July 2024 Book Releases

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July 2024 Book Releases

We are now just beyond the halfway point of the year and I find it’s always a nice time to look back and reflect on what I have read so far this year. What has been my favourite book, what book surprised me the most (in a good way!) and what new authors have I tried. It’s also a nice time to plan ahead and make sure I prioritise the books I am excited to read, but haven’t quite got a chance to pick up. There are some romance books that have been languishing on my bookshelf for years (looking at you Outlander!). I keep telling myself I’ll read it and yet…there it sits. Waiting. 

But, this post is all about looking to the future, so let’s check out what great new books are being released in July.

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Contemporary Romance July 2024 Book Releases

July 2024 Contemporary Romance Book Releases

Do Me a Favor by Cathy Yardley

Willa, a widowed cookbook writer, is stuck ghostwriting for a viral cooking sensation. Enter Hudson, the handyman-next-door with a chaotic, lovable family and a voice that makes her melt. As they exchange favors, sparks fly despite their messy pasts. Can these two wounded hearts cook up a future together? Perfect for fans of fresh starts and adorable, meddling goats.

Do Me a Favor releases on July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

The Next Best Fling by Gabriella Gomez

Librarian Marcela Ortiz and ex-NFL player Theo Young pretend to hook up to get over their unrequited loves. Marcela’s been in love with her best friend, while Theo’s in love with his brother’s fiancée. Their no-strings-attached fling soon turns into undeniable chemistry. Amidst complicated feelings and messy family dynamics, Marcela and Theo’s rebound relationship works a little too well.

The Next Best Fling releases on July 9 and is available to order on Amazon

Brodie by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Reese, a bookworm, meets Brodie, a gorgeous pro hockey player, when he rescues her from a creep. Despite placing him in the friend zone, Brodie pushes for more, sharing their love of the ocean and cookies. Reese’s heart is on the line, but Brodie’s determined to win it. Get ready for a swoon-worthy, friends-to-lovers romance.

Brodie releases on July 9 and is available to order on Amazon.

Fantasy, Romantasy and Sci-Fi July 2024 Book Releases

Fantasy 2024 Book Releases

Sanctuary by Ilona Andrews

Roman, a Volhv wizard, just wants some peace and quiet, but when a wounded boy seeks sanctuary at his home, chaos ensues. With elite mercenaries and combat mages attacking his property, they’ve picked the wrong dark priest to mess with. Roman, filled with the love of his terrible god, turns the fight into just another day in the neighborhood. This novella in the Kate Daniels world is a must-read for fans of magic, mayhem, and dark humor.

Sanctuary releases on July 30 and is available to order on Amazon

The Undermining of Twyla and Frank by Megan Bannen

Best friends and neighbors Twyla Banneker and Frank Ellis join the Tanrian Marshals, patrolling the strange land of Tanria. Eight years later, their job becomes less exciting until they find a dead marshal and a baby dragon. As they investigate a nefarious plot, their friendship deepens, and Twyla realizes her true soulmate might be living next door. This heartwarming fantasy rom-com with a best friends-to-lovers twist is perfect for fans of whimsical adventures.

The Undermining of Twyla and Frank on July 2 and is available to order on Amazon

The Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harness

Diana Bishop, from the beloved All Souls series, faces new challenges as she confronts her family’s dark past and her desire for greater power. With the Congregation demanding a test of her twins’ magic, Diana heads to Ravenswood to meet a great-aunt and explore higher magic. This highly anticipated fifth novel in the series delves into memory, history, and parenthood, blending powerful new magic and long-hidden secrets for an epic continuation of Diana and Matthew’s story.

The Black Bird Oracle releases on July 16 and is available to order on Amazon

Fantasy 2024 Book Releases

Reckless by Lauren Roberts

In the sizzling second installment of this romantic fantasy trilogy, Paedyn Gray, having sparked a resistance by killing the king, is now on the run. Hot on her trail is Kai Azer, the new Enforcer and loyal to his brother, the new king. As they navigate the deadly Scorches and hostile city of Dor, their clash between duty and desire becomes a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. The tension and betrayal are at an all-time high in this epic continuation.

