Summer Olympics Romance Books

Get ready to add some gold medal-worthy reads to your TBR with our ultimate guide to Summer Olympics romance books! With the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dive into stories that bring the thrill of the games to life. Whether you’re into soccer stars, gymnasts, or swimmers, we’ve got a list of swoon-worthy romances that’ll make your heart race faster than a 100-meter dash.

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Summer Olympics Romance Books

Sports romance captures the passion and intense world of elite athletes reaching for greatness. Whether they’re training for the Olympics or dominating their sport’s professional circuit. The competitive nature of athletes brings a unique energy to romance, it can be fierce and intense, but also playful and just fun! From rivalries to partnerships, these books showcase the highs and lows of love in the fast lane, making for thrilling, emotionally charged reads that keep you hooked from start to finish.

Who would enjoy sports romances?

If you’re into athletes pushing their limits, love stories with a side of sweat and teamwork, or just enjoy a mix of drama and heart-pounding action, sports romance is for you. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a hopeless romantic, or someone looking for an engaging read with dynamic characters and intense plotlines, these books deliver all the feels and excitement.

What are the sports in the Summer Olympics?

The sports currently included in the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics are as follow: Aquatics (Swimming, Marathon Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming), Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball (3×3, Basketball), Boxing, Breaking, Canoe (Sprint, Slalom), Cycling (BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing, Road, Track), Equestrian (Eventing, Dressage, Jumping), Fencing, Football (Soccer), Golf, Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline), Handball, Hockey (Field), Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby (Sevens), Sailing, Shooting, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, Surfing, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball (Beach, Indoor), Weightlifting, and Wrestling (Greco-Roman, Freestyle). For more details, visit Summer Olympics Sports.

Summer Olympics – Baseball Romance Books

While baseball might not be part of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, it had its moment in the 2020 Tokyo games. If you’re a fan of America’s pastime and swoon-worthy love stories, baseball romance books are a home run. 

Baseball Romance Books

Wild Pitch by Cat Geraldo

Sierra’s dream is pitching in the majors, but her All-Star Game nerves need a lifeline. Enter Mateo, her teenage crush and baseball idol. She doesn’t date ballplayers, but Mateo’s determined to change that. With Sierra’s career and Mateo’s last shot at a Series ring on the line, can they strike out their fears and hit a home run in love? Expect steamy chemistry and sports drama!

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The Art of Catching Feelings by Alicia Thompson

Daphne isn’t a baseball fan, but heckling player Chris Kepler after a few too many beers? Hilarious—until guilt makes her DM an apology. Chris, grieving and lonely, responds to the sweet, funny “Duckie.” But as their online connection deepens, Daphne’s real-life job with the team complicates things. Will the truth be a strikeout for their blossoming romance?

Grab this book on Amazon or read our The Art of Catching Feelings by Alicia Thompson book review

You Should Be So Lucky by Cat Sebastian

Eddie’s struggling in the 1960 baseball season, and snobby arts reporter Mark isn’t thrilled about covering him. Both dealing with personal grief, they find solace in each other’s company. Eddie’s not ready to be out as a pro athlete, and Mark won’t be anyone’s secret. Can their love survive against all odds? Expect slow-burn, grumpy/sunshine vibes in this queer, mid-century romance.

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Changing the Game by Jaci Burton

Sports agent Liz Darnell is desperate to win back baseball star Gavin Riley. Offering herself as part of the deal? Risky, but Gavin’s game. What starts as a business proposition quickly turns into a sizzling romance. But when love changes the rules, Liz and Gavin must decide if they’re playing for keeps. Get ready for hot, steamy action on and off the field!

Grab this book on Amazon or read our Changing the Game by Jaci Burton book review

Summer Olympics – Basketball Romance Books

With intense games, fierce competition, and steamy chemistry, these basketball stories are slam dunks for Summer olympics romance books fans.

