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Dear Santa,

Considering the fact that I have been super good this year and I hardly ever lie about such things,
I would love a new pair of handcuffs. Mine are missing. I think my new neighbor took them. He
is the son of evil incarnate. Don’t stop at his place. I would also love a T-Shirt that says ‘Reapers
do it with the Dead.’ And since you’ll be here anyway, could you also drop off a year’s supply
of hot chocolate? With marshmallows? And a pair of boxers that say ‘Don’t act like your not

On second thought, if you do happen to stop at my new neighbor’s house, can you grab my cuffs
with said new neighbor in them? You can drop them anywhere.

Oh, and if it will fit in your bag, world peace.

Thanks and happy holidays!
Charley Davidson
(from author Darynda Jones)


Dear Santa,
It has been a great year in the literary world and I must say…from my requests last year you have given me everything on my list.  My family is doing great, my great reads continue, friendship with my UTC gals-even tighter, I’m meeting more and new authors and I got the purse I wanted.  But one thing I always wanted is to attend a big conference.  My goal for the next year is to attend ONE and I should be content.  I ask that you back me up on this.  I know it sounds totally fan girl but I could just imagine being in a room with authors I love…….all in ONE room. *thud*
With love,
~Angela from UTC


Dear Santa,

I have a DELICIOUS cookie for you, but I’m afraid you gonna have to work for it, and before you ask me if I’ve been a good girl, I must ask you, have you been a good boy??? Because if you have been paying attention to my literary endeavors, a good answer would be, “no ma’am, I’ve been a naughty, naughty boy”….And you might just get that cookie after all.

No, but seriously, here are some the things I like to have in 2013:

1- Another hero like JZB, so I can I dream again.

2- Ms. Gabaldon to hurry and publish the final novel of the Outlander series, I think 3 + years of waiting is long enough.

3- Chronicles of  the Warlands  published on audio.

4 -T-h-e- -g-i-r-l-s- -a-t- -U-T-C- -t-o- -f-i-x- -t-h-e- -s-e-a-r-c-h- -w-i-d-g-e-t-… Damn! You work fast….LOL

5- World peace….OK, OK,  I’ll settle for a night with David Gandy (refer to the book Dark Lover for specifics).

And last but not least, for all my family and friends to be healthy and prosperous.

Dreaming of a hard..oops!….White Christmas

Loupe from Hot Listens


Dear Santa,

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, just a few small things I need.  I want Kyle Gilchrist (ONE NIGHT RODEO by Lorelei James) to wake me up like he does Celia.  Then I’ll walk to the Christmas tree and find Kalen Black (BLACK MOON by J.D. Tyler) waiting sitting by the fire all wrapped and pretty waiting for me to unwrap.  Of course, I might’ve been a little naughty this year, so Grant Waters (FALL INTO YOU by Roni Loren) will have to take matters into this own hands to make sure I get the appropriate punishment.  After that, I just want to ride on the back of Deuce West’s bike (UNDENIABLE by Madeline Sheehan).  See?  Not a lot.  And that way you don’t have to decide whether I’ve been naughty or nice. 😉

Blake Shelton's Not-So-Family Christmas - Season 2012


Francesca from UTC


Dear Santa,

Since this letter came via armed messenger—and that messenger now has a gun pressed against your temple—you don’t have to double check to know I’m on the naughty list. You have five seconds to change your mind about my status before yours is deemed code red.  And I’m not talking the color of candy canes. I’ll wait. Good choice. Here’s the deal.  I’m a contract killer, as hardcore as a man can be, and the few friends I have call me “grumpy.”  Truth is, they wouldn’t call me anything if they’d ever come face to face with the beast living inside me.  Oh, yeah.  Did I mention I’m half man, half monster?   Anyway.  There’s this girl.  Vika Lucas.  She’s hot, she’s delicate, she’s deaf.  She’s also my greatest enemy’s daughter.  I want her.  It’s true I threatened to kill her the first time I saw her.  Her dad, the owner of a dark and twisted circus, had just locked me in a cage and placed me in the menagerie as the main attraction.  I was having a bad day.

If you could deliver Vika’s heart by Christmas, that’d be great.

Your friend, Solomon Judah

PS: You do realize I was speaking figuratively about her heart, right?
(from author Gena Showalter)


The breathtaking first novel in New York Times best selling author Gena Showalter’s new paranormal romance series, Otherworld Assassins, featuring a black ops agent who is captured and enslaved…and the beautiful deaf girl who holds the key to his salvation…


Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.


Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test.

One lucky maiden will get a signed copy of
WICKED NIGHTS by Gena Showalter.
Ten winners will be picked to get LAST KISS GOODNIGHT bookmarks.
All you have to do to enter is write a short
Dear Santa letter in the comments on this post.
This giveaway is open internationally.

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Dear Santa,

I would like bigger bookshelves and more free time to read my TBR pile… If you have an oversize Elf (6′ +) I would be happy to give him a good home 🙂

xoxo, Kat

Wren B.

Dear Santa,
I would love for you to bring my husband home for the holidays. I also would lurve to have a date with Ash, Zsadist, Julian and Travis I have some other book boyfriends but that is good for now. Oh and if I could get an unlimited amount of money for books alone would be amazing. Thank you and I hope you are bundled up for the ride and have a cookie or two for me. When you get back be sure to kiss Mrs. Santa.

Carey S.

