If the mere mention of a scandal whispered behind a fluttering fan, or a stolen glance across a crowded room sets your heart aflutter, then you, my friend, are in the perfect spot. Today, we’re diving into the world of Julia Quinn, where the banter is sharp, the gowns are gorgeous, and love conquers all (often in the most entertaining ways imaginable). Whether you’re here because “Bridgerton” left you craving more, or you’re a long-time fan of Quinn’s quick-wit, we’ve got something for you. So, fluff up those petticoats (or, more likely, cozy blankets), and let’s chat like we’re at the most scandalous soirée of the season—minus the corsets. Ready to fall head over heels? Let’s do this!

Beginners Guide to Reading Author Julia Quinn

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A beginners guide to Julia Quinn books

Julia Quinn is a name that resonates deeply within the hearts of historical romance readers around the globe. An author celebrated for her ability to weave humor, warmth, and deep emotional connections, Quinn has established herself as a cornerstone of the genre. Before the monumental success of the Netflix adaptation of her “Bridgerton” series, Quinn was already a beloved figure among romance lovers, known for her engaging stories, vibrant characters, and fun love stories.

Her work has not only garnered her numerous awards but also a loyal following that spans the globe. However, it was the adaptation of her “Bridgerton” series by Netflix that catapulted Quinn and the historical romance genre into unprecedented levels of mainstream popularity.

Julia Quinn’s legacy through her novels, especially her “Bridgerton” series, has underscored the timeless appeal of well-told love stories and the importance of joy, connection, and escapism in literature. As we delve into her world, we celebrate not just the romance but the enduring power of storytelling to connect us across time and space.

Who would enjoy her books?

  • Fans of romantic comedies
  • If you love witty banter
  • You like a strong, intelligent and relatable heroine
  • You’re into family dynamics and interconnected stories
  • Emotional depth is an essential part of your romances
  • TV Period-dramas are your jam
  • Historical romance newbies (or newbies to the romance genre in general)

What genre and time period are Julia Quinn’s books set in?

Julia Quinn’s books are predominantly set in the Regency era, a period that spans from 1811 to 1820 in England, a time renowned for its distinctive trends in fashion, architecture, and the arts, under the regency of George IV. This forms the backdrop of her narratives, offering readers a vivid portrayal of the societal norms, dialogue, and the intricate dance of courtship and social etiquettes of the early 19th century.

The success and impact of the Bridgerton Netflix show

The Netflix series “Bridgerton,” which premiered in December 2020, introduced Quinn’s Regency-era London to a vast audience, many of whom were previously unacquainted with the depth and delight of historical romance. The show’s success lies not just in its lavish production and talented cast but also in how it preserved the essence of Quinn’s storytelling—the wit, the emotional depth, and the irresistible allure of the romance. It broke viewership records, becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched series at the time, and significantly impacted the perception of the historical romance genre among the general public.

The “Bridgerton” series’ adaptation has done more than just bring Quinn’s characters to life on screen; it has revitalized interest in the historical romance genre, bringing it to the forefront of contemporary pop culture. New readers have flocked to bookstores and libraries, seeking out not only Quinn’s works but also those of her peers, signaling a renaissance for the genre. This resurgence has opened doors for more diverse stories within the historical romance category, encouraging authors and readers alike to explore narratives beyond the traditional confines of the genre.

Moreover, the success of “Bridgerton” has sparked conversations about representation, inclusivity, and the evolution of historical romance in reflecting modern sensibilities while staying true to its historical roots. It has shown that there is a vast appetite for stories that balance historical authenticity with contemporary themes, and that romance, in all its forms, is a genre rich with possibilities.

Authors similar to Julia Quinn

For readers that have fallen in love with Julia Quinn’s blend of wit and romance, there are four authors that we would also recommend. Lisa Kleypas has a mix of strong characters and emotional depth, particularly in her Wallflowers and Hathaways series. Eloisa James, with her fairy tale retellings and intelligent heroines, brings a similar touch of humor. Tessa Dare with her sense of humor in her Spindle Cove and Girl Meets Duke series, is a go-to for fans of light-hearted romance. And last, Sarah MacLean’s Love By Numbers and Rules of Scoundrels with strong, relatable protagonists. Each of these authors deliver the heart and humor that Julia Quinn fans adore, making them excellent choices.

Are Julia Quinn’s books spicy?

Julia Quinn’s books are known more for their witty dialogue, engaging plots, and heartwarming romance rather than explicit spiciness. They would generally get a spice rating of around 2 to 3 out of 5, perfect for readers looking for heartwarming romance with just a hint of spice. The focus is more on the emotional connection and development of the romance between characters, rather than detailed erotic scenes. That said, the level of sensuality can vary slightly from book to book, but overall, Quinn’s storytelling leans towards the sweet and romantic side of the spectrum, making her books appealing to readers who appreciate a blend of humor, love, and a touch of steam, without venturing into overtly explicit territory.

What was Julia Quinn’s first published book?

Splendid by Julia Quinn


by Julia Quinn
May 1, 1995

American heiress Emma Dunster has always been fun-loving and independent with no wish to settle into marriage. She plans to enjoy her Season in London in more unconventional ways than husband-hunting. But this time Emma’s high-jinks lead her into dangerous temptation…

Alexander Ridgely, the Duke of Ashbourne, is a notorious rake who carefully avoids the risk of love…until he plants one reckless kiss on the sensuous lips of this high-spirited innocent…and condemns himself to delicious torment. Little does he know that his passion has touched the very soul of the lovely enchantress…and committed them both to a lifetime of splendid ecstasy.

Julia Quinn’s book list

Splendid series by Julia Quinn books in order

  1. Splendid
  2. Dancing at Midnight
  3. Minx
  4. Where’s My Hero?

The Splendid Trilogy is one of Julia Quinn’s early contributions to the historical romance genre. The series revolves around the romantic adventures of members of the Blydon family and their close connections. Each novel combines humor, warmth, and showcases Quinn’s talent for creating engaging, character-driven stories. Some of the tropes you can expect to find in these books are: enemies to lovers, opposites attract, witty banter, strong heroines, tortured heroes, family dynamics and friendships, compromising situations, secret identities and heartfelt emotional growth.

Our reviews of the Splendid series by Julia Quinn

I love the idea of this anthology, short stories about secondary characters from other books getting their HEAs. I find I end up loving a well drawn secondary character almost as much as the main ones so I thought this was a fabulous idea!

Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas

This novella was the reason I was so eager to read this anthology, I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, and Dreaming of You is one of my favourite books, so seeing a novella that has my book husband Derek Craven in it had me very excited. Lydia, is Derek and Sara’s daughter and like her father she is very mathmatically minded but also very sensible and makes decisions using her head and not her heart. But, could this be the right thing to do when chosing a husband?

Although short I did really enjoy this. With a relatively small number of pages Lisa Kleypas created a likable hero and heroine who had explosive chemistry and deep feelings for one another. And, it was not only great to see a new romance blossom, but also to see Sara and Derek 20 years later and still just as much in love. If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas this is a must read, and if you haven’t read her before this is a nice taster.

Midsummer’s Knight by Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon

Before I start this review properly I should warn you that I am not really a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing style, and that is the main problem I have with her books and unfortunately this book was no different. I liked the idea of two people falling in love through letters and then finally coming face to face, it was very sweet, but, as I always do, I found the writing over the top and a little cheesy.

If you are a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor though you will love this book, and you shoudl definietly read it, even as someone who isn’t a fan I still liked reading it, but I did find myself a little relieved when it ended.

A Tale of Two Sisters by Julia Quinn

I love a good Julia Quinn book! She can write the most amusing light hearted banter and sweet romances, making her books so readable that I find I have finished them before I have even realised I have begun! A Tale of Two Sisters is very much the same, a funny smart girl and a sightly wicked but essentially nice guy who fall in love with eachother. If this were a full length novel I would have a few issues with how quickly they managed to fall in love, but as it was a novella I find that it is much easier to forgive.

A great quick read that will have you chuckling to yourself!

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog August 10, 2012

The Bridgerton world reading order

For a more comprehensive series guide on the Bridgerton series, we recommend you visit our Ultimate Bridgerton series guide. Here’s a recommended reading order for the main Bridgerton books series by Julia Quinn, along with any novellas or short stories, as well as when to start reading the Rokesby series if you want to explore the Bridgerton universe more comprehensively:

Bridgerton book series books in order

  1. The Duke and I 
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me 
  3. An Offer from a Gentleman 
  4. Romancing Mister Bridgerton 
  5. To Sir Phillip, With Love 
  6. When He Was Wicked 
  7. It’s in His Kiss 
  8. On the Way to the Wedding
  9. The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After (Collection of short stories)- A collection of second epilogues for the Bridgerton siblings includes Violet’s story
  10. Queen Charlotte

The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn brings to life the romantic escapades of eight siblings in Regency-era London. Each book zooms in on one Bridgerton sibling finding love, often where they least expect it. From secret love letters to fake courtships that turn real, the stories mix humor, drama, and heart. What stands out is how each Bridgerton finds their match, challenging society’s rules along the way. It’s not just about romance; it’s also about family bonds and individual growth. If you’ve ever wondered how love can turn the most unlikely pair into the perfect match or how a single moment can change everything, diving into the Bridgerton world will be a treat. Plus, seeing how each sibling’s story connects while standing on its own makes for a fun and satisfying read.

Check out our ultimate beginners guide to the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn

Our reviews of the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn

I have been ruined by Lisa Kleypas and all her wonderful historical that until now, I couldn’t find an author who could live up to the Kleypas craze. Julia Quinn is the answer.

THE DUKE AND I is such a charming story of Daphne and Simon! The story captured me with its prologue. It starts off with a story of a vulnerable young boy and his prideful father who wished to have the perfect heir. When he learns that his son has a speech impediment, he deems him as defective and unworthy to love, shunning him from his life and love. The boy grows up, wondering what he has done to make his father hate him so much, harbouring an anger towards him that grows with each year.

Years later, Simon Basset has learned to overcome his stutter and is now the Duke of Hastings, making him a sought-after bachelor. Simon is such a great hero. I loved him from the moment he stepped on the page. There’s just something about him that lures you in. He has secrets that make you want to keep reading until they are revealed. And, not to mention, he’s quite the seducer as well.

I don’t blame Daphne for falling so hard for him. Daphne is the eldest daughter of the Bridgeton family, making her a prime target for her brother’s overprotective tendencies. But Daphne is a strong woman and is able to handle situations on her own. I loved the strength that she showed throughout this book. There is nothing better than a strong heroine who isn’t afraid to stand up to her man (and her brothers).

What I love about historical romance is the lightness and charming nature of the stories. I found it very difficult to find another author who possessed that effortless wit that Lisa has in her writing, but after reading this I found that Quinn is just as capable of doing this. She manages to weave stories that are full of heart and passion but still making it light-hearted and fun.

I loved the idle banter between the Bridgeton siblings! They are such a fantastic family and I can’t wait to read the next few books of this series. I have no doubt that the Bridgeton will charm me completely. I am so glad I picked this series up!

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 8, 2012

THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME is the second book in the Bridgerton series and this book has come to be one of my all-time favourite historical romances! Quinn is the queen of witty and snarky dialogue and she really goes above and beyond with this one. Anthony, the eldest son of the Bridgeton and Kate have amazing chemistry, even as they exchange snide remarks and the occasional elbow jabs and kicks. I just love it when they go toe to toe. That Pall Mall scene was hilarious!

What I loved about this book is the fact that in addition to the charming romance that develops between the hero and heroine, there is also so much character development within the hero and heroine respectively that it makes their romance that much stronger, their love that much deeper. Quinn notes that Anthony’s fear of dying similarly like his father at a young age is a common phobia of young men who have lost their fathers. It’s easy for readers to be impatient and argue to “Get over it already!” but it’s tough and takes time. Anthony fully acknowledges his fear and knows that it is silly, which is why he vows to never fall in love, but it is an entirely different matter to overcome that fear. And I think that Quinn does a great job of pacing his “recovery” out in a believable manner.

I also LOVED the storm scene where he comforts Kate and her phobia of storms. The fact that they are willing to comfort each other just makes me melt and it does a great job of strengthening their bond into something more than friendship.

I have to mention my girlcrush on Kate! I absolutely adored her character! It seemed like she fit right into the Bridegerton family with little effort. I adored her attitude and loyalty towards her sister, Edwina and found that even though she was a little jealous of Lord Bridgerton’s earlier attentions to her sister, she was never malicious or acted upon her jealously. Not only is she a great older sister, but she’s one of the few heroines I adore so much that I wish she were real so I could be her friend!

