ROMANCE REWIND: THE SWEET SERIESMaya Banks dabbles in many subgenres within romance however, if you haven’t read her SWEET series than you are missing out! These hotter than hell books pushes the erotica romance boundaries and make for an interesting and sizzling summer read that we are sure you would enjoy. For a little tease, we are going to show you our favorite panty-melting quotes from each book to entice you further! But be warned, these aren’t for virgin eyes *winks*


“And what is it you want?”
His voice, buttery smooth, glided over her body, removing the awkward vulnerability and leaving vague arousal in its stead.
She licked her lips as he walked around the bed to take her other arm.
“I’m waiting,” he said as he secured her other hand.
“Control,” she said simply. “A man’s dominance.”


“You’ll call me Damon. I see no need for dramatic titles. I, on the other hand will call you beautiful, lover, mine. I’ll call you mine.”


“I’ve tried doing this your way,” he growled. “I’ve tried being patient, understanding, gentle even. I didn’t want to come across as some knuckles-dragging-the-ground Neanderthal because I was afraid you’d run hard in the other direction. Ha! Well, I’m done with that. This time we’re doing it my way.”


“Don’t go easy, Micah. I don’t need you to. Please. I need you to go hard.”
In answer to her plea, he gripped her ass and used his thumbs to part the cheeks. The motion stretched her even tighter around his cock and they both moaned.
“get ready then, baby. I’m going to ride you hard.”
She closed her eyes and began stroking herself again as he rammed into her. Hard, fast, deep.


“I want inside you, Lyric,” he whispered. “I love your mouth, but I want you in my arms, your body wrapped around mine while I dive so deep that we lose ourselves in each other.”


He came to a full stop when he saw her. She shivered at the sudden fire in his eyes. Loved how he reacted, loved that she could incite such a reaction from this tightly controlled man.
“Do you have underwear on?”
She lowered her lashes provocatively and murmured a shy, “Yes.”
She watched him from underneath her ashes, knowing he loved it when she played coy. As much as he revered the strong, confident, woman she was, he was turned on when she decided to play the shy virgin.
“Show me.”

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  1. I’ve been curious about this series for awhile, but those quotes have definitely confirmed that I must read these! Especially that Sweet Temptation one! *fans self*

    Great post!

  2. i’ve been wanting to read these but the kindle editions are nearly $13 and even more expensive than the paperbacks. With the abundance of cheaper good books, it’s hard to make myself buy these. Especially with the speed at which i read. Maybe sometime in the future. But thanks for the teasers, it makes me wish they were more affordable!