Basketball Romance Books for Summer Olympics

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Iris meets August, a rising NBA star, during college, and sparks fly. But she’s with August’s rival, the so-called “golden boy” of basketball. As August’s career takes off, Iris finds herself trapped in a nightmare of a relationship. When August reappears, the connection is still there, but Iris must find her own strength. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, forbidden love, and a heroine fighting for her own happy ending. Think steamy, intense, and impossible to put down.

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Night Shift by Annie Crown

Kendall is a bookish loner who prefers spicy romance novels over wild parties. Enter Vincent, the basketball team captain with an injured wrist and a bad attitude. Their late-night library encounters turn Kendall’s quiet nights upside down. It’s a sweet and spicy college romance that blends opposites attract with a dash of humor. If you’ve ever dreamed of living out your own romance novel, this one’s for you.

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The Right Move by Liz Tomforde

NBA captain Ryan needs to fake date his sister’s best friend, Indy, to prove he’s approachable. Indy, needing a date for a wedding, agrees. Cue the sparks flying as they navigate messy emotions and blurred lines between fake and real. Ryan’s control freak tendencies clash with Indy’s messy charm, making for a sizzling and heartfelt story. Fake dating, forced proximity, and a touch of grumpy/sunshine—this one has it all.

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Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House

NBA star Leland McClain is used to getting what he wants, and he wants community center director Kim Hampton. Kim, dealing with a troubled past, isn’t interested in a relationship, especially with a younger man. But Leland’s determination and undeniable charm start to break down her walls. It’s a steamy romance with a mature woman, a persistent younger hero, and plenty of heart. 

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Summer Olympics – Gymnastics Romance Books

Gymnastics are the epitome of Summer olympics romance books as they showcase the grit and grace of gymnasts balancing relationships and rigorous training. Whether it’s friends-to-lovers, rivals, or love after a career-ending injury, these romances offer a unique mix of athleticism and romance that always stick the landing!

Gymnastics Romance Books for Summer Olympics

Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

Avery Abrams’s Olympic dreams crashed, leaving her career in ruins. Back in her hometown, she helps coach a promising young gymnast alongside the charming Ryan. Sparks fly, but a scandal threatens their budding romance and the sport itself. A mix of second chances and enemies-to-lovers vibes makes this a must-read.

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Olympic Enemies by Rebecca J. Caffery

Three weeks, two rival gymnasts, and one Olympic Village. Lucas and Oliver must share a room in Paris 2024, and their rivalry turns steamy. When their love-hate dynamic makes headlines, they risk more than gold. A perfect blend of enemies-to-lovers and forced proximity.

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The Summer Games: Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey

Olympic gymnast meets her match in her arrogant new coach, Erik Winter. The push-pull tension between them leads to more than just gold medal dreams. With intense training and even more intense chemistry, this enemies-to-lovers story is scorching.

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Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli

Audrey Lee makes the U.S. gymnastics team after recovering from spine surgery, but a scandal threatens to tear the team apart. Amidst the chaos, Audrey finds solace in Leo, her new coach’s cute son. Balancing friendship, pressure, and unexpected love, this book dives deep into the world of elite gymnastics.

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Summer Olympics – Rugby Romance Books

Rugby might not be as widely known as some other sports, but it’s got all the elements for a thrilling romance: intense matches, strong teamwork, and plenty of rugged charm. If you’re into the idea of falling for a fierce player who can tackle anything on and off the field, these rugby romance books are for you.

Rugby Romance Books Summer Olympics

Binding 13 by Chloe Walsh

Johnny’s a rugby star; Shannon’s the shy new girl. When fate (and a not-so-romantic meet-cute) throws them together, Johnny’s determined to protect her, no matter the cost. Shannon wants to stay invisible, but their undeniable chemistry changes everything. With dual POVs and an angsty friends-to-lovers vibe, this book is perfect for fans of Irish romance and sports drama.

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The Player and the Pixie by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Rugby player Sean is hot but terrible in bed—total false advertising. Lucy, sister of another rugby star, can’t stand him, but they strike a deal: she’ll fix his problem if he helps her out. Sparks fly, enemies become lovers, and hilarity ensues in this spicy, romantic comedy.

