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Wanna know a secret? Okay, well maybe it’s not so much of a secret because she is our Author of the Month, but we all have a girl crush on New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Gena Showalter! Gena has written multiple series of various genres. I mean, really the woman does it all! But perhaps her most well-known series is her Lord of the Underworld series! Gena has released seven books already in this massively popular series where the next installment The Darkest Surrender, will be released this upcoming September! Do you know what that means? You have all of this month to read the first seven books if you haven’t already!

Lord of the Underworld fans, we hope you enjoy what we have put together for this edition of Reading on the Dark Side! Enjoy!

Name: Maddox 
Book: The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld #1)
Mate: Ashlyn Darrow
Appearance: Black hair and violet eyes. Savagely beautiful, Cooper skin and big muscular body *drools*
Demon: Keeper of Violence
Where can I find the butterfly: Bright red covering his whole back.
Fascinating Fact: Every midnight he is murdered by Reyes and taken to Hell by Lucian and brought back the next morning for it to happen all over again the next day.
Who’s Harem: SUZANNE’S!
Quote: Every night death came, slowly, painfully, and every morning Maddox awoke in bed, knowing he’d have to die again later. That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment.

Name: Ashlyn Darrow 
Book: The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld #1)
Mate: Maddox Keeper of Violence
Appearance: She is honey coloured and golden all over. Long golden hair, honey coloured skin and amber eyes with a soft curvy body.
Supernatural Abilities: She hears voices, but not in a “Quick! Call the men with the straitjackets way!” But in whatever spot she happens to be in she can hear any conversations that have ever taken place there
Quote: ”Run. Go back to the city. Now!” “No,” she said with only a slightest tremble. Only a fool ran from heaven-even if that piece of heaven possessed a transparent face straight from hell. 

Name: Lucien 
Book: The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld #2)
Mate: Anya
Appearance: As Anya says…”Deliciously scarred, irresistibly stoic…” He also has one blue eye and one brown eye, dark hair and 6 ft 6 of muscle
Demon: Keeper of Death
Death’s Demands: Being Death’s keeper isn’t an easy task, it comes with a full time job. Lucian has to escort souls to either hell or heaven depending if they have been good boys or girls.
Where can I find the butterfly: His butterfly is black and on his chest on his left shoulder
Quote: …contradictions tantalized her, and Lucian had so very many. He was scarred but not broken, kind but unbending. He was a calm, by-the-book immortal, not blood-hungry as Cronus claimed. He was possessed by an evil spirit, yet he never deviated from his own personal code of honour. He dealt with death every day, every night, yet he fought to live. Fascinating.

Name: Anya 
Book: The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld #2)
Mate: Lucian Keeper of Death
Appearance: Tall with long white-blonde hair, blue eyes, with sun kissed skin and very beautiful
Sweet Tooth: She loves strawberry and cream lollipops
Goddess of…: Anarchy, daughter of Lawlessness and dealer of disorder.
Curses: Anya had a curse put on her by Themis the Greek Goddess of Justice so that the she will be bound to the first man that penetrates her, no matter what he does to her she will be eternally devoted to him.
Quote: ”Like I’m going to obey you. You aren’t my daddy. Unless you want to be. ‘Cause I’ve been a bad, naughty girl and I need a spanking.”

Name: Reyes 
Book: The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3)
Mate: Dannika Ford
Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, honey and chocolate coloured skin, 6’5” tall and muscle bound. Always covered in self-inflicted cuts and bruises and armed to the back teeth.
Demon: Keeper of Pain
Demon Upkeep: To keep his demon happy and to stop him going on a rampage of pain and death Reyes has to satisfy his demon’s urge for pain by hurting himself, any pleasure he feels turn to excruciating pain.
Where can I find the butterfly: On his chest and up his neck
Quote: “I have to know”
“What? What do you have to know?”
“What you taste like.” Another step.
“What happens when you know?” she rasped.
“I stop wondering. Stop dreaming of you every night, thinking of you every minute of every day,” Another step closer “I think you wonder, too. I think you dream of me and wonder. You hate yourself for it. You hate me for it, but you cannot stop.”

