Complete Guide on Where to Start Reading Charlotte Stein

Welcome to the world of Charlotte Stein, where sensuality knows no bounds and emotions run deep. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or brand new to her work, this guide is here to help you know which one of her novels to pick up next. Charlotte Stein has a knack for weaving romances that are both provocative and heartfelt, making her one of our favorites here at Under the Covers.

Beginners Guide to Reading Charlotte Stein

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A Beginners Guide to Reading Charlotte Stein

We’ve been fans of Charlotte Stein’s work since the early days of Under the Covers Book Blog, dating back to 2011. Her unique talent for writing stories with an irresistible blend of emotion and steaminess has captivated us from the very start.

Who Would Enjoy Her Books?

Charlotte Stein’s writing appeals to a diverse range of readers. If you’re a fan of scorching-hot erotic romance books, her backlist is just waiting to be explored. Her talent for writing intensely passionate love stories shines. From coming-of-age and emotionally charged stories to her recent foray into contemporary romance, Charlotte proves her versatility by delivering heartwarming tales with a touch of sensuality, perfect for readers who prefer a bit steam. So be prepared for some unforgettable heat in her backlist.

Authors Similar to Charlotte Stein

If you’re seeking authors who share Stein’s ability to blend sensuality with compelling storytelling, consider some of the following authors: Cara McKenna who balances romance and passion, often exploring complex relationships. Anne Calhoun with an ability for creating poignant love stories. Meanwhile, Tessa Bailey if you are looking for contemporary romances that are both steamy and heartfelt. Tiffany Reisz, on the other hand, can write some captivating and beautiful erotic romance, while Charlotte Featherstone shines in historical romances that are as seductive as they are emotionally resonant. To further expand your options, you might also enjoy C.D. Reiss, with intricate plots and sensuality, as well as Kit Rocha’s “Beyond” series, set in a post-apocalyptic world, which blends steamy romance into a thrilling dystopian backdrop. These authors, like Charlotte Stein, will keep you turning the pages long into the night and if you have enjoyed some of them, you’ll certainly want to pick up Charlotte Stein as well.

Standalone Novels by Charlotte Stein

Addicted by Charlotte Stein
Telling Tales by Charlotte Stein
Run to You by Charlotte Stein
  1. The Things That Make Me Give In (2009)
  2. Control (2011)
  3. Reawakening (2011) A zombie apocalypse menage!
  4. Captivated (2012)
  5. Deep Desires (2012)
  6. Telling Tales (2012)
  7. Power Play (2012)
  8. Make Me (2012)
  9. Addicted (2013)
  10. Run To You (2013)
  11. Frostbitten (2016)
  12. Lust Dazed, Giving, Closer, Ever Known (2017)
  13. Way Down Deep (2017)
  14. Not Safe for Work (2017)
  15. Pleasure Keeper (2017)
  16. Singing Electricity (2017)
  17. Tigerlily (2021)
  18. When Grumpy Met Sunshine (2024)
  19. How to Help a Hungry Werewolf (2024)

Charlotte Stein has a lot of amazing standalones you can quickly dive into. Among these, Addicted, Control, Telling Tales and Run to You stand out as favorites, each with the unique blend of heat and heart that Charlotte Stein is renowned for. They are must-reads for fans of steamy and emotionally charged romance. If you’ve enjoyed the works of Tessa Bailey, be sure to dive into Charlotte Stein’s latest contemporary standalone, When Grumpy Met Sunshine, a delightful story that will captivate your heart and leave you wanting more.

Our reviews of standalone books by Charlotte Stein

“Charlotte Stein is like a master seducer. She writes with the intent to tease, to arouse, to tempt. The sex scenes are long, but never drawn out and readers always feel intensely satisfied in the end.”
~ Under the Covers

There’s always reason to rejoice when Charlotte Stein releases a new book. In ADDICTED, a shy and awkward librarian named Kit Conner harbors some wicked fantasies that she likes to explore in the novel she is writing. But when her friend points out her writing lacks believability, Kit attends an Sexual Healing group to further expand her knowledge. There she meets the sex-loving, hot as hell  Dillon Holt. As with all of Stein’s writing, things heat up quickly, but there is so much more to this book than just the stellar sex!

ADDICTED opens up with a sexually charged scene from Kit’s book. It’s a glimpse into Kit’s mind and gives readers a taste of the naughtiness that will soon come. I particularly loved the last sentence where it sets up the perfect opportunity to meet Kit.

It’s not surprise that Dillon is a bad boy. The big arms, the tattoos and his charm all come in a welcoming package that Kit cannot resist. Her awkwardness is both hilarious and endearing and Stein does a fantastic job of really getting into her heroine’s head and writing a POV that is fun and charming. Reading about Kit seemed almost effortless on my part.

Another great thing about this book is the humor. I’ve read a ton of erotic romances before but Stein doesn’t simply explore the sex in her books. She also spends a considerable amount of time building a relationship from the ground up. The romance is always strong and I think the humor in the books play a huge part in creating that bond.  Dillon and Kit both have quotes that had my laughing out loud:

“Hey, calm down, OK? My penis isn’t going to suddenly lunge at your face.”