I LOVED this book and went straight into the Epilogue: Part Two which takes place fifteen years later where they engage in their annual tradition of Pall Mall. And let me tell you, I’m surprised a scuffle didn’t break out on the Bridgerton grounds that time. The Pall Mall scene is heated and hilarious, making me love Quinn all the more. As if that was even possible…

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 16, 2012

I’ll be quite honest… I didn’t think much of Benedict before this book. Like many of the ton, I saw him as Number Two of the Bridgertons and now, I love him. He wasn’t mentioned often in the previous books, so I was looking forward to Colin’s book much more than Benedict’s.

Going into this book, I already knew that this book followed the Cinderella theme. A poor, young woman is fated with an evil stepmother and two equally annoying step-sisters. She gets one chance to live out her dreams and go to a masquerade until the clock strikes midnight. This initial storyline irked me a bit because, firstly, I don’t really like Cinderella and secondly, I hate reading about bullies.

But while Quinn stays true to the Cinderella story, she does veer away from it and develops a great romance between Benedict and Sophie. It might have been boring if she stuck with the Cinderella storyline throughout the entire book. Instead, it was refreshing and very, very romantic! Who knew Benedict would be such a dashing hero? I didn’t.

And I’m soo glad that I read this book because Benedict is a dream! I loved how protective he was over Sophie. And while Sophie did allow him to take her to his home, she still remained true to herself throughout this whole thing. I really liked that about her character.

I must say how much I despise Araminta, Sophie’s stepmother. She’s a snake and in the end, she got what she deserved. I really wished there was more done to her, but Lady Bridgerton definitely put her in her place.

I’ve already got Colin’s book ready to go! I can’t wait to read of Penelope and Colin. After that overheard statement about Penelope, I’m curious to see how Colin redeems himself. It’s sure to be a charming book.

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 16, 2012

Penelope Featherington has been overlooked her entire life. She’s been told that she’s not pretty enough, too plump, too nervous and too quiet. And yet, Penelope probably has the most personality out of all her heroines in this series. Penelope is hands down my favourite heroine! I love seeing her growth as a character in the previous ones leading up to her own book, Romancing Mr Bridgerton with her long-time crush, Colin. 

I wondered how Colin would redeem himself after his flapping mouth exposed too much about how he felt about marrying Penelope in the last book. But even though Penelope was humiliated publicly by Colin’s outcry, she took it in stride, never letting Colin know how much it hurt her.

Colin Bridgerton is the third son of the well-known family and he’s been portrayed as the devil-may-cry character. Colin is known for his easy smiles and his well-placed words, but in this book we discover that Colin has his unfulfilled fantasies and secret desires. Who would have suspected such a thing from Colin, who always seems to enjoy himself in everything?

What I loved about this book is that we learn that there is more to the hero and heroine than we first thought. Quinn presents Penelope and Colin as one way, and in this book, we discover that there is more to these characters than we ever suspected.

If you’ve been wondering who Lady Whistledown is, then rest easy because you do find out who it is in this one! I smacked my head when I found out! OF COURSE! I thought. It makes absolute perfect sense now that I look back. There were so many clues to indicate the true identity of the notorious Society paper queen.

Also, if you’re read Lisa Kleypas’s Dreaming of You, then you may have noticed that Quinn incorporated one of Kleypas’s characters into this book. Penelope reads Mathilda by S.R. Fielding who is actually Sara, the heroine of the book!

And of course, I have to talk about the romance between Penelope and Colin. While the previous book with Benedict was quick and passionate, Penelope and Colin’s romance was much slower and more solid. I love that Quinn makes each book different while still keeping it true to the characters. It makes each subsequent book entertaining to read. *sigh* I just adore this series!

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 21, 2012

At eight and twenty, Eloise has been on the shelf for quite some time. Despite previous marriage proposals, Eloise never thought she’d find herself in this position, alone. With her best friend Penelope, happily married off to her brother, Colin no less, Eloise tries to take her life into her own hands.

It all starts with a letter to Sir Phillip offering him her deepest sympathizes on his wife’s recent death. As is polite, Sir Phillips sends a letter back with a small gift of a pressed flower showing his appreciation. Soon, a relationship blooms between them as they continue to exchange letters until finally Eloise receives one that ask for her to visit his home to see if they would suit.

When I started this book, I’ll admit I was feeling a bit detached from Sir Phillip. He was definitely not a Bridgerton brother. But then something happened and by page ten, a connection was made and I fell in love with him. It’s pretty remarkable how Quinn has the power to do that with just a few words and a turn of events.

This book addresses more delicate matters such as suicide and corporal punishment. To Sir Phillip, With Love focused mainly on family and how the actions of one person could forever scar someone’s life. Phillip knows of this by his father and his unstable relationship with him. It was also about the lack of actions by a loved one. I loved reading about how Phillip and Eloise found that balance.

Quinn crafts a lovely story that stirs up darker emotions but manages to warm the heart at the same time. Quick glimpses of the Bridgerton brothers lightened the mood, but I think it was the presence of the Crane kids that made me love this book so much. I can’t wait to read the next one!

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 21, 2012

Michael Stirling is known as the Merry Rake. Seducing and flirting is his forte. However, Michael is in love with the one person he can never have. Married to his cousin John, Francesca is unaware of Michael’s feelings for her. The three of them are best friends, but her presence makes Michael hurt in the worst of ways.

But when a loss shatters both their worlds, Michael and Francesca don’t know how to deal with the pain…or the presence of one another. The question stands, how will they face each other when a distant memory continues to haunt them?

Julia Quinn is known for her witty and loving characters. It’s her remarkable ability to make readers sympathize with the characters that makes them feel so real to you. Quinn has a talent that most writers envy and make readers rejoice because each book is simply to die for.

WHEN HE WAS WICKED caught my attention because of its engaging title. Who could resist such a tempting tease like that?

But it was with this opening paragraph that I knew this book would hold something deeper than Julia Quinn’s usual books.

With just these few words, I knew that this would be different than the other books in this series. First off, it’s written in parallel with To Sir Phillip, with Love and Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which has not been done before in this series. And the second, is that Quinn covers the more extreme spectrum of emotions including grief, hate, anger, passion and love. And longing – pining for what you can never have.

