F A T E D  M A T E S

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We love a fated mates story, which can mainly be found in the paranormal romance genre. Two people inexplicably attracted to each other and forced together by fate when no one else will do for them, but who chose to love one another.  I confess it makes me all swoony.

it is a romance where the main couple (you can get this in a menage situation as well, but it tends to be between couples) are compelled by fate to be together. One character will set eyes, scent, touch or somehow sense the other character and immediately recognise them as their one true mate. This isn’t just a strong attraction, it’s an all consuming force where often the character is then physically unable to either get aroused or have children with anyone else but their fated mate. Often, their will be a mythos within the character’s culture about finding a fated mate. This is why a fated mate romances will be found in paranormal romance, fantasy and sci-fi.

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