WARNING: This may contain spoilers! I have tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible. However, there is inevitably information here that will give you a glimpse into events that occur within the series. 

This Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance hybrid series carries everything from vampires to archangels. However, there is only one archangel who rules over New York like a king. Raphael and his consort, Elena, begins this series with their turbulent relationship. This world is as cruel as it is beautiful and just when you think a happily ever after can happen, more trouble arises. This is why Raphael needs his Seven. A group of carefully selected vampires and angels, these men are who Raphael trusts the most to help him.

With other archangels battling for power and others trying to overthrow him, the Guild Hunter series is rife with mystery and intrigue. Singh’s writing will enchant readers and as her characters fall in love, readers are guaranteed to be smitten with this series too.

We’ve been raving about the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh for some time and that’s because we’ve been fans ever since the series first came out. Vampires and angels? Nothing gets more interesting than that, but Singh always does a great job of bringing her characters to life in such a way that they feel larger than life. With poetic-like writing and deep romance, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like the dark.

Here are the top 5 reasons why
you should be reading this series!

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Book 0.4: Angel’s Dance
Main couple: Galen and Jessamy
In anthology Angel’s Flight
UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 0.5: Angel’s Judgement
Main Couple: Sara Haziz and Deacon
UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 0.6: Angel’s Pawn
Main couple: Ashwini and Janvier

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 1: Angels’ Blood
Main couple: Elena Deveraux  and Raphael

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 2: Archangel’s Kiss
Main couple: Elena and Raphael
UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 3: Archangel’s Consort
Main couple:  Elena Deveraux and Raphael

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 3.5: Angel’s Wolf
Main couple: Noel and Minra
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Book 4: Archangel’s Blade
Main couple: Dmitri and Honor
UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 5: Archangel’s Storm
Main couple: Jason and Mahiya

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 6: Archangel’s Legion
Main couple:  Elena Deveraux and Raphael

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 7: Archangel’s Shadows
Main couple: Ashwini and Janvier

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 8: Archangel’s Enigma
Main couple: Naasir and Andromeda

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 9: Archangel’s Heart
Main couple: Elena Deveraux and Raphael
UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 10: Archangel’s Viper
Main couple: Holly Chang and Venom

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

Book 11: Archangel’s Prophecy
Main couple: Elena Deveraux and Raphael

UTC Review | Goodreads | Amazon

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Archangels are on top of the food chain in the Guild Hunter world. They are angels that have ascended and now contain vast amounts of power. There are only ever a small number of archangels awake at any one time as the world is quite literally not big enough for too many at once. The archangels form the Cadre and they rule over angelkind.

The earth is split into territories and each archangel rules over that territory. For another angel to interfere into another archangels rule of their section of earth is to invite war. Even The Refuge is split into these territories. The Refuge is a place secret from humans and most vampires and is where angelic children are raised until they are old enough to go out into the world.

Angels chose the archangel they serve, once they have chosen they are expected to show absolute loyalty. Although angels don’t have the level of power of an archangels, they are still extremely dangerous and the most trusted often rule different parts of an archangels territory for them.

It is kept a secret by angels how vampires are made. All that is known by humans is that they can “apply” to be turned into a vampire. Some people are successful some people are not and there never seems to a discernible pattern to who is chosen. That is because it is not based on any character traits, but rather by some kind of genetic compatibility testing. If you are compatible, then you will be chosen.

Once a human is accepted to be chosen it is explained that they owe 100 years of service to their angel before they have any freedom. They effectively sign up for indentured servitude. This is somewhat necessary as a young vampire is a dangerous creature that if let loose will become a bloody monster, killing and drinking blood from any it finds. So, although angelic punishments for mistakes seem harsh they are essential.

In exchange for their 100 years service they will be turned. This means they are granted immortality of a vampire – they will never age from that point and they will also be cured of any diseases they have had. They also gain physical strength, speed and enhances senses. The more powerful vampires will also gain other abilities. As a vampire ages they get stronger and more powerful.

The Guild was created to catch any vampires that have tried to run away from their 100 year contract. They are tracked down by a Guild hunter and taken back to their angel to face punishment. This stops younger vampires from losing control and killing innocent victims.

