by Kresley Cole

With Kresley Cole’s unique blend of mouth-wateringly hot alpha heroes, feisty and lethal heroines and exciting story lines, it isn’t surprising that this is a favourite among many. With a menagerie of paranormal creatures like Vampires, Demons and Lykae, her books are always awesome and have us waiting all year in a state of breathless anticipation, craving for next fix of some hot alpha lovin’.

To help pick your favourite hero and heroine here are the profiles of each of her hero and heroines, along with our choices for the perfect Hollywood cast to play them!

Name: Nikolai Wroth
Appearance: Gun metal grey eyes; jet black hair; 6 and half foot tall; battle scared and delicious!
Personality: Intense & controlled…until it comes to his Bride of course!
Race: Vampires, Forbearer. Converted to a vampire on the battlefield with his brothers to be a General in the Forbearer army led by Kristoff.
Bride: Myst the Coveted
Book: The Warlord Wants Forever (novella)
Name: Myst the Coveted
Appearance: Flawless skin, coral pink lips, flame red hair, green eyes; just over 5 Foot
Race: Valkyrie
Tidbit: Can be controlled if someone possesses the gold belly chain she wears.
Fave Quote: “Torture?” she asked with a laugh. “My first piece of information I’ll divulge to you? I wouldn’t recommend trying to torture me. I dislike it and grow sulky under pincers. It’s a fault.”
Mate: Nikolai Wroth
Book: The Warlord Wants Forever (novella) 
Name: Lachlain MacRieve, King of the Lykae Clan
Appearance: Golden eyes, dark brown hair, 6 and a half foot tall
Race: Lykae
Knicker Removing Quote: “Never run from one such as me. You will no’ get away. And we like it.” (said in a delicious Scottish accent)
Personality: Possessive and tortured.
Tidbit: Lachlain was captured by Horde vampires and tortured for 150 years with fire that never burnt out.
Mate: Emmaline
Book: A Hunger Like No Other
Name: Emmaline Troy the Timid, later her monika is Of the Three, the King Killer, the Unlikely
Appearance: long pale blonde hair, sky blue eyes, pale alabaster skin,
Race: Half Valkyrie, Half Vampire
Parentage: Her mother is Helen of Troy and her father is Demestriu the King of the Horde.
Personality: Sweet, but fearful, until a certain Lykae comes her way.
Mate: Lachlain MacRieve King of the Lykae
Book: A Hunger Like No Other
Name: Sebastian Wroth
Appearance: stormy grey eyes, black hair, 6 half foot tall
Race: Vampire
Bride: Kaderin the Coldhearted, or as he calls her Katja
Family: Sebastian has three brother Nikolai and Murdoch who are with the Forbearers and turned him into a Vampire against his will and Conrad, who has been missing since soon after his forced turning.

Personality: Intelligent and delightfully awkward.

Fave Quote: She was injured worse than he’d ever seen. The sand around her was dark. It was blood…everywhere.
“My God, why didn’t you say something?” he roared, furious again.
“Oh, pardon me for bleeding,” she muttered when she saw his eyes glued to her legs. Don’t want to whet your appetite.”
“You can be so coarse sometimes, wife.”
“Not your sodding wife.”

Book: No Rest for the Wicked.

Name: Kaderin the Coldhearted
Appearance: White blonde curly hair, coffee brown eyes, golden skin, petite
Race: Valkyrie
Mate: Sebastian Wroth
Family: Kaderin has two sisters, but they were both killed by Horde vampires, she couldn’t bare the grief so she pleaded with the Gods to make her stop feeling…a wish they granted, as Kaderin no longer feels any emotion.
Personality: It’s all in the name; cold hearted, but for how long!?
Book: No Rest for the Wicked
Name: Bowen MacRieve
Appearance: Straight collar length black hair, warm amber eyes, tall rangy build
Race: Lykae
Mate: Mariketa the Awaited
Tidbit: Bowe entered the Talisman Hie so he could win Thranes Key, an artefact that allows you to travel to the past, so that he could find his mate Mariah.
Personality: Bitter and wily
Book: Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night
Name: Mariketa the Awaited

