Welcome to the future, where the human race has now split into three different subspecies; Human, Psy and Changeling. Psy have powerful mental abilities, which they control at the cost of their emotions. Silence is a conditioning programme that all Psy must participate in. Any Psy that breaks Silence is reconditioned. Harshly. Changelings have the ability to shift into a specific animal and live within their packs. Family and pack and the feelings that tie them together are he most important things in a Changelings life. When Silence starts to break human, Psy and Changelings must learn to love and work together to stop the world from imploding.

Nalini Singh has managed to create the the perfect mix of near future sci-fi and paranormal romance with the Psy-Changeling series. With her pairings of red hot Changelings and the icy cool and gorgeous Psy, each books gives us a read rife with sexual tension, emotion and romance. Then there is the unique and interesting world that just gets more fascinating and complex as the series go on. All this is done in Singh’s beautifully poetic writing style. If you’re a fan of romance then this series is not to be missed.

This series order includes the books from the spin off series the Psy-Changeling Trinity…

Nalini Singh has given us a lot of free slices of life stories between her novellas and full length books. They have been included in the below along with the link so you can enjoy all the books, novellas and slice of life in order!

Book 0.5: Beat of Temptation
Main Couple: Tamsyn & Nate
In Anthology: An Enchanted Season & Wild Invitation

UTC Review

Book 0.6: Whisper of Sin
Main Couple: Emmett & Ria Wembley
In Anthology: Burning Up – but can now be bought as a standalone. 


Book 1: Slave to Sensation
Main Couple: Sascha Duncan & Lucas Hunter
UTC Review

Book 1.1: The Shower (deleted scene)
Book 1.2: The Cannibal Princess (free short story)
Slice of Life – FREE HERE

Book 2: Visions of Heat
Main Couple: Faith Nightstar & Vaughn D’Angelo
UTC Review

Book 2.5: Echo of Silence
Main Couple: Tazia Nerif & Stefan Berg
In Anthology: Wild Embrace
UTC Review

Book 3: Caressed by Ice
Main Couple: Brenna Kincaid & Judd Lauren
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Book 3.1: Miss Leozandra’s (deleted scene)
Slice of Life – FREE HERE

Book 3.5: Stroke of Enticement
Main Couple: Annie Kildaire & Zach Quinn
In Anthology: Wild Invitation or The Magical Christmas Cat

UTC Review

Book 4: Mine to Possess
Main couple: Clay Bennett & Talin McKade
UTC Review

Book 4.5: A Conversation
Slice of Life – FREE HERE

Book 5: Hostage to Pleasure
Main Couple: Ashaya Aleine & Dorian Christensen
UTC Review

Book 5.5: Dorian
Main couple: Ashaya Aleine & Dorian Christensen
In Anthology: Wild Embrace

UTC Review

Book 5.6: A Gift for Kit (free short story)
Book 5.7: Movie Night (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 6: Branded by Fire
Main couple: Riley Kincaid & Mercy Smith

UTC Review

Book 5.1: The Party (deleted scene)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 7: Blaze of Memory
Main Couple: Dev Santos & Katya Haas
UTC Review

Book 7.1: Christmas in the Kitchen
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 8: Bonds of Justice
Main couple: Max Shannon & Sophia Russo


Book 9: Play of Passion
Main Couple: Drew Kincaid & Indigo Riviere

Book 9.1: Wolf School (deleted scene)
Book 9.2: Clean & Dirty (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 9.5: Declaration of Courtship
Main Couple: Cooper Shaw & Grace Burke
In Anthology: Wild Invitation – but can now be bought as a standalone.

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Book 9.6: Home (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 10: Kiss of Snow
Main Couple: Hawke Snow & Sienna Lauren
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Book 10.1: Wild Night (free short story)
Book 10.2: Naya’s Most Important Visitor (free short story)
Book 10.3: Grocery Shopping (free short story)
Book 10.4: Stalking Hawke (free short story)

Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 10.5: Texture of Intimacy
Main Couple: Lara Knight & Walker Lauren
In Anthology: Wild Invitation – but can now be bought as a standalone.
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Book 10.6: Pancakes (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 11: Tangle of Need
Main Couple: Adria Morgan & Riaz Delgado
UTC Review

Book 11.5: Partners in Persuasion
Main couple: Felix Grady and Desiree
In Anthology: Wild Embrace

UTC Review

Book 11.6: Dancing with Cooper (free short story)
Book 11.7: Poker Night (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 12: Hearts of Obsidian 
Main Couple: Sahara Kyriakus & Kaleb Krycheck
UTC Review

Book 12.4: Flirtation of Fate
Main couple: Garnet “Jem” Sheridan & Kenji Tanaka
In Anthology: Wild Embrace

UTC Review

Book 12.5: Sunday Morning
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 12.6: Secrets at Midnight
Main Couple: Bastian Smith & Kirby Rosario
In Anthology: Night Shift – but can now be bought as a standalone

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Book 12.7: Making Dinner (free short story)
Book 12.8: Hide and Seek (free short story)
Book 12.9: New Year’s Kisses (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 13: Shield of Winter
Main Couple: Vasic & Ivy Jane
UTC Review