“It feels like you dropped your nightstick down your pants.”

“Oh, so that’s where that went.”

“I’m not kidding. Is this all you? Because if so, I think I may need to rethink a few things. I may need to rethink the shape and depth of my vagina.”

It makes sense that humor would be a major part of a romance and I love the way Stein is able to integrate this into her writing time and time again.

Now for the serious bit – the sex. Charlotte Stein is like a master seducer. She writes with the intent to tease, to arouse, to tempt. The sex scenes are long, but never drawn out and readers always feel intensely satisfied in the end. If you’re looking for a filthy read with a well-rounded story, do yourself a favor and pick up any Charlotte Stein book. Simply put, Stein is the Queen of Smut.

This book is like a pair of panties; it can be sexy one minute and then downright filthy in the next. ~ Under the Covers

I have one word to describe this book: unf!

I thought I’ve read my fair of filthy books. I was wrong until I picked up CONTROL. This book goes beyond dirty. It’s just plain filthy. I don’t think soaking it in bleach could make this clean.

Stein takes a bookstore owner that loves sex and pairs him with a VERY beta hero who stumbles and fumbles over just saying the word “tits”. Part of what I love about this book is the writing. Stein’s voice is so different than what’s already out there. There’s this quirky humor she likes to lace in her books. Paired with the unabashed heroine, you have a book that goes beyond sexy.

The opening scene has Madison having sex with a potential hire. Andy is quite a dominant, dirty-talking sex animal. Their first sex scene is off the charts hot and Gabe, the beta hero  just happens to witness it. Gabe ends up getting the job, but that doesn’t push Andy out of the picture entirely. Madison enjoys provoking Gabe, pushing his buttons and making him uncomfortable in her bookstore. It’s a little evil, but so fun to read. Sexual tension like you’ve never seen before scorches these pages until not even the reserved Gabe can stop himself.

Madison is the main reason why I loved this book. She is the opposite of a repressed sexual bookworm. She does and says things that we are all probably fantasizing about without pause. That unfiltered uninhibited attitude is what makes this book so sexy! It’s also what makes the relationship work between her and Gabe. She kind of reminds me of Nora’s character in Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series. She has the same quick wit and unabashed sexuality. Maddie also has a little bit of domme in her.

I haven’t read too many beta heroes that I loved and more importantly, made a lasting impression on me. Gabe is one of the very few that I adored! He is just so adorably shy and dirty at the same time! Part of the thrill of this book I think is coaxing him out of his shell and giving in to his desires. That scene with the vibrator? Omg, I think I may have died when she said she could taste him on it!

Andy is another character that I ended up loving. He’s kind of like the sprinkle on top, or the chocolate syrup to that sundae; he’s offers that finishing touch. When he is brought back into the picture, I don’t think I could describe just how excited I was. The dynamic between Gabe and Andy is amazing and when you have Maddie sandwiched in between, it makes me hungry.

Charlotte Stein has been called the Queen of Filth many times before. That’s because there is truth behind it. This book is concrete evidence of why. I may need to purchase this book in paperback to display on my bookshelves because I don’t think there is another book that will top just how dirty this one is. This will be the book I will give to people who are looking for something just raw and beyond obscene.

This book is like a pair of panties; it can be sexy one minute and then downright filthy in the next.

Here’s a little taste of what you’re missing (and this isn’t even the hottest quote in the book!):

God, you want it so bad,’ he says in a voice as roughened as my own, and the juicy sounds my pussy is making don’t deny it.

Charlotte Stein has blown me away again, in 100 pages she has managed to convey more emotion and sexual chemistry than a lot full length books. ~ Under the Covers

Abbie Gough has been secretly watching her neighbour, who she refers to as The Serial Killer, something about his buttoned up appearance and cold eyes intrigues her. Especially when she watches his pleasure himself in front of his window. As Abbie and her neighbour start a strange relationship they both must face their tortured and violent pasts.

Charlotte Stein has blown me away again, in 100 pages she has managed to convey more emotion and sexual chemistry than a lot full length books. Both Abbie and Ivan aka The Serial Killer, were complicated characters who I felt a connection with as I watched their unconventional relationship unfold.

Although for a good portion of the book Ivan and Abbie don’t touch as they explore their voyeuristic sides this didn’t stop this book from being smoking hot. But, it wasn’t just the kinky shenanigans that kept me reading this slightly dark erotica, it was characters. Peeling back the layers of their past and their traumas to see what has made them such isolated and dysfunctional individuals was just as interesting as the erotic aspects of the book.

This was a great novella, I am definitely becoming a massive fan of Charlotte Stein and can’t wait to get my hands on another one of her books.

I find that Stein has a particular talent with words. She is able to take an ordinary hero and heroine and create magic through their dialogue. It’s always flirty, fun and what’s even better is the fact that the heroine’s aren’t pansies through it all. ~ Under the Covers

Stein came out with a new book and you know I’ll be all over that once it released. I was looking forward to this book since Stein has a very unique voice, so I wanted to see what she would conjure out of the hat this time. Stein takes a relatively overuse trope of a wealthy businessman and a vulnerable, but also strong heroine and makes it her own.