Who’s Harem: FRAN’S!

Name: Danika Ford 
Book: The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3)
Mate: Reyes Keeper of Pain
Appearance: Sun kissed skin, blonde hair, green eyes.
Power: She can access both heaven and hell in spirit form making her the perfect spy for either side…
Profession: She is an artist and she pains her visions of heaven and hell.
Quote: ”I did come here to find a woman,” he said
Danika bit the inside of her cheek, blood filling her mouth.
“I found one,” he added.
Motherfucker! The curse echoed through her mind, white hot, searing. “I’m so glad,” she gritted out. “I hope you two had a fun time.”
I hope she gave you an STD and you both die from it!

Name: Sabin 
Book: The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld #4)
Mate: Gwendolyn the Timid
Appearance: Brown hair, brandy coloured eyes, rough-hewn yet boyish face
Demon: Keeper of Doubt
The Demon: Sabin’s demon, as the suggests, makes people doubt themselves, so much so that people have been known to kill themselves after Doubt has been whispering in their ear.
Where can I find the butterfly: It is violet and wraps around his rib cage.
Quote: “I’ve never cheated on a lover. I’m faithful, always. But the war comes before anyone’s feelings. Every time.”
Wow. Battle before love. Without a doubt, he was the most unromantic male she’d ever met. Even more so than her great-grandfather, who had laughingly burned her great-grandmother to death after she’d given birth to Gwen’s grandmother

Name: Gwendolyn the Timid
Book: The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld #4)
Consort: Sabin Keeper of Doubt
Appearance: Long curly blonde and ruby coloured hair, grey eyes, petite.
If she were a superhero…: She would by the Incredible Hulk, she doesn’t go green or anything but man you do NOT wanna get this girl angry!
Family: She has three harpy sister of which she is the youngest. They are Bianka, Kaia and Taliyah. Her mother doesn’t speak to her as she is too soft and blames it on her father’s angel blood.
Species: Half Harpy, Half ???? You will have to read and find out!
Quote: She had him pinned to a tree, and there was nothing he could do to escape. He was hers. Hers, hers, hers to do with as she pleased. And right now, she wanted him naked.

Name: Aeron
Book: The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld #5)
Mate: Olivia
Appearance: Violet eyes and cropped brown hair. Has black gossamer wing that sprout from his back. Body is covered in tattoos and he has his eyebrows pierced
Demon: Keeper of Wrath
Feel the Wrath: When Wrath sees someone he see all the sins they have committed and his demon demands that he punishes them in kind, so a wife beater gets beaten to death, a child molester gets his dick chopped of etc complete Old Testament!
Minions: He has picked up a demon called Legion in The Darkest Pleasure that he loves as a daughter and he spoils and treats like a princess, including the tiaras, how she feels about him though is a little different…
Where can I find the butterfly: Centre of his back
Tattoo me a Tale: Aeron’s butterfly tat may not show up as well as the other Lords, mainly cos he is covered with them, each tattoo being a gruesome tale of deeds he has performed.

Name: Olivia 
Book: The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld #5)
Mate: Aeron Keeper of Wrath
Appearance: Long wavy chocolate coloured hair, pale skin, sky blue eyes and curvy body
Heavenly Delight: Yep she is an Angel, a joy bringer! An Angel and a Demon surely that would never work!
Quote: “I watched you, “ she continued “ as as those around you, and I …ached. I wanted you, and I wanted what they had- freedom and love and fun. I wanted to play I wanted to kiss and to touch. I wanted joy of my own.” Her gaze met his, bleak, broken. “In the end, I had a choice. Fall…or kill you. I decided to fall. So here I am. Yours”

Name: Gideon 
Book: The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)
Mate: Scarlett Keeper of Nightmare
Appearance: Normally black hair but he has dyed it bright blue, the same colour as his kohl rimmed eyes, tattooed and pierced totally rocking the Goth look.
Demon: Keeper of Lies
Demon Maintenance: He is unable to tell the truth or it causes him complete pain and agony, everything he says is a lie, he has developed a system so that he is able to communicate with the Lords.
Where can I find the butterfly: On his right thigh
Quote: Mini Me, his most beloved appendage, started weeping, and the twins begging uncaring about potential loss. Not gonna happen, men. Not yet at least. She’d resisted him more intensely then he’s expected. Not that he’d tried very hard. Hard. Ha. (I could have gone for a different more serious, character building quote blah blah blah but that one ALWAYS makes me giggle!)