WHEN HE WAS WICKED was by far the most emotional of the series. It showed that Quinn was able to display more than her cunning wit. She wrote drama and heartbreak and grief. And it was really the perfect read.

Michael was the perfect hero. I loved the internal battle he waged within himself. There was lust and love on one side and honor and loyalty on the other. It was interesting to witness how a man could still love even after what had happened to him.

And then there was Francesca whom I wasn’t too interested in out of the Bridgerton siblings. She was the most remote of them all. But I learned a lot about who she was through this story. She doesn’t know of Michael’s attraction to her, so she was slower to come to his attentions.

Some thought that Francesca was playing hard to get, but I disagree. I think since Michael loved her before everything happened, he had a lesser distance to travel in order to fall in love. However, Francesca experienced a crushing loss that tilted her world off its axis. Added to that is the fact that she experienced another subsequent loss shortly thereafter which tore her apart again. So, no I don’t think Francesca was too slow to accept Michael. In this book, she had a great distance to travel emotionally and I think only time and Michael’s persistence allowed for her to open her heart up once again.

Overall, this book deserves the 5 stars I’m giving it. Maybe even more because I didn’t even mention the sexy love scenes that these two have. WICKED doesn’t even cover it!

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 24, 2012

“In every life there is a turning point. A moment so tremendous, so sharp and clear that one feels as if one’s been hit in the chest, all the breath knocked out, and one knows, absolutely knows without the merest hint of a shadow of a doubt that one’s life will never be the same. 

For Michael Stirling, that moment came the first time he laid eyes on Francesca Bridgerton.”

~When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

Lady Whistledown series books in order

The “Lady Whistledown” books by Julia Quinn and other contributing authors such as Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, and Mia Ryan, revolve around the mysterious figure of Lady Whistledown, a sharp-witted and anonymous society gossip columnist who first captivated readers in the Bridgerton series. Each story offers a unique romance, entangled with the social intrigues and scandals that Lady Whistledown narrates with unmatched wit and insight. From unexpected love affairs and hidden identities to the challenges of navigating London’s high society, these stories capture the essence of the period with humor, heart, and a keen eye for human quirks. While Lady Whistledown herself remains a figure shrouded in mystery, the impact of her columns on the lives of those she writes about weaves a connecting thread throughout the series, making for an engaging exploration of gossip in the ton.

Our reviews of the Lady Whistledown series by Julia Quinn

The stories in this anthology are all set at the same time, around the same two big events, a skating party and a St. Valentines Day Ball, with each author taking on a different couple. This is part of the reason I liked this book so much, it gave each story a sense of continuity, rather then abruptly going from one story to the next as is the case with a lot of anthologies.

At the beginning of each chapter there is an extract from the Lady Whistledown paper giving you pieces of gossip and observations, which are at once, witty and informative. I can’t quite decide which story I prefer as I liked them all very much, the heroines were all funny and a little eccentric and ofcourse the heroes all handsome and (mostly) charming. 

I would have much recommend reading this if you are looking for a light funny read with a lot of romance. It left me smiling and really what more can I ask?

Reviewed by Suzanne

Lady Whistledown Quote

Rokesby series books in order

  1. Because of Miss Bridgerton
  2. The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband
  3. The Other Miss Bridgerton
  4. First Comes Scandal
Prequels to the Bridgerton Book Series

Dive into the Rokesbys series by Julia Quinn, where we meet the ancestors of the Bridgertons. This series gives us love stories filled with adventure and heart. You’ll follow characters like a lady who accidentally gets engaged to a sea captain and a woman who disguises herself as a man to save her brother. Each book stands alone, offering a fresh tale set in Georgian England, but together, they build the world the Bridgertons will later inhabit. It’s a fun peek into the family’s history, showing us where the Bridgertons’ legacy began. If you’re curious about the Bridgertons’ roots or just love a good romance, the Rokesbys series has plenty to offer.

Our reviews of the Rokesby series by Julia Quinn

At long last, Julia Quinn has come back to the family we all love, the Bridgertons! But, what do we think of her new book Because of Miss Bridgerton? We ask two of the Bridgerton series craziest fans their thoughts on the new book.


Annie: I lost my shit. The Bridgertons is one of my all-time favorite Historical Romance series and I still believe it’s some of Quinn’s best work so when I learned that she would be returning to this beloved family, saying I was excited is an understatement.

Suzanne: There may have been some squealing and happy dancing going on, luckily I didn’t turn incontinent (poor Annie, losing her shit like that!) but I was definitely busting some moves. The Bridgerton series is not only one of my favourite series by Julia Quinn, but also one of my favourite Historical Romances. The humour, the romance and love, not just between the couples, but between the whole family really shines, you can’t help but fall for every member of the family.


Annie: Yeah, it did. I was expecting the same trademark wit and humor that the original series had and this book definitely had some of that. I was also looking forward to exploring more of the family as it was such a big part of the other series. Quinn delivers; she has the same elements in this series that she had with the other but it’s still different enough that you can read this series without having read the Bridgertons.

Suzanne: It did…and it didn’t. I don’t think was as good as her original Bridgerton series, it didn’t manage to hook me in like those did. But, as always with Quinn, she did write a humourous and sweet romance, one that I enjoyed and I hope that I feel the sense of family more as I read through the series. I didn’t quite feel it like I did in the Bridgerton series.


Annie: If you’ve read a Julia Quinn book then you know it’s fairly easy to fall in love with her characters. From the moment George and Billie find themselves stuck on a rooftop, arguing, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. Not many authors can put their characters into such ridiculous situations and make them work, let alone make them fall in love.

Suzanne: Quinn’s books, even the Bridgerton series, all follow a pattern and this one was no different; if you like one of her books you are very likely to enjoy them all. So, it did have that mix of humour, romance and passion I enjoy from her; however, it didn’t quite have the special something that makes the original series special.


Annie: I’m looking forward to it! I wonder who’s next?

Suzanne: Despite how negative some of my comments seem, overall I really liked this book and I will be looking forward to read the next one. I can’t wait to see who is next.


Annie: A solid 4 stars. I enjoyed this one more than the latest few releases from Quinn but I’m still holding off until I’ve read more in the series to determine if its as good as the Bridgertons!

