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What?! It’s been four years? Shut the front door! It seems like yesterday when I got an email from Fran seeing what I thought about starting a blog with her and Annie…and what I thought a good name would be (nailed it with that one I think *pats self on back*) to which I immediately responded with a giant YES, in fact I think I still have that message on Goodreads; I can’t bring myself to delete it.

Picking my favourite posts over the last four years is an extremely difficult task, one, because I love them all and believe they’re all brilliant and two, because I have difficulty remembering what happened last week let alone over the last four years. But, there are a few special posts we have done though that do stick in my sieve like mind and, even now I am thinking about with a huge grin on my face.

circle1Every Group Chat Review-

I don’t know if you enjoy reading out chat reviews, I really hope you do, but I guarantee we probably enjoy making them more. Mainly we sit round on gtalk and have a fantastic time, there’s dirty talking, laughing, drooling over heroes, fighting over heroes and the occasional slap to the heroine. Good times.


circle2The Shadows-

Reading The Shadows by J.R. Ward was a group experience for us. We all exchanged literally 1000s of messages whilst we were all reading this book, there were tears, there was laughter, there was a few dirty fantasies involving the Shadows. We also all cried whilst we were reading this…and decided to immortalise this moment by sending our crying pictures to each other! After all that drama, I needed an outlet, so I did a Random Thoughts of a Romance Blogger post, it was a beautiful moment for me, I got out all my feelings and is now one of my favourites as it makes me think of the great time I had reading this book with my girls.

Click here to read the Random Thoughts post: click here.

PS: No pictures will be shared here.  Would be too embarrassing.


circle3Shellan Dress Up

Okay, so a lot of my favourite posts do seem to involve the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I love this series of posts as we concentrated on the ladies. I am a bit of a girly girl at times, I love make-up and clothes and pretty things, and yes pink may be one of my favourite colours…so doing some posts on dressing up the Shellan’s was a lot of fun!

Click here to check them out: No’One | Payne | Xhex | Ehlena | Cormia | Jane | Marissa | Bella | Mary | Beth


circle4War of the Beasts: Curran vs Barrons

It’s no secret that Curran is one of my all time favourite everythings! And so helping him battle it out with Barrons aka The Douchecanoe was hugely satisfying! I think I played my part well! Although, I can’t remember who actually won…I’m pretty sure it was Curran, I mean he is made of 100% genuine awesome after all. Hah, take that Annie 😛

It’s been such an amazing four years working with my girls, I have enjoyed it all, I get to do what I love, with the people I love, you just don’t get any luckier than that!

Click here to read that.



Now onto the fun stuff for you all….
yes another giveaway!!

Actual picture of what you can win!  New Adult Bundle Pack!

IMG_1739 IMG_1747


This bundle includes:

You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly

Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh (ARC copy)

Vipers Rule by Stephanie Tlyer (ARC!!! Out July 7, 2015)

The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout (SIGNED + swag)

A Shattered Moment by Tiffany King

The Day We Met by Rowan Coleman

Shatter by Erin McCarthy (ARC copy)

Captive by Brighton Walsh

Last Hit by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

Held Against You by Season Vining (ARC copy)

Abbi Glines tshirt

+ swag



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April S

Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

Raquel Zapanta

Would love to win this. Thanks so much for the chance!! 🙂


I love the chat reviews…great looking bundle!

Kristy Petree

Awesome giveaway, even a book or two I can give to my best friend if I win. Of all your giveaways, this one is the best one for the genre I read. Thanks! 🙂

I also commented on one of your NA reviews.


I’m definitely giving some of these to my bf, I know he’d love them haha!


fingers crossed!!!

Texas Book Lover

Back when you’ll originally did the Curran vs. Barrons I hadn’t read the Kate Daniels series yet and just kept hearing all this hoopla about Curran and couldn’t imagine anyone who could compete with Barrons. Well I picked up the series when they went on sale last year and I TOTALLY get it now! While I still love Barrons, Curran absolutely gives him a run for his money. I think it’s that sweet side he shows now and again!


Thanks for these giveaways, they’re awesome!

Nancy Jones

Great giveaway and thanks for the chance to win.

Lori P

Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

Sophia Rose

Ah, glad the four years has been full of good times for you and the gals. I love when you guys all weigh in for book thoughts.

LOL! Love that little Curran and Barrons battle.


Oh oh oh… Vipers Rule!!!!
Oh oh… The Return!!!! And A Shattered Moment by Tiffany King!!!!!!!!!!!
Waaaaaaa… The Day We Met and Shatter!!!!!!!
Oh oh oh… Captive!!!
Last Hit!!!

Josy Herrera

Thanks for the chance! 🙂

Inga S.

thanks for the giveaway

Diana Doan

Great bundle! Added some new books to my TBR list 🙂


happy blogiversary

Lisa M

Thank you for this chance

Judy Thomas

That is an awesome giveaway!You guys rock 🙂


Curran!!!! definitively my favourite too
and in this bundle there is “the return” Thanks!!!


War of the beasts!

Pansy Petal

I am enjoying your Blogiversary celebrations. Some wonderful giveaways, but some wonderful memories too. Congratulations!

Artemis Giote

I just read the post – War of the Beasts: Curran vs Barrons. Honestly I have no idea who were Curran and Barrons. But definitely I want to learn more about them.

Thank you for the chance!!!

Deb P

So many books so little time.

Deborah K

Thank you! for this UTC Rewind especially number 4. Being a huge J. Barrons fan, I had no idea who Curran was. So…I had to check him out. I like, I like. He is now residing in my wishlist waiting patiently for me to purchase his services. Teehee!

dee swan



Love this, and Curran is swoon worthy =D

Barb Hill-Kidd

I adore you-Suz. Vegas-Yes for RT? My fingers are crossed.

Mary Preston

Loving the sound of your favorite posts.

Maria Theresa Santos

thanks for the chance


thanks for the chance


Happy Blogoversary!!! Thanks for such a fun post and giveaway 🙂


It’s the Lucky 13 giveaway!

Kim Perry

I love reading these posts! Thanks for the giveaway!

Nicole Emison

Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance!


Nice giveaway bundle!

Jennifer Schaber

You are blowing me away with these giveaways. I think it’s fabulous that you share so much with all of us. Thank you so much for all of your time and words – especially because they are HONEST!


Thank you for all the giveaways. I hope I win one 🙂

Teja K.

You girls are awesome, plus you love BDB like me. 🙂 Thank you for another awesome giveaway!

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

OMG ! These is a wonderful pile of reads ! Fingers crossed xxxx

Evangelaire Aurélia

Thanks 🙂

Amy Pollard Woolard

I would so rock that Tshirt!!! Thank you for the chance!!

Sue G.

Thanks for these great giveaways! 🙂

Melanie Trevino

Awesome prize pack! Thank you for this amazing chance!

Katie Lowden

So awesome., thanks so much for the chance. Love these books and would love to read Tessa Ever After! Congrats on 2 years!!

jodi marinich

love the blog

Sara S.



thanks for the chance <3


Happy Bookaversiary
Thanks so very much for the fantastic giveaway ❤❤

Katie McBride

Great giveaway!

Kristen K.

Thanks for the celebration!!!