Name: Scarlet 
Book: The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld #6)
Mate: Gideon Keeper of Lies
Appearance: Inky black hair, pale skin and a sensual body and dark eyes.
Demon: Keeper of Nightmares
Parents: Her mother is Rhea the Queen of the Titans, but her father is not Cronus Rhea’s husband!
Jail Time: Scarlet was born in Tartarus and raised there by her mother and her aunt; this is where she first met Gideon as he was one of her prison guards and then later…her husband.
Where can I find the butterfly: On her thighs lots of different jewel tones.
Quote: “Well I’ve been calling myself Scarlet Pattinson for several weeks. Have you seen Robert Pattinson? Hottest. Man. Ever. And no, I don’t care if that makes me a cougar. He sings with the voice of an angel. Gods, I love when a man sings to me. You never did because your voice is terrible.” She shuddered in distaste. “I swear, it’s like a demon running its claws over brimstone.”

Name: Amun 
Book: The Darkest Secret (Lords of the Underworld #7)
Mate: Haidee
Appearance: Dark brown hair and dark eyes, brown skin 6’6” tall and muscular.
Demon: Keeper of Secrets
Strong & Silent: Amun’s demon can sense everyone’s secrets and he can hear what other people are thinking. He doesn’t talk as if he does he starts spilling the millions of secrets that he has heard. He is also the Lord the Hunters know least aout as everytime they try and take a photo it blurs and everytime someone trys to sketch him they just end up with scribbles.
Where can I find the butterfly: His right calf

Name: Haidee Alexander 
Book: The Darkest Secret (Lords of the Underworld #7)
Mate: Amun Keeper of Secrets
Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair with pink streaks, has one eyebrow pierced and pearl grey eyes.
Lost lifes: Haidee keeps being reincarnated each time she dies but only keeps the memories of all the horrific things that have happened in her previous lifes. WARNING! BIG SPOILER! In one of her many previous lives she was called Hadiee and acted as Bait for Baden Keeper of Distrust and succeeded in murdering him.
Demon: Hmmmm you will have to wait and see!

Name: Bianka Skyhawk
Book: The Darkest Angel in the anthology Dark Beginnings (Lords of the Underworld #4.5)
Mate: Lysander
Appearance: Long black hair and amber eyes and the captivating pearly skin of a harpy.
Race: Harpy
Favourite Sport: Oil Wrestling!!!
Quotes: She would seduce him-and then she would slice his heart in two. A symbolic gesture, really. An inside joke between them. Well for herself. He might not get it.

Name: Lysander
Book: The Darkest Angel in the anthology Dark Beginnings (Lords of the Underworld #4.5)
Mate: Bianka
Appearance: Has golden wings, blonde hair, dark eyes and golden skin.
Race: Archangel- One of the Elite Seven
Quote: The right way was of course, his way.

Name: Strider
Book: The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld #8)
Mate: Kaia
Appearance: Completely gorgeous with blonde hair and blue eyes
Demon: Keeper of Defeat
Keeping Score: As Keeper of Defeat Strider has to win at everything he does; if he ever loses a challenge then he is struck with debilitating pain.
Favourite Sweet: Red Hots
Where can I find the butterfly: Left Hip
Quote: He’d never hated himself. If anything, he’d always liked himself a little too much. Once, a human female had even accused him of picturing his own face while he climaxed. He hadn’t denied it, either, and next time he’d slept with her, he’d made sure to scream, “Strider” at the pivotal moment.