Book 13.2: Housewarming of the Orchard (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 14: Shards of Hope
Main Couple: Aden Kai & Zaira Neve
UTC Review

Book 14.1: Kaleb and Sahara’s Meeting with Sascha and Lucas (free short story)
Book 14.2: Romancing Drew (free short story)
Book 14.3: The Song of the Wolf (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 15: Allegiance of Honor
Main Couple: N/A 
UTC Review

Book 15.1: Rowan (free short story)
Book 15.2: Baubles and Ben (free short story)
Slices of Life – FREE HERE

Book 16: Silver Silence
Book 1: Psy Changeling Trinity
Main Couple: Valentin Nikolaev & Silver Mercant
UTC Review

Book 17: Ocean Light
Book 2: Psy Changeling Trinity
Main Couple: Bowen Knight & Kaia Luna
UTC Review

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The Psy are humans with various psychic abilities, such as telepathy and telekinesis. Each Psy has various levels of each abilities, which are measured on a scale of 0-10, but usually has one dominant ability. Any Psy that has an ability of rated more 10 is known as a Cardinal. A Cardinal Psy will have eyes like a starry sky. To control their psychic ability the Psy have conditioned all emotions out of themselves, this conditioning programme is known as Silence. Silence means that the Psy have a very low crime rate, but it also means that they do not know love or friendship. Psy chose to procreate by picking a partner with the best connections and genetics that will compliment their own ambitions. Psy are leaders in the business industry however, they have no artists or musicians.

The Psy are run by a Council, with all members known for their ruthless ambition.

Known Psy designations:

E-Psy  Empath 

This ability is a secret kept by the Psy Council as the presence of it threatens Silence. The Council have tried to breed this out of the population and destroy any strong E-Psy they find. An E-Psy can feel other peoples emotions and within the E-Psy designation this manifests in different ways the most common being that an Empath can help bear people’s emotional burdens by taking it themselves. E-Psys tend to be gentle and compassionate, the heart of the Psy race.

Characters: Sascha Duncan (Cardinal), Ivy Jane (9.3)

Tk-Psy Telekinetic

A Telekinetic has the ability to manipulate matter. There are many different ways this can manifest from moving objects around a room to being able to create invisible force fields.

Characters: Kaleb Krychek (Cardinal), Stefan Berg (9.7),

There are specialisations in telekinesis that have their own sub-designations:

Tk-Cell – Able to control matter at an atomic level. A deadly skill that can allow a Psy to stop someone’s heart with a thought.

Characters: Judd Lauren (9.9)

Tk- V – These Psy are also known as a Traveler’s. They are able to teleport themselves and others.

Characters: Vasic Zen (7.9)

Tp-Psy Telepathic

All Psy have a small amount of telepathic ability, as this is needed to enable them to connect to the PsyNet. However, those who are strong on the gradient are able to communicate clearly across vast distances.

Characters: Kaleb Krychek (Cardinal), Zaira Neve (9.8), Judd Lauren (9.4), Walker Lauren (7.8), Faith Nightstar (6), Katya Haas (4.5), Aden Kai (4.3), Ivy Jane (3.2),

Tp-A – These are Audio Telepaths, before Silence no Tp-A ever survived into adulthood. They are assaulted with a vast wave of sound along their psychic pathways as they can hear every thought and voice but amplified.

Characters: Silver Mercant (9.3)

F-Psy  Foreseer 

Foreseers are able to glimpse the future. They are viewed as very valuable assets by their family groups and are used to make business predictions. Foreseers are isolated from the rest of the population and are constantly and remotely monitored in their secluded homes. All Foreseers eventually go insane.

Characters: Faith Nightstar (Cardinal)

B-Psy Backsight – With Foresight, can also come the secondary ability of backsight (B-Ps, which is where the Psy sees glimpses of the past.

Characters: Sahara Kyriakus, Sophia Russo (1.5)

M-Psy Medical

M-Psy are the most known by Human and Changeling populations as they work in the medical field and have most contact with the other races. Although there are many sub-designations of the M-Psy, their most widespread and well known ability is being able to scan bodies and diagnose illnesses. However, others can heal small injuries and can even scan and manipulate DNA.

Characters: Ashaya Aleine (9.9), Katya Haas (4.9), Aden Kai (3.2)

J-Psy Justice 

J-Psy most often work within law enforcement, they are able to view memories and then transfer these to others. This is often used to convict criminals. However, it means that the J-Psy have to enter the depraved brains of criminals on a regular basis.

Characters: Sophia Russo (8.5)

A-Psy Anchor

Anchors are very important to the stability of the PsyNet and they are spread out to ensure they cover the world. Disasters happen when there aren’t enough Anchors within the PsyNet.


X-Psy are the rarest of all Psy and often those born with this ability do not reach adulthood. An X-Psy can produce cold fire which will burn their target to ash in less than a second. The cold fire can build until it reaches synergy.

Characters: Sienna Lauren (Cardinal)

Ps-Psy Psychometrics

Ps-Psy are able to touch objects and able glean information and memories which are associated with the object.

