Looking for books to read after Vampire Academy to quench the vampire thirst? You could say that Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead was one of the first books that rekindled my obsession with reading. After taking a few years reading hiatus, I watched the first Twilight movie and then discovered the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Suddenly my long forgotten teenage obsession with vampires was back in full force. However, I found that vampires had changed a bit from my days of Lestat and Anne Rice.

This series will forever hold a special place in my heart. Blood Promise was the first book I ever reviewed online! Now that a new Vampire Academy TV show is launching on Peacock (and let me tell you how excited I am to watch) I wanted to bring you all along a journey of recommendations. Because, like me, you’re bound to want to explore vamps a bit more.

books like vampire academy

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Books to Read After Vampire Academy

It’s best to see up front what are you looking for. Are you looking for a group of young adults in a paranormal setting? Or maybe vampires battling evil? Perhaps you want to spice things up a bit more by exploring adult vampire romances and fill in the blanks everything VA didn’t give you?

Don’t worry, I have you covered! We consider ourselves vampire and paranormal connoisseurs here at Under the Covers and I have put together a comprehensive list of books for every mood. With a little bit of fang and magic, you’re bound to find something to start right away.

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if you’re looking for the young adult feel
Book Cover Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

BOARDING SCHOOL | HUMOR | political intrigue | serial killer

I couldn’t start this list off without talking about the spin off series from Vampire Academy. The Bloodlines series is still part of the VA world and follows the main protagonist Sydney. She’s an alchemist, part of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve as the bridge between humans and vampires. If you liked VA, this is a must read continuation. And we even get glimpses of our favorite original characters. And without spoiling VA, there’s definitely another character that plays a central role in this series that you won’t be able to get enough of here.

Click here for the BLOODLINES by Richelle Mead Series Reading Order
Book cover Touch a Frost by Jennifer Estep

Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…


Gwen’s narration and the trials and tribulations that she goes through in this novel are something a normal teenager can relate to and for me, that’s what makes me love this series so much. It captures the Young Adult essence.

Gwen is a Gypsy, but there are so many other species here that it will cater to everyone. It also gives the author so much room to play. It kind of reminds me of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark but the Young Adult version whereas the writing and school setting reminds me of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy. If you’re a fan of both authors, then you’re going to enjoy this one.

first book available on kindle unlimited
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Book cover Spartan Heart by Jennifer Estep

Mythos Academy: Colorado by Jennifer Estep

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

mythical warriors | magic academy | murder mystery

This is a spin off from Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy series and although it’s probably best if you read the series in order, I haven’t and I haven’t had a problem with understanding the world.

The first book, SPARTAN HEART, features a character from the previous series, Rory Forsetti. Because of the events in the last book of the series, not a lot of people like her. Her family name is tainted but she is a warrior. And I mean that literally. She’s a Spartan warrior, something I don’t encounter much in books, let alone Young Adult novels but that’s just one of the things I love about this series.

The other thing about this series that I love is the strong voice that Estep has in this series. Rory’s narration reminds me a lot of Rose Hathaway, a fan favorite if you are into Young Adult vampire stories. Although the series captures the essence of different mythologies, I do think that they are comparable.

Rory is just as badass as Rose is, but she has a more visible vulnerability that makes me sympathize with her more. The settings in both series are set in prestigious, specialized schools for their respective mythologies and of course, there’s always a forbidden love interest that makes everything more interesting.

Note: This recommendation was first published on Under the Covers Book Blog on December 27, 2017 by Annie

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Book cover Youngblood by Sasha Laurens

Youngblood by Sasha Laurens

READ THIS book IF you’re in the mood for…

supernatural boarding school | sapphic romance | vampires

Okay first of all, this book was FUN. It checks all the boxes.

Supernatural ✅
Sapphic ✅
Mystery ✅
Secluded boarding school ✅
A deadly infectious disease ✅
Plot twists and secrets ✅

This book also touched on a lot of important topics like class and race (human vs. vamp) differences, and sexuality. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a fun sapphic vampire story unlike anything else out there.

