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Seems like it was just yesterday that I was invited to submit a review for UTC. Two of my reviews were picked to be posted, and it was a pretty cool feeling. But the best was when I was invited to be part of the famous three. That was October of 2011 to be exact, a great Birthday month for me. It’s quite an experience being part of UTC and the blogging community. It wasn’t just about sending in my reviews and getting arcs anymore. Holy shit….blogging is one time-consuming hobby. There’s a lot of heart that goes into it, who knew? With that said, some posts are ingrained in our memories and occasionally come up in conversations. These are ones that I always remember.


circle1We are all fans of Black Dagger Brotherhood at UTC. Obviously, anything BDB will be mentioned in our fave posts. One of my favorites is the post where we casted the couples of the series. Of course my fave was of Wrath and Elizabeth. If you didn’t already know, Suz and I have an ongoing feud about Wrath…okay, that’s besides the point. Probably not a good thing to rehash.

Anyway, check out this fun post here.


circle2We don’t always listen to audio books here at UTC but among our favorite narrators are Jim Frangione and Phil Gigante. Having them on was fun, and I love the videos they had made just for us.

Jim’s posts here | Phil Gigante’s post here


circle3This one is something we don’t post anymore but always fun to look back. We used to have a weekly MEME called DTS (Dirty Little Secret). I love doing these and visiting other blogs who participated.

Here’s a random DTS post I picked: click here.


circle4And the last post, I truly enjoyed are the Black Dagger Brotherhood Survival post. These are the funniest and honestly, the advice are pretty damn good. You have to read all parts, it’s hilarious.

BDB Survival Part IBDB Survival Part IIBDB Survival Part III




Now onto the fun stuff for you all….
yes another giveaway!!


Actual picture of what you can win!  Last paranormal bundle!


This bundle includes:


Viper Game by Christine Feehan

Cat’s Lair by Christine Feehan (ARC copy)

Earth Bound by Christine Feehan (ARC!!!  Comes out July 7, 2015)

Air Bound by Christine Feehan (ARC copy)

Edge of Darkness by Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne and Lori Herter (ARC!!!! This comes out August 4, 2015)

Dark Blood by Christine Feehan (ARC copy)

Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon (SIGNED)

Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (SIGNED Hardcover)

Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick) bag

+ swag


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Lisa M

WOW! ~drools~ I love your giveaways!

Raquel Zapanta

Awesome!! Thanks for the chance!!

Ge Chapelle


jackie woodland

I absolutely love these authors…. 🙂 thanks for the chance


Such a great selection of books!! Thanks for the chance!

Evangelaire Aurélia

Thanks 🙂

Betul E.

You guys are the best!! Thank you so much <3

Anca B.

Such a great bundle of books!! Thanks for the chance!


Looks great! Thanks for the chance! *)

Melanie Trevino

Thank you for this amazing chance! Would love to read these books.

Diana Doan

Thank you for another great giveaway!


I am loving reading your fave posts


Wonderful!! i have several of those on my wishlist list so i’m really happy fior this new opportunity to win!

Nancy Jones

Awesome giveaway I really like this one.

Texas Book Lover

Since I have only read the Dark Series by Christine Feehan I absolutely love this one too! Oh and Signed Sherrilyn Kenyon Books! WOW!!!

Thanks so much!

Pansy Petal

I think this may be the best bundle yet! Love it! Thank you. BTW, I loved the BDB survival blog too. It was great! Thank you. aka Becky

Sophia Rose

It is so fun how into the BDB series you guys are. Not that I don’t enjoy it too. 😉 I love learning how you each came to be part of the blog.

Happy Blogoversary!

Aly P

You guys are very funny 🙂

Juana Esparza

Thanks for the FAB giveaway. They are 2 of my favorite authors.

Melissa Mason

Such an awesome giveaway! I haven’t read any of these, and quite a few are on my TBR 🙂

Lori P

Awesome giveaway!

Linda Townsend

Awesome giveaway! Thank you!


Love christine feehan

Mary Preston

An amazing selection thank you.


Love this bundle too <3
Thanks for all the awesome giveaways & Happy Thursday!

Melissa Lucas

This would be amazing to win! I have a friend that would love these – and it would be my gift to her from you <3


You gals just keep pulling out some fantastic prizes!!

Kim Perry

I love the BDB!! I’ll have to check out the survival posts!


Love the combination of older and newer books, including the ARCs, in these bundles!


thanks for such a fun post and giveaway!!! Happy Blogoversary!


thanks for the chance <3


Yay!!! Some Christine Feehan stuff!!! Way awesome bundle!!!!!


Thank you so much for all the giveaways!

Teja K.

Another awesome giveaway, thank you! And there’s Sherrilyn Kenyon *happy dance*

Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Another awesome giveaway ! Happy Blosiversary !!!

Krissy Holstein

Thanks for the chance!

Dawn Roberto

Thanks for the chance to win some great bundles. *dances* Some Christine Feehan books I haven’t read yet too!!!


Thanks for the chance to win some amazing books (+swag)! Some of them from my list, too! Thanks a ton!


I love the BDB and also this giveaway! Thanks 😀


Thank you!


I love your casting for BDB! I truly miss those early days and I’m so glad Ward is taking the story to the next level. Thanks for this guys!!

Tina B

Thank you for sharing some of your favorite posts from the past!
Happy Blogiversary!

Chris Alexander

Here are some of those PNRs that I’ve been meaning to try.


This collection is more my type….hope it’s mine!