Changelings are humans who are able to change into a specific animal. There are predatory and non-predatory Changelings, depending on what animal they can shift in to. Changelings live in close knit communities and are organised into packs/clans, and the most important thing in a Changelings life is their family and their pack. Changelings generally mate for life and have fated mates, this is usually another Changeling, however, it is no uncommon for Humans and Changelings to mate. There has been no known instance of Psy and Changelings mating.

The packs have a power structure with an Alpha pair at the top of the hierarchy, the Alpha will be the most dominant individual in the pack. The Alpha will than have a handful of strong dominant individuals who report directly to him. There is also normally a Healer within the pack who is outside the power structure but has a very high standing in the pack. Being Dominant or Submissive is also important and will decide a persons place in the pack. Dominants usually take protector roles and are driven to protect and care for those who are Submissive. Submissives usually have more nurturing roles and like to take care and soothe hose around them.

Humans are viewed as the weakest as the races, they aren’t as strong as the Changelings and they do not have the psychic powers of the Psy. However, as events unfold it becomes clear that Humans are essential for peace between all three races.

Adrian Kenner, a human, is revered amoung the Changelings. He was a helped negotiate peace and was essential to bringing an end to the Territorial Wars, a civil war between Changeling groups in the 18th century.



The Arrow Squad

Arrows are a secret and elite Psy squad whose original protocol was to protect Silence. They were originally set up by Zaid Adelaja just as Silence commenced. Any Psy child showing dangerous and dangerously strong abilities could find themselves being put into the harsh and abusive training required to become an Arrow. The Arrows are conditioned to be remorseless and have connections to no one but on another, as such they are extremely loyal to the squad and rarely trust anyone else.

They were controlled by former Arrow turned Psy Councillor Ming LeBon. They now fall under the more compassionate leadership of Aden Kai and their central purpose is to now protect the Empaths.

Characters: Judd Lauren, Stefan Berg, Vasic Zen, Aden Kai, Zaira Neve

The Council

The Council are the ruling government of the Psy race. The Council have an iron grip on the Psy and keep a close watch on those who disagree and are willing to go to any lengths to keep themselves in power. They are aware of the darkness within the Psy race and kill to keep the race’s sinister secrets. To get on the Psy Council you have to be powerful, ruthless and willing to kill.

In recent times, the Psy Council has changed and have become less corrupt in pursuit of their own personal power and have introduced more humane members to its numbers.

Characters: Nikita Duncan, Kaleb Krychek, Shoshanna Scott, Henry Scott, Santano Enrique, Marshall Hyde, Tatiana Rike-Smithe, Ming LeBon, Anthony Kyriakus

The Forgotten

The Forgotten started as the Psy who cut themselves from the Net at the dawn of Silence. They formed their own ShadowNet. Now their descendants are mainly Human or Changeling but with Psy genetics. This means they have unusual and wide ranging abilities never seen in the Psy population. The Forgotten’s power vary in strength, with some having very little power and others having new and dangerous abilities. The Shine Foundation is a front for the Forgotten. As well as genuinely trying to help children of all races, they also trace the descendants. This is in order to help them both control their abilities  and to include them in the ShadowNet as being cut off from the biofeedback it provides could kill them.

Characters: Dev Santos, Talin McKade,


DarkRiver Pack

Animal: Leopard (mainly)
Location: San Francisco
Alpha: Lucas Hunter & Sascha Duncan
Sentinels: Clay Bennett, Dorian Chistensen, Mercy Smith, Nate Ryder, Vaugn D’Angelo
Close Allies: SnowDancer, Rats, WindHaven, BlackSea, Emphatic Collective, Ruling Coalition
History: Lucas has turned the DarkRiver into one of the most powerful Changeling packs since he took over as Alpha. He has set up powerful alliances and pacts with other packs, but especially with the SnowDancer pack, with whom they have a blood bond. They have offered refuge to Psy who have defected from the PsyNet and fight against the Silence Protocol.

SnowDancer Pack

Animal: Wolf (mainly)
Location: California including Sierra Neveda
Alpha: Hawke Snow
Lieutenants: Alexei, Cooper Shaw, Jem Sheridan, Indigo Riviere, Judd Lauren, Kenji Tanaka, Matthias, Riaz Delgado, Riley Kincaid, Tomas
Close Allies: DarkRiver, Rats, WindHaven, BlackSea, Emphatic Collective, Ruling Coalition
History: SnowDancer is the largest pack in the US and is ruthless in protecting its territory and its members. Although they can be vicious to their enemies they are a valuable ally as they are fiercely loyal and honourable. They have sheltered Psy who have defected from the PsyNet and fight against the Silence Protocol.

BlackSea Clan

Animal: All water-based changelings, from sharks to minnows, octopuses and dolphins
Location: They have claimed and patrol vast swatches of the ocean.
Alpha: Miane Levesque
Lieutenants: Griffin, Malachai Rhys (Security Chief),
Allies: Human Alliance, DarkRiver, SnowDancer
History: The BlackSea clan, although vast and powerful with a large number of changelings they are also secretive and until recently have not sought alliances with others.