Click here for to read our review of YOUNGBLOOD by Sasha Laurens
Book cover Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

forbidden romance | strong protagonist | hunter training

The Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a young adult fantasy story. The Pures are direct descendants from Hercules and other offspring of the Greek gods and can wield elements. The Half-Bloods are a mix between humans and pores and they cannot wield magic. And Daimons are corrupted and want to destroy Pure lineage.

Half-Bloods are supposed to serve and protect the Pures and are considered second class citizens. Which is also why a relationship between them is forbidden.

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Book cover Nightfall by L.H. Cosway

Blood Magic series by L.H. Cosway

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

human discovering vampires and other things are real!

Tegan is a regular human working at a grocery store but her life changes when a handsome man saves her from a robber. With that she quickly steps into a world where creatures of the night are real and she may be a bit more special than she ever thought.

I love following along with one of the main characters as they discover supernaturals. This series has vamps, slayers, dhampirs, witches and warlocks.

This is definitely a bit more laid back and slow burn type of series. Be prepared for the romance to take some time to really get going. And I mean don’t expect it full force in book one. But if you enjoy vampire or supernatural world politics as much as I do, you’ll find this to be fun and fast to read.

The first book is currently free on kindle
Click here for the Blood Magic Reading Order and our reviews
Book cover Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

gothic horror vibes | murder mystery | historical setting

In many ways, when I think of Audrey Rose from the Stalking Jack the Ripper series I also think of Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. They are quite similar characters, determined to doing the right thing even against the norm and expectation of the society around them. And sometimes even at great pain to themselves.

This is the perfect series to read after VA if you want to be transported back in time and with the touch of paranormal that you’re not quite sure is really there or is just bad people doing bad things. The romance between Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell is just as epic in this series as Rose and Dmitri are!

I especially think that book 2 in this series is ideal because of the academy setting as well, but it’s best read in order. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Click here for the Stalking Jack the Ripper Reading Order and our reviews
Book cover The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh

The Beautiful Quartet by Renée Ahdieh

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

gothic NEW ORLEANS SETTING | murder mystery

Renée Ahdieh’s magical and epic paranormal gothic series in a world of vampires, werewolves, fey, and magic-wielders. The first couple of books have some delicious gothic paranormal vibes and a New Orleans setting, and as we get into book 3 we follow different characters into the land of the fae and a bit more fantasy and magic.

Click here for the The Beautiful Quartet Reading Order and our reviews

Serpent & Dove series by Shelby Mahurin

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

forbidden romance | religion | arranged marriage | enemies

SERPENT & DOVE will transport you to a magical world with a bit of a feel of the Salem witch trials.  Witches are hunted and burned and some of them are actually evil. There’s also the concept of the Chasseurs, who are sworn to the Church and they believe that witches are demons, which is why they have to hunt and kill them.

And then there’s the romance.  It does play an important role in this series even though it’s a slow burn. The romance especially has a very Dmitri and Rose feel.

Click here for the Serpent & Dove Reading Order and our reviews
Book cover A Fate of Wrath and Flame by K.A. Tucker

Fate & Flame series by K.A. Tucker

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

royalty | supernatural politics

The Fate & Flame fantasy romance series is perfect for fans of new adult fantasy books. For fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s From Blood and Ash or V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. There’s a great deal of paranormal politics in this series.

This all starts off in the real world where we meet our heroine, a thief in NYC, who follows a mysterious woman and has no choice but to take on a job to steal a stone that may help her earn her freedom from the criminals that own her. Soon enough she finds herself transported to a parallel universe, in a body that is not her own and she quickly finds surrounded by monsters that could be based on real world’s vampire myths.

