Today we are talking all thing MacCarrick Brothers. Who are they you ask? Well, they are three Scottish brothers straight from the early imagination of Kresley Cole. If you want to dive into a finished series with gorgeous men with goregous accents, then give the MacCarrick Brothers series a try.

Maccarrick Brothers by Kresley Cole

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Most of us have heard of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. But, did you know, before she started addicting us to her lickable Lykae and delicious demons that she has also written some historical romances? And not just any historical romances, but highlander ones? The mightiest of all historicals; the men in the sexiest skirts with the best accents ever to grace the pages of a book. You only have to watch Outlander and see Sam Heughan to know we are right.

So we girls at UTC recommend that you start Kresley Cole’s amazing MacCarrick Brother trilogy. The trilogy is about three highlander brothers, who have an ancient celtic curse put upon them. Will true love overcome the deadly curse? We recommend you read and find out!

Here is the reading order for the trilogy with our thoughts on each book:

If You Dare
by Kresley Cole

Suzanne: All I can say is that COURTLAND MACCARRICK is MINE! I love the rugged ones, and he is a gorgeously ruggedly handsome mercenary just looking for a lady to love him *waves hands in air* oh oh pick me, pick me!

Annie: A great read! I loved the clashes between Anna and Court, they were both stubborn and they sparked really well against each other, and I couldn’t help but thoroughly enjoy being caught in the flames! This book was hawt!

If You Desire
by Kresley Cole

Annie: I preferred Hugh over Courtland, but both brothers seem pretty irresistible to me. Hugh is a little more polished than his brother, Court and he definitely has a better sense of control over his feelings. What I loved most about Hugh was his overall effort in everything he does. Like Jane’s father said, Hugh tries.

Suzanne: Aww, Hugh, what a sweetheart although Jane did strike me as a little bit of a cock tease. However, I really enjoyed the romance between them; I read this book in one sitting!

If You Deceive
by Kresley Cole

Suzanne: Wow, if you like your heroes dark and smouldering, this is the book for you! Although Courtland is always my man, I have to say she has saved the best book for last. Ethan is intense and dangerous with a dark past. Madeleine is a fantastic heroine, I really liked her feisty yet caring and loyal with an equally murky past. This trilogy ends with a fabulous book and I can’t help wishing that Kresley Cole would pop out some more historical romances for us!

in conclusion

This is early Kresley Cole and even then you can see she is going to produce some of the best heroes to grace the romance genre. So. I hope we have sufficiently enticed you into bed with these sexy highlander, hunks! The MacCarrick Brothers series is fantastic series; if it doesn’t leaves you hot and bothered, and planning a trip to Scotland then there’s nothing more I can do for you.

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Update on 06 September 2022

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  1. I have had the first book in this series on my shelf for so long. I think you ladies have encouraged me to try to get around to finally reading it really soon!

    Thanks for the great pic to brighten up a Monday.

  2. I am so behind on KC, my daughter likes highlander stories. Maybe this will get her to actually take the Kindle Fire Santa got her out of the box =)