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There’s something so exciting about a J.R. Ward new release, but it’s especially true when a new BDB book comes out. Since all four of us are massive fans of the series, we also do a group review after we’ve read it together. It’s one of the things I look forward to with the girls and to be honest, I think it was our love for Ward that brought us together in the first place.


circle1Our LOVER AT LAST review is a long one but it’s also the one that means the most to us because when I was browsing the bookstore one day I picked up the paperback rerelease copy of DARK LOVER and was surprised to see our review quoted there. No one was more shocked than I was and when I snapped a pic and sent it to the girls, no words were required. We all just freaked.

There was something about seeing that quote, knowing it’s in our favorite author’s book and having those words come from each of us that had just celebrating. I LOVE my girls so seeing those three little sentences, knowing that all four of us were involved, made my day.

IMG_2071 IMG_2072

Check out the full review here: click here.


circle2My favorite interview wasn’t actually that long ago. It happened in January of this year when BURNED was released. I had gotten a copy early and was in bed reading it and mulling over every detail and every word when I checked my mail and got an offer to interview KMM. Of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes! And so as I prepared the questions, I kept reading the book. When I got the answers back, I realized she planted clues here and there in the interview and since the book hadn’t been released yet, I was the only one who could try to decipher them. It’s months later, I still haven’t figured it out! ;P

To read that mind-boggling interview, you can check it out here: click here.


Another highlight is whenever we can invite our blogger friends to come by the blog and have some fun. One of the most memorable moments is Dom’s Dungeon, which is a week long event where we pit the hottest, mocircle3st desirable of men against each other and have bloggers duke it out. Readers vote and only one in each category wins!

To check out last year’s showdown, check it out here: Soren | Ronin | Alexander | Rush | Eric | Matt | Landon | Dex | Sevastyan | Winners



Now onto the fun stuff for you all….
yes another giveaway!!


Actual picture of what you can win!  SYLVIA DAY BUNDLE PACK!


This Sylvia Day Prize Pack includes:

Crossfire series boxed set (book 1 – 4) SIGNED.  Each book is signed and the boxed cover is also signed.

Set of Crossfire pins

Crossfire Industries t-shirt signed



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Sheryl P

Huge Sylvia Day fan!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!! Would love to win!! xoxo

Melanie Trevino

I would love this! Thank you for this amazing chance!


Would luv to win this!!! Gideon is one of my fav book boyfriends <3 <3 <3


thanks for the giveaway!! It’s awesome!!

Nicole Johnson

Wow! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I LOVE this series! Gideon is smoking hot.

Amber Fueston

This is a fabulous giveaway! You are awesome!


Love Sylvia Day and her Crossfire series!! *grabby hands*
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Tuesday!


I’d have died if my review was quoted on any of J.R. Ward’s books! How awesome was that! So psyched for you girls!

Chris Alexander

Love these little flashbacks.


Thank you for the amazing giveaway! !

Shell Williams

love this series thanks for the chance luv

Raquel Zapanta

AWESOME!!! Would love to win
Thanks so much for the chance!!

Texas Book Lover

That T-Shirt is too much! thanks so much for the chance!

Brandi Defries Swendt

I’d legit die!!! Sylvia Day, she’s who cemented my love for reading,and this genre. This is a beautiful prize. Thanks so much for the chance.
Trade both pinkies… just sayin lol


Thank you! Awesome giveaway! 🙂


Huge crossfire fan!!! Hope you pick me 🙂

Tina Duckwald

Love the Crossfire series

Renee Mulholland

I would love to win!

Jeanette Oglesby

Awesome!!! Love the Crossfire Series!!! One of my ALL time Favorites!!:)


I’ve heard a lot about this series…thanks for the chance to win


Thanks for the chance! *crossed fingers*

Amy R

Confession, I haven’t read this series yet but I do have some of the books on TBR pile.

Aly P

I really enjoy your team reviews 🙂 Thanks for the great posts, always 🙂

Nancy Jones

Great giveaway!!


great giveaway !


I’ve been meaning to start Sylvia’s series, but just haven’t gotten to it yet, though I did get the first book.

Sophia Rose

Oh wow! Seeing your quote in your favorite author’s series would have been Nirvana. That would be so cool to get imbedded clues just for you in the interview answers too.

Love reading your reviews and recommends!


Thanks for yet another awesome giveaway :)… love reading these posts!!

Lynn Kahn

would love a new read

Lori P

Awesome giveaway!


Thank you for the chance 😀


Love dom’s dungeon

Kristy Petree

Thanks for the great giveaway!

I also posted on one of your YA reviews.

Crystal H

This is great!!!

Tonya Coleman

I LOVE these books! I was so excited to see this giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

Mary Preston

Fantastic thank you.

Artemis Giote

That would be great feeling. Congratulations!!!!!

Thank you for the great giveaway.


I love Sylvia Day and would love to win to read these books!


What a great giveaway!


ooooh… what an awesome giveaway 🙂 thanks so much and happy Blogoversary!!

Lori Meehan

Awesome giveaway!

Nicole Emison

I absolutely LOVE Sylvia Day and the Crossfire series! Thank you for the chance!!

Sara S.

Omgawwd! I want this!!!!

Maria Theresa Santos

thanks for the chance

Linda Townsend

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


Thank you for the ahhhmazing giveaway! 🙂

Ashley christensen

I would looove to have this!! Thanks for the chance!


Thank you for this amazing chance!


I’ve been stocking you since forever and really, this blog rocks! You girls rock!

Teja K.

J.R. Ward is my favorite author so congratulations! And haven’t read the Crossfire series yet so thank you for the giveaway.