Right from the beginning, I wondered where Stein would take this storyline. Alissa Layton is just a normal girl who doesn’t seem to know how to get out of a routine. When she meets Janos Kovacs, a rich and sexy Hungarian business man, this starts a series of conversations that are just as sexy as the sex scenes. I find that Stein has a particular talent with words. She is able to take an ordinary hero and heroine and create magic through their dialogue. It’s always flirty, fun and what’s even better is the fact that the heroine’s aren’t pansies through it all. They actively take part in the conversation, teasing just as much as the hero does. I like that in a book. I like that a lot.

While I do think the latter half of the book is better than the first half, Stein spends a lot of time inside of Alissa’s head, going over her thoughts, her feelings, her observations of Janos through her eyes. One thing I know I will love about a Stein book are the heroines. Alissa is far from perfect. She doesn’t see herself as the gem that Janos sees, but through the sex and through their conversations with one another, he SHOWS her. Sometimes, it can come across subtly, but it’s there.

On the flipside, Janos is a man who is ready to give Alissa his cock, but not offer any other intimacy than that. Soon, it almost becomes a game. Who will break first? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Of course, no Charlotte Stein book would be complete without the mention of dirty talk and the sex scenes. The sex felt different in this book. It’s all from Alissa’s POV and she likes to predict what Janos will do next, or what he will say next. I like how she tries to figure him out like a puzzle, but I also don’t think we got much of a background check on Janos very much.

If I were being picky and had to find something that I wanted more of from this book, it would be that we didn’t see who Alissa and Janos were before they met. I found myself wondering a little about that after I finished reading.

I read this book in one sitting and found that it flew by with lightning speed. If you’re looking for another wealthy businessman erotica, Stein has you covered – but she just does it better!

TELLING TALES has become one of my favorites of Charlotte Stein. This book should come with a warning, but there are no words adequate enough to describe the level of hotness that this book has. You’ll have to experience it yourself! ~ Under the Covers

When in a reading slump, there are a few select authors I keep going back to again and again to cleanse my palette and rejuvenate my reading experience. Charlotte Stein is one of those very few authors who always get my back into my reading groove. After starting five different books and not being able to reach the 15% on any of them, I knew what the problem was.

I needed something filthy.

As some of you may know, Charlotte Stein is the Queen of Filth. That lady knows just how to fall into complete shameless debauchery and I discovered that with TELLING TALES, Stein is just not ashamed of getting dirty.

The premise of this story is interesting. A group of four friends since college reunite when their professor leaves a mansion for them in his will. For Allie, it’s a chance to see Wade again, her long-time friend and crush. Also coming along is Kitty. I found that she was aptly named because she is quite the sex kitten. And then there is Cameron, the shy, but curious best friend who turned out to be my favourite of the bunch!

When I first started reading this book, I immediately thought of Mary Shelley, Byron and Keats. It has the feel to it, but of course this is a far more erotic version of that experience. The storytelling is a large part of this book and I found that I absolutely LOVED this aspect of the book. Stein was really able to dig deep into her character’s psyche with those written stories, giving readers a chance to anticipate what will be happening next. Of course when Stein actually mentioned that it was mirroring the Shelley/Byron/Keats angle, it made me smile in delight.

Readers can expect a myriad of sexual experiences in this book. Everything from anal, to voyeurism to toys and to M/M, this book covers a whole lot in a short amount of time. I found myself totally engrossed in this storyline, flipping the pages until the very end. While the ending does wrap up very quickly, there is a sense of satisfaction about Allie’s choice when she does decide, even if you don’t actually read it.

TELLING TALES has become one of my favorites of Charlotte Stein. This book should come with a warning, but there are no words adequate enough to describe the level of hotness that this book has. You’ll have to experience it yourself!

“I think that both authors work seamlessly enough that it flows very well.”
~ Under the Covers

WAY DOWN DEEP is a collaboration novel between Cara McKenna and Charlotte Stein. These two authors are among my favorite Erotic Romance authors so I was really looking forward to this book. The premise of this book is very interesting. It’s written in an epistolary fashion, but instead of letters, it’s through texts/emails. The heroine accidentally sends a message to a stranger but instead of turning her away, the hero actually continues to chat with her. There’s a nice emotional aspect to this novel since the heroine is suffering from depression. I feel like this was a good way of creating that connection immediately between the two main characters. After all, how could someone turn another away after receiving a warning like that?

I think the blurb of this book will intrigue a lot of readers but I feel like I should warn readers that this book is quite slow. Because we don’t have any set up in the beginning that tells us who these characters are, you really have to rely on your patience to read through it all to get to know them. There are some scenes that I felt would normally get cut out if it was written in a more traditional way with third person POV and descriptions. For example, they share their favorite songs and movies, etc. While I can see how this helps with characterization, these aren’t details that I think should be presented so early on.

There were a lot of slow parts in this book as the two characters got to know each other. The book is basically a series of monologues about their inner thoughts and feelings. This is great for emotions. I thought some messages almost sounded like poems; the writing is so beautiful. But at the same time, it does take some of the realistic aspect out of it because I don’t know how believable all this really is.

