Romanceopoly Recommendations: Romantic suspense books set outside of the US

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Romantic suspense books set outside of the US

Before you dive into our curated selection below, why not give your eyes a break and let your ears in on the action? Tune into our latest podcast episode to get the full scoop on these romances. We’ve got all the deets on ex-military heartthrobs and the love stories that span continents—without you having to pack a bag. Hit play, lean back, and let us whisk you away to the most thrilling mission of all. Ready to listen?

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Check out the podcast episode where I talk about each of these romantic suspense recommendations

Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

  • Kidnapping
  • Healing from past traumas
  • Set in Mexico

Breaking Point by Pamela Clare is an adrenaline-pumping journey set against the backdrop of Mexico’s treacherous landscapes. When Denver journalist Natalie Benoit is kidnapped during a report on border violence, her world turns into a fight for survival. Enter Zach McBride, a Deputy U.S. Marshal, captured by the same fate. Their paths collide in captivity, sparking an unexpected alliance and a fiery romance. As they navigate their escape through dangerous territories, their bond deepens, testing their resilience and willingness to sacrifice. This book masterfully combines the thrill of a suspenseful escape with the intensity of developing love.

Grab this book on Amazon or read our Breaking Point by Pamela Clare book review

Seal of Honor by Tonya Burrows

SEAL of Honor by Tonya Burrows

  • Forced proximity
  • High stakes rescue mission
  • Set in Colombia

In SEAL of Honor by Tonya Burrows, we’re whisked away to the dense jungles of Colombia for a rescue mission unlike any other. Audrey Van Amee’s life takes a drastic turn when her brother is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Refusing to sit idly by, Audrey heads to Colombia, determined to bring her brother home. Enter Gabe Bristow, an ex-Navy SEAL turned leader of the private security team HORNET, tasked with ensuring Audrey’s quest doesn’t end in disaster. As they navigate the perilous terrain and a network of enemies, the heat between Audrey and Gabe builds, adding a layer of complexity to the mission. This book is a riveting blend of suspense, perfect for those who love their romance with a side of high-stakes adventure.


Grab this book on Amazon or read our SEAL of Honor by Tonya Burrows book review

Hard Target by Pamela Clare

Hard Target by Pamela Clare

  • Protector/Bodyguard
  • Grumpy/sunshine
  • Set in Afghanistan

In Hard Target by Pamela Clare, we’re taken deep into the rugged terrains of Afghanistan, where duty, honor, and passion collide. Derek Tower, a former Green Beret turned private military company owner, is tasked with the mission to protect and bring back to the US Jenna Hamilton, the sister of his late friend and a determined midwife volunteering in Afghanistan. Battling his own demons, Derek’s professional resolve is tested by Jenna’s fierce independence and their undeniable mutual attraction. As danger mounts, their relationship evolves from antagonistic to love under fire. Hard Target blends the intensity of a military operation with the depth of emotional bonds.

Grab this book on Amazon or read our Hard Target by Pamela Clare book review

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The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

  • Second chances
  • Marriage in trouble
  • Set in Colombia/Costa Rica

In The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks, the first electrifying installment of the KGI Series, we meet Ethan Kelly who lives in a perpetual state of grief after the death of his wife, Rachel, only to receive information that she’s still alive, held captive in a South American jungle. The revelation reignites Ethan’s will to live and leads him to mobilize the elite Kelly Group International (KGI), a private military force comprised of his brothers and friends. What follows is a daring rescue operation that not only tests the limits of their skills and courage but also rekindles the undying love between Ethan and Rachel. It’s a compelling read for anyone who loves their romantic suspense with a heavy dose of heart, action, and resilience.

Grab this book on Amazon or read our The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks book review

Lie to Me by Tori St. Claire

Lie to Me by Tori St. Claire

  • Second chance
  • Forbidden love
  • Set in Dubai

In Lie to Me by Tori St. Claire, the sultry and secretive world of Dubai sets the stage for a tale of passion, danger, and betrayal. Alexei Nikanova, a member of the CIA’s elite Black Opal team, is tasked with a mission that cuts close to the heart: to rescue Sasha Zablosky, a victim of a Russian human trafficking ring, and a woman with whom he shares a turbulent and passionate past. Their reunion in Dubai rekindles old flames and old dangers, as Sasha is torn between her loyalty to her Sheik—a man who has shown her kindness in her darkest hours—and the undeniable pull towards Alexei, the man who ignites her deepest desires. As they navigate a web of lies and face a menacing threat that could destroy them both, Alexei and Sasha’s forbidden love story unfolds with explosive consequences. LIE TO ME won’t give you much of a chance to catch your breath and will have you panting for more!

Grab this book on Amazon or read our Lie to Me by Tori St. Claire book review

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Romanceopoly Recommendations: Romantic suspense books set outside of the US

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  1. I must be a heretofore unrealized fan of this niche of romantic suspense because I’ve read all of these and loved them. I actually got lucky and didn’t have to put any thought into this prompt at all because a review arc came up that fit the bill nicely right when I rolled this space. 🙂

    Thanks, ladies!