Name: Kaia 
Book: The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld #8)
Mate: Strider
Appearance: Long red hair, amber grey eyes, petite but curvy,
Race: Harpy
Harpy Trivia: A harpy can only eat and drink what she steals, if she is given food freely it will make her sick
Family: Her sisters are Gwen, Bianka and Taliyah.
Quote: “I cannot kill him,” she muttered to herself, “I cannot kill him. I promised Bianka I’d stop at ten bodies a day, and I’ve already surpassed my quota for the fifth day in a row. I cannot kill him.”

Name: Paris
Book: The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9- tentative release date April 2012)
Mate: We have our idea SIENNA! But we don’t know yet!
Appearance: Beautiful pale skin, bright blue eyes and dark hair with lots of shades of brown and black, he is the most beautiful of all the Lords. Tallest of the Lords at 6’8”.
Demon: Keeper of Promiscuity
Weakness: He needs sex frequently otherwise he gets weaker and weaker. But he can’t have sex with the same woman twice.
Current Addictions: Since Sienna died he has been indulging a little too frequently in Ambrosia and alcohol and is reluctant to have sex with anyone, see above for why that is baaad news!
Where can I find the butterfly: Lower back

Name: Sienna
Book: The Darkest Seduction- probably! (Lords of the Underworld #9- tentative release date April 2012) but first appeared in The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld #2)
Mate: I am hoping Paris, but really we have no idea!
Appearance: Large hazel eyes, freckled skin, wavy brown hair, very slim.
Demon: BIG SPOILER The new Keeper of Wrath
Profession: She used to work for the Hunters but after a really really bad day she has ended up with Cronus in Olympus where he has some horrible things planned for her.
Famous Last Words: “Paris,” she gasped. “I should…have…killed you.”

Name: Kane
Book: First appears in The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld #1) he is getting his own book after The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9) but we don’t know!
Mate: NO IDEA! But he is after Paris in The Darkest Seduction.
Appearance: Hazel eyes, hair a yummy mix of brown black and gold about 6’4”.
Demon: Keeper of Disaster
Where can I find the butterfly: Right hip
Quote: “The lamp tipped over, nailing Kane in the head.
Sabin shook his head. The man was a walking disaster Literally. Whenever Kane stepped into a room, things went to hell pretty quickly. Sabin expected the ceiling to cave in any moment. And yea, it had happened before.”

Name: Cameo
Book: First appears in The Darkest Night
Mate: Who knows?! She once had a human lover…before Hunters killed him.
Appearance: Petite, with silver eyes and dark hair.
Demon: Keeper of Misery
Where can I find the butterfly: Lower back wings spread to both hips.
Quote: “What do you want?” Cameo asked. Dear gods, the agony. Listening to her was like sinking into a nightmare.

Name: Torin
Book: First appears in The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld #1)
Mate: NO IDEA!!
Appearance: Silver hair in waves to his shoulders, green eyes, black eyebrows
Demon: Keeper of Disease
No Touching Please: As the keeper of Disease he Torin is unable to touch anyone with out giving them a deadly and contagious disease. He hasn’t touched a single human being in 100s of years…
Where can I find the butterfly: Stomach
Who’s Harem: ANNIE’S
Quote: He practically glowed with irreverence, and there was an unholy gleam in his green eyes that proclaimed he would laugh in your face while cutting out your heart. Or laugh in your face while you cut out his heart.

Name: William
Book: First appears in The Darkest Kiss but hasn’t had his own book…yet!
Mate: We are hoping Gilly once she has grown up a little! But are thinking maybe GENA is now William’s One True Love!
Appearance: Very hot, and he knows it! Black hair, blue eyes, tanned skin with perfect features and a hot leanly muscled body.
The Curse: Everyone knows the William is cursed and that it is because of a woman, it is all written in a book, a book that Anya has stolen from him and won’t give him back, no matter how much he begs!
Race: Some kind of immortal you will have to read more to find out more, I would hate to spoil!
Quote: “I’m William, but you can call me Sexy. Everyone does.”

Name: Gilly
Book: She appears from The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3)
Mate: We know who we want it to be, but she is still too young.
Appearance: Dark straight hair and golden skin, big brown eyes average height and curvy body.
Race & Age: Human and only 17 years old at the moment
Past: She is a runaway who met Danika whilst she was in hiding. Has a horrible history of abuse with from her step dad and her mother but is now under the care of the Lord.