For me, it was really easy to distinguish who wrote what but that’s because I’ve been reading both authors for a very long time and I feel like I know their voices very well now. But I think that both authors work seamlessly enough that it flows very well.

So, really, I think this will honestly be a hit or miss for readers. The writing is beautiful and it has a lot of emotion, but do make sure you have a lot of patience before picking this book up.

When one of your favorite authors has a new book coming out, you immediately add it to your TBR. Even if that book doesn’t seem to be quite like her others. I may be a bit of a judge a book by the cover kind of person, so before diving into When Grumpy Met Sunshine I adjusted my expectations from erotic romance to steamy contemporary romance. And that was just the thing to do! If you’ve been reading Charlotte Stein for years, I definitely suggest you do that before diving in. Picking up a book in the right mood with the right expectation is always key.

I’m a sucker for soccer romances! The hero of this story is a retired soccer star, extremely grumpy, and in need of a ghostwriter to write his memoir. Enter our sassy heroine. She can do this job with her eyes closed and hopefully get her writing career in the right direction. But as they have to spend time together and are caught by the paparazzi, the best way to throw them off the scent of the upcoming book is to fake a relationship.

This book is contemporary romance tropey heaven! Sports romance, opposites attract, grumpy/sunshine, fake dating and I could go on. As you can expect from a Charlotte Stein book, not only does it deliver the steam but also delves deep into some more serious topics like fat phobia. I love that the heroine is still extremely confident and strong. And as far as grumpy heroes go, you’ll fall quickly for Alfie.

If you are a fan of Tessa Bailey and Talia Hibbert, you’ll want to pick this one up.

More than Menage Series

  1. All Other Things (2011)
  2. Doubled (2012)

The More Than Menage series by Charlotte Stein explores dynamics of desire, friendship, and temptation. In the first book, Bea finds herself in a situation when her husband and a captivating colleague secretly discuss their shared fantasies involving her. The second installment introduces Bobbi, who shares a close friendship with the irresistible Hoffman twins. When they propose a game that pushes boundaries, Bobbi faces a dilemma: to embrace the allure of a ménage or stay true to her comfort zone.

Under the Skin Series

  1. Intrusion (2014)
  2. Forbidden (2015)
  3. Taken (2015)

The Under the Skin series by Charlotte Stein plunges readers into a world unconventional romance. In a blend of psychological depth and intense chemistry, each book in the series introduces protagonists who carry scars of their own and find solace, passion, and redemption in the most unexpected places. As secrets unravel and boundaries blur, Stein’s storytelling explores the complex interplay between pleasure and pain, light and darkness, and forbidden love.

Our reviews of the Under the Skin series by Charlotte Stein

“INTRUSION is a little dark and a whole lot of sexy. You can always count of Stein to write something different, but alluring.” ~ Under the Covers

One thing I came away with after reading this story is that NO ONE writing likes Charlotte Stein. She just has his unique quality to her writing that gets down deep into her character’s mind and recites details you don’t think are necessary, but become essential to how you feel this book. INTRUSION is the first in the Under the Skin series.

Everything starts out slow in the romance between Noah and Beth. There’s this mysteriousness she adds that makes the reader wonder what kind of hero we are dealing with. Is he a bad boy? A stalker? A psycho? Or just a really shy guy? Noah Gideon Grant definitely comes off as strange at first, but Beth coaxes him out of his seclusion and somehow a romance blooms between them. It’s a strange and wondrous thing to witness as Stein unfolds layers and layers of her characters to the reader. You feel like you’re peeking in and Stein’s first person narration adds to that feeling.

INTRUSION is a little dark and a whole lot of sexy. You can always count of Stein to write something different, but alluring. I’m definitely excited to read the others in this sizzling hot series.

“I have total faith that Stein will once again write a story that is erotically charged and sensual in a very unique way. And she did.” ~ Under the Covers

FORBIDDEN took me by surprise. Charlotte Stein is an autobuy author for me so I didn’t really go reading the blurb before starting this book. I have total faith that Stein will once again write a story that is erotically charged and sensual in a very unique way. And she did. However, I don’t think I quite expected this.

The story starts off quite dark with Dot being chained up and abused by her crazed mother. Her beliefs have totally taken over her life and she believes that Dorothy is possessed by the devil. It isn’t until her savior arrives that Dot sees a new light and gets a chance at finally living away.

Dot recovers quite quickly and with the help of this priest in training named Killian, she becomes acquainted with the outside world again. Her time in captivity hasn’t made her an idiot. She still had morals and a great understanding of the world. Killian and her are a great match together, but what stays in their way is this potent lust they feel for one another. As someone working to being a man of God, Killian must resist those temptations, but it is hard to do when Dot’s curiosity continues to tempt him.

Overall, this book was enjoyable but the conflict towards the end and the abrupt resolution did feel quite rushed. Yet it’s hard to dislike it when Stein spends so much time building the romance expertly.

“Since the book is just under a 100 pages, it’s one that I think will be good as a refresher. It’s different, silly but still very sexy. Stein writes some intriguing heroes that are worth reading about and TAKEN works well as a standalone too.” ~ Under the Covers

Charlotte Stein has such a unique voice. In the Under the Skin series alone, she takes on darker tones effortlessly but she also does the angst quite well too. In TAKEN, she takes on another route and makes this one a little silly and awkward.

