Welcome! Today we are talking to authors Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw who are going to educate us on how to be a brat! They are going to take us on a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek walk through to demonstrate the steps on how to be the perfect badass brat.

How to Be a Badass Brat

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How to be a Perfect Badass Brat

by Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw

Step One: Select your Dom

Any good brat knows a sub or brat has to match her Dom. Since it may be difficult figuring out if your Dom is suitable when you’re upside down on a spanking bench, it’s best to check him out before letting him go that far. Some of the qualities that may be warning signs are as follows.

  • A tendency to look in mirrors for a long time while admiring his sleek leather pants
  • His first words on meeting you are, kneel and kiss my boots little subbie.u0022
  • A collection of BDSM toys that look unused or that have the names of fifteen different subs engraved in the handles.
  • A demand that all submissives in his path call him Master High Whatsit and polish his glass gold cock.
  • When you tell a joke he looks at you sideways like he’s found a rattlesnake under the couch

Step Two: Handy Phrases for Brats

Many of these need to be adapted to suit the circumstances

When your Dom volunteers to make dinner:

“Can I safeword your cooking, Sir?”

When he suggests he needs to ration your spanking because you like it too much, tell him:

“Good girls get spanked, bad girls get punished.”

When he plans a forced orgasm scene:

“I’m mouthy and you’re going to use the vibe on me? Best. Dom. Ever!”

When he asks if you know why you’re in trouble, grumble quietly:

“Because our Dom is grumpy.”

When your Dom is looking especially droolworthy or is showing off his muscles, a good Badass Brat makes sure he knows it. Say out loud:

“We should seriously consider taking away his clothing privileges.”

OR: “The washboard just reminded me I have some laundry to get done”

And of course that memorable time when you’ve all been having way too much fun and he’s lying down, exhausted:

“I think he broke my v****. Can we do it again?”

Step Three: Position of a badass brat

Remember these are only for those special circumstances when your Dom does something that any sane woman would question, or any brat who likes to stir.

Hands on Hips, eyebrow cocked

Generally best used along with Badass Brat phrases as mentioned above.

Or with a plain, “What did you say you wanted me want me to do?” To be said in an exceptionally amazed voice and followed a few years later by, “Sir.”

Tongue Out

A position only to be used either in emergencies, when there is a door handy, and you have your running shoes on, or when you desperately need a spanking that hurts a damn lot.

Oh, and make sure your Dom has zero clothes pins handy. Tongues and clothes pins are not a brat’s best friend.

Step Four: Titles a badass brat can use for their Dom/Domme

  • Oh Domly One
  • Bossy-pants Face
  • Wuss (definitely for Uber Brats only)
  • Dom of the Universe

Best Brat recommendation – never do any of the above when tied up. And especially if your Dom is smirking at you lying there unable to move after an intense scene, never EVER mutter to him:

“What? You think you earned a new patch for your boy-scout uniform?”

The Badass Brats take no responsibility for any punishments sustained as a result of these instructions.

Red asses, clothes-pinned tongues, and sore throats from screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! (or No! No! No!) should be complained about to your Dom 😉

But of course the Dom, or Domme, gets to have the last word, as in The Dom with a Safeword:

“You go through life in a perpetual state of smartassery.”

The Dom with a Safeword

The Dom With A Safeword

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Series: Badass Brats #1

publisher’s blurb

Late at night, on an amateur ghost hunt, Sabrina and her best friend Q are caught trespassing by the gorgeous, blonde Jude. The embers of attraction between them sizzle when they discover Jude’s kinks match their own.

Jude is a Dom on his last summer of freedom before starting the prison sentence that is med school. Q is a bad-ass bi switch who knows what she wants, and for years it’s been her cute, doe-eyed straight friend Sabrina. But the only way into Sabrina’s heart and panties may be with Jude’s fist wrapped in her hair.

Domming the bratty Q and mischievous Sabrina isn’t going to be easy but Jude relishes the challenge. At the end of the summer, will they find a way to stay together when everything is tearing them apart?

The Dom on the Naughty List

The Dom on the Naughty List

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Series: Badass Brats #2

publisher’s blurb

An MFF Bisexual Romance

Who needs Christmas when it brings bad memories? Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good-natured Dom into the festive season even if they have to put him on the naughty list. But being in a ménage a trois isn’t simple.

Family drama, unexpected consequences, and the sexy shenanigans all avalanche in with the snow to make Jude, Sabrina and Q find out exactly how deep their love goes.

The Dom with the Perfect Brats

The Dom with the Perfect Brats

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Series: Badass Brats #3

publisher’s blurb

An MFF Bisexual Romance

Godfrey Cross is a big, tattooed Dom with no tolerance for brats. But when he meets two mouthy girls, he begins to see their charm.

Gemma and Izzy seem more into each other than into him and he wonders if he’s wasting his time. Yet despite the clash between Godfrey’s strict version of BDSM and their rebellious natures, he finds himself growing to love them.

When his need for control tears their relationship apart, they must learn to compromise or they will lose each other. People may not be perfect, but could these two be perfect for him?

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How to Be a Badass Brat

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