june 2024 book releases

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June 2024 Book Releases

It’s that time folks! Time to grab as many books as we can and stuff them in our beach bags ready for summer holiday season. And, why not start stuffing some of these very excellent June 2024 book releases in there!

We have browsed through the June releases and highlighting some of the titles we are most excited about. From fun contemporary romances, perfect for a pool lounger, to murderous thrillers, also perfect for pool loungers, we have got a bit of everything!

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Contemporary Romance June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases

Romancing Miss Stone by M.C. Vaughan

If there’s anything that’s going to tempt me, it’s a retelling of the 1980’s film Romancing the Stone, it’s adventure romantic comedy at it’s best. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend you give it a try. In Romancing Miss Stone we have a gender swap from the film, with the hero being the one who is uptight and out of their element and the heroine being the adventurous and capable jungle guide. It’s a fine summer romp, perfect for these upcoming sunny months.

Romancing Miss Stone releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

Finding Mr. Write by Kelly Armstrong

When I think about Kelley Armstrong, I think urban fantasy, I think atmospheric thrillers….I don’t really think: cute contemporary romance. But, as a big fan of hers I’m here for it! And, can she, in our opinion, also add cute tropey contemporary romance to the list of genres she has conquered? Heck yes. This book is a lot of fun; how can we not love a book with a bear stand off?

Want to see more of our thoughts? Check out our review where we tell you all the reasons to pick this rom com up.

Finding Mr Write releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

Leather & Lark by Brynne Weaver

Is there a trope this trilogy hasn’t implemented? Well…friends to lovers is probably out. This is a dark romantic comedy where two very different people who kind of hate each other agree to marry to achieve their separate goals. And when I say they are opposites I mean the hero is a grumpy contract killer and the heroine is a sunshine indie song writer. And, if that little description doesn’t draw you in…I don’t know what will!

Leather & Lark releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon.

june 2024 book releases

The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center

The moral of this story? Never meet your heroes, but if you do, make sure you do the kissing. It could change things. When excellent rom-com writer Emma Wheeler gets an opportunity to rewrite a rom-com script for her screen writer hero Charlie Yates, she rearranges her life to dive in. Only the script Charlie has written is awful and so is he. To him love is a con and he has no interest in writing about it. So, what’s a girl to do? Welp, lots of excellent kissing of course.

The Rom-Commers releases on 11 June and is available to order on Amazon

A Love Like The Sun by Riss M. Neilson

Admittedly I looked into this book because I absolutely adore the cover, it invoked thoughts of the painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This book takes place over three summers between the homebody heroine Laniah and her internet famous childhood best friend Issac. Laniah’s business is in trouble, and she refuses any finiaical help from Isaac. His solution? Pretend to the world they’re dating. It works, her business is booming. But the line between being friends and more then friends starts to blur. This is Neilson’s first adult novel and it sounds beautiful. If you, like me, are a sucker for a friends to lover romance book, this could be the one to pick up this summer!

A Love Like The Sun releases on 21 June and is available to order on Amazon

The Art of Catching Feelings by Alicia Thompson

I’ve been reading romance books for over a decade and feel like I have read every meet cute there could possibly be. Oh, how wrong I was! Welcome to the first ever (probably) Heckler and Hecklee romance. When recent divorcee Daphne heckles baseball player Chris, the last thing she expects is for him to actually cry. So, she does what every good parent says we should: she reaches out on social media and apologies. Only, she forgets to tell him she’s the heckler. As their relationship deepens, Daphne starts to feel the weight of her lie of omission… will the truth break this budding relationship?

The Art of Catching Feelings releases on 18 June and is available to order on Amazon

Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases romantasy

Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs

If you haven’t read the Mercy Thompson series Winter Lost is not the place to start as it’s book 14 in the series. But that just means you’ve got the absolute pleasure of reading this series for the first time. It’s romantic urban fantasy at it’s absolute peak. You have a heroine who is smart, compassionate and always in the middle of some kind of trouble. You have a world full of interesting complex characters and politics. And the romance, oh my, the romance! So, if you haven’t started the Mercy Thompson pick up Moon Called and give it a try. If you have read this series, then I know you’re already a fan.

If you’re curious about our thoughts on Winter Lost check out our review!

Winter Lost releases on 18 June and is available to order on Amazon

Running Close to the Wind by Alexandra Rowland

The fantasy genre is full of series, it’s rare that you can a standalone story. So, it’s always exciting when one pops up. How can they cram a whole new world, a good story and some interesting characters within the confines of one book? Welp, let’s find out with Running Close to the Wind a queer pirate adventure!

