Sydney Croft, the author of the hot and sizzling series called ACRO is actually a team of talented authors named Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione. Putting their heads together, Tyler and Ione have written a world that we would love to live in where supernaural powers may be a good thing and everyone has their secrets. Blending the perfect amount of hot sex and suspense, Sydney Croft knows just what it takes to keep you reading late into the night.

Take a moment to read what Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione had to say about the ACRO series…

Ah, the ACRO series. I have so many fond memories of writing these books with Larissa, I can’t even begin to tell you. When we work together, the words just fly, the stories come together and we have a blast. But probably more so in the very early days, before either of us actually had books on the shelves and didn’t have much to worry about beyond the actual joy of the writing. I’d never trade being published, but there’s something very freeing about writing those first books.

You’ll often see me and Larissa mentioning that Unleashing the Storm is our favorite book, and it really is. I mean, we love all the books and the characters, but every once in a while, a book rolls along that is just so completely easy to write, it literally writes itself. Unleashing did just that. I told her while we were plotting out the series that I wanted an alpha male who was a total asshole to everyone, and who didn’t change when he fell in love. That the woman who loved him back would get to see his gentler side but that he wouldn’t magically be nice to all.

Ender definitely fits that bill.

I think one of my favorite scenes is early on, when Ender goes out running and returns to find Kira is in the barn sitting on the hay. Such a perfect, sexy and simple moment. That book is about so much more than the sex and I love it when readers get that, see that the relationship grows with each sex scene – that it means something until it’s no longer just sex, but making love between Kira and Ender.

~ Stephanie Tyler

I think my favorite characters are also popular favorites with readers — Creed and Annika, and Dev. Those three really took over the series and played such crucial roles. Creed and Dev were the anchors in the series, with Dev anchoring ACRO, and Creed anchoring Annika. Annika was the character who changed the most over the course of the six books, and watching her grow from a strong, cold warrior to a strong, caring woman was a lot of fun. Stephanie and I both enjoyed writing these characters!

~ Larissa Ione

ACRO Operative: Devlin O’Malley

Occupation: Head of ACRO

Skill: Psychic, possess extreme Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) capabilities

Occupational Status: Devlin realizes that putting himself in compromising mission positions is not in ACRO’s best interest, yet is fully capable and prepared to go on mission if necessary.

Notes: Devlin’s parents initiated ACRO after the Stargate program disbanded. Devlin chose to go into the Air Force rather than work at the agency. Devlin lost his sight during a rescue mission and moved to NASA until finally resigning his commission and taking the helm of ACRO after his parents were assassinated.

Why we love him: As head of ACRO, he is one of the key players throughout the series, but he has do deal with a lot of personal developments, catch a spy in his organization, lose the love of his life and learn to trust others. You can’t help but go through all the ups and downs in his life with him. Be happy with him, be turned on by him and cry for him!

Favorite sex scene: RAWR Dev is just so amazingly dominating, a true Alpha in human clothing! There are just too many to chose from, but lets just say he has an ability for making you melt and just want to hang on for the ride! HE.IS.INTENSE!

Book: All of them

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative Gabe

Potential ACRO Operative: Remy Begnaud

Occupation: Ex-Navy SEAL

Operational Status: classified

Skill: Seems to have a tie to the weather – can control storms to some extent while appearing to be controlled by them. Potential for worldwide destruction if urges are not contained and if subject cannot be taught to control said urges. Potential for kidnapping by hostile agencies is too high to be disregarded – subject must be brought in immediately to ACRO’s fold.

Why we love him: He’s never been able to understand his powers, or as he sees it, his curse. He has been forced to live away from others, dealing with the prejudice for what they don’t understand. Being able to control the weather has ruined his life up to now. Sweet and sexy!

Favorite sex scene: A lot of hot scenes in the swamps of LA. You will need an ice cold shower after reading this one! This sexy cajun definitely knows how to use his body for a woman’s pleasure! I think my favorite scenes are at the beginning of the book, especially one outside, in the rain, by a tree, or inside his house, in the shower. Just raw and very erotic!

Book: Riding the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative Haley Holmes


ACRO Operative: Haley Holmes

Occupation: ACRO parameteorologist.

Background: Former Air Force meteorologist. Worked as a meteorologist investigating unusual weather phenomenon for private weather companies after leaving military. Parents deceased. No siblings. Self-described workaholic.