RainFire Pack

Animal: Leopard
Location: Smoky Mountains, US
Alpha: Remington “Remi” Denier
Sentinels: Angel, Lark, Theo
Allies: DarkRiver, Arrow Squad
History: A small but increasingly powerful pack.

StoneWater Pack

Animal: Bears
Location: Russia in DenHome
Alpha: Valentin Nikolaev
Lieutenants: Anastasia Nikolaev, Pavel Stepyrev, Pietr, Yakov Stepyrev
Allies: BlackEdge Wolfs
History: The pack split when it came under Valentin’s leadership due to the actions of his father. However, they are one of the biggest packs in Russia.

WindHaven Pack

Animal: Falcon
Wing Commander: Adam Garrett
Lieutenants: Jacques
Allies: DarkRiver, SnowDancer
History: Not much is known, but they are becoming an ally for the DarkRiver and Snowdancer packs.


Human Alliance

The Human Alliance was created to try and protect Humans from both psychic invasion from the Psy and the strength of the Changelings. However, the organisation was riddled with corruption until Bowen Knight, the Security Chief has taken control and created allies within the other races. 

***All the main couples are below, however, not all the couples from the novellas are included unless they also have a significant part in the series***

In order of HEA…

Name: Tamsyn “Tammy” Ryder nee Mayhaire
First Appears in: Beat of Temptation (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Romance in: Beat of Temptation (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Race: Changeling – Leopard
Pack: Healer in the DarkRiver pack
Mate: Nathan Ryder
Family: Roman Ryder (Son) Julian Ryder (Son)
About: Became the Healer of the DarkRiver pack at 17  after their previous healer was murdered. As well as being a Healer she is trained as a doctor. Has twin sons.
Appearance: Slender with dark hair and light brown eyes
Fantasy Cast: Cobie Smulders


Name: Nathan “Nate” Ryder
First Appears in: Beat of Temptation (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Romance in: Beat of Temptation (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Race: Changeling – Leopard
Pack: Sentinel in the DarkRiver pack
Mate: Tamsyn Ryder
Family: Roman Ryder (Son) Julian Ryder (Son)
About: The oldest and most senior of the Sentinels for the DarkRiver pack. Has twin sons.
Appearance: Tall and fit with dark blue eyes
Fantasy Cast: Jeremy Renner


Name: Lucas Hunter
First Appears in: Beat of Temptation  (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Romance is in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Race: Changeling- Black panther leopard
Pack: Lucas is the DarkRiver Pack’s Alpha
Mate: Sascha Duncan
About: His parents were murdered and he was tortured by a roaming leopard pack when he was a teenager. He then came on to become Alpha of the DarkRiver pack at 23 and has since made the pack one of the most powerful in the world.
Appearance: Gorgeous, with black shoulder length hair, golden skin and green eyes . Has 4 claw marks on the right side of his face and a tattoo of a leopard on his upper arm.
Fantasy Cast: Alex Belli

Name: Sascha Duncan
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance is in: 
Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Psy Designation: Cardinal E (Empath) Psy
Mate: Lucas Hunter
Family: Nikita Duncan (Mother)
About: Her mother Nikita Duncan is head of the Psy Clan Duncan and a member of the Psy Council. Sascha’s conditioning into Silence never fully worked and to hide this she has become an expert at building shields for her mind.
Appearance: Asian heritage with long curly black hair, Cardinal eyes, curvy and beautiful.
Fantasy Cast: Manasi Parekh


Name: Vaughn D’Angelo
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Race: Changeling – Jaguar
Pack: Sentinel in the DarkRiver pack.
Mate: Faith Nightstar
About: Vaughn’s parents abandoned him and his little sister Skye when he was 10. He spent a week in his Jaguar form until he was found and taken in by DarkRiver. However, his sister Skye died before they were found. Because of this his cat is far closer to the surface than any other Changeling.
Appearance: A golden boy with his thick gold shoulder length hair and eyes almost the same gold as his cats.
Fantasy Cast: Ben Dahlhaus


Name: Faith NightStar
First Appears in: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Romance in: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Caridnal F (Forseer) Psy
Mate: Vaughn D’Angel
Family: Anthony Kyriakus (Father) Sahara Kyriakus (Cousin)
About: As a Cardinal F-Psy Faith is worth billions to the Psy Clan Nightstar and is the most accurate and powerful F-Psy in the world. She is kept secluded from everyone, including other Psy, and constantly monitored.
Appearance: Petite with long dark red hair and cardinal eyes and beautiful creamy skin with a gold undertone.
Fantasy Cast: Lily Collins


Name: Judd Lauren
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 9.9 Tk (Telekinetic) Psy, sub designation Cell. This means that he is able to change matter on an atomic level. 9.4 Tp (Telepathy) Psy.
Pack: Lieutanent in the SnowDancer pack.
Mate: Brenna Kincaid
Family: Walker Lauren (Brother) Marlee Lauren (Niece) Toby Lauren (Nephew) Sienna Lauren (Niece)
About: He is a former Arrow who defected from the PsyNet with his family after he learned that were slated for rehabilitation. Although he is free of the PsyNet and Silence, he chooses to keep the conditioning as his Tk-Cell gift is dangerous and he could kill with a careless thought if it is not controlled.
Appearance: Perfectly handsome with chocolate brown hair and brown eyes flecked with gold.
Fantasy Cast: Jensen Ackles


