Five Reasons why Jericho Barrons isn’t so Bad

Most of you are well aware of my obsession with Jericho Barrons, the main hero in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. He has been my ultimate book boyfriend for a long time and with good reason. However, I get teased a lot here at UTC by Suzanne because I am in love with “a douche.” While I’ll admit that Barrons isn’t the type to write poems or send a girl roses on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a great book boyfriend! And today, I’m going to prove it so keep on reading to find my reasons why Jericho Barrons isn’t so bad.

Here I give you the top five reasons why Jericho Barrons isn’t so bad.

  • He can save your life with his dick – Remember when Mac was Pri-ya? Suffering intense horniness that nothing, NOTHING but Barrons’ magic stick couldn’t fix? For a month or two, Mac and Barrons had marathon sex from sun up to sun down. And he isn’t the classic alpha in bed either where he’s only on top. Barrons is willing to give up the reins and sit back to enjoy the ride.
  • He’ll let you drive the Lamborghini- If you’ve got a need for speed, luxury cars sitting pretty in his garage are more like long-lost jewels to you. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  • He knows when a fight isn’t worth it – Barrons is as alpha as you can get, but even then he knows when to shut up when something isn’t worth fighting for. This, my friends, is something most men still struggle with, Nine or not.
  • He trusts you – Not many people can stand by Barrons’ side proudly. That spot needs to be earned through a lot of hard work and likely years of trying to prove yourself. Yet when push comes to shove and the stakes are extremely high, Barrons is still able to take a step back and allow you to fight when it’s required.
  • What’s yours is mine, baby – And no, I’m not simply talking about the expensive clothes, the cars, or the ancient antique relics in his possession, I’m talking about Barrons, Books and Baubles! That bookstore is every reader’s dream home. With its towering bookcases, its chesterfield couches and crackling fireplace, there is no place I would rather be than be with cozied up with a good book.

Tell me in the comments what you love about Barrons so I know I’m not crazy for loving this psychopathic, brooding, sexy man!

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  1. I totally agree! I love JZB. I rethought #5 for a minute after reading a review on the series from another blogger a few months back. She called JZB a rapist because of the whole Pri-ya thing. But then thought PFFT it’s JZB so it’s all good. LOL

  2. I love JZB! Here’s the thing, he tells everyone, up front, who and what he is. If you don’t like it, walk away. His need to protect Mac is incredible. After finishing Burned it strikes me that even he doesn’t fully understand his need for her but he can’t stop himself from wanting her. As for the Pri-ya thing, I was so shook up by Mac’s rape that I was turned off at first by Barrons solution. Then I got to thinking, she would have likely killed herself or others in her effort to satisfy her needs so I think what he did was the only answer. I feel even more strongly in that direction now that I have read Burned. Also, Burned has given me a whole new appreciation for Ryodan. I just might love the guy!

  3. i agree…. he doesn’t give his love and loyalty easily but once he gives he’ll do anything for those who’ve earned it…

  4. Hmmmm . . . I think I need to find this series. New to me, but sounds worth a look. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. I was never put off by his personality. It seems to fit with old, powerful supernatural beings living in a human world. And as you pointed out, there is a good side and hey, he’s strong enough to be the right guy for Mac.

  6. I LOVE JZB! There is just something about his “dark side” that is so undeniably hot! Also, the way he is willing to sacrifice to keep Mac safe is amazing. He’s certainly helped shape Mac into the strong woman she is today. Abd she’s changed him a little too, hehe. He is certainly one of my top book boyfriends! 🙂

  7. I think he has the capacity for having a huge conscience for the good of the world. He’s just bruised and battered