Operational Status: Non-field operative.

Lucky girl: She is sent to recruit Remy as an ACRO operative and due to her parameteorologist background, she can measure Remy’s control on the weather. Now just because his power is directly tied to him being aroused and having sex, well, that’s just a little job perk!

Book: Riding the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: Potential ACRO Operative: Remy Begnaud

ACRO Operative: Creed McCabe

Skill: Spirit whisperer / Medium

Operational Status: Fully operational

Notes: Adopted son of ACRO Ghost Hunters Dave and Martha McCabe. Found abandoned in a cave supposedly haunted by the Bell Witch in Tennessee. Born with tattoos covering the entire right side of body, head to toe. Since birth, had been followed by a spirit named Quaty, who is believed to be a direct descendant of the Bell Witch.

Appearance: He’s 29 years old, usually dressed in head-to-toe black leather, black T-shirt; with a tattoo that swirls around his right eye and cheek and disappears beneath his collar nearly glowing against his tanned skin, and winds around his right thigh and buttock, down his calf and across his foot; pierced tongue, eyebrow, ears and nipples.

Why we love him: First, see above. The tats, the piercings, his persona! The fact that he rides a bike all dressed in leather…OK I’ll stop salivating now.

Favorite sex scene: Anytime this guy gets naked and sweaty is worth mentioning, so I won’t pick just one!

Happily-Ever-After: Francesca of course, and she’s very possessive of him ladies!! But she shares him with ACRO Operative: Annika Svenson

Book: All of them!

ACRO Operative: Annika Svenson

Background: Born to Swedish parents. Kidnapped at the age of two by the CIA. Mother was murdered. Father unknown, whereabouts unknown. Was raised by CIA couple posing as her parents. Goal: To turn Annika into the world’s most effective assassin.

Goal successful.

At age 16, Annika learned the truth about her past and turned on the CIA, killing nearly everyone who was involved with her abduction. Captured later by ACRO.

Skill: Electricity. Can power up so no living thing can touch her, or she can electrocute at a touch. An expert with all weapons and fighting techniques.

Everyone has a kryptonite. Creed is hers.

Why we love her: She’s one of my favorite characters in this series, and maybe one of my favorite female heroines! She is tough as hell, great at her job, she’s been through so much in her life and is slowly opening up and letting others in. Allowing them to love her and for her to love them back. And of course she has Creed (no, I’m not bitter) and she’s Dev’s best friend! Lucky, lucky girl!

Favorite sex scene: She was a virgin before Creed because she would run an electric current into any guy she touched, so I liked her first time AND the first time she goes down on my hot ghost hunter and we learn all about how low the tats really go *among other things* with him leaning against a wall…

Book: All of them!

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative: Creed McCabe

Potential ACRO Operative: Kira Donovan (alias)

Occupation: Formerly considered one of the world’s best military and police dog trainers. Currently in hiding, thanks to arrest warrants and botched Itor attempts to kidnap her. Recently located in Idaho, working under the table at a privately-owned animal sanctuary.

Skill: Animal Whisperer – Extraordinarily powerful gift allows for communication with animals on a level not entirely understood by ACRO staff. Exceptional hearing and sense of smell. Suspected of having instincts and physiology more closely resembling an animal’s than a human’s. Case in point: Ms. Donovan goes into a form of “heat” once per year.

Rap Sheet: Known crimes include disorderly conduct at animal rights rallies, theft of caged animals used for fur, and sabotage of laboratory facilities. Suspected of arson (slaughter house fires) and convincing orcas to sink a whaling vessel. Has earned a place on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

Mission priority: Highest. Extremely Urgent. ACRO psychics have determined that Itor is moving to acquire Ms. Donovan. Intel has revealed that Itor may intend to use subject’s unique physiology to create a biological weapon. If successful, the power to kill millions will be at Itor’s fingertips. If unsuccessful, Ms. Donovan could potentially use her gift to harness the loyalty of armies of animals, perhaps insects, to use as weapons. Subject must not be allowed to fall into Itor’s hands.

Notes: Is extremely paranoid and a conspiracy theorist. Distrusts all levels of government and has been uncooperative in the past. No contact with family. Trusts few. Strict vegan.

File Updates From Field Agent:

1. Ms. Donovan claims to be immune to human diseases
2. Subject’s mating needs require seminal fluids from male humans
3. Subject’s mating needs require fluids every four hours
4. Subject must mate or die.