Name: Brenna Shane Kincaid
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in:
Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
 Changeling – Wolf (grey)
Pack: SnowDancer
Mate: Judd Lauren
Family: Andrew Kincaid (Brother) Riley Kincaid (Brother)
About: Brenna was kidnapped by a Psy serial killer who raped her mind and tortured her body. But was saved by her pack and the DarkRiver pack. She is a genius with technology devices and has attained the highest level of education in her field, as such she is now highly sort after.
Appearance: Petite with blonde shoulder length hair and bangs with extrordaniary brown eyes shot with blue.
Fantasy Cast: Hayley Bennett


Name: Clay Bennett
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Race: Changeling – Leopard
Pack: He is Sentinel in the DarkRiver pack.
Mate: Talin McKade
Family: Noor Hassan (Daughter – adopted) Jonquil “Jon” Duschslaya (Son – adopted)
About: Clay lived amongst humans until he was a teenager hiding his leopard from everyone but his childhood friend Talin McKade. He ended up in juvie after an incident and was introduced into the DarkRiver pack by Nate when he was 18.
Appearance: Big with dark golden skin, green eyes and black hair
Fantasy Cast: Ruben Cortada


Name: Talin “Tally” McKade
First Appears in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Romance in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Race:  97%Human, 3% Psy one of the “Forgotten”
Pack: DarkRiver pack
Mate: Clay Bennett
Family: Noor Hassan (Daughter – adopted) Jonquil “Jon” Duschslaya (Son – adopted) Larkspur family (adoptive family)
About: She works for the Shine foundation helping street kids get homes and an education. She had a horrific childhood, the only bright spot being her friendship with Clay Bennett.
Appearance: Beautiful golden brown hair with brown-grey eyes and freckled honeyed skin
Fantasy Cast: Alia Shawcat


Name: Dorian Christensen
First Appears in: Beat of Temptation (Psy Changeling #0.5)
Romance in: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Race: Changeling- Leopard (latent).
Pack: Sentinel in the DarkRiver pack
Mate: Ashaya Aleine
Family: Kylie (Sister – deceased)
About: His leopard is latent which means he is unable to shift, this has driven him to succeed at everything he does. He’s an unparalleled sniper, an architect, an expert hacker, a pilot and has mastered several martial arts.
Appearance: Looks like a surfer with his pale blonde hair, gold skin and blue eyes.
Fantasy Cast: John Upshaw


Name: Ashaya Aleine
First Appears in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Romance in: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation:  9.9 M (Medical) Psy
Mate: Dorian Christensen
Family: Amara Aleine (Twin Sister) Keenan Aleine (Son)
About: Has a twin sister named Amara who she is both afriad of and is driven to protect. Her M-Psy ability allows her to see the structure of people’s DNA and manipulate it.
Appearance: Curvy with pale blue grey eyes with curly black shoulder length hair which she normally keeps in twin braids and dark skin.
Fantasy Cast: Kylie Bunbury


Name: Riley “The Wall” Kincaid
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Branded by Fire (Psy Changeling #6)
Race: Changeling – Wolf
Pack:  Senior Lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack, second only to Hawke
Mate: Mercy Smith
Family: Brenna Kincaid (Sister) Andrew Kincaid (Brother) Acton Lucas Kincaid (Son) Isabella Maeve Kincaid (Daughter) Michael Hawke Kincaid (Son)
About: He is the oldest of his siblings and when their parents died, he raised them and even as adults feels responsible for them. He has a quiet strength and known for his stubbornness and endurance, hence his nickname The Wall.
Appearance: Muscle bound with short chestnut hair and brown eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Unknown


Name: Melisande “Mercy” Smith
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Branded by Fire (Psy Changeling #6)
Race: Changeling- Leopard
Pack: Sentinel in the DarkRiver pack
Mate: Riley Kincaid
Family: Bastien Smith (Brother) Sage Smith (Brother) Grey Smith (Brother) Acton Lucas Kincaid (Son) Isabella Maeve Kincaid (Daughter) Michael Hawke Kincaid (Son)
About: She is a high ranking member of the DarkRiver pack and the only female Sentinel. She is has a fiery temperament and is a lethal fighter.
Appearance:  Curvy with waist length red hair and golden eyes
Fantasy Cast: Yuliya Snigir


Name: Devraj “Dev” Santos
First Appears in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Romance in: Blaze of Memory (Psy Changeling #7)
Race: Human with Psy ancestry.  Due to his Psy genes he has the unique ability to control metal and machines.
Affiliations: Director of the Shine Foundation, which was set up to help the Forgotten
Mate: Ekaterina “Katya” Haas
About: He is the leader of the Forgotten and his drive is to protect the innocent. As a descendant of the Forgotten he has very strong psychic abilities that continue to evolve. However, his strong abilities mean that he is in danger as becoming as cold as the metal and machines he controls.
Appearance: Brown eyes with flecks of gold, almost like Cardinal eyes. Dark hair and golden skin.
Fantasy Cast: Bruno Santos