The heroine, Rosie and her friend have been annoying the crap out of this rare-book store owner, even going as far as vandalizing his store when Johann catches Rosie and drags her to the basement and chains her to his bed. It sounds a little bit silly but to be honest, Stein makes it that way. She refers to the hero as a werewolf which is hilarious because he is big and hairy and more than a little awkward. When he panics and realizes what he has done to Rosie, he tries to uncuff her and this starts a little tirade between the two. They speak about totally random things, things that normally make me roll my eyes and ask what is the point of all this, but Stein somehow makes it all work and the awakwardness between the two soon turns into something a whole lot like sexual tension. It’s brilliant actually what Stein is able to do here. I don’t think anyone else could have pulled it off as effortlessly as Stein can.

Since the book is just under a 100 pages, it’s one that I think will be good as a refresher. It’s different, silly but still very sexy. Stein writes some intriguing heroes that are worth reading about and TAKEN works well as a standalone too.

Away We Go Series

  1. Curveball (2015)
  2. Restraint (2015)

The Away We Go series by Charlotte Stein is all about unexpected desire and heated encounters that ignite amidst idyllic settings. Each installment takes readers on an adventure where relationships are tested, and sparks fly in the most unexpected places. Whether it’s the teasing banter on a cruise or the clash of personalities during a vacation with friends, Stein’s characters find themselves drawn together by an irresistible attraction. Inhibitions are shed and boundaries are pushed. With her signature blend of humor, heat, and heart, Stein delivers an unforgettable series that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Our reviews of the Away We Go series by Charlotte Stein

…this was a hilarious and sexy short story... ~ Under the Covers

Judy knew coming on a boating holiday with her brother and his wife was a mistake as soon as Steven, her brother’s best friend, stepped on board. He has always teased her, killing the secret love she had for him since she was teenager. But something has changed, was Steven actually flirting with her? This was my second read by Charlotte Stein, my first being Sheltered and I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this book just as much. 

Curve Ball immediately drew me in with the POV of Judy, she was my kind of heroine, curvy and teensy bit insecure about it and reading through her crazy-paranoid, yet hilarious POV made me laugh and yet I could also identify with her. The romance itself was kind of sweet as Steven tries to flirt with the clueless Judy, but the sexy times between them were pretty damn hot. It was a shame we didn’t see anything from Steven’s POV as although we got to know Judy very well I didn’t feel we got to know Steven at all, apart from the very skewed perspective of Judy. But this was a hilarious and sexy short story and I am now definitely a fan of Charlotte Stein.

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Beginners Guide to Reading Charlotte Stein

Dark Obsession Series

  1. Never Loved (2015)
  2. Never Sweeter (2016)
  3. Never Better (2017)

The Dark Obsession series by Charlotte Stein is a new adult romance where readers can expect a compelling mix of emotional depth, intense passion, and characters grappling with their pasts. Set against the backdrop of college life, each book offers a unique exploration of desire and redemption, featuring complex individuals who find solace and love in unexpected places.

Our reviews of the Dark Obsession series by Charlotte Stein

“Gorgeous tattooed man + painfully awkward girl = Suzanne’s dream book.” ~ Under the Covers

Beatrix Becker finally has freedom from her abusive and controlling father and has used her freedom to go to college. However, fitting in isn’t easy; dating, friends, parties and even conversation feel like she is navigating a deadly sea without a compass or a map. When she meets Serge, she know she shouldn’t be fascinated by him, big, rough and steeped in violence, he terrifies her as much as he thrills her. But as their connection grows Serge surprises her with glimpses under his armour and with the hope that maybe two misfits could fit perfectly together.

This isn’t my first Charlotte Stein book, but so far it has to be my favourite. Gorgeous tattooed man + painfully awkward girl = Suzanne’s dream book. From the first page Never Loved sucked me in, I was thoroughly absorbed and finished the book wanting to read more.

What I really enjoy about Stein’s books are that she really brings you into the moment, you are living whatever the heroine is thinking right alongside her, generating an almost instant connection with the character. Never Loved was no different, I really liked Beatrix, as traumatised, awkward and socially inept as she is, she was also funny, brave and had a smutty  mind, which is something I can appreciate!

Then there is Serge. Tattooed, rough, a complete bad ass, and although he is that typical stereotype of bad boy with a soft heart…there is a reason that that stereotype has endured, he is utterly enticing. And I like that right from the start he never tried to be all badass bravado towards Beatrix, but instead showed who he really was…a gooey marshmallow with the added bonus of tattoos and hard muscles.

“The only thing stopping me from laying my hands on you right now is the thought of how bad I would be for you. And it is bad, because honey, if there was anything else between us, I would tear it down with my bare fucking hands. A pit full of demons could open up and I would jump in it to get to you. if there were walls of fire I would burn to be by your side.”

I have to mention the heat this book generates, Beatrix is a virgin and Serge relatively inexperienced, but it is almost this lack of experience that make the sex scenes all the more explosive. Beatrix’s willingness to explore and honest reactions to Serge are HOT. Beneath her prim exterior lies the heart of a vixen.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time drooling and wish I could take Beatrix’s place.