Why we love her: I love her connection to animals!! She is one of the characters that we see do cameos in other books and she is so sweet and caring.

Favorite sex scene: Even though I wasn’t too crazy about her “heat” and needing sex every four hours, there was one scene in the barn, there’s a ladder involved, and it was ohhh so hot! *fans self*

Book: Unleashing the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative: Ender aka Tom Knight

ACRO Operative: Ender aka Tom Knight

Background: Former Delta Force Operative – Specialty: Sniper. Takes, one shot, one kill, to an almost mystical level. Court-martialed and sentenced to life in the brig. His release was bargained for by ACRO.

Skill: Excedosapien – includes lightening fast reflexes, beyond normal eyesight and speed.

Notes: Is so strong-minded that psychics can’t break into his mind unless he lets them, which is sometimes necessary when Operative is in the field.

Notorious for not checking in when on missions.

Eight years of ACRO service – no one has ever been out with him socially and his address is not public knowledge.

Rumors surrounding this operative:
1. He was responsible for the assassination of several political figures. TRUE
2. He killed his entire Delta team – a rumor no one has ever been able to disprove.

Why we love him: This guy can look just as hot being a military type special agent with super-human powers AND as a working cowboy! But most of all, I love that he opened up his “pad” not only to the woman he loves but to the countless strays she brings with her! It’s a zoo!

Favorite sex scene: See referenced barn scene above!!

Book: Unleashing the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: Potential ACRO Operative: Kira Donovan

Former ACRO Agent: Oz

Background: Unknown. No records prior to nineteenth birthday. At nineteen, he first met Devlin O’Malley and began working for ACRO, which was, at the time, under the helm of Devlin’s parents. Subject is difficult to interview.

Skill: Medium with the ability to see and control the worst of the worst of the earthbound spirits.

Notes: Worked at ACRO from the time he was nineteen until age thirty-two. Left ACRO after a disagreement with Devlin O’Malley regarding a highly classified mission.

Current status: whereabouts unknown.

Why we love him: he gives up everything for love, and not just love of his partner, but love of someone else very close and important to him. He is a key player in this series even when he’s not around, and he’s been the source of more than one crying fit I’ve had. He’s intense when he’s around.

Favorite sex scene: Absolutely have to go with a certain threesome that I won’t go into details about because it’s spoilerish, but it was hot and emotional at the same time! Just intense!

Book: Almost all of them.

ACRO Operative: Wyatt Kennedy

Rap Sheet: Ex-Navy SEAL – Recruited for ACRO after accusations that he killed his stepbrother. ACRO changed his name (file deleted.) He is still reported MIA /AWOL from the Navy.

Skill: Telekinesis, combined with a sexual pull ACRO scientists so far failed to explain. Can manipulate inanimate objects outside the body and human sexual responses. Some Psychic Imaging Ability, which, when used, will drain his telekinetic powers.

Notes: Committed to a mental institution from ages 14 – 16 for misunderstood psychic gifts.

Mission Status: Following mission to acquire Remy Begnaud, Wyatt Kennedy disappeared on assignment. Current status – missing, presumed dead.

All that yumminess: Stout-coloured hair which brushes the collar of his tee, green eyes that turn amber when his powers flare up, six foot three inch tall.

Favorite sex scene: There’s no question here. It’s the “hanging off the pipes” scene. That was one hawt scene, I might’ve stopped breathing during the whole thing. And I have heard of a few people that have wanted to change the decor of their bedroom to a more industrial feel just because of it. 😉

Why we love him: After being through so much and having to re-invent himself or as he calls it pretending he finds the one person he feels he can trust and give himself to, only to face the ultimate question… Love or Duty?

Book: Seduced by the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: Head of The Aquarius Group (TAG) Faith Black

Head of The Aquarius Group (TAG): Faith Black

Skills: She’s Biokinetic — a specialized telekinetic with the ability to manipulate living tissue.

Current Affiliation: Her and her partner, with funding from the British government, started up The Aquarius Group, a small, secret agency employing people with special abilities, like herself.

Mission Status: Trying to infiltrate Itor through her ex-lover Sean. She has to get their weather controlling machine to rescue her sister Liberty.

Favorite sex scene: So many good ones to chose from in this book, so how about I go with their first time together, when they’re in the jacuzzi tub while Wyatt turned octopus, hands everywhere and water jets involved.

