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To misquote from Game of Thrones…Summer is Coming! In fact, I believe it might already be here, if the borderline sunstroke I’m suffering from right now is anything to judge by. And it should be, I’m in the UK, normally I’m drowning in rain not suffering in sunshine. But, as the sun is shining, it makes it perfect for us to get a cool glass of your favourite beverage, choose a good spot to settle in and start reading. We thought we would share some of our favourite summer reads, as well as a guide to how scorching hot they are, just in case you want to bring some extra extra ice to cool yourself down!

These are just as it says on the tin…too hot to handle! If you like your books like you like your weather, scorching hot, then these are the books for you.

[new-release title=”Just the Thing” author=”Marie Harte”]

As the second book in the Donnigans series, this book by Marie Harte is the perfect summer read. Not only does it feature a hotter than hell hero, but the heroine is fiery as well. Expect some scorching sex scenes and wicked banter as these two like to show their claws in and out of bed.

[new-release title=”Barbarian’s Rescue” author=”Ruby Dixon”]

These Ice Planet Barbarians may be living in ice and snow, but they certainly know how to keep themselves warm, and us readers warm. If you want to spice up your summer reading with some hot blue horned aliens (and who doesn’t?) then you NEED to try this series. It’s sexy as hell with a dash of humour and a bit of action thrown in.


Is it me of is it getting warm in here? These books are going to get you hot under the collar, but it’s nothing you can’t handle! As long as you have a nice cool drink.

[new-release title=”Deadmen Walking” author=”Sherrilyn Kenyon”]

As the Queen of world building, there was no question that this book was going to be heavy on the details and history of this new paranormal world. This series is a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and her original Dark Hunters series so fans of both would definitely fall in love with this series. Not only is there an excellent romance, but there’s plenty of adventure as well. So it’s really perfect for a playful summer read on the beach!

[new-release title=”Hearts on Air” author=”L.H. Cosway”]

Cosway is a UTC favourite for a good reason and she proves it once again with Hearts on Air. We follow Trevor Cross, the last single Cross brother, across Europe as he films his reality TV show about parkour. Only this time, he’s also persuaded Reya, former best friend and lost love to come with him as their PA. He’s determined to prove to Reya that he’s changed and he’s not the flighty and unreliable man he used to be. This is the perfect summer read, romantic and a lot of fun as we see watch the charismatic Trevor and the shy Reya finally, FINALLY have their day. It’s done with Cosway’s signature thoughtful and unusual style and I highly recommend you give it a try.

[new-release title=”Buns” author=”Alice Clayton”]

Alice Clayton serves us up something tasty in Buns, the latest (and last – I think!) in her Hudson Valley series. Read as our heroine transforms not only an out of date hotel but also our slightly uptight hero. It’s sexy, it’s funny and it’s the perfect read to chill out with around the pool.

[new-release title=”When It’s Real” author=”Erin Watt”]

Who would’ve thought I’d be here recommending a book about basically a teenager rockstar with a bad image?  But there it is!  This book is such a perfect, light summer read.  The story and the writing will suck you in and have you turning the pages.  And the hero will actually make you fall for him, kicking and screaming, maybe, like I did.  You will go from thinking he’s an entitled and spoiled celebrity to seeing deeper into who he wants to be.

[new-release title=”Until It Fades” author=”K.A. Tucker”]

If a sweet, slow burn romance is more your thing, then look no further than K.A. Tucker’s latest release.  This is such a change of pace from what I’m used to reading from her but she did this story justice.  I loved everything about the plot, all the characters, and the progression of the relationship.  It was one of my fave reads of the month and a must read for your summer!


The summer sun is enough! What you need is something sweet and just a lil sexy to chill out with. Or maybe you fancy something with a little more action, either way these are the books for you.

[new-release title=”Lost and Found Sisters” author=”Jill Shalvis”]

This book isn’t a Romance. However, we picked it because it’s a great summer read. Emotional without being too dark, this is actually Jill Shalvis’s first Women’s Fiction novel. It is set in beautiful California so if you have no plans on flying to an exotic location for this summer, fear not! You can still escape reality with this book!

[new-release title=”Wildfire” author=”Ilona Andrews”]

Sometimes you want a bit of action, adventure and magic mixed into your summer reading. Or, at least I certainly do. If you’re like me, than you need to start the Hidden Legacy trilogy, the last of which is out this summer. It’s perfect, you have a glorious hero and a kick ass heroine who will plunge you into a brand new world of magic and intrigue. All beautifully crafted by Ilona Andrews.

[new-release title=”The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” author=”Taylor Jenkins Reid”]

There isn’t much left that I haven’t said about my love for all things TJR.  If you haven’t read this author, you have to!  This is a perfect beach read because it’s filled with all the gossipy drama that I love from a soap opera but told in a much classier way.  The writing is flawless and sucks you right into this story.  Evelyn Hugo herself is magnificent.  This is a must read, whether you fit it this summer or whenever.  But be warned…. there will be tears.  So you may not want to be in public for that.

[new-release title=”The Forever Summer” author=”Jamie Brenner”]

If you are looking for a book with that sweet, small beach town setting and packed with family drama and secrets, then this is the right one to pick up.  Jamie Brenner depicts a beautifully vivid setting and characters and truly makes you feel as if you’re living the story right along with them.  A light, poolside read that will take you away from reality for a while and leave you satisfied in the end.



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Great picks!

Amy R

I’ve read 2 on the list and plan to read 2 more.


What a great list!


Thanks for the recs guys!!!!