Humans can be hunter born, this means that they have enhanced abilities that will help them track vampires. It could be a myriad of things from immunity to vampire powers or enhanced senses, such as sight and smell. However, even non hunter born Hunters are dangerous. They are a highly skilled group of human warriors specifically trained to take down enemies both stronger and faster than they are.

Name: Raphael
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1),
Romance inAngels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1), Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunters #2), Archangel’s Consort (Guild Hunters #3), Archangel’s Legion (Guild Hunters #6), Archangel’s Heart (Guild Hunter #9), Archangel’s Prophecy (Guild Hunter #11)
Species: Archangel of North America
Partner: Elena Deveraux
Family: Caliane (Mother), Nadiel (Father – deceased)
About: He is the son of two archangels, which may be why he ascended to an archangel at the age of 1500, making him the the youngest angel to ever ascend.
Appearance: He has white wings dusted with gold. Sapphire blue eyes, golden skin and black hair. Sharply, almost brutally handsome.
Fantasy Cast: Toni Mahfud

Name: Elena Deveraux
First appears in: Angel’s Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Romance in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1), Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunters #2), Archangel’s Consort (Guild Hunters #3), Archangel’s Legion (Guild Hunters #6), Archangel’s Heart (Guild Hunter #9), Archangel’s Prophecy (Guild Hunter #11)
Species: Human turned angel
Partner: Raphael
Family: Marguerite Deveraux (Mother- deceased), Miribelle Deveraux (Sister – deceased) Ariel Deveraux (Sister – deceased), Jeffrey Deveraux  (Father), Amethyst Deveraux (Half sister), Beth Deveraux (Half sister)
About: She is hunter-born, which means she has a special skill that aids her hunting rogue vampires. In Elena’s case, she can scent a vampire. She is a Guild Hunter and her weapon of choice is a crossbow. She is the first mortal to be Made in living memory. She was Made by Raphael.
Appearance: Golden skin with white-blonde hair and a lean build. Had grey eyes when she was human, which turned silver when Made. Her wings are beautiful, like a dawn sky, going from black, indigo, dark blue, pink/orange, white gold.
Fantasy Cast: Karlie Kloss

First appears in: Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunter #8)
Species: Archangel of Persia
About: An Ancient with power over metals. Known as a great warrior and politician. He has Slept for a long time and has only just woken.
Appearance: Silver eyes, gold hair, silver wings

Name: Astaad
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of Pacific Isles
About: He stays away from politics and is known to take his honour very seriously. He has an affinity with water.
Appearance: Black wings that fade to grey. Dark eyes and a close cut black beard

Name: Caliane
First appears in: Archangel’s Consort (Guild Hunter #3)
Species: Former Archangel of Sumeria
Family: Raphael (Son), Nadiel (Husband – deceased)
About: Caliane is an Ancient and the former Archangel of Sumeria. Before she Slept she was on the cusp on insanity and nearly killed her son Raphael. But she had to kill her husband Nadiel who had gone insane and was committing mass murder. Now awake, her insanity is at bay and she now rules the smaller territory Japan and the city of Amanat. She loves her people and is known as the protector of the innocent.
Appearance: White wings, unimaginably beautiful with black hair and blue eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Olivia Wilde

Name: Charisemnon
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of North Africa
Family: Andromeda (Granddaughter)
About: Known for his perversions, especially his penchant for young girls. Has an affinity for infections and disease
Appearance: Dark brown hair, gold/brown eyes and deep tan coloured skin.

Name: Elijah
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of South America
Partner: Hannah
About: Used to be a general for the Archangel Caliane and he still remembers her with love and affection. He is now an ally of Raphael and Elena. He has an affinity for animals, especially cats and birds of prey.  He is the only other archangel apart from Raphael to have a consort.
Appearance: White wings, noble looking with gold hair and brown eyes.

Name: Favashi
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of Persia, later on Archangel of China
About: Youngest of the Archangels, but very ambitious. Her ambitions can make her cruel and manipulative despite the kind face she shows the world. Has an affinity for wind.
Appearance: Everything about her is soft, from her cream coloured wings to her brown hair and eyes.