This was a fantastic read, at times sexy, sweet and funny, with a real emotional overtone as Beatrix struggles to fit in and be free after years of being trapped and abused. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

“…it’s fantastic, emotional and erotic, with some bursts of witty humour…”
~ Under the Covers

When Letty Carmichael glimpses her high school tormentor, the bully that made her life hell for years culminating in a long hospital stay when he and his friends drive her off a cliff, she thinks she must be having a nightmare. Only she isn’t, Tate Sullivan is on campus and in her classes, but this time he’s…different. Letty expects him to start torturing her immediately, only he doesn’t he seems to want to be friends  and when they are assigned to do a project together on sex in the cinema, things start to heat up.

I can’t believe I am actually singing the praises of a New Adult book, yet here I am shouting to the rooftops about Never Sweeter, a book that I read cover to cover in one sitting, I wasn’t able to tear my eyes away, I hope Stein is proud of herself! If not, she should be. I love this book, almost as much as I loved the first book in the series Never Loved. 

I’m lucky enough not to have been bullied, at least not the extent that Letty was tortured, so I can’t really decide if this book is a victim of bullying’s worse nightmare or dream come true. Stein, certainly did a great job of showing Letty’s trust issues due to her bullying, she trusted no one, male or female, didn’t believe anyone would really want to be her friend and she was always tense and waiting for someone reveal the trick they were playing on her. As her relationship with Tate progresses, she builds up more confidence, but it was heart rending to her permanently on survival mode. 

It was hard to reconcile the cruel bully that Tate had been in high school to the cute, almost goofy guy he was in this book, that’s perhaps why I was able to forgive him for such horrible past misdeeds so early. His clear regret and his deep shame for his actions also helped, as well as the gentle way he treats her. And then there was how damn sexy he was. How sexy Letty and Tate were together, no one quite writes sex like Stein does, this was a very erotic New Adult book. Tate was a dirty talker and maaaaaan that was hot, in fact everything they did together was knicker melting, but also with such an emotional intensity that I couldn’t help but get caught up.

I begrudgingly love this book and this series, despite being New Adult, it’s fantastic, emotional and erotic, with some bursts of witty humour from the banter between Letty and Tate. I can’t wait to read more of this series and see what Stein comes up with next.

Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein Quote

Cold Hearts Series

  1. Sweet Agony (2015)
  2. The Professor (2015)

The Cold Hearts series by Charlotte Stein delves into the allure of forbidden passion hidden beneath icy exteriors. In the first book, Molly finds herself entangled with Cyrian Harcroft, her new, eccentric employer. As she navigates his peculiar rules and his aversion to physical contact, their intense conversations ignite a desire that transcends boundaries. The second installment introduces Esther, an average student who accidentally exposes her most intimate fantasies to her formidable teacher, Professor Halstrom. Their forbidden desires become a magnetic force, blurring the line between teacher and student.

Deeper than Desire Series

  1. Beyond Repair (2016)
  2. Sheltered (2016)

The Deeper than Desire series by Charlotte Stein is a passionate exploration of love and desire, where characters from diverse backgrounds are irresistibly drawn together. In each book, the characters grapple with their inner demons and secrets, creating palpable tension and a sense of raw desire that runs deep. This series challenges societal norms, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable, while leaving a lasting impression.

Our reviews of the Deeper than Desire series by Charlotte Stein

Sensual and erotic, Stein knows just when to turn on the heat. ~ Under the Covers

Thank you for the many friends who suggested I try a Charlotte Stein book! I never knew what I was missing out on!  And now, I definitely want to pass on their recommendations because Stein has a very compelling voice that I think fans of Cara Mckenna will enjoy!

SHELTERED is an emotional book where a young woman’s abusive father has really hindered the growth of a character. Evie has been sheltered her entire life by her controlling father and because of that, Evie is often too timid or wary of others. SHELTERED is written from Evie’s POV so the writing is somewhat fumbling and unsure, while in other areas, Evie’s curiosity shines through. I think the rambling commentary was intentional and essential in making this story as potent as it was. Otherwise, I don’t think her father’s influence would have been adequately displayed since we don’t actually see any of the abusive behaviour. We are just told of it. The writing definitely held a lot of impact.

In this book, Van, the pot-smoking, tattooed punk is Evie’s object of desire. Forbidden to act of their shared passion, this story slowly simmers until it reaches its boiling point. The love scenes definitely need a mention because I think that might be my favorite part of the book. Sensual and erotic, Stein knows just when to turn on the heat. I wouldn’t say the sex is blistering in explicit intensity, but more fluid and sensual, which is why I believe fans of Cara McKenna will also enjoy Stein’s writing.

If you’re looking for a new erotic author to check out, I highly recommend Charlotte Stein. As for me, I’ll be snooping around Stein’s backlist for more enticing titles to read!

Books by Charlotte Stein Releasing in 2024

Our most anticipated books by Charlotte Stein releasing in 2024

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

When Grumpy Met Sunshine

by Charlotte Stein
February 6, 2024

A steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter.

