We are so excited about discussing WICKED ABYSS today! Two of us are re-reading this book and one is caught up with the series but was just a bit behind. However, the consensus was that you can totally read this as a standalone! Now let’s see what our thoughts about book 17 in the Immortals After Dark series are.

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  1. Hi
    I’m new to the podcast and so far enjoying myself with the discussions.
    Speaking of discussions, some of you proposed that Wicked Abyss was a version of Beauty and the Beast. I can see how it could fit into that idea. However I have a completely different theory. Back in 1985 a fantasy movie had premiere with a very young Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry in the main roles. The movie was titled Legend, and it was all about a princess (fairy?) that gets lost in a dark realm there a demon is after her and tries to seduce her to his realm. Having in mind how sexy that demon seemed to me back them, I’m thinking Kresley got her idea from this particular movie. If you have some time to watch an oldie, you should watch Legend.
    And now I’ve got lots of episodes to catch up with.
    Looking forward to all of them.