Suzanne: I would say 3.5 stars; but this is also a book I would recommend anyone who wants something light and funny paired with fantastic writing to give a go.

Reviewed by Annie and Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog March 28, 2016

When waking up from prolonged unconsciousness you expect to have acquired a number of things…a beard, a certain stench; however, a wife isn’t normally on that list. When Edward Rokesby wakes up in a hospital he seems to have gained all those things, including a wife. He finds it not an altogether unpleasant surprise, the lady in question is his best friend’s sister and he has been half in love with her for a while. But, something isn’t quite right and he soon discovers that perhaps the lady has been deceiving him.

Although I am a massive fan of Julia Quinn and she is one of my favourite historical romance authors, recently, I haven’t been enjoying her books as much as I used to. However, this all changed with this book. I loved it. Right from the first page, Quinn engaged me with her effortless blend of humour and romance.

As usual, I loved her characters. They are charming, a little quirky and you can’t help but want them to succeed. Edwards and Cecilia had great chemistry that grew as the book continued. The attraction and affection was immediately obvious and as they grow to know each other in person, rather than in letters as they had previously, this attraction and affection grew with it.

The lie that Cecelia told about being Edward’s wife was the central point of drama in this romance. And, although you know after reading the blurb what will happen, this didn’t stop the lie being a genuine point of tension within the story, nor did it stop me from enjoying seeing this story unfold.

I adored this book, I read it quickly and lit left me with a hankering for more Julia Quinn goodness. I highly recommend you give this a try, it’s a light historical romance with a lot of heart and I guarantee you will finish reading it with a smile on your face.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog May 30, 2017

Julia Quinn is the master of light hearted and fun historical romances and she once again proves this in the latest installment of the Rokesby series. Who else could make being chloroformed, kidnapped by pirates, kept captive on a ship and then kidnapped again on foreign soil a fun and romantic romp?

I really enjoyed this adventure, both the hero and heroine were very likable, especially the heroine. She was clever, spirited but sensible and I admired her composure in the face of the potentially dangerous situation she found herself in. But, what had me rapidly reading the pages was the excellent dialogue. The witty word play between the hero and heroine was fantastic and I am hard pressed to think of another author who writes such great dialogue.

The romance itself was very…nice. The romance blossomed as they got to know one another although the initial attraction was there. But if you are after something hot and explosive then this isn’t the book for you. When you fancy something more gentle, but very sincere none the less then this is the perfect read.

However, although I did like this book it didn’t quite capture me as Quinn’s original Bridgerton series did. It somehow lacked the depth the family dynamics lent the original series. Instead of being a read that you will come back to again and again, I find this is book that I have read and enjoyed but am unlikely to remember too far in the future. Which is unfortunate, I love Quinn’s style and some of her books are on my all-time favourites list.

If you want something witty and fun then you can’t go wrong with this excellently written historical romance. And, if you haven’t checked out Julia Quinn’s original Bridgerton series then you need to read, you will be in for a real treat.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog December 8, 2018

Georgiana Bridgerton is in a terrible position, through no fault of her own. After being kidnapped by a fortune hunter, it is somehow her reputation that’s in tatters, not his. She now seems to have very limited choices, either marry the man who kidnapped her or live the life of spinster. Until an unlikely third option presents itself. Nicholas Rokesby. Her next door neighbour and friend.

This is a hard book for me to review. On one hand, I unquestionably liked this book. I read it very quickly and it made me laugh on several occasions. On the other hand, is that all I need from a book? Because although it did make me laugh and I did like it, in a few books time I’m probably going to forget I about it.

I know I know, that sounds very harsh. But, I think that this story was probably suited more for a novella than a full length novel, albeit a fairly short one. There just wasn’t enough conflict to keep this book going. First Comes Scandal was a book about two very nice people with an already existing solid friendship who are then thrust into marriage. Within this hasty marriage of convenience they continue to be nice people who respect and like one another, with no outside forces keeping them apart. Basically, nothing really happens.

That doesn’t mean this wasn’t an enjoyable read, it was. If you want a read that features some excellent witty repartee, then roll right up. Julia Quinn is, and always has been, a master at this. There was also a bit of social commentary as Georgiana faces the hard reality of the gender inequality of the time.

The mixture of witty banter and a fun easy going story line did make this a perfect light hearted read. And sometimes, that’s all you want.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog April 21, 2020

Smythe-Smith Quartet series books in order

  1. Just Like Heaven
  2. A Night Like This
  3. The Sum of All Kisses
  4. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

The Smythe-Smith Quartet by Julia Quinn, centers around the delightfully off-key Smythe-Smith musicale, an annual event infamous among London’s elite for its less-than-stellar performances. Despite their lack of musical talent, the Smythe-Smith family members play on, unaware or perhaps just undaunted by their lack of skill. Each book in the series focuses on a different member of the family, revealing their hopes, dreams, and the often humorous paths to finding love. These stories are filled with Quinn’s signature wit and warmth, showcasing the importance of family, the beauty of perseverance, and the unexpected ways love can find us. The series offers a light-hearted and charming take on the trials and tribulations of matchmaking in Regency England, with a cast of characters who are as endearing for their quirks as they are for their earnest desires for happiness and love.

Our reviews of the Smythe-Smith Quartet series by Julia Quinn

Having read everything that Julia Quinn has written I was very much looking forward to starting a series about the famous (or is it infamous?) Smythe-Smiths. If you have read any of her books you would have heard about the Smythe-Smith Musicale the most anticipated and by that I mean dreaded social event in the ton calander. Honoria Smith-Smythe plays the violin, terribly ofcourse in true Smythe-Smith tradition, in the quartet and she hopes that this will be her final year as she is desparate to get married and start a family of her own; however, what she doesn’t realize is that Lord Chatteris her older brothers best friend, has been looking out for her and scaring away all potential suitors as they all seem to him unsuitable. The more he sees of Honoria the more he comes to the realization that he may actually love her…

I managed to read this book in a day; I just couldn’t put it down. It was everything I have come to expect from a Julia Quinn book, funny, romantic and cute. As in most of her books the characters are funny and lighthearted, there is no real angst or darkness in this book so if you are looking for a broody read this isn’t for you. However, if you want a book that will have you smiling and laughing all the way through then I recommend that you pick this up.

