Let’s get ready for May! I’ve found the best way to get ready is to read all the books. Especially delicious romance books. Luckily, we have compiled a list of all the best May book releases in the romance genre for you to browse. Now, ready, steady…READ.

May Book Releases 2023

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Snacking and reading

This is a list of things I love to snack on whilst I am reading:

  • Salt and vinegar crisps (or chips as you call them in the US)
  • Maltesers (they are like Whoppers, but better)
  • Haribo hearts and fried eggs
  • Hobnobs, which I can dunk in….
  • …a large cup of tea

Why did I tell you this? Because I love finding out what people snack on when they read so I thought I would share my favourites in case you’re interested as well. I have criteria for my book reading snacking. It can’t be sloppy, I have to be able to pick the snack up with my hands without getting them covered in sauce. I don’t want to ruin my book! Second rule, I have to be able to eat them in a maximum of 3 bites. I don’t want to be holding an ungainly piece of food and be holding my book at the same time. That way leads frustration and mess. And finally, and perhaps more importantly, it has to be delicious.

So now I have my snacks ready, lets see what May book releases I will be reading!

– 2023 May Book Releases –



Historical Fiction

Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense

Sci Fi

Women’s Fiction

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