Name: Ekaterina “Katya” Haas
First Appears in: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Romance in: Blaze of Memory (Psy Changeling #7)
Psy Designation: 4.5 Tp (Telepath) Psy 4.9 M (Medical) Psy
Affiliations: Part of the Psy resistance.
Mate: Dev Santos
About: She is part of the Psy resistance and helped Ashaya Aleine rescue children Jon Duchslaya and Noor Hassan. She is presumed dead, but was captured and broken by Psy Councillor Ming LeBon, because of this she broke Silence.
Appearance: Slim with shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes
Fantasy Cast: Yvonne Strahovski


Name: Max Shannon
First Appears in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Romance in: Bonds of Justice (Psy Changeling #8)
Race: Human
Affiliations: New York Police Detective, but starts working for Psy Councilor Nikita Duncan as Chief of Security.
Mate: Sophia Russo
Family: River Shannon (Half Brother – missing)
About: He has one of the best solve rates in New York PD and is a dedicated and relentless detective. Unlike most humans he has natural shields like a Changeling which means no Psy cannot invade his mind.
Appearance: Dark hair and eyes, olive skin and of Asian descent.
Fantasy Cast: Daniel Henney


Name: Sophia Russo
First Appears in: Bonds of Justice (Psy Changeling #8)
Romance in: Bonds of Justice (Psy Changeling #8)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 8.5 J (Justice) Psy, 1.5 Backsight
Mate: Max Shannon
Family: Was disowned by her parents at age 8
About: She has been working for as a J-Psy since she was 16 and is now extremely sensitive to touch, so much so that a single touch could lead her to die. She often dispenses justice herself to worst criminals.
Appearance: Petite and curvy with short curly black hair and blue/purple eyes. Has fine fine scars on her face.
Fantasy Cast: Morena Baccarin


Name: Andrew “Drew” Kincaid
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: SnowDancer
Mate: Indigo Rivers
Family: Brenna Kincaid (Sister) Riley Kincaid (Brother)
About: Although he is dominant his easy going personality allows him to get on with everyone within the pack structure. This ability has made his Hawke’s eyes and ears around the Pack and the liaison for the WindHaven pack.
Appearance: Blue eyes, golden skin and dark hair.
Fantasy Cast: Matt Bomer


Name: Indigo “Indy” Riviere
First Appears in: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Romance in: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: Lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack
Mate: Drew Kincaid
Family: Abel Riviere (Father) Tarah Riviere (Mother) Evangeline Riviere (Sister) Adria Morgan (Aunt)
About: A very strong dominant and second to Riley Kincaid. She is very protective of those she loves, particularly her sister. Well respected in the pack for both her smarts and how lethal she is.
Appearance: Beautiful with blue eyes, black hair and pale skin
Fantasy Cast: Katy Perry


Name: Hawke Snow
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in:
Kiss of Snow (Psy Changeling #10)
Race: Changeling – Wolf
Pack: Alpha of the SnowDancer
Mate: Sienna Lauren
About: He became Alpha of the SnowDancer pack at age 15 after most of his pack will killed. His loyalty is to his pack only and he is cunning and ruthless in keeping them all safe, in return his pack adore him.
Appearance: Silver gold hair, light blue eyes, muscular and tall.
Fantasy Cast: Charlie Hunnam


Name: Sienna Lauren
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in: Kiss of Snow (Psy Changeling #10)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Cardinal X Psy- the only known Cardinal X to ever be born
Pack: SnowDancer
Mate: Hawke Snow
Family: Walker Lauren (Uncle) Judd Lauren (Uncle) Toby Lauren (Brother) Marlee Lauren (Cousin)
About: She was taken and trained by Psy Councillor Ming LeBon when she was a child and was fully Silent before the age of 10. Her and her family were taken in by the SnowDancer pack when she was 16 after her mother committed suicide and her family were supposed to be rehabilitated. As soon as she saw Hawke Snow, her Silence broke.
Appearance: Red hair, pale freckled skin and cardinal eyes
Fantasy Cast: Susan Coffey


Name: Walker Lauren
First Appears in: Slave to Sensation (Psy Changeling #1)
Romance in:
Texture of Intimacy (Psy Changeling 10.5)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 7.8 Tp (Telepath) Psy
Pack: SnowDancer
Mate: Lara Knight
Family: Judd Lauren (Brother) Marlee Lauren (Daughter) Sienna Lauren (Niece) Toby Lauren (Nephew)
About: He was a teacher in the PsyNet and taught young Arrows. He would often risk his own life to protect the children in his care. He defected from the PsyNet and was adopted in to the SnowDancer pack when his family, including his daughter, were supposed to be rehabilitated. In the SnowDancer pack he is also a teacher and in charge of young teens.
Appearance: Silvering dark blonde hair and green eyes
Fantasy Cast: Brad Pitt