What endears her to us: Mr. Wiggums! Isn’t it so cute that she was taking that little stuffed animal everywhere with her? She loves, she’s suffered, and she’s betrayed… time and time again.

Book: Seduced by the Storm

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative: Wyatt Kennedy

ACRO Operative: Trance

Mission: Sent to capture/retrieve a HVT (High Value Target) better known as Ulrika

Skills: Excedosapien with great strength.

Origins: From a destroyed family environment, joined the military and was recruited by ACRO who had heard of his “unusual abilities”. ACRO was the first place where he found a home.

Why we love him: He is tough as nails, damaged on the inside, thinks he wants all the control, but doesn’t realize he wants to relinquish it at times. He overcomes a great hurdle in order to be with Rik, probably one of the biggest any of the couples have to face.

Favorite sex scene: I’d have to go with the more romantic and emotional times here, in a way. When Rik gives up control to him and lets him chain her; and the first time they have sex in his home at ACRO Headquarters.

Book: Taming the Fire

Happily-Ever-After: Free Agent Ulrika

Free Agent: Ulrika

Skills: She originally belonged to a small, rare European tribe of theriantroped, people who believe they are animals in human flesh. According to ACRO’s cryptozoologists, therians claimed to shift, spiritually and psychologically but not physically – that could be proven – into their animal.

Status: Currently on the run from Itor Corp. who mutated her powers without her consent making her a powerful shape-shifter who used sex to control the angry beast living inside of her.

Occupation: Current Dom at an underground London club. Prefers to be called Mistress and calls her sub boy.

Failed Mission: She failed to kill Faith Black, head of The Aquarius Group, which led to her escape when ACRO captured her handler.

Lucky girl: Even though she has an raging animal inside of her (Cujo), she meets her match in Trance. He is there to give her support and understanding as well as match all her sexual needs.

Favorite sex scene: Their second BDSM scene at the club, where she has him strapped to a bench and as a reward she brings in Syn (female) and lets him watch as she pleasures her, then while he’s still bound, Syn helps her have her wicked way with Trance… there might have been some spanking involved.

Book: Taming the Fire

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative: Trance

ACRO Operative-in-Training: Gabe

Looks: As best described by Dev, Gabe is take-your-fucking-breath-away good-looking, in a rugged, I’ll-kill-you-if-you-look-at-me-wrong way.

First shows up: As a present, at Dev’s doorstep. Kind of.

Skills: He has the coolest power of them all!!! Invisibility.

Favorite sex scene: A favorite scene for me, not necessarily sex but sexy, is when he turns invisible during a sparring session with Annika while he knows Dev is watching, and during that time he disappears he walks over to Dev and caresses him. But if we’re talking sex, then their first time. When Marlena pretends she’s going to be with Dev and blindfolds him but then leaves and Gabriel takes over.

Why we love him: Behind his bad temper and rebellious nature he is truly in love with Dev and wants to do anything to please him. Anything.

Book: From Taming the Fire on.

Happily-Ever-After: Head of ACRO Devlin O’Malley

ACRO Operative: Ryan Malmstrom

Latest mission: To infiltrate Itor in the hopes of finding who the traitor at ACRO is that’s giving away information to their enemies.

Current status: MIA

Latest problem: His memory was wiped and replaced with images of what Itor wanted him to believe he was and had done. But the only constant in the back of his mind is a woman. Coco

Itor’s current mission for him: To retrieve Ulrika. Which is why the memories they’ve given him are of a sadistic BDSM player that doesn’t care if a woman is consenting or not.

Deviation: He ends up kidnapping his Coco

Skill: He can see through others eyes.

Why we love him: Even though he has no true recollection of his past he fights through the blocks in his mind, and even through the fog he doesn’t lose sight of the woman he wants.

Book: Taming the Fire

Happily-Ever-After: Meg

Meg a.k.a. Coco

Skills: After her and her brother Mose became pets for a big-time criminal as they were trying to rebuild their lives, she has become extremely competent at money laundering and at playing with people’s money and lives.

Latest corporation she’s pissed off: Itor

Target: Although she usually only goes after the bad guys, there was a time five years ago where she thought her target was not, and now he was dead.

Favorite sex scene: Her and Ryan’s first time! And he says to her: “I remember falling in love with you, Meg. And the best part is, I’m doing it all over again, right now.”

