by Jacquelyn Frank
Name: Jacob
Book: Jacob (Nightwalkers #1)
Appearance: Dark brow eyes and dark brown shoulder length hair, tall and leanly muscles
Nightwalker Species: Earth Demon
Title: Enforcer, Jacob is the bogeyman of Demon society and tracks down any demon that is breaking any of their laws
Family: Has a brother named Kane who is a Mind Demon and is mated to Isabella’s sister, Corrine
Jacob on being an Earth Demon… Destiny has made me of the Earth, Bella,” he whispered softly in her ear “I can manipulate gravity, communicate with all living things, and move tetonic plates against eachother if I so choose. I can grow a seed to maturity with a thought and cause it to wither and die with another. I am able to feel the life force of every living thing born on Earth. I can hunt anything that travels the paths of this world with all the heightened senses of the most accomplished predator. I am Nature, and She is me.”

Name: Isabella
Book: Jacob (Nightwalkers #1)
Appearance: Petite, violet eyes, long dark hair, curvy, beautiful
Profession: Starts off the book as a Librarian.
Family: Has a sister named Corrine who is mated to Jacob’s brother Kane.
Stupidest Thing Ever Done: Fallen out of a window, no not pushed but fell! You will have to read it to find out more!

Name: Magdelegna aka Legna
Books: Gideon (Nightwalkers #2) Although she first appears in the Jacob
Mate: Gideon
Appearence: Extremely long coffee coloured hair, green-grey eyes, and golden skin. Tall and very beautiful
Race: Mind Demon
Royal Connections: She is the sister of Noah, the Demon King and acts as his hostess.
Quote: “Destiny gifted me with the Mind. I am Illusion, that which is created and read only in the Mind. I am the embodiment of empathy, logic and reason, impulse and desire. I desire to be somewhere, and there I will appear. I am seduction, charisma, and pacification. These are the true powers of the Mind, and She shares them with me.”

Name: Gideon
Book: Gideon (Nightwalkers #2) Although he first appears in the Jacob
Mate: Legna
Appearence: Blonde hair and silver eyes. Leanly muscular and gorgeous.
Race: Mind Demon
Age: Gideon is the eldest of all the Demons, he is the only Demon alive who remembers the Druids and the terrible things the Demons have done…
Fantasy Cast: Alex Pettyfer- I know he is a bit younger then what I imagine Gideon to be, but I think in a few years he will be PERFECT!

Name: Elijah
Book: Elijah (Nightwalkers #3), though he appears first of all in Jacob
Mate: Siena
Appearenace: Heavily muscled and golden, with green eyes and blonde hair. Boyishly handsome with a cleft chin.
Race: Wind Demon
Title: Elijah is the Warrior-Captain, the head of all the Demon Kings military forces.
Quote: Destiny has chosen me for the Wind. Atmospheres, temperature, air, these are mine to beckon. The weather sways to my will, the tempest and pressures of it mine to manipulate. I can infuse a place with life-giving oxygen or remove it completely. The Wind is the breath of life, and She breathes through me.”
Fantasy Cast: Chris Hemsworth- That’s right Maidens, Gideon IS Thor GOD OF THUNDER! I just wish he would use his mighty hammer on me!

Name: Siena
Book: Elijah (Nightwalkers #3)
Mate: Elijah
Race: Lycanthrope. Siena has three forms: Woman, Mountain Lion and then a half form a mixture of both lion and woman.
Appearence: Amazonian build, with body length golden hair and eyes.
Title: Siena is the Queen of the Lycanthropes.

Name: Damien
Book: Damien (Nightwalkers #4)
Mate: Syreena
Appearance: Tall, athletic with wide shoulders but a lean muscular build. Has a closely trimmed beard and mustache and long dark hair with midnight blue eyes.
Race: Vampire
Title: Damien is the Vampire Prince.
Quote: “If we cannot consume it, kill it, or party with it, it does not interest us.”

Name: Syreena
Book: Damien (Nightwalkers #4)
Mate: Damien
Race: Lycanthrope- Unlike all other Lycanthropes Syreena can change in to two different animals, a dolphin and a falcon.
Appearence: Syreena is petite with a willowy body. One half of her hair is brown and the other is grey, the same for her eyes, one grey one brown, but on opposite sides.
Royal Connections: Syreena’s sister is Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes.
Upbringing: Syreena was raised in a monastic order called The Pride.
Quote:“Because it is a fairy tale, Damien. And in fairy tales, the princess always kisses the prince who rescues her.”

Name: Noah
Book: Noah (Nightwalkers #5)
Mate: Kestra
Race: Fire Demon- The only male Fire Demon.
Appearance: Gorgeous, big and muscular. Noah has Red/black hair, tan skin, jade-grey eyes.
Title: Noah is the Demon King
Family: Noah’s sister is Legna, but both his parents died tragically.
Quote: “Destiny has chosen Fire for me. I am the lava that pulses deep in the Earth’s core, the conflagration that burns away the old so that the new might born in its wake. I am that which boils and seethes and is volatile and explosive. I am the wrath of the sun, the manipulator of all energies. Fire burns in me and for me, and She is all that I am.”

Name: Kestra
Book: Noah (Nightwalkers #5)
Race: Human/Druid
Mate: Noah
Appearance: Bright icy blue eyes and long dead straight white blonde hair. A feminine but sleekly muscled body.
Profession: Kestra is a mercenary.

Name: Adam
Book: Adam (Nightwalkers #6)
Mate: Jasmine
Nightwalker Species: Water Demon
Appearance: Black curly hair, pale jade eyes, golden skinned with more muscles the you can shake a stick at.
Family: Is Jacob and Kane’s big brother, he used to be Enfocer until he disappeared…
Disappearance: 400 years ago he disappeared and hadn’t been seen again, until he arrives at an opportune moment

Name: Jasmine
Book: Adam (Nightwalkers #6)
Mate: Adam
Nightwalkers Species: Vampire
Appearance: Pale skin, slim, long dark/black curly hair, mink brown eyes.
Friends: Is best friends with Damien, Prince of the Vampires and is his right hand woman.

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  1. Love this post!!! Enjoyed how all the characters are introduced & even pics of them!!! Can’t wait to read this series!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!! 🙂