Name: Lara Knight
First Appears in: Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
Romance in: Texture of Intimacy (Psy Changeling 10.5)
Race: Changeling – Wolf
Pack: Pack Healer for SnowDancer
Mate: Walker Lauren
About: Well loved and respected within the pack and is able to calm and console all members of the pack regardless of rank or age. She is currently pregnant as of Allegiance of Honor. 
Appearance: Petite and curvy with curly black hair, tan skin and golden brown eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Marion Cotillard


Name: Riaz Delgado
First Appears in: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Romance in:
Tangle of Need (Psy Changeling #11)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: Lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack
Mate: Adria Morgan – his actual mate is called Lisette, however, they both are deeply in love with other people and so forsake the mating bond
Family: Jorge Delgado (Father) Abigail Delgado (Mother) Gage Delgado (Brother) Marisol Delgado (Niece)
About: He looks after the business interests of the pack, however, he is also a lone wolf who need periods of solitude. He is a highly dominant and protective.
Appearance: Black hair, golden eyes and honey coloured skin
Fantasy Cast: Andrei Andrei


Name: Adria Morgan
First Appears in: Play of Passion (Psy Changeling #9)
Romance in: Tangle of Need (Psy Changeling #11)
Race: Changeling- Wolf
Pack: Senior soldier and maternal female in the SnowDancer pack
Mate: Riaz Delgaldo
Family: Cullan Morgan (Father) Felicity Morgan (Mother) Tarah Riviere (Sister) Indigo Riviere (Niece) Evangeline Riviere (Niece)
About: Although is a maternal female she is too aggressively dominant to do this full time, but she also trains submissives and novice soldiers. She was previously in a relationship with a male who did not like her dominance so she tried to more submissive, however, it ultimately ended up making her question her worth.
Appearance: Tall and lithe, black hair and unique violet/blue eyes with gold streaks.
Fantasy Cast: Zooey Deschanel


Name: Sahara Kyriakus 
First Appears in: Heart of Obsidian(Psy Changeling #12)
Romance in: Heart of Obsidian(Psy Changeling #12)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: F (Foreseer) Psy sub designation B (Backsight), but actually has abilities so rare that there is no designation. She can erase other people’s memories, although it means it erases some of her own, she also has the ability to destroy someones mind and leave them an empty shell.
Mate: Kaleb Krycheck
Family: Leon Kyriakus (Father) Daniela Garcia (Mother) Faith NightStar (Cousin) Anthony Kyriakus (Uncle)
About: She is part of the NightStar Clan, but was kidnapped at aged 16, although he clan have constantly been searching for her, she as not rescued by them. She was taken to control Kaleb Krychek and has been tortured and her shields stripped, her Silence is completely shattered.
Appearance: Petite with dark blue eyes, waist length black hair and pale brown skin
Fantasy Cast: Pooja Hedge


Name: Kaleb Krycheck
First Appears in: Visions of Heat (Psy Changeling #2)
Romance in:
Heart of Obsidian (Psy Changeling #12)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: Cardinal Tp (Telepathy) Psy, Cardinal Tk (Telekinetic) Psy – a rare dual Cardinal.
Mate: Sahara Kyriakus
Family: Santano Enrique (Father)
About: He had a brutal childhood that he survived by becoming eerily Silent. The only happiness he remembers in his childhood is seeing Sahara Kyriakus and spent his considerable resources searching for her when she disappeared. He became a member of the Psy Council, but was also the Ghost, a rebel who defied the Council. He is now head of the Ruling Coalition and a member of the Trinity Accord.
Appearance: Icily beautiful with Cardinal eyes and black hair.
Fantasy Cast: Henry Cavill


Name: Vasic Zen
First Appears in: Mine to Possess (Psy Changeling #4)
Romance in:
Shield of Winter (Psy Changeling #13)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 7.9 Tk (Telekinetic) Psy – Sub Designation V (Traveler), <6 Tp (Telepathy) Psy
Mate: Ivy Jane
Family: Zie Zen (Great Grandfather)
About: Although his level on the gradient is fairly mid range, his abilities out strip many Cardinals. He was put in Arrow training as a child of 4, but regrets a lot of what he was made to do. He has become the public face of the Arrows. He is also the first (apart from Judd) to have a mate, which has given hope to the others in his squad. He had an electronic gauntlet embedded in to his left arm, however, both the gauntlet and the arm had to be removed before it killed him.
Appearance: Of Chinese, Croatian and Caucasian descent with black hair, grey eyes
Fantasy Cast: Goran Jurenec


Name: Ivy Jane
First Appears in: Shield of Winter (Psy Changeling #13)
Romance in:
Shield of Winter (Psy Changeling #13)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 9.3 E (Empath) Psy, 3.2 Tp (Telepath) Psy
Mate: Vasic Zen
Family: Carter Hirsh (Father) Gwen Jane (Mother)
About: After her Silence broke, she was sent for rehabilitation. The rehibilitation destroyed her personality and her parents took her to a remote location to allow her to heal. They became part of a community of Psy who shielded the broken for their protection. She has a dog called Rabbit who she adores and helped her heal. She is now the president of the Empathic Collective.
Appearance: Petite and curvy with curly shoulder length hair, creamy skin and unusual copper eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Cecilia Gomez


