Historical romance has a reputation for only being for those over a certain age. I call bullshit. Historical romance is for readers of every age. And, there are some great authors out there that you will see us talking about all the time, authors like Lisa Kleypas, Tessa Dare, Elizabeth Hoyt, Sarah Maclean…But, those aren’t the authors we are highlighting today. Today we wanted to tell you about some historical romance authors that you may not have heard of and we think are vastly underrated.

Anna Harrington

I recently discovered Anna Harrington and I could only wonder why I didn’t find her earlier!  I think if you like Tessa Dare, you will enjoy Ms. Harrington’s style.  Her stories are a mix of sexy and sweet, with witty dialogue and even some humor to really make the stories endear themselves to you.  I didn’t want to put them down.  I always like a light-hearted and fun historical romance and I definitely need to continue reading Ms. Harrington’s backlist.

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Elizabeth Michels

Following along the same lines of fun and light-hearted historicals, I couldn’t pass up on mentioning the Tricks of the Ton series by Elizabeth Michels.  Again, if you like Tessa Dare’s style you want to mark this one on your to read list.  This series is the perfect feel good historical romance.  Feisty heroines, some grumpy heroes, some humor and some outrageous situations our characters find themselves in.  I love her stories because they are not cookie cutter, and they’re always so much fun to read. It’s like embarking on an unexpected adventure.

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Heather Snow

It’s been years since I’ve read a book by Heather Snow, but I thought this was the perfect time to bring her books back to the light.  If you like Courtney Milan, you’ll enjoy this series.    Her stories are tightly written, very original, full of romance and some intrigue.  Her characters are always complex, multi-dimensional and very smart.  She writes some of the smartest and most awesome heroines ever!  And if you want a story that has a little more grit than your usual sweet historical, definitely check these out.

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Ellen O’Connell

Ellen O’Connell doesn’t take you to London ballrooms and ton parties, instead she delivers us to the American West. O’Connell takes us to small towns and shows us the lives of men and women who you don’t often see cast as a hero or heroine. Yet, her books deliver a powerful emotional punch. Before you realise it you are fully invested into her characters lives and life the highs and lows with them. Whenever I go back and reread one of her books I am always struck with surprise. Why isn’t she and her romance more well known? Admittedly her covers aren’t great, but what’s between them is some of the best romance I have read. So, if you are looking for somewhere to start I highly recommend Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold

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Suzanne Enoch

Suzanne has authored many genres but my favorite of hers is Historical Romance. She dabbles in both Regency as well as Highlander romances so really, you can take your pick between them because both styles are very intriguing. I think she’s severely underrated because she has a really great voice for the genre. She kind of reminds me of Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas, especially when talking in terms of her Regency series. She has good banter, fun characters, and also some really interesting plot twists. She’s an author that I always look forward to reading.

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Now it’s your turn…
Tell us some of your favorite
and underrated historical romance authors!


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  1. I don’t read a lot of historical romance but I’ve found myself reading more lately. Thanks for the recs as I love Tessa Dare I’ll be adding some books to my wishlist to try.

  2. I have only read Suzanne Enoch,but the other picks are new to me. I will check them out!! my favorites aren’t under rates but I love them!!
    Jude deveraux
    Lisa kleypas
    Julie garwood
    Stephanie laurens
    Lauren Smith

    Shared on all my socials!!??

  3. Those are some good picks. I’ve read Michels and Enoch yes, they are fun ones. I’ve been meaning to try Harrington and O’Connell. Hmm, underrated historical romance. Maybe Roseanne Bittner who writes American HR? She’s written a ton, but I only discovered her stuff recently. Also, Jeannie Lin’s Chinese historical romances are fab.

  4. I would recommend Elisa Braden, and Maggie Fenton. Also if you like a touch of paranormal, Emily Larkin writes a great series called the Baleful Godmother series which is mainly Regency, but with an added touch of magic (she also writes regular Regencies). I especially like that all of her characters actually act like adults, not spoiled children.

  5. Some of my favorites not listed are:
    Sabrina York
    Lauren Smith
    Jennifer Ashley (don’t know how underrated she is)
    Amy Jarecki
    Karen Hawkins
    Shana Galen
    Mary Morgan – Touch of fae magic
    Samantha Kane (menage & m/m)

  6. Not necessarily underrated but I discovered Sarah MacLean only this year and promptly binge-read everything she’s written. Witty dialogue and heroines who really hold their own. She’s a real page-turner. Excited to try these authors.