When grumpy ex-footballer Alfie Harding gets badgered into selling his memoirs, he knows he’s never going to be able to write them. He hates revealing a single thing about himself, is allergic to most emotions, and can’t imagine doing a good job of putting pen to paper.

And so in walks curvy, cheery, cute as heck ghostwriter Mabel Willicker, who knows just how to sunshine and sass her way into getting every little detail out of Alfie. They banter and bicker their way to writing his life story, both of them sure they’ll never be anything other than at odds.

But after their business arrangement is mistaken for a budding romance, the pair have to pretend to be an item for a public who’s ravenous for more of this Cinderella story. Or at least, it feels like it’s pretend—until each slow burn step in their fake relationship sparks a heat neither can control. Now they just have to decide: is this sizzling chemistry just for show? Or something so real it might just give them their fairytale ending?

How to Help a Hungry Werewolf by Charlotte Stein

How to Help a Hungry Werewolf

by Charlotte Stein
October 1, 2024

A book about a witch and a werewolf, and their little pal Pod the talking raccoon, and the start of a paranormal romance series.

Excerpts + Interviews with Charlotte Stein

Welcome to UTC, Charlotte! We are thrilled to get to chance to speak to you today! So we all know that you write some of the best erotic romances out there, but if you had to describe your own books in a few words, what would they be?

Oh I’m terrible at stuff like this! Everyone else always says things like “brilliant, masterful, sexy”, while I have the urge to say “mad, weird, filthy”. But I realise I’m never going to win over any readers that way, so I’ll go with “brillmaweisexfilth”.

LOL! You have a brand new book releasing this month called, Run To You. Could you please tell us more about this series?

Okay – it’s about a sexy Hungarian businessman who has reduced his relationships down to anonymous liaisons, thanks to an exclusive club that caters to wealthy people and their kinky needs. But then the heroine turns up to one of these meetings – just to see what her best friend was getting up to – and when she hides, her hiding intrigues him. He decides to shake her out of her safe little world…but soon learns that she might be the one doing the shaking…

It’s basically my take on the whole sexy rich guy trope, with a twist. I don’t think I could ever write anything without a twist!

Is there a scene in this book that you adore most and would never want to cut?

I think the scene where he finally opens up to her. I love that moment when the hero drops his guard for the first time, and lets the heroine in. It’s always my favourite thing to write, and this one was agonising because Janos is so shutdown and closed off. I really enjoyed making him slowly want more.

What would you say is the key to writing a good erotic romance? Any tips for aspiring writers?

For me, the key to writing good erotic romance is making sure the sex scenes are just as integral to the romance and the plot as everything else. They’re not just there to be filler in between the important parts. They are the important parts. They should advance the plot and reveal character, and if they don’t there’s no point to them.

You also have THE PROFESSOR, a book about a woman and her aloof professor. Any more details you can give on this book? An estimated release date?

Man, I love this book so much. I absolutely adore writing contemporaries that have actual stakes and real boundaries to negotiate, but I don’t think I realised how much until I started writing professor/student. It’s set in an old English university, and the Professor in question is very rigid, very stuffy, and very cold. He completely isn’t prepared for the feelings the heroine provokes in him, and their burgeoning relationship is tense and fraught and filled with weird encounters where he sets all the rules – like only being able to touch her with something other than his body or his hands.

I’d love to get the chance to write it, but I haven’t even submitted it yet! So release date is very much dependent on what my editor thinks.

I am also thrilled to hear that you will be writing some New Adult books! I think you have a fantastic voice for it. Why did you decide to venture into this avenue and what can we expect from these future books?

I ventured into it quite by accident – I just wrote a book called Sheltered because the premise really resonated with me, and it was a minor success. And then it turned out Sheltered was New Adult, and people actually really love New Adult, and for once I found myself writing and loving a genre that other people do too!

Usually I’m the one writing femdom when everyone else is writing alpha males, so this was a huge source of delight to me. I’ve got lots of things planned – a book about a street fighter who ends up protecting the heroine from her brother’s drug dealer friends, and another about a thief who has to hide his brutal past to be with the girl he falls in love with. They’re quite edgy and dark, as Sheltered was, because basically that’s what I love to write. And I think that era in a woman’s life…it really gives the opportunity to explore some epic highs and lows.

If we were unforgivably rude and pulled at random five things from your hand bag, what would we find? 

LOL oh you so wouldn’t want to do that. God knows what you’d have on your hand when you pulled it back out! But I’ll pretend there’s no random goo, and say: receipts from three years ago, a battered notepad, seven pens that don’t work, a mass of melted together sweets that have formed their own small society and a pair of ear buds that don’t work anymore.

Basically my bag is a makeshift bin.

What are some must haves that you require on your desk when you write?

I don’t have a desk! I have a bed, which I lie on until my posture is wrecked and my neck is a mess, and while doing so I require: jellybeans, seven thousand pens, my laptop, my ipod, and the DVD remote control.

What is the last book you’ve read and would you recommend it?

The last book I read was Cara McKenna’s latest manuscript, and it was AMAZAMING. It’s going to slay everything when it’s released.

Gah! I love Cara McKenna so this gets me super excited now!

Thanks for having me!