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Undercover Agent Ryan

Book: Taming the Fire

Ex-Military and Current Weapons Dealer Logan Mills

Career: Global Weapons Corporation owner’s son and head of the operation in the middle of Amazon jungle.

Major Clients: Currently developing ultimate weapons for Itor Corp.

Special modifications: During his career in the military, Logan was shot and left for dead at the bottom of a ravine for three days. After a group of Marines rescued him, his father had a group of scientists and surgeons at a private facility save his life. He’s been rebuilt with special bioware, his right arm, his legs and part of his brain are not human anymore.

Current Dilemma: After capturing the SEAL who’d been attacked by the “weapon” they had lost, he has to figure out who’s side he should be on, who are the good guys and where his loyalties lay.

Favorite sex scene: When he masturbates in the shower thinking about Sela, while she’s just outside and talking to him.

Book: Tempting the Fire

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative Sela Kahne

ACRO Operative Sela Kahne

Position: Cryptozoologist

How she got the job: By sleeping with Creed and reading his mind (How dare she?!?!)

Her obsession: Chupacabra – Myth No More

Skills: She can see into a man’s mind while he orgasms.

Current mission: Sent to the Amazon after the video feed from a military helmet camera shows a gruesome “beast-like” attack on a unit. There’s one missing guy and she’s sent to bring him back.

Favorite sex scene: She’s a woman of many talents. But two words people: Cave. Sex.

Happily-Ever-After: Logan Mills

Book: Tempting the Fire

Navy SEAL Chance McCormack

Previous Occupation: Military Special Forces – status: MIA

Last Know Location: South America. Brazil. Near the Colombia border.

Possible Abilities: After the attack by some sort of animal, they believe him to be, well, basically El Chupacabras (Goat Sucker) times a million.

Favorite sex scene: On the examining table of the medical tent he was being held at. That first time he scented her and the beast inside him that he didn’t know was there recognized her as his mate.

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Seducer Marlena

Book: Tempting the Fire

ACRO Operative Marlena West

Her curse: She was cursed by her stepsister to fall insanely in love with every man she has sex with, and ensured that no man would love her once that happened. No cure has been found for it.

Her career: She’s been Dev’s secretary and sometimes lover for a long time, but has decided she is ready for a change in roles and wants to be trained as a Seducer.

Current mission: To go with Sela to try and capture the suspected Chupacabras. She is sent as the Seducer to help with his release from captivity.

Target: Logan

Why we love her: She has been there for Dev throughout the years, more so than her role really required and helped him get through a lot of heartaches. She deserves to find her own happiness.

Favorite sex scene: After they realize Chance has bonded with Marlena and he’s deathly sick, she goes back to the medical tent to find him chained down… and at her mercy. But how is it that somehow he has all control even from his position?

Book: Tempting the Fire

Happily-Ever-After: Chance McCormack

ACRO Operative Stryker Wills

Current mission: Sent to kill the woman responsible for killing one of his best friends in front of him, by burning him alive.

Powers: His power is in a way similar to Remy’s but he can control the earth instead. Earthquakes anyone?

Oz’s prediction: You will marry a virgin.

Why we love him: Big. Strong. Loyal. He sees the good in Melanie and protects her even from his own people.

Favorite sex scene: This is definitely the “mile-high” club scene on the plane’s little bathroom. They almost brought down the thing because of his powers flaring!

Book: Taken by Fire

Happily-Ever-After: Melanie Milan

Melanie Milan / Itor Operative Phoebe

Split personality: There are truly two women who share a body. They each have a personality, powers, attitude, memories. They’ve learned to communicate with each other.

Powers: Melanie is ice, Phoebe is fire. Their powers recharge with time or by having sex.

Family: Their father is Alex Kharkov, Head of Itor Corp.

Current work status: Melanie hasn’t been trained for anything and doesn’t know how to control her powers even. However Phoebe has been working with Itor for a while. She has big plans and ambitions in mind.

Favorite sex scene: While Stryker is training her to control her powers and they are at a river. She actually makes a “toy” with her icy power and they create a winter wonderland.

Book: Taken by Fire

Happily-Ever-After: ACRO Operative Stryker Wills


What the readers are saying

Two brilliant writers, Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler, under the pen name of Sydney Croft have created an unforgettable new world known as ACRO! And what an exciting world it is!