Appearance: Red hair, grey eyes, pointed fey ears, pale skin, curvy body
Race: Witch, a rare 5 caste witch (warrior, healer, conjurer, enchantress & seeress)
Mate: Bowen MacRieve
Personality: Fun loving but insecure about her powers.
Phobias: Insects and heights
Power: Mari’s power is based on adrenalin and she has trouble harnessing and controlling it.
Book: Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night 

Name: Conrad Wroth
Appearance: Black hair, red eyes mad from blood lust, large and muscular.
Race: Vampire
Family: His brothers are Nikolai, Murdoch and Sebastian Wroth. Nikolai and Murdoch changed him against his will and he has hated them ever since.
Affilations: When human he was part of a monastic order that hunted vampires called the Kapsliga Uur.
Personality: Crazy and murderous after centuries of drinking powerful and evil member of the Lore to death, he now has trouble distinguishing his thoughts from the voices in his mind.
Bride: Neomi Laress
Book: Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge
Name: Neomi Laress

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, stuck forever in the black cocktail dress that she was murdered in
Race: Ghost/Phantom
Occupation: Used to be a ballerina before she was savagely murdered by her ex-fiancé at her home Ellancourt on the debut night of her new ballet.
Mate: Conrad Wroth
Quote: “Bonjour! From le spectre!”

Book: Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge

Name: Cadeon Woede The Kingmaker
Appearance: Intense green eyes, tawny hair, shell coloured horns that sweep back along his head.
Race: Rage demon
Family: His brother Rydstrom together they are called “The Woede”, he believes that he cost his brother the throne to their kingdom Rothkalina and Cade would do anything to win it back
Mate: Holly Aswin
Quote: “Gods, I love it when you talk mathy to me.”

Book: Dark Desires After Dusk

Name: Holly Ashwin

Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair, wears glasses and has violet eyes, likes to wear pencil skirts unaware of how sexy they make her look
Race: Valkyrie, thought she was human until she was kidnapped by demons.
Eccentricities: Has OCD and like things in threes, complete neat freak.
Occupation: A Math’s PhD is working on a new computer security programme that attacks viruses.
Mate: Cadeon Woede
Book: Dark Desires After Dusk

Name: Rydstrom Woede, King of the Rage Demons

Appearance: Almost 7 foot, green eyes, large scar on his face, black as night hair, shell coloured horns with the end broken of one
Race: Rage demon
Being King: Would do anything to get his crown and kingdom back from Omort the Deathless.
Mate: Sabine
Personality: Selfless and rational with some deep dark fantasies.
Quote: “That sorceress may be an evil bitch, but she is my evil bitch. And I’ll have no other.”

Book: Kiss of a Demon King

Name: Sabine, Queen of Illusion

Appearance: Long red hair, dark eyes
Race: Sorceri
Mate: Rydstrom Woede
Personality: Wicked and ambitious
Powers: As Queen of Illusions, she can create life like illusions that seamlessly blend with real life, but only if her hands are free.
Girl Power Quote: “You leave me tied up like a dog? Then you had better remember that this bitch bites!”
Book: Kiss of a Demon King

Name: Murdoch Wroth

Appearance: Dark brown hair and grey eyes
Race: Vampire, Forebearer
Personality: Charming
Family: Second eldest Wroth brother
Bride: Daniela the Ice Maiden
Book: Untouchable in the anthology Deep Kiss of Winter

Name: Daniela the Ice Maiden

Appearance: Pale blonde hair and blue eyes with freezing cold skin
Tidbit: Cannot be touched by anyone without feeling extreme pain due to her freezing skin.
Race: Part Valkyrie, Part Ice Fey
Mate: Murdoch Wroth
Book: Untouchable in the anthology Deep Kiss of Winter

Name: Garreth MacRieve

Appearance: Golden eyes, cleft chin, tan, tick rich dark hair, tall and muscular
Race: Lykae, brother of Lachlain and Prince of the Lykae
Mate: Lucia the Huntress
Nickname: Was named the Dark Prince for his wild ways when he was younger
Quote: MacReive carved arrows for her new quiver. With that sly look, he said, “If I canna fill your quiver in one way, I will in another.”