Dear Santa, I’d love to not be sick this holiday. I have lots of cleaning to do, guests to cook for and all I want to do is crawllllll back in bed and snuggle up with the new Gena Showalter book *huge coughing fit sigh*. I’d also like a few of the author autographs on my list. It seems I never can get to a showing with them *another huge coughing fit sign*. Lastly, I can’t wait for 2013 to come fast enough to see what wonderful books have been made into movies *fingers crossed they don’t get screwed up*.… Read more »


Dear Santa, I’m writing in hopes that you overlook that …*ahem*… small incident earlier this year involving me and a trumped up stalking charge by the UTC gals. I mean, come on… if you didn’t want to be stalked, you wouldn’t ask for it by creating and maintaining a fabulous blog w/ lots and lots of awesome posts w/ my favorite authors. And BTW, their giveaways kinda puts yours to shame… *cough*… anyway… where was I? Oh yeah… Oh great Jolly Christmas guy, please bring me an uber sexy, adoring multi-billionaire like all the other gals have. Who will sweep… Read more »


Dear Santa,

I have pretty good for the most part this year except for those er naughty…anyway I would love to have a tablet for Christmas so if you can somehow get at least one of those rafflecopter widgets to choose my entry or a kind soul to gift me one I’d be eternally grateful, also if you can get persons to realize violence is not the soluton to problems that would be great!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

trish dechant

You ladies have some really GREAT Santa letters 🙂 And as far as the handcuffs go…**whispers** they’re at my house with Reyes cuffed to my bed. And I am far from done with this naughty man…**cracks whip**brings out the fruit/whip cream…lots of lube, and OH My, here are some nipple clamps…..
So Charley, you’re shit out of luck–just sayin’.
The only man I could handle after recovering from Reye’s mad skills would be Lothaire–then stick me with a fork, I’m done. But I’ll die one happy, sated, hurtin bitch 🙂
Happy Holidays


Dear Santa,

I would love some bookshelves for my books and the future books I want to buy. A cabinet to keep my candles, oils and silk things in. Of course a Kindle, gift cards to bookstore would be nice. But Santa since I have been good this year, I really would like a hit sexy guy to be naughty with. I want to be on the naughty list next year, lol!

Merry Christmas all! I hope you have a healthy, happy and loving Christmas and New Year!

Aly P

Dear Santa,

I’d love a bigger bookshelf and more time to read 🙂 I’d also love health for all my family and friends.

Marry Christmas!


dear santa — to wake up & find mr cute & sexy under the tree ready to fix breakfast (as well as a nice dinner) and cuddle with would be really nice. and a couple magic helpers for a few hours a day to take care of the annoying things that need to be done so I can have time to enjoy that cuddle time with mr cute & sexy while reading those wonderful books you’ll be including under the tree (along with a few preorder cards so that i can enjoy the pleasure of books for christmas all through… Read more »

June M.

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl (unfortunately). This year I would like for you to bring me some hot book heroes such as Wraith, Ares, & Than from Larissa Ione’s books, or a sexy Dom from either one of Kallypso Masters or Cherise Sinclairs books. I would also like some fun items such as cuffs, blindfolds, paddles, etc to use with them. (I know this will put me on the naughty list for next year but that’s fine with me!) If this is not possible, I would settle for a few new bookshelves, a new laptop, and lots… Read more »

Lori Meehan

Dear Santa I would like there to be more hours in the day so I can read more each day. I’d also like a lot of hot books to read in those extra hours your going to bring me.
Thank you.

Monica V.

Dear Santa,

I’d like lots of Amazon gift cards so I can buy all the delicious books I’ve been reading about!

Jen B.

For Christmas I just want some time to myself. A day where I can do whatever I want. **Sigh** It would be a lovely gift.


Dear Santa, I would to be able to convince my mom to come visit to the US. I would love to show her there is more to see than just home. As well as show her my life.

Maria D.

Dear Santa,

I would really like my own house – for my books. I don’t mind sharing but I really need more space for my books and I will need a new house for it with nice big bookshelves.

Ann S.

Dear Santa,

I am feeling materialistic this year. I want a Tiffany silver keyhole ring. Yes, I want peace on earth and Heath for everyone, but I really want a ring. Please.



Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl the whole time. Like boringly good. So I would love all the Lords of the Underworld wrapped up in a pretty bow and sent to me. Also a ton of books which I could read forever would be great!

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Cynthia (aka Artemis)

Dear Santa,

While I haven”t been an absolutely good girl, I have tried to do no harm and do my best to show goodwill and help others. I would be so pleased to find something kinky in my stocking! Thank you!


Dear Santa,

Happy holidays! I would like Last Kiss Goodnight or any other Gena Showalter book under my tree. Thanks!


Lizz D.

Dear Santa,

One, I would like the snow that’s supposed to hit here in a few hours to miraculously miss us. Two, I would like a week’s all-inclusive paid vacation to Tahiti with my husband. Three, make sure other than you know, people feeding us and such, that we’re not bothered. I promise I’ve been an oh so nau- I mean, nice, nice is what I was going to say, girl this year, and will continue to be one for next year… if all of this happens.



Dear Santa;

I would really like a bookshelf with cat-resistant wood so I don’t wake up every morning to Boris tossing everything on the floor for his own sadistic amusement because I know he’s graceful enough to walk it without dropping anything.
I also want any and all published by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter; if you can manage it please throw in some Brom, Francesca Lia Block, and the Kelley Armstrong books I’m missing. Thank you.


Dear Santa.

I have been a very good girl this year other than a few tussels with my brothers I haven’t gotten into any fights this year, I’ve been helping my parents at the store albeit a bit begrudgently and what I would really like for Christmas is a ebook reader to read my books but a chocolate bar is good enough. Thank you Santa for taking the time to read this.