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Ever wished for a place where your love for books and chill vibes collided like the perfect mixtape or ultimate Netflix series?

Look no further than the Under the Covers Community – your passport to a community of readers who understand your enthusiasm. From swoon-worthy romance to spine-tingling thrillers and beyond, join us for exciting monthly events that celebrate your love for reading. Whether it’s themed challenges, virtual book swaps, or cozy reading nights, there’s always something delightful happening.

Welcome to the

Under the Covers Community

Within our cozy corner of the internet, you’ll find a home where your passion for reading intertwines seamlessly with a comforting, laid-back lifestyle.

More than just a book club

Whether you’re bursting with excitement after finishing a great book or navigating a reading slump, our community is the go-to place for meaningful conversations. Connect with fellow readers, share your thoughts, and discover fresh perspectives. Our community encourages reading diversely in every sense. Embrace the uniqueness of your reading journey.

This is your space to read, relax, and revel in the joy of discovering new books. JOIN NOW and let’s dive into a world where your love for books is celebrated every day!

Does this sound like you?

Because believe me, it’s certainly us!

Bookish Overwhelm

Drowning in a sea of new books? Discover a lifeboat of recommendations for a more focused and enjoyable reading experience.

Social Media Burnout

Tired of the noise on social media? Reconnect with authentic book discussions and build lasting friendships in our serene community.

Cozy Self Care

Craving a cozy lifestyle beyond reading? Immerse yourself in planning sessions and crafting, making every moment as delightful as your favorite read.

But don’t worry — we’re going to be your cozy bookish retreat guide!


The Under the Covers Community and Romanceopoly Book Club

The Under the Covers Community is not just a book club; it’s your retreat into a world of shared passions, good reads, and creative living. With our unique Romanceopoly Book Club, we’re turning the pages of diverse stories together, making every reading venture a delightful shared experience.

Join the community that celebrates more than just books; it’s a celebration of curiosity, creativity, and self care.

We’re here to make your literary lifestyle thrive.

This is what you can expect

inside the under the covers community

Genre 101


Dive into the world of genres with a new episode added every other month. These educational videos are your guide to enhancing your reading experience.

Trope Reads


Tailor your reading journey to match your mood with our Trope Reads feature. This dynamic book database offers multiple sorting options for a highly customizable experience.


Challenge & Book Club

A reading challenge for overcoming book slumps. As a special perk, discover monthly recommendation lists by our favorite bookish creators, exclusively available within the community.

Bookish Chat

Monthly Get-Together

Gather with fellow book lovers in our monthly Bookish Chat. This is more than a discussion; it’s a friendly, relaxed, and cozy atmosphere where books come to life.


Behind the Scenes

Get an insider’s look at book recommendations behind the scenes of our blog. From romance to thrillers, and everything in between, get access to archived blog recommendations.

Just for Fun

Downloads & events

Unwind with monthly downloads and events. Join in for “Knit & Read” sessions, “Plan with Me” and exclusive tutorials for digital planning and bookish crafts like TBR scratch-off cards.

Get Ready for your Best Reading Life in the

Under the Covers Community

Embark on a literary journey where reading meets a cozy lifestyle and a friendly vibe. Your bookish retreat awaits—join us for a celebration of literature, laughs, and adventures!

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How does that sound?

Your perfect reading retreat awaits.

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Reading is always better with friends

Join a community that turns every book into a celebration, every page into a conversation. Let’s make reading a collective adventure again!

Upcoming 2024 Events

Plan with Me

Reading Journal

Let’s set up our reading journals for 2024. Let’s talk reading goals and make your reading journey uniquely yours.


TBR Scratch Offs

Learn to DIY your personalized TBR scratch-off cards with a step-by-step tutorial. Make your reading list an exciting adventure for the year.

Bookish Chat


t’s time to kick off Romanceopoly! Share your board progress, discuss your favorite prompts, and give recommendations.

Did you grab our free Airtable Reading Tracker yet?

If you downloaded the template but don’t know how to start using it, you’ll be able to access a tutorial video inside the community.

Discover Your True Reading Community

Ever find yourself lost in the social media shuffle, desperately seeking real connections over books? Think back to the glory days of GoodReads – where forums were our playgrounds and binge-reading a series together was a no-brainer. Back then, we didn’t care about trends; we just geeked out on our favorite reads, plot twists, and characters.

Ah, the good ol’ days

As bookish veterans clocking over a decade in the game, we miss those vibes. So, we’re bringing the party back to life inside the Under the Covers Community. No more chasing trends or mindless scrolling. Let’s recreate the magic of those tight-knit book clubs where your favorite read wasn’t about what’s hot but what’s genuinely good. Join us, and let’s make reading the riot it used to be – a shared adventure with book-loving gals who get it!

Just for you If you’re ready to

Escape the social media noise

Finding a good book recommendation or a fun book discussion is like trying to find a needle in a haystack these days. We remember the joy of deep dives into forums, where everyone wasn’t racing to keep up with the latest book release.

At the Under the Covers Community, we’re carving out a space where book recommendations aren’t drowned out by algorithms, where your voice matters, and where the only trend is genuine bookish fun. Ready to escape the chaos and dive into a cozy, content-rich retreat where reading reigns supreme?

How do you know if this community is right for you?

If you are not looking to make new bookish friends, then maybe this isn’t right for you

But the Under the Covers Community and Romanceopoly Book Club is for you if:

want a no judgment zone no matter how many books you read or even if you’ve been in a book slump for two years!
love to read diversely. diverse authors, cultures, lifestyles and even genres.
The sound of a space of the internet away from social media where you can safely share your bookish love sounds perfect
want to help create a nurture a welcoming space and a self care retreat for book lovers

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