Running Close to the Wind releases on 11 June and is available to order on Amazon

One Cursed Rose by Rebecca Zanetti

One Cursed Rose kicks of a new series by Rebecca Zanetti. In this book we have a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. There are a lot of Beauty and the Beast retellings out there, it’s a popular way to frame an opposites attract, light vs dark, ugly vs beautiful themed narrative. Zanetti dives in to the retelling trope using an interesting device to create her world: social media empires. It’s an interesting new take on an old story and one we really enjoyed.

If you want to see all our thoughts on One Cursed Rose take a look at our review.

One Cursed Rose releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

june 2024 book releases paranormal romance

A Cage of Crimson by K.F. Breene

I saw this book come up as I am currently half way through – and loving – another series by K.F. Breene, the Forty Proof series. So, I had to check this out. It’s a paranormal romance with dragons, alpha werewolves and fated mates. Has Breene been reaching into my mind recently and picking out all the things I love? If she is, I am not complaining!

Want to see my thoughts on the Forty Proof series – of course you do – check out our series guide.

A Cage of Crimson releases on 27 June and is available to order on Amazon

Quicksilver by Callie Hart

I saw the cover of this book and I just wanted it. It’s so lovely; the handsome young man in dark muted colours contrasted with the delicate and vibrant butterflies. This book has to be good just so I can buy the physical copy and have it on my shelf.

Quicksilver releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

Shadowstitch by Cari Thomas

This is the second book in the Threadneedle series, and Anna is still trying to save her London coven from danger. With witch hunts and distrust within the coven, this book is a spellbinding and intense continuation of the series. If you haven’t started it yet, pick up the first book Threadneedle first.

Shadowstitch releases on 6 June and is available to order on Amazon

Historical Romance June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases historical romance

Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De La Rosa

If you like your historical romances to have a secret spy stuff then this is the book for you. Our heroine Isabel, is ready to use her status as a wallflower to gather essential intelligence to help aid Mexico during the French occupation. The only problem? Whilst searching libraries and studies she keep encountering a certain handsome and rakish Captain. A Captain, who himself is a covert agent of the British Home Office.

Check out our review of the first book in the series Ana Marie and the Fox

Isabel and the Rogue releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

The Mistress Experience by Scarlett Peckham

In a sea of modern illustrated covers, this beautiful old school cover really stands out. In my opinion, you can’t improve upon a good clinch cover, bonus points for a topless hero and a heroine whose dress seems to only be held up by her nips. It hits me right in the sweet spot. But, don’t let the vintage cover fool you. With feminist themes and a notorious heroine this is a modern read.

The Mistress Experience releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

A Bluestocking’s Guide to Decadence by Jess Everlee

A sapphic historical romance between a dashing heroine in a lavender marriage and a respectable doctor. Will their mutual attraction be enough when they live such different lives. If they are brave enough to take the risk, then they are in for quite the adventure.

A Bluestocking’s Guide to Decadence releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

june 2024 book releases historical romance

The Secret Life of a Lady by Darcy McGuire

The world should never underestimate a seemingly dowdy wallflower. You never know when they could actually be a secret agent for the Queen. Lady Hannah moves unnoticed through London armed only with daggers, pistols and steel nerves discovering the secrets of the ton . Her current mission though is to find a killer. Only she has competition, the handsome war hero Duke Robert Killian.

The Secret Life of a Lady releases on 14 June and is available to order on Amazon

Lady Scandal by Laura Lee Guhrke

Delia has always been unconventional, so after her third husbands death, she does something truly shocking to Victorian society. She gets a job at the Savoy Hotel as an events planner. It’s perfect. Almost. Her new career puts her in the path of gorgeous hotel magnate Simon. Simon is currently investigating fraud in his hotel, one of his main suspects: the annoying Delia. But as they clash sparks fly and ignite into red hot desire. Soon Simon will need to make a choice, Delia or his duty to the hotel.

Lady Scandal releases on 18 June and is available to order on Amazon

A Shore Thing by Joanna Lowell

This is another book that reeled me in because of the cover. It looks so picturesque and lovely. It’s also set in Cornwall, which is a nice change of pace from a London based historical romance. This is a queer romance featuring a trans hero with a passion for bicycle races and feisty botanist who captures his rakish heart.

