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Whenever you start reading a romance where one of the protagonists has a million brothers, sisters and/or cousins you know you are about to get a series. Of course, whether or not you like the book will determine if this is a fact to celebrate or commiserate. In this Top Ten, we are going to give you our favourite books where the family tree could be more accurately described as a forest.


Neighbor from Hell series
by R.L. Mathewson

I love this series, it’s so hilarious! This family of crazy men with an unnatural obsession with food is one you don’t want to miss. It is one of those books which will genuinely make you laugh out loud. Many embarrassing moment has been had by me as I try desperately to muffle my laughter in public. But it’s worth the strange looks as Mathewson has written a great series; funny and sexy with a bunch of characters you’re not going to forget anytime soon.

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Brown Family series
by Lauren Dane

Whenever I think of families, my mind always circles back to the Brown siblings.  The older brother, Brody, raised the younger ones and did such a wonderful jobs at it.  He’s the rock that holds them together and, in case you can’t tell, he’s my favorite one of the bunch.  But with this series we explore so many different dynamics in the relationships that each sibling ends up in.  Lots of emotion and family unity and they make you feel like a member of the family with how much you end up caring for all of them.

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Heart series
by L.H. Cosway

In HEARTS OF BLUE we explore the Cross family.  This set of siblings is now near and dear to my heart because they have picked themselves up from the bad hand that life dealt them.  Some of them had their issues with the law, some of them have become the law.  But they are undoubtedly charming and their stories are so unique that I get wrapped up in their world and fall in love with every single one of them.  Every time.

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Play by Play series
by Jaci Burton

This series is all about family and friends.  Kicking things off with the Rileys and then later on with the Cassidy’s, Jaci Burton knows how to make us fall for a family and draw you into that world of comfort you can only get when reading about large families.  The Cassidy’s are definitely that for me.  Sports royalty with everyone being involved in a sport through generations, but when they are home they are down to earth and normal.  Nothing sweeter than those reunion times for me.

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Winston Brothers series
by Penny Reid

Hillbilly brothers with fantastic beards. Nuff said. Or is it? I never thought I would fall in love with a bunch of brothers whose defining characteristics seems: hillybilly and beard. But, as with much of Reid’s book there’s much more to it than what first may appear. Each of the Winston brothers offers their very own unique view of the world and I have fallen in love with each one of them. They’re a rambunctious lot with big hearts and brains and watching them fall in love is a both hilarious and adorable.

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Mackenzies series
by Jennifer Ashley

This series had me right from the start The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is one of my favourite books ever. And, with each book the diverse personalities of the MacKenzie clan comes into play. Each brother has their own demons to battle before they can find happiness with the woman they love. This is an emotional series, with more sexy Scotsman than is good for you, we highly recommend you give it a try!

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The Sullivans series
by Bella Andre

All the members of the Sullivans are over-achievers. So if you like reading about celebrities, artists, or other kind and well-off characters, then you’re going to find the Sullivans really interesting. Each one is unique in their own way and Andre has actually gone off and written a spin-off series featuring their cousins as well. So it’s really a no-brainer when it comes to the Sullivans. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to marry them all.

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Rough Riders series
by Lorelei James

Sexy. Cowboys. In Stetsons. With six packs. Sold. The McKays is a great erotic romance series that only gets better as the series goes on. In fact I recommend you don’t read the first 2 books, it gives entirely the wrong impression of the quality of the series. If you like your erotic romance to contain kinky cowboys, genuine emotion and did I mention cowboys? Then you need to give the McKays a chance.

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The Bridgertons
by Julia Quinn

I adore this series! The Bridgertons is a light hearted Regency romp centred around one family (the Bridgertons) and each sibling falling in love. Apart from the romance, what is great about this series is the relationships between the siblings. Quinn does a fantastic job of showing the teasing, arguing and rough and tumble love between brothers and sisters, that element of this series is what raises it from just a good series to a great one.

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by Lisa Kleypas

Now we come to our very favourite of the large families; the Hathaways. A historical romance series by one of our favourite authors Lisa Kleypas. The Hathaway series tells the tale of 4 sister and 1 brother who have come into a very unexpected inheritance. A title almost which is almost as dilapidated as the manor house. The Hathaways’ don’t quite fit the aristocratic mould, they’re quirky and they’re clever and that’s just the girls of the family. Kleypas never fails to deliver and with the Hathaways she managed not only to give us her usual fantastic romance, but also with each book creates a warm familial atmosphere which only gets more cosy and welcoming as you read further into the series. If you haven’t read this series we highly recommend you give it a try, you’re bound to fall in love.

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What are your favourite series with large families?

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Sophia Rose

I am a total sucker for series based on families. I’ve actually not read most of them on your list, but they are on my wish list or TBR pile. I like JR Ward’s The Bourbon Kings series for all the siblings (though I know this one has the stories all mixed in each book). Hope Ramsay’s Chapel of Love series with the rich and eccentric Lyndons, Cecy Robsons’ Tres Santos and O’Brien family books, so many of Carolyn Brown’s series are family stories I adore that I can’t even list them all, Claudia Connor’s McKinley-Walker bunch. Mary Balogh’s, Westcotts,… Read more »

Kathy Valentine

Great top 10!! My fave out of these are the Lisa kleypas books!!! Love all her books!!! ,shared on all my socials!!!


Great post! I love the big families series, it’s so fun to stay connected to so many characters! RL Mathewson’s is one of my favorites. Alexa Land also has a fun big family series, it’s M/M but fantastic!

Kathleen Bylsma

Working my way through Brown family, Jaci Burton and Penny Reid….thanks!


I like the Mackenzies, rough riders and Bridgertons. I also like the Knight family by Gaelen Foley, the Murrays by Hannah Howell, the Boscastles by Jillian Hunter, the Winston brothers by Lori Foster.

Sharlene Wegner

Yay for Mackenzies, Hathaways and Bridgertons! Love them all! I have read Truth or Beard & want to finish that series, and have read a few of Jaci’s books & want to read the rest.


I would throw Marie Force into the mix. Both the Gansett Island and Butler VT series are lovely family affairs. Shannon Stacy’s Kowalski series is great, too.


I still need to read some of these


Hathaways and The Bridgertons are one of my favorites 🙂

I think I’m reading the wrong genre LOL! I can’t think of a series I’ve read that has had more than maybe 2 or 3 siblings. Great list!

Amy R

I’ve read some, most or all the books for 6 of the series on your list. I’ll be checking out the others.