Name: Aden Kai
First Appears in: Hostage to Pleasure (Psy Changeling #5)
Romance in:
Shards of Hope (Psy Changeling #14)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 4.3 Tp (Telepath), 3.2 M (Medical) Psy, but has the ability to amplify power when connected with certain other Arrows, as such he has the same amount of power as a Cardinal.
Affiliations: Leader of the Arrow Squad
Mate: Zaira Neve
About: Although he appears the weakest of the Arrows and little more than a field medic, he is in actuality the leader of the Arrow Squad. The other Arrows are unfalteringly loyal to him and he helped many Arrows escape the PsyNet when they were to be terminated/rehabilitated. He wants to ensure that all Arrows know love and friendship and have ability to build bonds. He himself built a close bond with his former teacher Walker Lauren when he was a child.
Appearance: Asian features with almond shaped brown eyes and sharp cheekbones, lean build and straight black hair.
Fantasy Cast: Byung Hun Lee


Name: Zaira Neve
First Appears in: Tangle of Need (Psy Changeling #11)
Romance in: Shards of Hope (Psy Changeling #14)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 9.8 Combat Tp (Telepath) Psy
Affiliations: Arrow Squad
Mate: Aden Kai
About: She had a brutal childhood with extremely abusive parents. However, she killed them when she was just 7 years old, because of this she was almost terminated. But, although she may not be outwardly warm and affectionate and some have considered her a psychopath, she is very protective of those under her care.
Appearance: Petite and curvy, dark eyes, dark curly shoulder length hair and with light gold skin.
Fantasy Cast: Amarita Acharia


Name: Valentin Nikolaev
First Appears in: Silver Silence (Psy Changeling #16, Psy Changeling Trinity #1)
Romance in: Silver Silence (Psy Changeling #16, Psy Changeling Trinity #1)
Race: Changeling – Kamchatka brown bear
Pack: Alpha of StoneWater Clan
Mate: Silver Mercant
Family: Galina Evanova (Mother), Mikhail Nikolaev (Father), Anastasia Nikolaev (Sister), Nova Nikolaev (Sister), Nika Nikolaev (Sister)
About: Although he gives the appearance of being a little dense but easy going, that is a pretence and he is highly intelligent and perceptive. He, like most bears, is also playful and affectionate with a surfeit of charm, but also highly protective of those he loves.
Appearance: Large and muscular with dark gold skin, dark eyes and black messy hair
Fantasy Cast: Marlon Teixeira


Name: Silver Mercant
First Appears in: Caressed by Ice (Psy Changeling #3)
Romance in:
Silver Silence (Psy Changeling #16, Psy Changeling Trinity #1)
Race: Psy
Psy Designation: 9.3 Tp (Telepath) Psy sub-designation A (Audio)
Mate: Valentin Nikolaev
Family: Ena Mercant (Grandmother)
About: She is Kaleb Kychek’s senior aide as well as the head of EmNet. Because of her powerful position, as well as being the next heir to the very powerful Mercant family group she is target for those who want to disrupt the Trinity Accord. She has chosen to stay Silent as otherwise her powerful audio abilities will drive her to insanity.
Appearance: Always perfectly put together, tall, with grey/blue eyes and white blonde hair.
Fantasy Cast: Margot Robbie


Name: Bowen Knight
First Appears in: Branded by Fire (Psy Changeling #6)
Romance in:
Ocean Light (Psy Changeling #17, Psy Changeling Trinity #2)
Race: Human
Affiliations: Security Chief for the Human Alliance
Mate: Kaia Luna
Family: Lily Knight (Sister)
About: Although he is not the head of the Human Alliance, he is the heart of it and without him it would fall apart. He is passionate about protecting Human’s from psychic rape by the Psy due to his own horrifying experience as a child. Because of this he has a chip installed into his brain that stops any psychic invasion. However, the chip is dangerous experimental technology and it is failing and when it finally does he will die.
Appearance: Black eyes and hair, brown skin with a beautiful dragon tattoo on his back.
Fantasy Cast: Ignacio Ondategui


Name: Kaia Luna
First Appears in: Ocean Light (Psy Changeling #17, Psy Changeling Trinity #2)
Romance in:
Ocean Light (Psy Changeling #17, Psy Changeling Trinity #2)
Race: Changeling – Dolphin
Pack: BlackSea Clan
Mate: Bowen Knight
About: Used to be a scientist, however, being a chef suits her more artistic nature. She is a nurturer and very protective of those she loves, if she was in a wolf or leopard pack she would be classed a a dominant maternal female. She has a super intelligent pet mouse named Hex. She doesn’t like humans due to several horrible experiences she had when she was a child. These experiences have also made her terrified of living on land.
Appearance: Soft brown eyes, with long dark hair, with brown skin.
Fantasy Cast: Jessica Anne Struther

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