A Shore Thing releases on 18 June and is available to order on Amazon

Historical Mystery June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases historical mystery

Murder at the Dinner Party by C.J. Archer

I am so excited for this book! I picked up this series late last year when Amazon recommended it to me. Usually, I ignore those recommendations, but I am so glad that on this occasion I obediently followed the Amazon algorithm’s dictates. It has everything I want; a smart amateur sleuth heroine, some family drama, a hint of romance, and lovely lovely murder! This is the latest book in the series and I can’t wait to see what murder lands at Cleopatra’s feet next!

If you love a historical mystery, check out our Historical Mystery books you need on your reading list post.

Murder at the Dinner Party releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

A Daughter of Fair Verona by Christina Dodd

Romeo & Juliet, is in my opinion…asinine. I dislike it as the titular characters are just so darn stupid. So, when I saw that this had Romeo & Juliet connects, I admit I was sceptical. What a fool I am! The long suffering eldest daughter of the – somehow – surviving Romeo and Juliet investigates the murder of betrothed. I am eating this up and discarding any scepticism along the way.

A Daughter of Fair Verona releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

The Last Note of Warning by Katharine Schellman

With the decadent setting of a 1920’s speakeasy, this queer mystery series is compelling. With our heroine now being accused of murder, she must investigate so she can clear her name. But the more she finds out, the more certain she is that the person who committed and the murder and framed her is someone close to her.

The Last Note of Warning releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

Romantic Thrillers and Thrillers June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases thrillers

Follow Her Down by Victoria Helen Stone

Victoria Helen Stone, or perhaps better known as Victoria Dahl, writes dark and compelling thrillers. This one is no different, focusing on a family shattered by a murder. Her sister comes back close to her home town to reinvent herself, only to find the past repeating itself. Will she survive?

Check out our thoughts and recommendations on romance authors who pivot to thrillers!

Follow Her Down releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

The Woman by the Lake by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley has dived into the romantic thriller genre with her Misted Pine series. In this book our heroine Nadia, with the reluctant help of her neighbour Riggs discover that her cabin is supposedly haunted. Whether it’s a ghost or someone more corporeal, one thing is for certain: somebody wants Nadia out of that cabin.

The Woman by the Lake releases on 11 June and is available to order on Amazon

The Bitter Truth by Shanora Williams

Jo is beginning to learn the hard way: never trust a man who wants to run for a political office. Accompanying her seemingly perfect husband on his campaign trail, everything seems to going according to plan. He’s doing well in the polls and getting crowds for his speeches. Until everything starts to turn into a nightmare. Dangerous accidents start to happen and her husband’s behaviour starts to become secretive and paranoid. Then there is the woman who seems to be following them. When Jo starts digging she begins to find things that make her question exactly how perfect, her perfect husband is.

The Bitter Truth releases on 25 June and is available to order on Amazon

Women’s Fiction June 2024 Book Releases

june 2024 book releases womens fiction

Dear Dotty by Jacelyn Westlake

In this debut novel, Rosie, our twenty something heroine, still hasn’t quite figured out life. So, she turns to her great aunt Dotty for advice. Then Dotty dies, sending Rosie into a spiral. New details of Dotty’s life emerges through emails from her friends, and she begins to realise her idol didn’t perhaps have it as easy as she thought. With her life seeming to be unravelling around her Rosie must start to focus on what she wants, and not what other people want her to do.

Dear Dotty releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

Let’s Pretend This Will Work by Maddie Dawson

If you have Amazon First Reads you might already have this one on your kindle. It was certainly my pick for May. Thirty-something Mimi Perkins has finally found love with divorced single dad Ren. But when Ren’s ex-wife is horribly hurt in a car accident, they both move from New York to Connecticut. But Mimi unexpectedly finds friendship and community through her job at a quirky local day care centre. However, it soon becomes apparent that Ren and his estranged family seem to get closer and close. Mimi needs to decide what is worth fighting for and she should let go.

Let’s Pretend This Will Work releases on 1 June and is available to order on Amazon

Seven Summer Weekend by Jane L. Rosen

When a disaster on Zoom derails thirty-something Addison’s career at a high-end Manhattan advertising agency, her prospects look grim. An unexpected property inheritance at Fire island from a aunt she barely remembers changes everything. The money from selling the property could help put her back on track. As Addison considers whether to stay or to sell, she also discovers she has inherited her aunt’s eclectic guest list, which binds her to the island for seven summer weekends. Between the welcoming community, a moody next door neighbor with an adorable dog, and a parade of weekend visitors, Addison must decide whether to resume her old life or embrace the new possibilities, and people, she has found on Fire island.

Seven Summer Weekends releases on 4 June and is available to order on Amazon

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