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We started looking for the best Dom years ago and every year we highlight some of the most mouth-watering characters!  This year is no different, and we even have a Domme in this competition. Meet Shiori!

HEROINE: Shiori Hirano




I admire Shiori’s toughness, her attitude, and the way she was honest with Knox about her wants, needs, and what he could expect if they were together intimately.  She didn’t back down, she didn’t offer to change, and she was very clear that she is a Domme and there is no switching for her. There is nothing sexier than a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to please the woman he’s with and Knox is that man and more.  He is tough, he is protective of those he cares about, and he is dedicated.  I enjoyed they way Shiori introduced Knox to his submissive side, I love that she showed him that being submissive did not mean being weak or less of a man and that in submitting to her he was taking care of HER every need; something he not only wanted to do but NEEDED to do.  Yes, Knox struggled as I think a lot of men do with submission, but the fact that he began to realize that he really wasn’t doing anything all that differently; that it was his pleasure to make sure HIS woman got everything she wanted and needed really made him understand what submission was all about.  What was interesting was watching Shiori’s realization that she needed more than just Knox’s submission; that she craved the times they were together outside of the D/s relationship and that she in fact needed those intimate, non D/s, not sexual times with him.  For me that was when I knew that they would make it as a couple outside of their D/s relationship, as it showed that she is also a human being with desires outside of her Domme self something that is often lacking in BDSM books.  Yes being a Dom or Domme is a huge part of their lives but it isn’t the only part of them.  Shiori is a tough taskmaster both in her professional and private life but her need to be in complete control of some part of her life led her to explore her Domme side but when she met Knox she also realized what had been missing; she needed a strong man, one that would challenge her but one that would also see exactly why she needed his submission in her life.  From the minute Shiroi burst into this series, she fascinated me and I wanted to know more and with each new piece of her that is unraveled I find myself more entranced with her because she is a Domme to the core but she is also a woman and she isn’t afraid to let her man, her sub, her partner in life see all those sides of her and that my friends shows just how strong she really is.


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Slick Reads ~ Guilty Pleasures



In this sizzling continuation of the Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a man will find the domination he’s always craved…

Shiori Hirano and Knox Lofgren are left to run the martial arts program at Black Arts while Ronin Black travels. On the surface, the two highest ranked belts appear to cooperate—but in private, they butt heads constantly, despite the undeniable attraction between them. Soon their power exchanges start to make for a sweltering dynamic in the bedroom…

At first Knox is shocked to be living out his submissive desires, but Shiori sets out to prove that embracing his true sexual nature doesn’t make him a weak man. But even while their sexual relationship grants him a power and fulfillment he finds surprising, there’s no training regimen for the fight that comes with loving a strong woman…

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Looking forward to seeing who emerges victorious

Amy R

I’ve enjoyed the first 2 books in this series and want to read Unraveled even more after this post.


I enjoyed reading about shiori and knox


Yes,Yes,Yes, and Yes to Shiori and Knox! I hope she wins because if you are looking to be dominated by the self-assured,classy and sharpest DOMME WOMAN OF ALL, then Shiori will win hands and floggers DOWN!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Knox says vote for my woman,NOW!