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Just This Once by Rosalind James

Hannah’s New Zealand vacation is all about relaxing, not romancing. Enter Drew, a hot rugby player who’s hiding his identity as the All Blacks’ captain. Their steamy fling might turn into something more if Hannah can let her guard down and see the real Drew. Perfect for a hot escape with a side of steam.

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Playing It Cool by Amy Andrews

When rugby star Dexter sees Harper’s jerk of a stepbrother insult her, he asks her out to shut him up. Harper’s curvy and confident, but she knows this can’t be real. Dex, the no-strings-attached athlete, finds himself enjoying their dates a little too much. The fake relationship soon sizzles, and they have to decide if they’re playing for keeps. Expect humor, steam, and a satisfying enemies-to-lovers journey.

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Summer Olympics – Football / Soccer Romance Books

Love the thrill of soccer? These picks capture the excitement and passion of the game while delivering swoon-worthy romance. Want even more soccer romance recommendations? Check out our other blog post for a deeper dive into soccer love stories. 

Soccer Romance Books Summer Olympics

Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner

In this sapphic romcom, Grace Henderson, a star of the US Women’s National Team, is sidelined by an injury, only to have jokester Phoebe Matthews take her spot. Sparks fly between these rivals-turned-teammates as they prepare for the World Cup. With steamy chemistry and hilarious miscommunications, Grace and Phoebe realize they can be more than just teammates. Fun fact: Cleat Cute is being adapted for the screen, thanks to WNBA’s Sue Bird and soccer star Megan Rapinoe. Catch all the action on and off the field in this swoon-worthy romance! Read more here.

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The Summer Games: Settling the Score by R.S. Grey

Olympic rookie Andie Foster lands in Rio, ready to swap blocking shots for taking them. Enter Frederick Archibald, a decorated swimmer with a British accent and abs for days. Despite the “off-limits” vibe, the Village’s steamy, suffocating atmosphere keeps throwing them together. Andie juggles the soccer field and an irresistible fling in this sizzling romance.

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For the Win by Sara Rider

Top player Lainey Lukas and soccer god Gabe Havelak clash in a Battle of the Sexes. With both their careers on the line, sparks fly and friction heats up. Lainey’s determined to lead her team to victory, while Gabe’s superstition and charm add layers to their rivalry.

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The Forbidden Man by Karina Halle

Sports therapist Thalia Blackwood, fresh from a divorce, starts over with Real Madrid’s football team. Enter Alejo Albarado, a rising star and notorious charmer. Their professional relationship evolves into something more, risking Thalia’s job and heart.

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Summer Olympics – Tennis Romance Books

Ready for some love-love on the court? These tennis romance books serve up the perfect mix of competitive spirit, sizzling chemistry, and heartwarming love stories that will keep you hooked from the first serve to match point. 

Tennis Romance Books Summer Olympics

40-Love by Olivia Dade

Tess Dunn’s vacation takes a wild turn when a rogue wave steals her bikini top. Enter Lucas Karlsson, a flirty ex-tennis pro. Sparks fly, but can a brief fling turn into something more? With a 14-year age gap and only two weeks together, Tess and Lucas must decide if their chemistry is a short match or a lifelong doubles team.

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The Match by Winter Renshaw

Olivia just wanted a baby—no strings attached. But when the sperm donor turns out to be tennis star Fabian Catalano, things get complicated. Fabian wants to know his daughter, so Olivia invites him to stay. Between late-night talks and stolen kisses, their simple arrangement becomes anything but.

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Painting the Lines by Ashley R. King

Amalie Warner, a struggling writer, meets Julian Smoke, a failed tennis player aiming for a comeback. Their chance meeting turns into a fiery partnership as Amalie sees Julian’s story as her next big break. Their chemistry challenges the notion that love means zero in tennis, blending inspiration and romance in this witty tale.

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Love Game by Emma Scott

Sikai Solomon is tennis’ bad boy prodigy, on the verge of a Grand Slam win and professional disaster. Enter Daisy Watson, a broke receptionist and aspiring healer. Tasked with keeping Kai’s temper in check, Daisy’s compassionate nature clashes with Kai’s fiery temperament. Their unlikely partnership might just save his career—and her heart.