Click here for the Fate & Flame Reading Order and our reviews
if you are ready to take things a bit more adult but not full on romance, then check out these urban fantasy series
Book cover Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

SEXY ACCENTS | STRONG FEMALE | excellent world building

It’s no secret that I think the Night Huntress series should be on everyone’s MUST READ paranormal series of all time. I don’t care what you like or not, at least give this series a try. If you want more romance? It does come with this series. If you want kick ass action? Yep, right here. You’ll be on the edge of your seat. Humor? Check.

I think this is great to read if you want something a bit more mature than VA because it does have the training group element, a mystery with a dash of danger, sizzling chemistry between the main characters and a whole set of side characters that you’ll come to love like family.

Click here for the Night Huntress Reading Order and our reviews
Book cover Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

vampire politics | new vamp training | sassy heroine

The Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill is an urban fantasy about vampires set in Chicago. A young heiress is attacked by a rogue vampire and her life drastically changes in an instant. She finds herself a newly vampire and right in the middle of supernatural politics now that vampires have revealed to humans they exist.

After all, she’s perfect to be the liaison between the vampires and the humans. And if her sexy Master vampire just gets on her nerves a bit too much, well she can’t control her sass. Or her attraction.

Click here for the Chicagoland Vampires Reading Order and our reviews
if want more sexy vampires, then here’s some adult vampire romances for you
Book cover King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair

Adrian X Isolde series by Scarlett St. Clair

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

political intrigue | enemies to lovers | arranged marriage

Back with the royalty vampire trope with this one. Isolde is a princess and it has been arranged for her to marry the vampire king. She’s also tasked with killing him to end a war, as her commitment to her people. But things don’t quite go according to plan and instead of succeeding she grows enchanted by the mysterious vampire and starts to question everything she’s known.

This is also perfect for fans of the From Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and a Hades & Persephone retelling.

Click here for the Adrian X Isolde Reading Order and our reviews
Book cover Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

Stay a Spell series by Juliette Cross

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

a paranormal romantic comedy | lots of sexy heroes | nola vibes

I can hear you already. This is a witch/shifter romance, how come it’s on a vampire romance recommendations list? Well, first of all because this is a must read series for anyone reading paranormal romance. Second, because we do get sexy vamps in this series! Two of the books in the series feature vampire heroes and boy are they sizzling hot.

This series is set in New Orleans and it follows the Savoie sisters. They’re witches and all finding their HEAs. You really don’t want to pass this one up!

Books available on Kindle Unlimited
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Book cover After Darkness Falls by May Sage

After Darkness Falls series by May Sage

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…


Ready to enroll in a new paranormal institute? Then the After Darkness Falls series by May Sage is the one for you! A paranormal romance take on classic young adult fantasy series like Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments, but make it a bit spicier  and with a happily ever after at the end.

First book is FREE on kindle!
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Book cover Dark Lover by J.R. Ward book 1 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

band of warriors | alpha men | fated mates | lots of spice

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is another MUST READ for anyone interested in anything paranormal related. I mean, if you love vampires and you haven’t at least tried J.R. Ward, you’re doing it wrong. This series has a big overarching plot and extensive world building and Ward’s writing style is quite unique. Lots of POV but everything gives you a big feel for the world that revolves around these badass vampire warriors, their mates and the dangers that loom ahead.

Click here for the Black Dagger Brotherhood Reading Order and our reviews

Don’t miss out and check the Black Dagger Brotherhood series guide. Including everything you want to know from series reading order, connected series, character and world building information and our fantasy casting for the characters

Book cover of KISS OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian

Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian

READ THIS series IF you’re in the mood for…

band of warriors | fated mates | vampire politics

The Midnight Breed series is an epic story of the band of warriors that is tasked with protecting vampires. Additionally, they are currently fighting an evil opponent that has created these super vamp warriors, assassins, fully mentally under his evil control. Along the way, each warrior will find his very own mate.

Click here for the Midnight Breed Reading Order and our reviews

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Books to Read after Vampire Academy
Books to Read After Vampire Academy
Books to Read After Vampire Academy

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