March is swaggering in, ready to spring clean your reading list with a fresh drop of page-turners that’ll make you say, “Netflix who?” In this month’s lineup of March book recommendations, we’re serving up everything from steamy romances that could thaw a snowman, to fantasy epics with more plot twists than your favorite reality TV show. Forget about spring flowers; the real blooms are the ones bursting from the pages of these hot new releases. So, prep your coziest reading nook and maybe cancel a few plans—once you crack open these books, the only March madness you’ll be experiencing involves fictional heartthrobs and worlds you’ll never want to leave. Let’s leap into the reads that are about to take your spring by storm.

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March Book Recommendations 2024

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2024 March Book Recommendations

Contemporary Romance March Book Recommendations

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Contemporary Romance

This Could Be Us
by Kennedy Ryan

Skyland #2
March 5, 2024

read this is you want:

  • Strong female friendships
  • Women persevering
  • Single parent romance

Kennedy Ryan has a way of pulling you into a story that’s both deeply emotional and incredibly real. “This Could Be Us” isn’t your usual romance. It dives into Soledad’s fight to rebuild her life with a rawness that’s as touching as it is empowering. She’s a mom first, fiercely independent, yet she learns that it’s okay to lean on someone. Enter Judah, not your typical hero but oh-so-endearing with his patience, love for his neurodiverse kids, and his quiet support for Soledad. Their love story simmers slowly, making their moments together all the more explosive. Ryan crafts a love that feels genuine, one that grows on its own terms, not bound by clichés. If you’re up for a romance that feels like a breath of fresh air, where the journey is as beautiful as the destination, this book is for you.

Clever/Witty, Dirty Talker, Disability, Diversity, Divorced, Forced Proximity, Found Family, Gut-Wrenching, Single Father, Single Mother, Slow Burn, Steamy, Strong Females, Tear Jerker, Thought Provoking,

There is something so special about a Kennedy Ryan book. Any time I pick one up, I know I’m going to be taken on an emotional journey like none other. Her poetic prose and written craft are incredibly unique and I love how she pulls out emotion, steam, and character growth through her words. Ryan makes so many interesting choices to help tell the story. There were twists I didn’t see coming and I enjoyed that the timeline was long (over a year goes by throughout the book), allowing for character growth.

This Could Be Us is not a typical, formulaic romance. While there is romance (and it’s hot), the book focuses heavily on Soledad’s healing journey and her fight to stand on her own two feet after her life is upended. Soledad is a strong, independent woman who would do anything for her children. But even though she’s strong, she still has flaws and self-doubt, which was incredibly relatable. She doesn’t need saving – she can do that on her own. However, throughout the book, she learns that she can have a true partner beside her to help ease whatever comes.

Who knew an accountant could be so sexy? Judah was such an amazing hero. He’s patient, principled, and selfless. I loved seeing how he co-parented with his ex, particularly with his two neurodiverse children. The portrayal of their blended family was heartwarming. His acts of love for Soledad were thoughtful and he backs his words up with his actions. A man that will wait for you to find yourself? Utter perfection. 

The chemistry in this book was off the charts. Who knew the back of a truck bed could be so hot? This one was a slow burn, but so worth the wait. I loved that we were given an unconventional HEA, where Soledad and Judah found love on their own terms, not by society’s standards. 

Reviewed by Allie on Under the Covers Book Blog

Historical Romance March Book Recommendations

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

historical Romance

The Love Remedy
by Elizabeth Everett

The Damsels of Discovery #1
March 19, 2024

read this is you want:

  • Single father
  • Mystery
  • Defying society norms

I just discovered Elizabeth Everett with “The Love Remedy,” and I’m wondering why it took me so long. This book wraps you up in an enchanting world where apothecaries, lost formulas, and family secrets create a backdrop you wish you could step into. The heroine stands out with her fierce dedication to her work and her refusal to be boxed by society’s expectations. She’s the kind of strong, go-getter we all secretly wish to be, especially when it comes to pursuing love.

Then there’s the love interest – a scarred fighter turned investigator, whose depth is revealed through his sweet side as a single dad. Their romance is the kind that sweeps you off your feet, blending sweetness with a touch of steam. Everett has a knack for creating a setting so vivid, you can almost smell the herbs and feel the warmth of the story. I’m eagerly awaiting to dive into more of her work.

apothecary, botanical, feminist, private investigator, ex fighter, scarred hero, single father, victorian london, grumpy hero

I have never been tempted to pick up an Elizabeth Everett book but I am now kicking myself for the lack of good judgement. Or maybe it was just this book? Everything about The Love Remedy is perfection. The apothecary setting, the mystery of the lost/stolen formulas, the struggling family business, the secrets to unveil. But at the core, I loved the strength of our female protagonist. A woman that cares deeply about the work her business does for others. Strong enough to face the roles society places on her and women. And badass enough to go after what she wants, especially in love.

The romance is sweet, sexy and breathtaking. A scarred fighter turned private investigator. But a sweet single father wanting to do what’s best for his child. Truly a hero with a heart of gold as you uncover more about his past.

This pairing was just perfection. The story and setting felt like you could just crawl inside the pages and cozy up to the smells of herbs. I can’t wait to read more from this author and in this series.

