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Writing Teams: Katie Porter InterviewInterviews

Writing Teams: Katie Porter Interview

We are so excited about this week because sometimes two ARE better than one.  And today we have one of our go to erotic romance duo, Katie Porter.  These ladies can sure steam up the pages and give you tons of ideas. *wink, wink*  So let’s find out more about how they make that magic happen. Thanks so much for stopping by to talk a little bit about your writing process! First off, how did […]

Writing Teams: Kit Rocha InterviewInterviews

Writing Teams: Kit Rocha Interview

Welcome to Writing Teams Week everyone!  We’ve always wanted to delve deeper into the psyche of some of our favorite authors who are actually not just ONE person, and find out the dynamics of how they work together to bring us the books we love.  Kicking things off this week we have Kit Rocha.  A favorite as you may have noticed of UTC.  Kit Rocha is actually not their first collaboration writing together, you may […]

Author Override: Paige TylerAuthor Override

Author Override: Paige Tyler

Today we are excited to sit down with Declan MacBride and Kendra Carlsen, the heroes of Paige Tyler’s May release Her Wild Hero! The latest title in Tyler’s hot X-Ops series finds Declan and Kendra deep in the Costa Rican jungle fighting for their lives. Kendra and Declan are here to give us a peek at their jungle adventures and a survival tip for would-be X-Op agents! “Come on. The cave opens up a little […]

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New Releases for May 05, 2015New Releases

New Releases for May 05, 2015

Click on the covers to buy the books! MOST ANTICIPATED THIS WEEK! A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S ROMP  Ainslie Brothers #2 by Katie MacAlister [CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE] Lorina Liddel is terrified of embarrassing herself on national TV as the face of Dig Britain!, a new archeological reality show. Lorina would much rather keep her head down and her hands in the dirt underneath Ainslie Castle, but her on-screen partner is proving to be a major distraction. Brother to […]


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Weekly Deals: Latest Sales and Freebies April 30, 2015Sales

Weekly Deals: Latest Sales and Freebies April 30, 2015

Posted 30 April, 2015 by Under the Covers Book Blog in Sales / 2 Comments

 Here’s the latest this week that we noticed on sale of free and that we think you should pick up before it changes! THE RESISTANCE Hard to Resist # 1 by S.L. Scott You don’t choose when. You don’t choose where. And you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with. The minute he opened his sexy mouth, Holliday Hughes should have known Jack Dalton was trouble. His smooth pickup lines, broad shoulders, […]


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Throw Back the Covers (3): May 3, 2015Weekly Recap

Throw Back the Covers (3): May 3, 2015

There’s always so much happening in the book world, AND around Under the Covers, that it may get overwhelming to catch up sometimes. So here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening this week!   Curious about what we added to our TBR this week?  These are some of the ones that caught our attention that we either didn’t know about or didn’t realize they were announced yet. Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy A sweet and […]

UTC Recommends: Best of the MonthBest Of

UTC Recommends: Best of the Month

This month flew by!  And there are so many books we read that we need to bring to your attention because we loved them!  Here’s a few for your reading pleasure, be sure to check them out.  Did you read something amazing?  Let us know in the comments!   SECOND CHANCE SUMMER by Jill Shalvis (Contemporary Romance): Kicking off a new series called Cedar Ridge, Shalvis blends high testosterone and sexiness together to bring a […]

Romance Roundabout Challenge Quarterly UpdateReading on the Dark Side

Romance Roundabout Challenge Quarterly Update

Can you believe that the first quarter of 2015 has already passed? Wasn’t it Christmas Day yesterday? But, now you have had three months we want to know how you have been doing with your Romance Roundabout Challenge, and show you how we are doing – or not doing as the case may be! So take a little look at what we have been read so far this year: Paranormal Romance SUZANNE          […]

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