Honoria was quirky and fun and I liked her immensley, she had a dry wit and I often found myself laughing at the things that she said or did. Marcus was also very sweet and quite adorabley shy! You could see from the start that they were perfect for eachother and it was great fun watching them finally come to that realization themselves.

This was a great read and anybody looking for a light hearted funny book should give this book a try.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog June 3, 2011

Daniel Smythe-Smith, Lord Winstead has just returned from three years of exile after a foolish duel with a friend that went drastically wrong. Unfortunately for Daniel, he has come back on a night society dreads: The Smythe-Smith Musicale, but he feels his luck change when he sees a beautiful young lady take place of one of his “sick” cousins on the piano.

Miss Anne Wynter is the governess of the Pleinsworth daughters, cousins of the Smythe-Smiths and after being rather forcibly persuaded to play the piano to replace her charges supposedly ill older sister she spots a stranger watching the musicale. Even if, in this instance it is Lord Winstead she can feel her past catching up with her and the next hidden stranger could well be a lot more dangerous then the handsome, charming Lord Winstead.

What I love about Julia Quinn boos is that I am guaranteed a really fun read. I have found all her books to be full of laughs and various quirky but lovable characters. This book is exactly the same, funny and sweet, a book tha is quickly read and fondly remembered.

I really liked both the main characters Daniel and Anne; they were great to read about. Daniel was something rare in romance; a man who is fairly light hearted and loves his family without reservation (despite the regular torture of the Smythe-Smith Musicale) and I found it refreshing, although I do love a dark broody hero, sometimes it’s nice to read one with a sense of humour. Anne was actually the more tortured of the two with a horrible past that she has been hiding from for eight years. It was really nice to read such likable characters get together and the witty teasing between them was fantastic and one of the things that Julia Quinn does best.

But although the romance between them was great and they were good characters, the characters I loved most were the Pleinsworth girls, Frances, Elizabeth and Harriet. They were hilarious; I loved it when they were in a scene as I know their banter would have me in fits of laughter. I warn you at around 44% of the book, go read it in a private place, as I discovered, giggling to yourself in the work restaurant is not the way to make friends!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good but light read, although this is number two in the Smythe-Smith series it can be read as a standalone, but there is mention of the previous book in this.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog May 29, 2012

Hugh Prentice has enough to deal with with his bad leg, an injury that was entirely his fault and the result of a stupid and drunken duel with his best friend, and now it seems that the overly dramatic Lady Sarah Pleinsworth is also to plague him, despite her obvious dislike of him. Then again, it was her cousin he had the aforementioned duel with and it did result in a scandal and his friend, Daniel Smythe-Smith having to leave the country. As Sarah gets to know Hugh, her first impressions begin to crumble and her feelings take a dramatic change, especially when his kisses drive her so wild.

I love a Julia Quinn book! They are so refreshing yet familiar, when I open up one of her books I know I am in for a nice romance, some funny moments and often a glimpse of some favourite characters, for instance Lady Danbury a staple of Julia Quinn’s world. The Sum of all Kisses didn’t disappoint, I got exactly what I wanted from this book, a lovely romance with some really likable and great characters and finished the last page with a smile on my face, looking forward to whatever Ms Quinn writes for us next.

Ofcourse, if you are looking for something deep and dark with complicated emotions and an original plot line you will have to look elsewhere. Although that sounds disparaging about this book, sometimes what you need is an uncomplicated romance with characters that are easy to understand. Hugh and Sarah were great, Hugh was a brilliant mathematician who had a cruel and insane father and as such had a little bit of a tortured soul, but was still a complete gentleman. Sarah was feisty and funny, and although a little overdramatic she was fully aware of this and this made me like her more. Together they had good chemistry and I really liked how their relationship changed from enemies to so much more as their banter and understanding of each other deepened as they got to know one another properly.

The characters that really stood out for me though weren’t the main couple but Sarah’s 3 younger sisters, they had me laughing at their antics and their delightfully ridiculous, yet intelligent, conversations. They were also a highlight of the previous book A Night Like This and I hope at some point Ms Quinn will write give them a book of their own.

This was a good book, Julia Quinn has once again delivered us a fantastic book, it was witty, it was romantic and I enjoyed every word, I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog October 27, 2013

Sir Richard Kenworthy needs to find, court and marry within the month in order to protect his family. When he sees Miss Iris Smythe-Smith in one of her family’s infamous musicales, he may have found the perfect candidate. Although quiet and unassuming, she manages to capture his attention making marriage seem like an ideal prospect after all. Iris knows she is not the kind of woman to inspire such a whirlwind romance, especially with a handsome man such as Sir Richard, however, after being caught in a compromising position her misgivings about marrying him become superfluous. But what secrets is Richard hiding and will her growing love for her secretive husband die when he reveals the true reason behind their marriage?

Do you know what you need on a cold, wet January night? A cup of something hot, a warm blanket and a Julia Quinn book to pass the dark night away. With Quinn I know I will always get a light-hearted romance and something that will make me chuckle and that’s exactly what I got with The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy. It may not have had me gripped to my kindle eager for the next page, but it was well written and left me with a smile on my face.

Both Richard and Iris were great characters, funny and likable without a dark edge in sight, which made this an easy going and enjoyable read. It doesn’t make it particularly memorable read though, as with the previous books in this series, although I really liked them as I read them they have not stuck out in my mind as the best the genre has to offer.

An enjoyable and heart warming read, perfect for cuddling up with and whiling away a cold night, as always Julia Quinn has written a solidly good read, even if it isn’t an exciting one.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog January 26, 2015

He rather hoped he was sleeping, because he was quite certain he’d seen a six-foot rabbit hopping through his bedchamber, and if that wasn’t a dream they were all in very big trouble. Although really, it wasn’t rabbit that was so dangerous as much as the giant carrot he was swinging about like a mace.

~ Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn

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Beginners Guide to Reading Julia Quinn

Other series by Julia Quinn

The Lyndon Sisters series books in order

  1. Everything and the Moon
  2. Brighter than the Sun

In the Lyndon Sisters, Julia Quinn brings us the charming tales of two sisters finding love in unexpected places. The first book, “Everything and the Moon,” tells the story of Victoria Lyndon, a vicar’s daughter, and Robert Kemble, the Earl of Macclesfield. Their love story is a rollercoaster of missed opportunities and misunderstandings, showing us that true love doesn’t always run smooth but is worth the wait. The sequel, “Brighter Than the Sun,” follows Eleanor Lyndon, who finds herself tangled up with Charles Wycombe, the drunken Earl of Billington, leading to a marriage of convenience that might just turn into the real thing. For fans of heartfelt romance with a dash of humor and a good dose of Regency-era charm, the Lyndon Sisters series is a delightful escape into love’s sometimes bumpy, always rewarding, road.

