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May 2024 Book Releases

I’m not saying that I resent all the lovely new books that come out each month, but I kind of resent all these May book releases. Don’t these talented authors understand that my TBR pile has escalated from a mountain to a mountain range? Alas, they keep publishing excellent books, which I need to read.

Because I don’t want to be alone in creating mountain ranges of books to read, I have put together a list of the books from May 2024 new book releases which I cannot wait to read. I just know they will seduce you to! This month it’s a mixture of romance (of course!) thrillers and a sprinkling of women’s fiction.

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Contemporary Romance May 2024 Book Releases

Second Night Stand by Karelia & Fay Stetz-Waters

A reality show with a million dollar prize where ballet dancer Lillian and burlesque dancer Izzy are going head to head. They both have a lot at stake and too much to lose if they don’t win. So, Izzy and Lillian can’t let their sizzling chemistry and memories of their one night together get in the way of winning the million dollars. No matter what their hearts say.

Second Night Stand releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

Lies and Wedding by Kevin Kwan

Being an aristocrat in the modern age is tricky. Former supermodel and future Earl of Greshambury Rufus Leung Gresham lavish lifestyle is balancing precariously on top of a mountain of debt, The only solution, according to his mother, is to marry for money. But, who should he marry, the heiress, the venture capitalist or the humble girl next door who he’s always loved?

Lies and Weddings releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

Waiting for Friday Night by Synthia Williams

Halle Parker is single. Halle Parker wants a family, especially after losing bother her parents. The solution? An anonymous donor. Now, fourteen years later her daughter Shania finds the identity of her biological father. Former pro-footballer and current football coach Quinton Evans is shocked when a member of his team reveals that she’s his biological daughter. Her strong-willed and gorgeous mother doesn’t seem too happy about this development, but he is determined to be part of their life. Especially when sparks start to fly between them.

Waiting for Friday Night releases on 14 May and is available to order on Amazon.

Fantasy, Romantasy and Sci-Fi May 2024 Book Releases


The Dangerous Ones by Lauren Blackwood

A romantasy that reimagines the American Civil War, with vampires and demigods called Saints. Jerusalem has been fighting alongside Alexei, an arrogant vampire against the Confederate army for a year. And yet…can she trust a vampire? They have been benefitting from slavery and are firmly Confederate. But he seems to have them almost as much as she does. Together they try to turn the tide of the war, not only risking their lives, but their hearts as well. But, when you are trying to kill a god sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.

The Dangerous Ones releases on 15 May and is available to order on Amazon

The Honey Witch by Sydney J. Shields

The Honey Witch of Innisfree can never find true love. That is her curse to bear. But when a young woman who doesn’t believe in magic arrives on her island, sparks fly in this deliciously sweet debut novel of magic, hope, and love overcoming all.

The Honey Witch releases on 14 May and is available to order on Amazon

Five Broken Blades by Mai Corland

The five most dangeous assassins and liars in the land have been summoned for a job: kill the tyrannical God King Joon. They all have their motivations for killing Joon, but to commit treason and kill the king it’s not enough to be good…to survive they will need to trust each other…even if only one of them can take the crown.

Five Broken Blade releases on 07 May and is available to order on Amazon


The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley

In the near future a civil servant is offered a dream salary and joins a new government ministry. The Ministry’s job is to grab ex-pats from across history to test out time travel. Her job is to look after Commander Graham Gore, who has been taken from 1847. Now he is in the future scandalously living with a woman, a woman who bears her calves and talks about baffling things such as “Spotify”. However the Ministry’s motives become clear over the year he is with her, and is she willing to defy time for love?

The Ministry of Time releases on 07 May and is available to order on Amazon

Can’t Spell Treason without Tea by Rebecca Thorne

A cozy fantasy steeped in sapphic romance about one of the Queen’s private guards and a powerful mage who want to open a bookshop and live happily ever after…if only the world would let them.

Can’t Spell Treason without Tea releases on 07 May and is available to order on Amazon

Historical Romance May 2024 Book Releases


All’s Fair in Love and War by Virginia Heath

A governess who believes in cultivating joy in her charges clashes with the children’s staid uncle who hired her, only to find herself falling in love.

All’s fair in Love and War releases on 28 May and is available to order on Amazon

The Heiress’s Daughter by Anne Gracie

A dashing rake must prove he has changed his scandalous ways to win his one true love from the arms of another.

Can’t Spell Treason without Tea releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

Miss Mulberry and the Moody Marquess by Chasity Bowlin

Can a grumpy Marquess, who’s nicknamed the Moody Marquess convince the Miss he has loved from a far to fall in love and marry him? When he sees she has been jilted at the the alter by her feckless fiancee he tries to prove he is more than just the Moody Marquess.

Miss Mulberry and the Moody Marquess releases on 28 May and is available to order on Amazon

Horror, Thrillers and Romantic Thriller May 2024 Book Releases

The House That Horror Built by Christina Henry

A single mother working in the gothic mansion of a reclusive horror director stumbles upon terrifying secrets.