Name: Legion
Book: First appears in The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld #3) when Aeron needs her.
Mate: No idea, not even sure if she has one!
Appearance: When a demon she is small, bald with green scales and ruby red eyes, looks good in a tiara. When she is transformed a blonde busty babe!
Race: A minor demon from hell.
Quote: Legion hissed like a startled cat, the noise scraping at Reyes’s skin. “Me no boy. You think me a boy?”
Everyone stopped, stared. Even Aeron.
Reyes was the first to find his voice. “You’re a…girl?”
A nod. “Me pretty.” 

“Yes, you are.” Reyes exchanged a glance with Lucien. “Beautiful.”

Name: Cronus
Book: First appears in The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld #1)
Mate: Is married to Rhea
Appearance: At the beginning of the series he starts off as an old man with white hair and beard but as the series progresses he gets younger and looks like a blonde surfer dude.
Demon: Ahhhh you will have to read and find out!
His Godliness: He is the king of the Titans, after getting free of Tarturus he know rules Olympus and has put the Greek gods in prison.
Quote: “Fail to heed my command, and you and all those you love will suffer.”



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Oh, dang, dayum…
Can’t stop drooling at this post *sluurp*
Since there some Lords that not included to anyone harem, how if I take Lucien, Sabin and William to mine? lol
And not fans of Kane, but those fantasy cast of Kane, I can change my mind about him later :))


Dizzayam!! I love these picks for the Lords(and their mates)…One of my all time favorite series!!!

I will def take Paris, Lucien, Reyes and my personal fav Aeron!!! Oh and Gideon too!! All of them are ideal cum to think of it:)

Kane’s ok…but I have a prob with shit falling on me when we bone…LOL!


hot choices!!
i wanna keep Kane and Strider for myself;)

GFC-Janhvi Jagtap

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Ashlyn D.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ashlyn D.

Oh well unfortunately you typed Danika and Lucien wrong (And Paris’ book will be #9 and not #11) – sorry this comment wasn’t meant to be bad ^^
But the post is gorgeous, thank you so much.
Of course Maddox is mine – and you know it *grins*
But I’ve added the buttons to our Roleplay Group-blog, where everyone can find the great Posts of you.

Carrie Butler

A lot of work went into this. Great job! 🙂

OMG! Simon Baker IS Sabin! This is so awesome, I love it!


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

This is freakin’ fantastic! I think Fran and I are going to rumble over Reyes. He’s MINE!

You just couldn’t help putting Rafaello in this Annie, could ya?


A wonderful wallpaper. And for someone like me that doesn’t have a clue about the LOTU thank you for this.

jackie b central texas

Very nicely done, especially the buttons and the wallpaper to share!


Awesome post. My faves are Aeron, Paris and William (who I hope ends up with Gilly too).

Carol L.

Beautifully done. LOTU are all so sexy and Alpha.
A great post indeed. Thanks for sharing.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Mandy P.

What a great post! You did awesome on this! And thanks for the buttons… I think I’ll take Gideon and of course – William! 🙂
Thank you!!


Amazing post ladies! I stole Gideon’s button for my blog. hee hee but I also added your guys’ blog button to my page as well under More Wicked Blogs. Thanks for this, you all always have great stuff.


We all know how Gena feels about William she really should just write herself in as his heroine when his book comes out besides I think she’s the only one that can keep him in line 😉


I love it when we can have a visual of the characters while we are reading… good job in picking great people 🙂


THIS IS AMAZING! Wow! Good job! I loved the pictures of all the actos and actresses as our dear characters! Thanks for putting up all the info about everyone 🙂

Madame D

This is amazing ladies!!

Eli Yanti

i love gideon, paris and kane lol

great post yam.. yam

Miss Videl

Oooohh… Myyy.. God!! can not close my Mouth when I scrol my Mouse.. hmpffth..

Love William image.. ^^

brandy k

At this time many more books have come out. I love the way this was done , and would love to see it updated. Baden and cameos books are about to be out also.