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Summer Olympics – Water Sports Romance Books

If you love romance and water sports, you’re in for a treat. These books dive into the competitive, adrenaline-fueled world of water sports while serving up some seriously swoon-worthy moments. Ready to get your heart racing? Grab your beach towel and check out these water sports romance books that are perfect for summer.

Water Sports Romance Books Summer Olympics

Stroked by Meghan Quinn

Olympic medalist and underwear model Reese King is perfection in spandex. He’s got abs for days and a swagger to match. But there’s one catch: his gorgeousness belongs to Bellini Chambers, the ultimate reality star diva. When her new assistant finds herself caught between lust and chaos, things get hilariously complicated.

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The Perfect Catch by Alix Nichols

French goalie Noah Masson is laser-focused on winning gold, until he finds Sophie Bander, an American realtor, rummaging in his kitchen. Between water polo practice, a meddling pooch, and a crumbling French chateau, sparks fly in this delightful romance.

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Head Over Heels by Elyse Springer

Jeremy Reeve is a top diver with Olympic dreams, and Brandon Evans is his carefree, tattooed temptation. They’re opposites forced to work together, and Jeremy’s fear of his own sexuality threatens their partnership. But a pivotal moment might just make them a team in more ways than one.

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Relay by Layla Reyne

Team captain Alex and his closeted ex, Dane, clash as they prepare for their last shot at Olympic gold. Their love-hate dynamic fuels this enemies-to-lovers romance, where swimming’s biggest star battles his feelings and his fame to rekindle a long-lost love.

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Summer Olympics – Mix Sports Romance Books

From track and field to volleyball, these books have some great vibes for Summer Olympics romance books. These books capture the competitive spirit and sizzling chemistry of athletes chasing gold and love.

Mix Sports Summer Olympics Romance Books

Let the Games Begin by Rufaro Faith Mazarura

Olivia Nkomo, ambitious and ready to land her dream job, collides with Ezekiel “Zeke” Moyo, a star runner with a past, during the Athens 2024 Summer Games. Sparks fly, but as they get closer, old wounds and unexpected challenges threaten their budding romance. Olivia and Zeke must navigate their dreams and their feelings as the competition heats up.

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It’s All in How You Fall by Sarah Penning

Caroline Kepler’s dreams of Olympic gymnastics are crushed by a career-ending back injury. Enter Alex Zavala, the three-sport athlete who’s off-limits but irresistibly cute. He offers to teach her all the sports she’s missed, and in return, she plays matchmaker for him. As they spend the summer “dating” different sports, Caroline finds herself falling for Alex. Life’s easier with beam burns and backflips, but love? That’s a whole new challenge.

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Kiss My Putt by Tara Sivec

Pro golfer Palmer “Pal” Campbell needs a break after an epic on-air meltdown. Returning to Summersweet Island seems perfect, except for Birdie Bennett, the best friend he ghosted. Birdie’s not thrilled to see him, and Palmer must dodge golf clubs while admitting he’s always been in love with Birdie. Hilarity and sparks fly as Palmer tries to win Birdie back.

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Volley Balls by Tara Lain

David Underwood just escaped an abusive relationship and now finds himself drawn to two scorching-hot Australian volleyball players. When Gareth Marshall comes out to his team to be with David, their connection ignites, but Gareth’s partner, Edge, complicates things. With past trauma and hidden desires in the mix, David, Gareth, and Edge navigate a tangled web of attraction and rivalry. Perfect for fans of alpha males, love triangles, and steamy beachside drama.

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There you have it, a list of sizzling summer Olympics romance books to heat up your reading list! From gymnasts to swimmers, these stories capture the thrill of competition and the spark of romance. Got a favorite Olympics-themed romance that we missed? Drop it in the comments below—we’d love to add more gold-medal reads to our TBR! And don’t forget to check out our other sports romance recommendations for even more heart-pounding, swoon-worthy reads.

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Summer Olympics Romance Books

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