Reckless on July 2 and is available to order on Amazon

Beneath These Cursed Stars by Lexi Ryan

Princess Jasalyn, armed with a lethal enchanted ring, and shape-shifter Felicity, dodging a deadly prophecy, team up to assassinate an evil king. As they navigate perilous tasks and forbidden romances, their hearts and the fate of both human and fae realms hang in the balance. Jasalyn finds unexpected feelings with the charming Kendrick, while Felicity grows closer to the Wild Fae king, Misha. This new romantic fantasy set in the enchanting world of These Hollow Vows is a thrilling adventure of love, secrets, and danger.

Beneath These Cursed Stars releases on July 30 and is available to order on Amazon

Historical Romance July 2024 Book Releases

July Historical 2024 Book Releases

Viscount in Love by Eloisa James

Viscount Dominic Kelbourne needs a nanny for his twin charges, not a bride. But when his fiancée elopes, he marries her unconventional sister, Torie, instead. Torie, an artistic soul who struggles with reading, longs for love, not just duty. Their passionate kisses fool society, and soon, Dominic finds his heart stolen by his new wife. As heated debates turn to romance, Dominic realizes he’ll have to give all he has to win Torie’s love in this charming start to the Accidental Brides series.

Viscount in Love releases on July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love by India Hilton

Ornithologists Beth Pickering and Devon Lockley are rivals in bird hunting. Beth’s close to capturing the rare deathwhistler bird when Devon swoops in, charming and infuriating her. Despite their rivalry, a competition forces them to team up, navigating fowl play and sharing close quarters. Devon’s smitten, but Beth’s wary in this historical-fantasy rom-com where Indiana Jones meets tea and helicopter parasols.

The Ornithologist’s Field Guide to Love releases on July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

The Duke at Hazard by K.J. Charles

The Duke of Severn, quiet and unassuming, loses his heirloom ring during a rash night. To retrieve it without scandal, he goes incognito, accepting a bet to survive without his title. He meets Daizell Charnage, a disgraced gentleman, and hires him for the hunt. As they race across the country, scrapes and troubles turn into love. Daizell dreams of a life with his quiet companion, unaware of his true identity. When the truth comes out, everything they’ve built is at risk.

The Duke at Hazard releases on July 18 and is available to order on Amazon

New Adult July 2024 Book Releases

New Adult July 2024 Book Releases

Walkoff Wedding by Maren Moore

Grant, a charming college baseball star, marries his secret pen pal in a marriage of convenience. But sharing close quarters makes old feelings resurface, and their temporary vows start to feel real. With tropes like “only one bed” and “boy obsessed,” this romance is perfect for fans of fake marriages turning into something more.

Walkoff Wedding releases on July 19 and is available to order on Amazon

Dearly Departed by Amelia Wilde

Jacob and Catherine, newlyweds stranded on a tropical island, must rely on each other to survive while being hunted for revenge. With no one to save them, they’ll have to rescue themselves or face dire consequences. This suspenseful romance blends survival, danger, and a fragile but growing love.

Dearly Departed releases on July 11 and is available to order on Amazon

The Infinite Light of Dust by Anna Todd

Karina and Kael are struggling to hold on as their world crumbles around them. Kael’s PTSD and Karina’s anxiety reach breaking points, and just when they need stability, someone from their past returns to wreak havoc. This emotional conclusion to the Brightest Stars trilogy is a must-read for those who love intense, heart-wrenching romances.

The Infinite Light of Dust releases on July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

Horror, Thrillers and Romantic Thriller July 2024 Book Releases

Mystery July 2024 Book Releases

The Body in the Backyard by Lucy Score

Riley Thorn’s life gets chaotic when her news anchor ex-husband, Griffin Gentry, shows up begging for help. Even more surprising, her PI boyfriend Nick’s elderly partner takes the case. With a dead body proving Griffin’s danger is real, Riley’s psychic visions and octogenarian sleuths must crack the case. Griffin’s bad karma might spell trouble for them all, but Riley’s got a knack for solving mysteries amidst chaos, making this a thrilling, hilarious read.

The Body in the Backyard releases on July 16 and is available to order on Amazon

Unwanted by Mia Sheridan

Harper Ward, a wilderness guide, is pulled into a double murder investigation in Helena Springs. The main suspect? Lucas, a wild man with an unkempt appearance but intelligent eyes. As Harper delves deeper, secrets unravel, revealing a diabolical plot. Lucas is at the center of it all, but is he a killer, a victim, or something in between?

