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Black paranormal authors that write about things that go bump in the night

Ready to spice up your bookshelf with stories where love knows no bounds—not even the supernatural ones? Let’s dive into the worlds of Black paranormal authors who are absolutely killing the game. Think epic love stories with a twist—like, dating a werewolf kind of twist. Whether you’re into sultry vampires, mysterious shapeshifters, or spell-casting heroines, these authors bring it all, and they’re here to serve you fantasy with a side of fierce. So, if your reading list feels a bit too… earthly, it’s time to add some magical flare and heart-pounding adventures penned by brilliant Black voices. Grab your headphones or your favorite reading nook companion and get ready for some serious page-turning. Why settle for ordinary romance when you can have the paranormal kind that keeps you hooked until the last page? Let’s get started!

Black paranormal authors – Paranormal romance

The Shadow Shifters series by A.C. Arthur

I liked how there was a greater emphasis on the suspense subplot. The heroine, Karina Harper is a Washington D.C. police officer and years ago, she was saved by a cat –like creature. This attack has haunted her now, two years later, she is working as an undercover agent for a powerful man named Roman Reynolds. Roman is suspected to be connected to a drug operation. Arthur does a great job of building up the sexual tension. She brings it in spades. There’s no denying that Arthur writes really sexy cat shifters.

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Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

“Mating the Huntress” by Talia Hibbert is the steamy, Halloween treat you didn’t know you needed. Picture this: Chastity Adofo knows how to spot a monster, and Luke Anthony, with his cheeky smile and enviable backside, screams trouble. He’s a werewolf with a plan—not to kill, but to woo. Chastity, armed with sharp knives and sharper wit, is ready to fight back, but Luke’s intentions are far from deadly. As the full moon approaches, their tug-of-war turns into a fiery game of forbidden lust. Packed with flirty banter and moments hot enough to melt your pumpkin spice latte, this novella is all about embracing the wild side.

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Black paranormal authors – Urban fantasy

Crimson Moon series by L.A. Banks

Sascha is part of a special government Delta Ops, and, along with 3 other operatives, have been infected with a “werewolf” gene. They take drugs to keep the change at bay, and usually don’t work missions during full moon nights. There was plenty of action, a little graphic at times, government cover-ups, betrayals, and sexy werewolves. What more can you ask for?

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The Oracle Chronicles by Moni Boyce

Awakened by Moni Boyce throws you into the mix with Willow Stevens, whose dreams of hitting the big time are seriously derailed by some seriously creepy nightmares. Enter Eli Walker: office hottie and major enigma, who might just have the answers to her spectral stalkers. Things get weird when Willow passes out and wakes up in Eli’s apartment, only to discover that not only is the nightmare man real, but so are a whole bunch of other creatures she thought were just myths.

Turns out, Eli is part of this supernatural world too, and he’s supposed to keep her safe without getting too close—yeah, right. As they try to fend off a vampire king and navigate their undeniable attraction, the lines between protector and more-than-protector blur. Can they stick to the rules, or will their reckless passion put them in even greater danger? Get ready for a wild ride with Awakened.

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Black paranormal authors – Fantasy romance

Wicked Court by May Sage writing as Alexi Blake

Wicked Court throws you into the chaos of Vlari’s life, a royal with more secrets than friends, hiding her powers in a court that couldn’t care less about her. All that changes when everyone who wanted her caged winds up dead. Now, with the unseelie kingdom falling apart, Vlari’s got a choice: fade away or step up. The trouble is, Drusk—a brooding presence who’s as annoying as he is alluring—won’t let her catch a break. As their world crumbles, they face everything from cutthroat court politics to their own conflicting feelings. Dive into this darkly gripping tale where Vlari must decide if she’s going to protect a court that never protected her. Wicked Court is for anyone who loves their fantasy with a dose of fierce survival and heart-pounding choices.

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Black paranormal authors – Sci-fi romance

The A.I. Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole

The AI Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole is like hitting the chill-out jackpot if you’ve ever daydreamed about a hot cyborg moving in next door. This read mixes a bit of sci-fi with a lot of rom-com vibes, making it ideal for a light, fun escape. Trinity, recovering from a sketchy work incident, finds herself intrigued by her mysterious and surprisingly attractive new neighbor, Li Wei. As they grow closer, the plot thickens, but not too much—this isn’t your deep, dark dystopia. It’s more ‘mysterious future light’ with a side of sweet romance. While the world-building might leave you a bit puzzled, the focus here is on their budding relationship, which is easy to get into. So if you’re looking for something serious, this might not hit the mark. But for a relaxing read with a futuristic twist? Definitely give it a go.

Grab it on Amazon or read our The A.I. Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole book review

Black paranormal authors – Sci-fi

Do You Dream of Terra- Two? by Temi Oh

In Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh, space is just the backdrop for a gripping dive into what happens when you stick six genius teens with a bunch of veteran astronauts on a spaceship for twenty years. Yep, they’re off to populate a new planet, but life in close quarters turns out to be its own universe of drama. This isn’t your typical space adventure; it’s a raw look at young, brilliant minds dealing with the kind of cabin fever that makes every annoying habit just explode. Temi Oh serves up a story where space feels as cramped as a rush-hour subway and every character is wrestling with their own dark stuff, making them frustratingly, fascinatingly real. It’s space, but where the real challenge is not just surviving the cosmos but each other. Get ready for a journey that’s as much about navigating personal meltdowns as it is about exploring the stars.

Grab it on Amazon or read our Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh book review

Dread Nation series by Justina Ireland

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland throws a killer twist into post-Civil War America: zombies. Yup, the undead are real, and the battle’s not just against brain-eaters, but deep-seated racism. Instead of picking cotton, emancipated Black and Native American youths are now groomed to battle these zombies at combat schools. Meet Jane McKeene, who’s about to graduate from the elite Miss Preston’s School of Combat, when she’s dragged into a conspiracy that proves humans can be far scarier than any zombie. The book isn’t just action-packed—it’s a clever take on history, laced with biting social commentary and spiked with adrenaline. Each chapter kicks off with a letter from Jane to her mom, giving you a sneak peek into the mayhem to come. Fast-paced, smart, and chillingly relevant, Dread Nation is perfect if you’re into zombies with a side of historical drama and societal critique. Get ready for a wild ride.

Grab it on Amazon or read our Dread Nation by Justina Ireland book review

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