Our reviews of the Lyndon Sisters series by Julia Quinn

Husbands don’t grow on trees…but apparently they fall from them, especially when roaringingly drunk. This is something that Miss Ellie Lyndon finds out the hard way when Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington, falls from an oak tree and straight on her toes, then not long after proceeds to make an offer of marriage. Although completely foxed Charles thinks the very prickly but lovely Miss Lyndon will make a perfect wife, especially as he only has a few weeks to find one before he loses his fortune, but even he is taken by surprise when she accepts his offer and the marriage takes place. But as time progresses, they find that this marriage of convienence could be much more then they ever expected.

I find it so hard to rate a Julia Quinn book, I believe I have, without fail, enjoyed every single one I’ve ever laid my hands on. I know exactly what I will find when I draw back the cover of one of her romances; a quirky lovable heroine; a charming and cheeky hero and dialogue that is bound to leave me with a massive smile on my face, as well a sweet love story that is pure and brilliant brain candy. These books are never going to change the world, but they are well written and whilst I am reading them I can’t put them down and I always enjoy it. So that leaves me with the problem, what shall I rate it?

I decided 3.5 feathers is best, Brighter than the Sun made me laugh and Charles and Ellie were so adorable together and their banter was witty and well written. But, will I remember this book in 6 months time and be desparate to reread it? Probably not. But don’t let this put you off, it is a great book, it is the marshmallow of the book world it is fun, fluffy, sweet and would go great with a barbeque on the beach!

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog July 9, 2012

The Agents of the Crown series books in order

  1. To Catch an Heiress
  2. How to Marry a Marquis

Jump into the adventurous world of the “Agents of the Crown” series, where Julia Quinn spins tales of espionage and romance during the Regency era. This series kicks off with “To Catch an Heiress,” where we meet Caroline Trent, determined to escape her guardian’s clutches until she’s mistaken for a spy by the dashing yet infuriating agent, Blake Ravenscroft. Their story is a delightful mix of misunderstandings, humor, and unexpected love. The adventure continues in “How to Marry a Marquis,” where Elizabeth Hotchkiss, in desperate need of a wealthy husband, stumbles upon James Sidwell, the Marquis of Riverdale, who’s undercover to catch a blackmailer threatening his aunt. As Elizabeth uses a secret manual to snag a husband, James finds himself playing the role of her target. Perfect for those who love their romance with a side of intrigue and a dash of mistaken identities, the “Agents of the Crown” series promises laughter, love, and a few surprises along the way.

Our reviews of the Agents of the Crown series by Julia Quinn

Miss Elizabeth Hotchkiss is trembling on the very edge of poverty, barely keeping food on the table for her siblings by working as a companion for Lady Danbury. Her only way out it seems is for her to marry only she has no skills in attracting a suitor and leading him to a proposal and the only guidance she seems to be able to find is from a very silly book. With nothing to lose Elizabeth starts practicing her wiles on Mr James Sidwell Lady D’s penniless estate manager, only things aren’t quite as they appear and she never expected to actually fall in love…

Julia Quinn books never fail me, they may not be life changing or sweep me off my feet, but they do always do two things, one, entertain me and two make me smile. How to Marry a Marquis very much fits that description it made me laugh and kept me turning the pages.

Elizabeth and James were both very likable characters and had a very cute romance, it didn’t take any unexpected turns and so although predictable it was sweet and charming. A character you may recognize if you have read enough of Julia Quinn’s books is Lady Danbury, I love Lady Danbury she is a sharp tongued yet sweet older lady who manages to keep everyone around her on their toes with her cutting wit.

A great book for some light reading, you may not remember much about it in a few weeks time but it will leave you with a cozy feeling and a smile on your face.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog February 28, 2013

con-tu-ber-nal(noun). One who occupies
the same tent; a tent-fellow, comrade.
The thought of Percy Prewitt as my contubernal causes me to break out in hives.
-From the personal dictionary of Caroline Trent

~ To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn

The Bevelstoke series books in order

  1. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
  2. What Happens in London
  3. Ten Things I Love About You
  4. Miss Butterworth and the Mad Barton, a Graphic Novel

The Bevelstoke series by Julia Quinn is a delightful romp through Regency England, filled with the kind of romance, mischief, and engaging storytelling that fans have come to love from Quinn. Starting with “The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever,” we follow Miranda’s unexpected journey from a love-struck girl to a woman caught in a surprising twist of fate with the man she’s loved since she was ten. Then, “What Happens in London” brings us the story of Olivia Bevelstoke, who becomes intrigued by her mysterious neighbor, leading to espionage, hilarity, and, unexpectedly, love. The series wraps up with “Ten Things I Love About You,” where Annabel Winslow, in a bid to save her family from ruin, finds herself entangled with Sebastian Grey, a charming rogue who hides a secret life as an author. For those who adore tales of love born out of curiosity, hidden glances, and witty exchanges, the Bevelstoke series is your perfect match, offering humor, heart, and happily ever afters in abundance.

Our reviews of the Belvelstoke series by Julia Quinn

Annabelle Wislow has entered her very first season and she is being courted by the Earl of Newbury. At 75 and in possession of a horrid personality, the last thing Annabelle wants is to wed the old man. But because of father’s recent death, he seems the most prospective suitor she can have. That is until she meets the Earl of Newbury’s nephew, the handsome and roguish Sebastian Grey.

Ahhhh, Sebastian! What a magnificent character he is and possibly one of my many favorites of Julia Quinn! He is utterly charming, in possession of devilish good looks and isn’t shy about using it against Annabelle. He loves teasing her until she is bright red like a tomato and he’s got to be the sweetest man ever! So much so that sweetness can be harmful to our heroine!

I loved the other half of Sebastian as well. Quinn creates depth in Sebastian’s character right off the bat. We see his struggle with insomnia and what he does in that time when the world is asleep. We see his PTSD become fully realized in certain scenes of the book and we also see how Annabelle’s presence in society brings forth a sparkle in Seb’s life.