Name: Lijuan
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of Asia
About: She is an Ancient and the oldest member of the Cadre. In China, her people see her as a goddess and are willing to go to any lengths for her. She has always been fascinated with death, and now she seems to have gained control over it, corrupting herself and endangering the world.
Appearance: Dove grey wings, petite with white hair and pale eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Soo Joo Park

Name: Michaela
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of Budapest
About: Michaela is widely considered the most beautiful woman in the world. However, it disguises a ruthless and cruel woman. She can be petty and jealous, especially with women. However, she also loves children and is desperate for one of her own.
Appearance: Bronze coloured wings, beautiful brown skin, long dark hair and green eyes.

Name: Neha
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel of India
Family: Mahiya (Niece)
About: She is known as the Queen of Snakes and Queen of Poisons and now has an affinity over fire and ice.
Appearance: White and indigo wings, elegant with brown eyes and black hair.

Name: Titus
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Archangel South Africa
About: He is a renown warrior who respects strength and is known for his sense of honour. When his warriors dies, he raises their children as his own, his actions have made him beloved by his people. He is an ally of Raphael and Elena. Galen was born into his court and his parents serve Titus.
Appearance: Wings of cream that fade to amber. Large and muscular with jet black skin and eyes, unlike most angels his features are rougher, he looks like a seasoned warrior.

Name: Aodhan
First appears in: Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)
Species: Angel
Family: XXXX (Sister)
The Seven: Been with Raphael since he was very young and was Galen’s second in the Refuge.
About:  200 years ago he was missing for 2 year, in that time he was horrifically tortured and although he still looks beautful, he is deeply fractured inside. He was previously an outgoing artist who excelled with painting and sculpture but since his rescue he has become a recluse in the Refuge and cannot stand being touched. Recently he has started to take steps forward and leave the Refuge and start to live again. He is best friends with Illium, they have been inseparable since they were children.
Appearance: Hair and wings white with the refraction of crushed diamonds. Pale skin and brilliant green/blue eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Ton Heukels

Name: Dmitri
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Romance in: Archangel’s Blade (Guild Hunters #4)
Species: Vampire
Partner: Honor St. Nicholas
The Seven: Dmitri is the leader of the Seven and Raphael’s second in command.
About: No one is sure how old he is, but he is at least 1000 years old. He has developed an ability to use his scent as a lure, to Elena it smells like chocolate and champagne and is extremely enticing. He is deadly in combat, especially with blades and is known for his ruthlessness. He has managed to stay on the right side of cruel in main part because he is the adopted father of Naasir, and has raised him since he was a small child. When he was human, he had a wife and son who got murdered, he has blamed himself for their deaths ever since.
Appearance: Sensuous with a muscled golden skinned body and dark hair and eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Mitchell Wick

Name: Galen
First appears in: Angel’s Dance (Guild Hunters #0.4)
Romance in: Angel’s Dance (Guild Hunters #0.4)
Species: Angel
Partner: Jessamy
The Seven: Weapons Master for the Seven, in charge of Raphael territory in the Refuge when he isn’t there.
About: Raised in the Archangel Titus‘ court and his parents still there. He is also a teacher and mainly stay at the Refuge training Raphael’s people. He is a tough taskmaster and is known for being stubborn and stern. The only person he feels more loyalty towards than Raphael and the Seven is his mate Jessamy, who he loves fiercely.
Appearance: His wings are dark grey and patterned like a Norther Harrier. He is brawny with red hair and pale green eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Unknown

Name: Illium
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Species: Angel
Family: Sharine – also known as the Hummingbird (Mother)
The Seven: He is the heart of the Seven
About: Of all the angels and vampires in the Seven, he takes the most joy in life and seems the most human. This affinity for mortals has caused him great pain in the past when he passed on an angelic secret to the woman he loved, the consequences of which were his wings being taken and the woman he loved made to forget him. Although flamboyant and playful, he is also highly intelligent, lethal in a fight and very powerful. Although young at only 500 he is showing signs of ascending to an Archangel. He is best friends with Aodhan, seeing his best friend broken tears him apart.
Appearance: Blue wings stratified with silver. Blue tipped black hair and golden eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Aidan Turner

