. When the Georgia finds the dead body of a teenager, she teams up with her older sister to try and find justice. But, the investigation takes them into a word of privilege where having a conscience is just an impediment to getting what you want. This promises to be an intense, fast paced and troubling ride…I can’t wait to read it.


The Rules of Dating by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Genre: Contemporary romance
Tropes: rom com, opposites attract, heroine a tattoo artist
Release date: 19 September

I love Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland’s collaborations, they have created some of my favourite contemporary romantic comedy books. The Rules of Dating looks like it is going to bring me just as much enjoyment. How can it not when it starts with the heroine facing off with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend…along with all the women he is cheating on her with. What could possibly go wrong?


The Boyfriend Comeback by Lauren Blakely

Genre: LGBTQ+ romance, Contemporary romance
Series: The Boyfriend Zone #1
Tropes: sports romance, M/M
Release date: 20 September

This is the start of a new series of standalone romances by Lauren Blakely, so you don’t have to worry about reading one and committing to reading more! In The Boyfriend Comeback a sexy athlete just discovering his sexuality is starting his career in American football…but does he need to sacrifice one thing for the other? This sexy MM sports romance promises to be an interesting read


Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Kingdom of the Wicked #3
Tropes: witches, romance, demons
Release date: 27 September

We can’t wait to get our hands on the conclusion to Maniscalco’s Kingdom of the Wicked series. It’s a series that begs to be read in order, so if a fast-paced fantasy world full of intrigue, magic witches, demons and warring houses appeals to you then look no further. We have read and loved this series so far, check out our review of Kingdom of the Wicked (the first book) for more gushing.


Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong

Genre: Thriller
Series: Foul Lady Fortune #1
Tropes: Set in 1930s, fantasy, set in Shanghai, intrigue, spies
Release date: 27 September

A new duology by Chloe Gong! Set in 1930s Shanghai we follow Rosalind Lang, occupation spy and assassin, as she tries to solve a series of brutal murders. But, to not draw suspicion to herself she has to pose as the wife of another fellow spy Orion Hong. As the mismatched pair work together, they start to unravel more and more layers to this horrifying mystery. Oh, and did I mention that because of an experiment Rosalind neither sleeps or ages?

Even more September romance book releases we are excited about!

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