Reviewed by Francesca on Under the Covers Book Blog

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Paranormal Romance March Book Recommendations

paranormal Romance

The Witch Queen of Halloween
by Kresley Cole

Immortals After Dark #18.5
March 26, 2024

read this is you want:

  • Fated mates
  • Demon & witch pairing
  • Halloween vibes

Kresley Cole brings us “The Witch Queen of Halloween,” where a witch and a demon, Poppy and Rok Kours, get a second shot after a date gone wrong two years earlier. They find themselves together again in a haunted house on Halloween, hinting that maybe fate isn’t quite finished with them. While the stakes are high, this story is surprisingly sweet and straightforward, focusing on their unexpected connection rather than tumultuous twists.

Through flashbacks, we get a glimpse into their past, adding depth without overwhelming us with angst. The haunted house setting on Halloween adds just the right touch of spookiness to their reunion, making it a perfect, quick holiday read.

fated mates, set in new orleans, demons, witches, nightmares, cursed, fall read, sweet

Woman, understand me: I’ll take on hell for you.

Kresley Cole, the undeniable queen of paranormal romance, is back with a novella and featuring one of my favorite pairings. A demon and a witch. But this one felt different and also special. When this book kicks off, our main characters have already been on a date and … it didn’t seem to work out. But was it miscommunication? Or are they really fated mates?

Poppy is a simpler witch than most. She just wants to get rid of her nightmare curse and for that she finds herself in a haunted house on Halloween. Except she’s not alone. Rok Kours, the demon that left her in the middle of a date, is also there. But is he there as a friend or foe?

What a sweet romance between these two! Surprisingly it felt like the romance was a done deal and didn’t have the angst I expect from Ms. Cole’s books generally. But it made sense for these two and their past. Loved seeing the flashbacks of what has happened between them before to give a better grasp of their relationship.

Plus when it comes to the action and the nightmares, this was such a fun super Halloween experience!

Reviewed by Francesca on Under the Covers Book Blog

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2024 March Book Recommendations

paranormal Romance

Endless Skye
by Donna Grant

Skye Druids #4
March 12, 2024

read this is you want:

  • Druids
  • Set in Ireland
  • Redeeming character arc

Willa and Jasper’s story is electric – he’s a morally grey con man who’s all in for our heroine from the get-go. Their connection? Instant and intense. The plot twists keep you on your toes. Grant crafts a magical, action-packed romance that leaves you craving more. Definitely a must-read! But I do recommend you go into this having read the previous books in the series at least.

great world building, steamy, action-packed, druids, witty, enemies to lovers, betrayal

Jumping into “Endless Skye” by Donna Grant as my intro to the Skye Druids series was a bit of a wild ride – definitely recommend catching up from the start to get the full magic of this world. But seriously, Donna Grant knows how to spin a paranormal romance that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

So, we’ve got Willa Ryan, who’s in deep trouble after a heist gone wrong, heading back to her brother in Skye. Jasper, our man with a plan (and a conscience), is all about the grift. He’s supposed to con Willa to infiltrate her brother’s druids, but Skye’s magic and Willa’s bravery get under his skin.

Their connection? Instant sparks. Jasper’s battling his own demons (figuratively), while trying to protect Willa, and honestly, it’s the kind of drama that’s just chef’s kiss. Their love story happens fast, but when it’s right, it’s right, you know?

The plot? Think of it as your favorite TV series where the season finale leaves you with more questions than answers. Donna’s setting us up for something big, and I’m here for it. Jasper’s whole proving-he’s-a-good-guy arc hits right in the feels, showing that sometimes, we all need a second chance to show our true colors.

In all, “Endless Skye” is a mix of magic, mischief, and off-the-charts chemistry that makes you root for the con man. Can’t wait to see how this tale Donna’s weaving will turn out – it’s gonna be epic.

Reviewed by Francesca on Under the Covers Book Blog

Urban Fantasy March Book Recommendations

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

urban fantasy

Three Kinds of Lucky
by Kim Harrison

The Shadow Age #1
March 5, 2024

read this is you want:

  • Childhood nemesis/friends
  • Magical university
  • Slow burn romance

If you’re a fan of Kim Harrison, “Three Kinds of Lucky” is a must-read that’ll grip you just like her Rachel Morgan series. Meet Petra Grady, who’s about to take you on a wild magical ride. Working as a sweeper at a mage university, Petra’s life gets thrillingly complicated when she teams up with the enigmatic and swoon-worthy Benedict Strom.

This book is perfect for those who adore finding magic in the everyday, featuring an underdog with secret talents and a delicious hint of forbidden romance. It’s all about hidden powers, the classic enemies-to-lovers trope, and the excitement of being on the run. If you’re looking for an urban fantasy that expertly weaves together the allure of magic, unexpected alliances, and self-discovery, “Three Kinds of Lucky” is your ticket. Plus, the dynamic of working closely with someone who ends up knowing you better than you know yourself? Irresistibly compelling.

magic, enemies to lovers, underdog, hidden powers, on the run, childhood friends, childhood nemesis, magical university, slow burn

Are you a Kim Harrison fan? If you loved Rachel Morgan, you’re going to love Petra Grady! Wow, talk about a magical rollercoaster!

Petra Grady’s life as a sweeper at a mage’s university gets turned upside down when she teams up with the too-hot-to-handle Benedict Strom. This book is a goldmine if you love the “magic in the mundane” vibe, complete with an underdog protagonist with a hidden talent and a hint of forbidden romance.

Hidden powers meets enemies to lovers with a sprinkle of “on the run”. If you’re itching for a contemporary fantasy that mixes everyday magic, unexpected alliances, and a journey of self-discovery, this is your next read. Plus, who can resist the tension of working closely with someone who knows you better than anyone else.

Reviewed by Francesca on Under the Covers Book Blog

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