Most of us have seen X-men movies and loved the idea of people with supernatural powers used for the better of Humanity. And of course, it wouldn’t be the same without some baddies trying to get the power into their hands to control the world. Although already popular idea, Sydney Croft gives it a completely new approach and story!

I only read the first four books and if someone asked me what would be the best word to describe them, I can only think of one – “scorching”! I can almost feel the passion rolling off of the pages in such powerful blasts that make the books heat up in my hands. And this is not a surprise! We know Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler both know how to write erotica giving us goose bumps and shivers with every new book.

As for the books themselves, I loved that every one of them had its own main story and characters together with all the other subplots so well woven in at the same time! Sometimes they might have felt a little distracting, especially when you are suddenly taken away from the “big” moment. However, even those smaller stories take you somewhere important in the end. I can’t imagine ACRO books without Creed and Annika, Ryan and Meg, and yet their stories developed through all the books.

Full of action, mystery, passion, lust, betrayal, loss, happiness & forgiveness and many other characteristics that make a book great and unputdownable, ACRO series take us on an amazing emotional roller-coaster ride. I was devastated by Oz’ death, I was panting at Faith and Wyatt’s “pipes” scene, I was excited when Dev finally met Gabe and totally intrigued by Trance and Rik’s BDSM behaviour! Those books got to me on so many levels.

My favourites would have to be “Seduced by the Storm” and “Taming the Fire”. I couldn’t get enough of Faith & Wyatt and Rik & Trance. Their passion towards each other completely broke all the rules and logic despite so many differences, dangers and mission objectives. How far they would push themselves to get to each other had me on edge all the time. And I absolutely love that in a book.

After all this it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if I say that I am dying to read the rest of the books and sincerely wish there were more than only two left!

~ Kseniya from GoodReads

While I haven’t yet finished this series, I have thoroughly enjoyed all that I’ve read so far. I love the mix of paranormal, fantastical, X-Men-like characters, in a world that is as equally erotic as it is fascinating. In addition to the main stories featured in each book, Croft also has the most amazing side stories taking place in the background, which are woven throughout the series, and not just in one book. I loved the growth and development of those characters, and I find that I am equally, if not more, interested in them as I am in the main characters of the book I’m reading. My favorite scene is with Faith in Wyatt’s room on the oil platform. You know the one I’m talking about….my favorite in their book, and probably out of the entire series (of what I’ve read so far, which are books 1-4). Wyatt to Faith: “I have to taste more of you. Grab the pipe.” **THUD** Not only does he give her amazing oral pleasure, but follows it up with raw, uninhibited back-against-the-lockers sex that is passionate and owning at the same time. So, yeah, um, that scene was AMAZING! It made me want to redecorate my bedroom from my normal country french design to a contemporary, factory-type setting with exposed piping. 😉

~ Leigh from GoodReads
ACRO is definitely one of my favorite series.  Right now, PNR and Erotic Paranormal is all about vampires and even shifters, so when I discovered this series it was a breath of fresh air!  I think it has the perfect mix of erotica and supernatural, with a superhero twist that we don’t usually see in PNR books.  It’s a unique world, I love the fact that every character has a power (I want Gabes!!!!!) and they each have intense personalities.  ACRO vs Itor works very well for me in the battle of good versus evil and Itor’s world domination plots.  Yes, it does have an X-Men feel to it.  A very X-Rated version of X-Men. 😉  It also has a little bit for all tastes, there’s plenty of alpha males, strong heroines, and even some very hot m/m romance!  I can actually say I’ve cried with more than one of the books in this series, so at the end of the day, it’s about the relationships these characters create, not just about how hot the books are.  From couples to friendships.  But of course, we can’t leave the sex behind… These books are hot, as in you will need a cold shower.  This is one of the most creative series I’ve read in that department.  Every book has another VERY memorable scene that will be forever branded in my memory.  I need to re-read these soon!!  I really wish there were more books in this world, but at the very least, I hope that these two amazing authors can continue writing together, because they do such an amazing job!
 ~ Francesca from Under The Covers


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Credits:  Some of the information used on this post was taken from Sydney Croft’s site so be sure you check it out for more info about ACRO.  We also would like to thank the wonderful girls from GoodReads for helping put this together and of course for making me want to re-read this wonderful series!  I have to say after having to skim through parts of the books to gather my info, now all I can think about it being in the ACRO world again!



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