Book: Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Name:Lucia the Huntress
Appearance: Whisky coloured eyes, pink lips, petite, golden skin, curvy, long dark hair
Race: Valkyrie
Friends: BBF’s with Regin the Radiant
Skills: Lucia is an unparalleled archer, blessed by the goddess Skathi, she never misses a shot or she feels extreme pain in exchange she must remain celibate.
Mate: Garreth MacRieve
Book: Pleasure of a Dark Prince
Name: Malkom Slaine

ppearance: Nearly 7 ft tall, horn curve along his ears, has upper and lower fangs, extremely muscular, light blue eyes, dark blonde hair, pierced down south *drools*
Race: Vemon, a demon turned to a vampire
Childhood: As a child he was sold to vampires and kept as a blood slave, until he became to old for their…tastes and was thrown on the streets.
Personality: Savage and untamed, likes to decorate his cave with severed heads.
Mate: Carrow Graie
Book: Demon from the Dark

Name: Carrow Graie

Appearance: Black hair, pale skin, emerald green eyes
Race: Witch, a three caste witch specializing as a warrior
Personality: Fun loving her powers feed of happiness.
Friends: Best friends was Mariketa the Awaited, but her family ignore her and treat her coldly
Mate: Malkom Slaine
Book: Demon from the Dark

Name:Declan Chase aka Aidan the Fierce
Appearance: Wintery grey eyes, black hair and has scars all over his body
Past Lifes: Originally Aidan the Fierce, he keeps being reincarnated, brought back by his love for Regin.
Occupation: Magister of The Order, an organization that believe that Loreans want to take over the world, he is an expert and capturing and torturing paranormal being.
Personality: Intense and tortured, drug addict, was addicted heroin when he was teenager now addicted to his “medicine”
Race: Berserker
Mate: Regin the Radiant
Book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior
Name: Regin the Radiant

Appearance: Amber eyes, golden hair, and golden skin that glows
Race: Valkyrie, last of the Radiant Ones
Personality: Brash and immature love to play pranks on people.
Lovers: Her only lovers have been Aidan and his reincarnations. Has witnessed each one of them die soon after taking them as lovers.
Quote: “I need some assistance.” When they slowed agog, she’d purred. “Can one of you help me find my orgasm?”

Mate: Declan Chase aka Aidan the Fierce
Book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior


Name: Nix the Ever-Knowing

Appearance: Long black hair, crazy amber eyes
Race: Valkyrie, the oldest living Valkyrie
Nickname: Nucking Futs Nix, Proto-Valkyrie
Powers: Is a soothsayer and sees the future, but dreads seeing another Valkryies death.
Personality: Insane from constantly seeing the future, can see the future more clearly then the present.
Quote: “I’m actively involved in steering the lives of thousands of beings. Which directly affects hundred of thousands, which indirectly affects millions, with a ripple effect reaching billions. If someone said ‘It ain’t easy being Nixie’, I wouldn’t call him a liar.”  

Mate: Unknown
Book: Unknown 




Name: Lothaire the Enemy of Old
Appearance: Blonde hair, pink eyes
Race: Horde Vampire
Hobbies: Killing Valkyries
State of Mind: A little insane but seems mostly lucid as he is careful over who he drinks. Like Nix he can predict peoples actions, although not through soothsaying but by knowing their reactions.
Mate: The End Game, whoever that is!
Book: Immortals After Dark #12 (including novellas)



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