Suddenly, Seb is noticing the minute details that make Annabelle so desirable and he picks at her until it’s funny. It was a riot reading this book and if you’re not careful, you could probably spring a rib just by laughing so much! Quinn infuses humor in every sentence of this book and it shines because of it.

I have to say a few things about the audiobook. This is where I wasn’t too ecstatic about it all. At times I liked the narrator and then at other times, I hated it. She pronounced Sebastian’s name in such a grating way that I winced every time she did and sometimes, I felt she was taking away from the storyline rather than adding to it. At one point, I contemplated stopping to audiobook to simply read the book myself, but due to time constraints, I just toughed it out instead. That being said, this wasn’t my favorite audio adaption of the book, but I still found a lot to like about Quinn’s writing. Her trademark humor and incredibly unique characters shine even through bad accents and weird pronunciations.

Reviewed by Annie on Under the Covers Book Blog February 21, 2013

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Two Dukes of Wyndham series books in order

  1. The Lost Duke of Wyndham
  2. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

Diving into “The Two Dukes of Wyndham” series by Julia Quinn, you’re in for a double dose of drama and romance set against the backdrop of Regency England. The series kicks off with a bang in “The Lost Duke of Wyndham,” where Jack Audley, a highwayman with a heart of gold, is revealed to potentially be the long-lost heir to the dukedom, throwing everything — including his love life — into chaos. Then, in “Mr. Cavendish, I Presume,” we follow the man who thought he was the duke all along, Thomas Cavendish, whose world is upended not just by the title dispute but also by the captivating Amelia Willoughby. This series packs a punch with mistaken identities, rightful inheritances questioned, and love that refuses to follow the rules.

Ladies Most series books in order

  1. The Lady Most Likely…
  2. The Lady Most Willing…

In “The Lady Most…” series, Julia Quinn teams up with Eloisa James and Connie Brockway to spin some fun Regency tales. The first book, “The Lady Most Likely…,” is about a house party thrown to find a duke a wife, and things get interesting quickly. The second, “The Lady Most Willing…,” traps a bunch of potential brides and bachelors in a castle thanks to a well-meaning kidnapping gone wrong. These books mix up humor, awkward situations, and sweet moments as everyone tries to figure out love and each other.

Our reviews of the Ladies Most series by Julia Quinn

Taran needs his nephews to get married with no children of his own he is passing his Scottish castle to one of them and wants to make sure they are settled. So, what else can he do but steal them some potential wives? On his triumphant return he presents, four ladies to his two nephews, and unfortunately for batty Uncle Taran the handsome Duke of Bretton as well! But a storm has descended and they are all trapped in the old drafty castle with only each other for company, can love blossom in these very unusual circumstances?

This was such a delightful book! Funny, sweet and romantic a feel good Christmas tale. Each couple was written by a different author, bringing a different style to each section of the book, and what I liked about this book was that although it was written by three different authors, it wasn’t written in three separate novella’s but rather as one whole, which made it come together as one cohesive book.

I did enjoy some couple’s romances more then others, but they were all charming, and the although the romances had to squeeze into a relatively small amount of page time I still thought they held up well.

This is a good book, maybe not something I would reread but it was something easy to pick up and have a few hours of light hearted enjoyment.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog December 26, 2012

Test Your Julia Quinn Knowledge, Take the Quiz

Take the Quiz

Are You the Ultimate Julia Quinn Superfan?

Or maybe just curious to see how much you’ve picked up flipping through those pages of witty banter and swoon-worthy romance? Either way, we’ve got a quiz that’ll put your knowledge to the test! Let’s find out if you’re a Quinn Queen or if it’s time to dive back into her books! So, are you in?

Other anthologies including Julia Quinn

Anthologies are a great way to discover new authors, as they often present with you authors that match in style. Julia Quinn has contributed to several anthologies alongside other authors, offering short stories that often expand her beloved universe or explore new territories within the historical romance genre. “Scottish Brides” features stories from Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn, and Karen Ranney, with each tale revolving around Scottish brides and the unique challenges and romances they encounter. “Four Weddings and a Sixpence” includes a story by Julia Quinn along with Elizabeth Boyle, Stefanie Sloane, and Laura Lee Guhrke, centered around a lucky sixpence and the romantic adventures it sparks. These anthologies offer a blend of Quinn’s hallmark humor, heart, and romance, often intertwined with the engaging storytelling of her fellow authors, providing fans with delightful expansions of her world.

Our reviews of Julia Quinn’s anthologies

I always get so excited when a Julia Quinn book is coming out, I’ve yet to read a book by her which I haven’t at least liked a great deal. I was also excited about this anthology, with each author some I had read before, some of which were brand new to me all collaborating to bring us separate stories, all connected by two common threads: friendship and a lucky sixpence.

Like with most anthologies there are highs and lows, some authors style that suit me and some that I found it harder to get through. I wasn’t surprised that I really enjoyed Quinn’s novella …and a Sixpence in Her Shoe, it was delightful tale of an unconventional young woman finding just the right one eyed man for her. I devoured it.

I was surprised though that I didn’t like Laura Lee Guhrke’s offering more, I have read a few of her books in the past and have always enjoyed them. However, I really struggled to read Something Bluenot because there was anything wrong with it, I confess I was just…bored by it. Sloane’s Something New and Elizabeth Boyle’s Something Borrowed although not my favourite in the anthology were both fun romantic tales that leave you feeling good and eager for the next story.

This anthology is a great read if you are looking to read some of the well known authors of Historical Romance that perhaps you haven’t had a chance to read before. Each story has its merits and you’re bound to find you fall in love with at least one of them. Perfect reading for in front of your tree this Christmas.

Reviewed by Suzanne on Under the Covers Book Blog December 27, 2016

In conclusion

Wrapping up our dive into Julia Quinn’s world, it’s clear her books hit the sweet spot for romance lovers. From the Bridgertons’ grand ballrooms to the Agents of the Crowns’ intriguing love stories, Quinn’s novels are like sitting down with a good friend who tells the best stories — full of laughs, love, and a bit of unexpected magic. Whether you’ve been following her characters from the start or just discovered them, there’s a warmth to be found in her stories that’s hard to find anywhere else. So, as we turn the last page for now, we’re curious:

What’s your favorite Julia Quinn novel?
Drop a comment and share your top pick with us!

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