Name: Jason
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Romance in: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunter #5)
Species: Angel
Partner: Mahiya Geet
The Seven: Spymaster for Raphael
About: Jason is one of Raphael’s Seven and works as his Spymaster. His soft black wings absorb light allow him to blend into the shadows and the night sky and remain unseen. Jason is a mystery to everyone, even other members of the Seven, he is extremely private and doesn’t show emotion.
Appearance: Soft black wings, brown skin with long black hair and dark eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Willy Cartier

Name: Naasir
First appears in: Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)
Romance in: Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunter #8)
Species: Chimera
Partner: Andromeda
Family: Dmitri (Adopted Father)
The Seven: One of Raphael’s Seven
About: He is extremely loyal and close to those he considers his, he doesn’t like to be apart from them for too long, although he does get the urge to roam. He is especially close to Dmitri who raised him from a very young age. Due to his dual nature he doesn’t quite think the way you would expect him to, although he can put up a very good ‘civilised’ facade when he needs to. He is a fearsome fighter, deadly in a fight with his superior strength and speed.
Appearance: Silver hair and eyes, with dark golden skin.
Fantasy Cast: Dante from Devil May Cry video game

Name: Venom
First appears in: Angel’s Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Romance in: Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter #10)
Species: Vampire
Partner: Holly Chang
The Seven: Youngest member of the Seven
About: Venom’s real name is Tushar and was Made by Neha in India. He has inherited her abilities with poisons and has snake-like attributes. He is a talented chef and before he was turned into a vampire he was a cook in his family’s inn. He secretly cooks and leaves it for people in the Tower, with them never knowing it was made by him. Although he can be charming he tends to unnerve the people round him.
Appearance: Dark hair and green eyes, with the vertical pupils of a snake. Elegant and graceful.
Fantasy Cast: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Name: Ashwini Taj known as Ash or Ashblade
First appears in: Angels’ Pawn (Guild Hunters #0.6)
Romance in: Angels’ Pawn (Guild Hunters #0.6), Archangel’s Shadows (Guild Hunters #7)
Species: Human/Vampire
Partner: Janvier
Family: Arvan Taj (Brother),  Tanu Taj (Sister)
Guild Hunter Position: Hunter
About: She is Hunter born and can sense emotions and thoughts with a touch, she also has some precognition. When Ash tells you something which seems odd, it is always worth taking notice. Because of her mental abilities, she was sliding inevitably into deterioration, only being changed to a vampire saved her. Lethal and graceful she and her fiancee Janvier hunt down the older vampires that the Guild cannot. She will become of Elena’s Guard – which is much like Raphael’s Seven.
Appearance: Slender dancers body with long straight black hair and brown eyes
Fantasy Cast: Manasvi Mamgai

Name: Deacon
First appears in: Angels’ Judgement (Guild Hunters #0.5)
Romance in: Angels’ Judgement (Guild Hunters #0.5)
Species: Human
Partner: Sara Haziz
Family: Zoe Elena (Daughter)
Guild Hunter Position: Slayer
About: He used to be a Slayer for the Guild, this means that he hunted Guild Hunters who have gone rogue. Not retired from the Guild he concentrates on what he loves doing; making weapons. He is considered an artist in this field with angels and archangels all covetous of his work; if any of them could persuade him to change to a vampire they would gladly do it. Despite this, he wishes to remain human and despite the important commissions he receives, he always puts the Guild first.
Appearance: Large and muscular with dark hair and dark green eyes
Fantasy Cast: Daniel Di Tomasso

Name: Honor St. Nicholas
First appears in: Archangel’s Blade (Guild Hunters #4)
Romance in: Archangel’s Blade (Guild Hunters #4)
Species: Human/Vampire
Partner: Dmitri
Guild Hunter Position: Instructor at the Guild Academy and Hunter
About: She has no family and was raised in the foster system, however, considers the Guild her family. She was captured and tortured by vampires and was eventually saved by Ashwini and Ransom. She is equally fascinated by and scared of Dmitri. When she is changed to a vampire to spend eternity with Dmitri, she is the sole exception to the 100 year contract of service.
Appearance: Curly black hair and green eyes, light brown skin.
Fantasy Cast: Tessa Thompson