Originally posted on Under the Covers Book Blog July 13, 2013

“What are you doing?” I hiss, because seriously this was not what we discussed. She just said she was going to come in here and do a bit of mischief, not burn the goddamn place down. I thought she meant creasing the corner on page seven of War and Peace, and to be honest even that was too far for me. The books in here are absolutely gorgeous. The owner might be a maniac. It all seemed like the very worst thing in the world.

And then she starts in on actual arson.

Oh god, she plans to commit arson.

“I told you: teaching him a lesson,” she says, and I can see it in her hand.

A can of lighter fluid, that she’s getting ready to spray.

“This is not a lesson Marnie. This is suicide.”

“No way you think that pompous jackass is going to do anything? He’s not going to do anything, and besides we can be out the door before he even knows.”

“The door is past where he is right now.”

“Yeah but I bet he’s super slow.”

“I don’t think he’s slow Marnie,” I say, but even I have no real idea how right I am about that. I picture him lumbering after us as we dash down the street. I think of him sort of catching me as I round the shoe place on the corner. I do not expect him to be so quick that he comes up on us before we even know he has moved. That is not just fast. That is pretty much super human and insanely stealthy. For a second I think something mad like did he take off his shoes to do it?

And then all my thoughts are cut off at the knees.

They have to be, because oh my god he just grabbed me. I swear to god he grabs me. His enormous arms go right around my middle, and not in a simple and straightforward restraining sort of way. He actually lifts me clean off the ground. I see both of my feet kick up in an arc, those cute purple Converse suddenly so small and silly seeming. I should have chosen something more adult, I know, and now I am going to be murdered while wearing them. “

Copyright Charlotte Stein, Taken | Originally posted on Under the Covers Book Blog April 24, 2015

I think about Wade. I think about the hotter stories I wrote in his honor but never actually read aloud to any of the Candy Club, about the great and terrible land of Hamin–Ra, where the Queen rules over her harem of sweat–glossed men and my imagination gallops and thunders and tells me the most wicked things.

In the story, there’s always a line of men. A huge long line of them, one after the other, and none of them can look at the Queen but all of them feel the urge to. All of them are naked and some of them squirm, pricks stiff and backs too straight, trembling with the effort of being so perfectly obedient.

But none of them want her really, she knows. They want the idea of her, they want her crown. They want to stand at her side and rule Hamin–Ra, and so she teases each one with a finger on their cocks or a raised eyebrow, and passes them by.
Until she gets to the One. He doesn’t have to pretend, or feign desire. He stands there so seemingly insensible of her presence, with something smoldering and burning beneath eyes so quiet and still. And when she runs her hand over the heavy length of his slumbering cock, he seems to despise the thrill of desire that charges through his body.

Though I’ve no idea why. I’ve no idea why this one story turns me on so much, either, or what’s so compelling about his resistance. It hurts, that Wade so indifferently rejected me. Why do I give this one man Wade’s face and have him turn away from my Queen, even in so silly a fantasy?

But I do and he does and my clit thrums beneath the busy slide of my finger, all of me eager to hear the rest, the best parts, the scenarios I’ve replayed over and over in my head. Like the ones where the Queen tests him by tying him to a bedpost, then makes him watch as some other man licks and licks at her creaming sex.

Or maybe one of them—-some big burly guard with grasping hands and a stone–like face—-fucks her and fucks her in ways my resisting hero knows are wrong. He knows she’ll never come on her back like that, with her legs in the air and the guard’s little prick shoving in and out of her cunt.

How he longs to please her, my best hero. How he wants to fight the ropes around his hands and get at her with his stiff, swollen cock. He’s in agony—-I know he’s in agony—-but worse than that, I truly understand the fantasy for the first time ever. My cheeks burn with shame and I fuck two fingers inside myself, knowing that I’m this ridiculous creature who wants someone to want me that badly, and oh there’s nothing I can do about it.

I try to slow everything down, to just feather those strokes over my bursting clit, but it’s like striking a match. It’s like rubbing my face against the coarse grain of someone’s stubble, even though I can barely recall what that feels like. In my head the hero doesn’t care about my shame or what the subtext of this fantasy is. He just tears his way out of the bonds that restrained him suddenly, full of all the fury and lust I’ve never seen on a man’s face in real life.

And then he does all of the disgusting, perverted, insane things I’ve always secretly wanted. He fucks her face with his steely cock, hand too tight in her hair and body rippling with that delicious tension. Or maybe I go worse and weirder than that, and have him force her to fuck his face, cunt pushed so tight against his mouth that he can’t breathe or move or do anything but moan.

Oh yeah, yeah. I like that one. I like it when he gets her on her front and fucks her ass, oil running over her thighs and her hands twisted up behind her back. I like it when he makes her suck the guard’s cock as he takes her, or maybe, God, maybe he sucks the guard’s cock as he takes her.

It doesn’t matter. It all amounts to the same thing—-me moaning aloud in an empty apartment, my head full of all the stories I never dared to tell, and then God, God, Wade’s face flashes up behind my eyes and I’m coming, I’m coming, and I’m making so much fucking noise it’s almost enough to drown out the phone.

Copyright Charlotte Stein, Telling Tales | Originally posted on Under the Covers Book Blog March 4, 2014

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