Unwanted releases on July 9 and is available to order on Amazon

The Unraveling by Vi Keeland

New York psychiatrist Meredith McCall spirals into obsession after a tragic loss, fixating on Gabriel Wright, a man she’s tragically connected to. When he becomes her patient, unaware of their shared past, Meredith’s professional ethics crumble. Her life and career unravel as she becomes dangerously entangled with Gabriel.

The Unraveling releases on July 9 and is available to order on Amazon

Paranormal Romance July 2024 Book Releases

Paranormal Romance July 2024 Book Releases

Primal Mirror by Nailing Singh

Get ready for a wild ride in Primal Mirror! Auden Scott, a Psy with a brain injury and a mysterious unborn baby, teams up with Leopard alpha Remi Denier. With secrets to uncover and enemies to fight, their unlikely alliance turns into something more primal.

Primal Mirror releases on July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

Viper by Suzanne Wright

In Viper, Suzanne Wright brings us Ella, an incantor with a dangerous job, and Viper, a fallen archangel and motorcycle club president. Their bond has spanned lifetimes, and Viper is determined to keep Ella safe at any cost. As enemies close in, their love is tested. Expect steamy romance, intense action, and a love that transcends lifetimes.

Viper releases on July 18 and is available to order on Amazon

Hood’s Caper by Eve Langlais

Blanche Hood, an agent for the Fairytale Bureau, is on a mission in Hood’s Caper. With a string of wolf murders to solve, her growly, sexy neighbor proves a major distraction. As she dons her red hood to lure the killer, she discovers the wolf has been closer than she thought.

Hood’s Caper releases on July 4 and is available to order on Amazon

Women’s / Historical Fiction July 2024 Book Releases

Women's Fiction July 2024 Book Releases

Summer Ever After by Jane Crittenden

Alice returns to Barcelona after a decade and finds herself working with Andy, the man who broke her heart. As they navigate their new professional relationship, old sparks reignite under the Spanish sun. This steamy second-chance romance is perfect for fans of culinary delights and swoon-worthy reunions.

Summer Ever After releases July 1 and is available to order on Amazon

The Love of My Afterlife by Kirsty Greenwood

Delphie chokes on a burger and ends up in the afterlife, where she meets the man of her dreams. Sent back to Earth with ten days to find him, Delphie embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming quest to reconnect with her possible soulmate. This quirky afterlife rom-com blends magical realism and heartfelt romance in a race against time.

The Love of My Afterlife releases July 2 and is available to order on Amazon

A Certain Kind of Starlight by Heather Webber

Addie and Tessa Jane return to their hometown of Starlight, Alabama, to help their ailing aunt run the family bakery. Burdened by secrets and personal upheavals, they find strength and magic under the starlit sky. Heather Webber’s tale is a charming blend of emotional healing, small-town charm, and the power of trusting oneself.

A Certain Kind of Starlight releases July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

Young Adult July 2024 Book Releases

young Adult July 2024 Book Releases

Catch the Sun by Jennifer Hartmann

Ella returns to her hometown, haunted by her brother’s crime and shunned by peers, only to rekindle her bond with Max, her childhood best friend. As they navigate high school together, their friendship blossoms into love. But new tragedies strike, testing their resilience and love. This YA romance promises a heart-wrenching journey of healing and hope, perfect for fans of deep, emotional stories.

Jennifer Hartmann releases July 16 and is available to order on Amazon

A Thousand Broken Pieces by Tillie Cole

Savannah and Cael, both grappling with the loss of siblings, embark on a global journey for grieving teens. Their shared pain turns into a deep connection, helping them heal together. This poignant romance captures the essence of finding light in the darkest places and is a must-read for those who appreciate emotional depth and tender love stories.

A Thousand Broken Pieces releases July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

Exes & Foes by Amanda Woody

Emma and Caleb were once best friends, now bitter rivals. When they both fall for the new girl, Juliet, they make a bet to win her heart. But as they compete, they realize their feelings for each other might be more complicated than they thought. A hilarious and heartfelt story of enemies-to-lovers and unexpected romance, this book is perfect for anyone who loves a good competition with a twist.

Exes & Foes releases July 23 and is available to order on Amazon

July 2024 is bursting with exciting new book releases, and we can’t wait to dive into these incredible stories. From heartwarming romances to thrilling fantasies, there’s something for everyone this month. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your most anticipated July 2024 book releases—we’d love to hear what you’re excited about!

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July 2024 Book Releases

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