The House that Horror Built releases on 14 May and is available to order on Amazon

Mind Games by Nora Roberts

Twelve-year-old Thea and her Grammie Lucy share a special ability to see into minds and souls. When Thea’s parents are killed, Thea’s premonitions lead to the murderer’s capture and life imprisonment. Thea grows up in Redbud Hollow with her grammie, she does all the stuff people do: makes friends, has a career, falls in love. But she is haunted by her psychic abilities, especially as she is remains connected to the murderers mind, experiencing his evil and vengeful thoughts. A lifelong battle ensues as Thea and the inmate remain connected, eventually bringing them face to face.

Mind Games releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

The Five Year Lie by Sarina Bowen

When Ariel receives a text message from the man she loves asking to meet her world starts to unravel. He died five years ago. Ariel can’t stop asking questions, something happened five years ago and someone is lying to her.

The Five Year Lie releases on 07 May and is available to order on Amazon


The Last Murder at the End of the World by Stuart Turton

Solve the murder to save what’s left of the world. The outside world is dead. The few survivors live on an island, protected by a handful of scientists who keep the deadly outside world at bay. When one of the scientists are killed they must find out who within 107 hours or they all die. The only problem? The security that has kept them safe has wiped their memories of what happened the night before. Someone is a murderer and they don’t even know it.

The Last Murder at the End of the World releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

One Perfect Couple by Ruth Ware

A high-tension and ingenious thriller follows five couples filming a reality TV show. When a storm sweeps in it traps them on the island. But as things go wrong they soon realise that on a a killer is in their midst.

One Perfect Couple releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

The Hunter’s Daughter by Nicola Solvinic

Anna is a decorated sheriff’s lieutenant serving a rural county. However, her father was a notorious serial killer. However, now someone is out there copying her father’s evil work. Or are they copycat? Anna’s memory have been sealed away in a controversial hypnosis treatment. What secrets are lurking in her mind?

The Hunter’s Daughter releases on 14 May and is available to order on Amazon

Paranormal Romance May 2024 Book Releases


Arrested by the Orc by Michele Mills

During a charity fundraiser, I was playfully “arrested” and taken to a makeshift jail. Although the “arrest” wasn’t a surprise, I was surprised (and thrilled) to see Sheriff Underwood, the huge and intimidating orc I’ve been crushing on wielding the neon blue handcuffs. I always figured he didn’t know I existed….but the small growl he gives as he cuffs me, makes me start thinking otherwise.

Arrested by the Orc releases on 20 May and is available to order on Amazon

Undercover Orc by Ava Ross

As head librarian in my small town, I take my job seriously. So when I hear a sound in the library’s attic while I’m working late and alone, and then a big, green, muscular orc creeps up behind me, I smack him in the head with a stapler. After the theft of an ancient orc book on loan to the library, is it any wonder I’m skittish? Katar explains he heard me scream and only wanted to help. He’s . . . upset, and I guess I can’t blame him. He offers to help me discover who stole the book, and we track down one clue after another. But when he dares me to give into my wild side, I start falling in love.

Undercover Orc releases on 06 May and is available to order on Amazon

Protected by the Orc by Honey Phillips

Trish an heiress seeking freedom, is guarded by Holdar, a reluctant orc bodyguard haunted by past failures. Their temporary arrangement in a small town leads to unexpected romance, challenging Holdar’s fear of commitment and prompting Trish to question whether she’s willing to take a chance on love with him.

Protected by the Orc releases on 13 May and is available to order on Amazon

Women’s Fiction May 2024 Book Releases

I Hope This Finds You Well by Natalie Sue

In this wildly funny and heart warming office comedy, an admin worker accidentally gains access to her colleagues’ private emails and DMs and decides to use this intel to save her job

I Hope This Finds You Well releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

Tired Ladies Take a Stand by Gretchen Anthony

When they were in their twenties, friends Emma, Fern, Carolina, and Andi embraced life’s adventures, inspiring Fern to write a memoir about their experiences. But. twenty years later, burdened by responsibilities and overwhelmed, they embark on a “Year of No” to reclaim their happiness and autonomy

Tired Ladies Take a Stand releases on 14 May and is available to order on Amazon

Better Left Unsent by Lia Louis

Millie Chandler, is nursing a broken heart, her way to deal with it? Unsent emails—sarcastic jabs, candid truths, and a lingering love letter to her ex. When a server mishap sends these drafts to their unintended recipients, Millie is forced to confront the chaos of her unfiltered thoughts and secrets, challenging her to embrace vulnerability and address truths she’s long avoided.

Better Left Unsent releases on 21 May and is available to order on Amazon

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  1. Right there with you on my TBR mountain range. And, I just started that orc series with an earlier book which has added more to the mountain.