Name: Ransom Winterwolf
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Human
Partner: Nyree
Guild Hunter Position: Hunter
About: Hunter born, he is  dangerous combination of charming and lethal. Born and raised in the streets he has contacts everywhere. Before he met Nyree he was a well known man whore.
Appearance: Native american with long black hair and green eyes. Too handsome for his own good.
Fantasy Cast: Will Rayne Strongheart

Name: Sara Haziz
First appears in: Angels’ Judgement (Guild Hunters #0.5)
Romance in: Angels’ Judgement (Guild Hunters #0.5)
Species: Human
Partner: Deacon
Family: Zoe Elena (Daughter)
Guild Hunter Position: Guild Director
About: A former Hunter, she is now the Guild Director with immense inner strength and has earned the respect of the most dangerous  and well trained men and women in the country. Best friends with Elena, and even named her daughter Zoe Elena after her.
Appearance: Petite with dark hair, brown eyes and golden brown skin
Fantasy Cast: Salma Hayek

Name: Vivek Kapur
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Species: Human/Vampire
Guild Hunter Position: Head of Intelligence
About: Although he is hunter born, he has lost all feeling  below his neck due to a childhood accident. When the accident happened, he was abandoned by his family. He served as the Guild’s Head of Intelligence where he used his extremely sharp mind to help his fellow hunters. He was turned into a vampire by Aodhan and is serving his 100 year contract under Elena. The vampirism is slowly healing his injuries and it is predicted that he will eventually gain full use of his body.
Appearance: Dark hair and eyes, rich brown skin
Fantasy Cast: Tyler Hoechlin

Name: Andromeda
First appears in: Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunters #7)
Romance in: Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunters #7)
Species: Angel
Partner: Naasir
Family: Charisemnon (Grandfather), Lailah (Mother), Dahariel (Father)
About: She was raised in her grandfather’s court but is disgusted by their hedonistic lifestyle. So repulsed by her mother’s behaviour she has taken a vow of celibacy. She also went to the Refuge at a young age and is now a scholar and works with Jessamy and specialises in Sleeping archangels. However, despite fleeing to the Refuge she owes Charisemnon 500 years of service.
Appearance: Chocolate coloured wings that graduate into a golden brown. With bronde curly hair and honey coloured skin and freckles.
Fantasy Cast: Jasmine Sanders

Name: Hannah
First appears in: Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)
Species: Angel
Partner: Elijah
About: She has been the archangel Elijah’s consort for almost a thousand years and is content to quietly advise in the background. She is an artist.
Appearance: Cream wings with peach on the tips. Deep black skin and ebony curly hair.
Fantasy Cast: Keke Palmer

Name: Izak “Izzy”
First appears in: Angel’s Blood (Guild Hunter #1)
Species: Angel
About: He is the youngest of the angels serving at the Tower at just shy of 100 years old and this shows in his youthful innocence and exuberance. In angel terms he is barely out of the juvenile stage, but he is still a skilled fighter and has been training under Galen all his life. He will become one of Elena’s guard.
Appearance: Very innocent and beautiful looking with curly blonde hair.
Fantasy Cast: Unknown

Name: Jessamy
First appears in: Angel’s Dance (Guild Hunters #0.4)
Romance in: Angel’s Dance (Guild Hunters #0.4)
Species: Angel
Partner: Galen
About: Her twisted left wing has left her unable to fly in the traditionally angel way, instead she is a pilot who can fly planes and helicopters. She is very well-respected and trusted by all as she is both the teacher to the angelic children and their historian. She keeps the histories of angelkind and is extremely knowledgeable about the Cadre both present and past. Well known for being kind-hearted and warm.
Appearance: Wings of pink and cream, however her left wing is twisted leaving her unable to fly. Beautiful, tall and very slender, with light golden skin, brown hair and brown eyes.
Fantasy Cast: Olga Kurylenko

Name: Keir
First appears in: Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)
Species: Angel
About: He is an extremely powerful healer and a very old angel. He is well known for both the depth of his power as well as his compassion.
Appearance: Golden brown wings. He appears very young and almost femininely beautiful. He has black hair and brown up tilted eyes.

