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Hey everyone!  We are extremely excited to introduce our new weekly feature…. Weekend Spotlight.  We will be choosing a recommendation for the week and telling you all about why we love it and it’s the best thing ever!  And then YOU will get a chance to win a copy.  On us!

It is no surprise that we are starting this feature with one of UTC absolute favorite authors (Suzanne, Annie and Francesca loooooove their stuff)….


Now let’s hear it from Suzanne!



[new-release title=”Magic Shifts” author=”Ilona Andrews”]




[about-author author=”Ilona Andrews”]



Our Weekend Highlight feature gives you the chance to win the book we are featuring, or your book of choice from that series.  This will be either in ebook (gifted via Amazon or B&N) or print.  Your choice.  And it’s open internationally!

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Laura Lovejoy Brunk

I LOVE this series !! Whats my favorite book of the series?? Magic Bites…cause it introduced me to this series and all the amazing characters ! The series is smart and sexy fun !! Fingers crossed xxx

Betul E.

This series is one of my all time favorites. I don’t really have a favorite, all of them show growth/development of the characters I love so much. <3 thank you for the giveaway!!


I haven’t read this series but it’s on my wishlist! What I find most appealing is the action and romance.


I absolutely love this series and will be finishing this book today!!!… I’m trying to take it slow so I can savor it

Sophia Rose

Fun new feature! Loved your choice for highlight, Suzanne. I’m actually caught up on this series save for this last book. My favorites tend to be the last book I read in the series with this one.

Krysten M

This is one of my favorite series of all time!! I think Magic Stikes is my favorite.. or Magic Breaks.. or all of them 😉


Magic Breaks. We finally get to meet Roland and have Kate interact with him.

Barbara Elness

Yes, I’ve read all of this series and I’m ready to read this newest one as soon as I can get my hands on it. My favorite one, although I love them all, is the first one, Magic Bites.

These get better with every book! I’m really excited to see what kind of relationship develops between Kate and Roland.


oh… I looooooove this series. I seriously reread it about 4 times a year. I think my fav books are Magic Breaks and Magic Rises. It’s b/c Kate and Curran’s relationship is so solid and the series arc is so involved now 😉


I have yet to read it but I keep hearing it’s one of those series you just have to read and it’s on my TBR already

Jc Loh

After Rachel Morgan I’m truly excited to start on this series. Love to win the 1st book, thank you.


Big fan. magic Strikes (#3) is my favorite….so far.

Texas Book Lover

All the books in this series are amazing…I really don’t have a favorite!


This is one of my very favorite series, I reread them all before every new release. I guess my favorite would be the first that introduced me to these wonderful writers.


I hadn’t read the series.


I don’t have a favorite, it’s a great series! Looking forward to reading this!


MAGIC SHIFTS is a transition book, there had to be one eventually, right? But, there’s one very important difference between this installment, and the vast majority of other Urban Fantasy bridge novels, it’s NOT FILLER. The story swerves from one plot thread to the next while Kate & Curran adjust to their new lifestyle with their usual sarcastic flair, and on trend, win another battle for team Atlanta. So, more of the same yet also scads of never-before-seen just about sums it up in a nutshell.