Name: Mahiya Geet
First appears in: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunters #5)
Romance in: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunters #5)
Species: Angel
Partner: Jason
Family: Eris(Father/Uncle), Nivriti (Mother), Neha (Aunt)
About: She is the illegitimate daughter of archangel Neha’s husband and Neha’s sister. Her life at Neha’s court has been hell because of this, she is punished and humiliated for her parents betrayal. Despite this, she is still kind, though she tries to hide it.
Appearance: Wings like a peacock – turquoise, blue and black. Black hair with strands of red, amber eyes and tawny skin.
Fantasy Cast: Melanie Chandra

Name: Nimra
First appears in: Angel’s Wolf (Guild Hunters #3.5)
Romance in: Angel’s Wolf (Guild Hunters #3.5)
Species: Angel
Partner: Noel
About: She is an angel loyal to Raphael and is in charge of Louisiana. Although young, for an angel, she is extremely powerful but not interested in political games.
Appearance: Blue wings streaked with amber. Petite with long curly black hair with dark golden skin and like her wings her eyes are blue streaked amber.
Fantasy Cast: Saiyami Kher

Name: The Primary  of the Legion
First appears in: Archangel’s Legion (Guild Hunter #6)
Species: Angel
About: The Legion appeared in Archangel’s Legion to assist Raphael and Elena. The Legion are a group of angelic beings that only appear in times of great strife, it has been many angels lifetime since they last appeared and they are no longer in living memory. The Primary appears to be their leader, although they all have some kind of hive mind. The live in a hollowed out building next to the Tower where they have turned the interior into an almost jungle like environment.
Appearance: When they first appeared they all the Legion looked exactly the same. But he is one of the Legion that appearance has started to change. He now has black hair, golden skin, with eyes ringed in blue the same colour as Raphael. Unlike other angels the Legion’s wings are leathery like a bat’s wing.

Name: Holly Chang also known as Sorrow
First appears in: Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunters #1)
Romance in: Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunters #10)
Species: Human turned Vampire (in a very unusual way)
Partner: Venom
Family: Daphne Chang (Mother), Allan Chang (Father), Mia Chang (Sister), Alvin Chang (Brother), Wesley Chang (Brother)
About: Was a normal and outgoing person working in fashion before she was kidnapped in Angels’ Blood by a mad archangel and experimented on and left for dead. However, instead of killing her, it changed her into a vampire, or atleast a vampire like creature, no one is sure quite what she is and she will continue to develop through time. She has fangs, but smaller than a vampires and the serpent like abilities of her mate Venom. She serves at the Tower under Janvier and Ashwini, however, due to her unknown abilities she won’t automatically be free after 100 years.
Appearance: Petite and delicate, she has black hair which she likes to dye with bright colours, she also likes to dress exuberantly and has a unique and fun fashion sense. She has brown flecked green eyes and small fangs.
Fantasy Cast: Jing Tian

Name: Janvier
First appears in: Angels’ Pawn (Guild Hunters #0.6)
Romance in: Angels’ Pawn (Guild Hunters #0.6), Archangel’s Shadows (Guild Hunters #7)
Species: Vampire
Partner: Ashwini Taj
About: Loyal to Raphael and will serve in Elena’s guard. He was regularly hunted by Ashwini, which was done by purpose by him so he could have time with her and court her. His charming Bayou accent and charisma can fool you, but he is a lethal fighter. He and his mate Ashwini now hunt down dangerous vampires that the Guild cannot. They have built up a network of contact in the underbelly of vampire society, they also mentor and are in charge of Holly, who also helps them.
Appearance: Not typically handsome but very attractive with streaked brown hair, green eyes and beautiful honey skin.
Fantasy Cast: Jon Kortajarena

Name: Noel
First appears in: Angel’s Wolf (Guild Hunters #3.5)
Romance in: Angel’s Wolf (Guild Hunters #3.5)
Species: Vampire
Partner: Nimra
About: He is loyal to Raphael is works directly under the Seven. He is extremely loyal and protective. He was beaten and left as a message for Raphael. He now works as an Enforcer at Nimra’s court and is nicknamed Nimra’s Wolf.
Appearance: Extremely masculine with pale blue eyes and brown hair.
Fantasy Cast: Donny Lewis

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