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I’ve been trying to come up with my reading list of things I want to clear up my TBR before the end of the year, and I want to look back at older(ish) releases not just new releases.  So that’s what this list is about.  Those “not-new-releases” books that I want to read now.  Have you heard of any of this?  Have you read them?


What books do you want to read before 2019?


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Laura Lovejoy Brunk

Sadly i need to catch up on JR Ward’s BDB and her other series, i got book distracted. Im dying to read Wolfsong series. And i always am a fan of Keri Arthur…..lots to read and so little time


I have a couple arcs I would like to catch up on. I would also like to complete the firelight series by Kristen Callihan, Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, read a few more bks in the charley davidson series by darynda jones and High voltage by Kmm. I have a whole list of books!

Chris Bails

I have not read any of the books shown. I am looking forward to the new Kristen Ashley Loose ends and also Jeaniene Frost new Ian book. Lots of new stuff coming up.

Kathleen Bylsma

Right now, Jill Shalvis’ Hot Winter Nights and Lori Foster’s new series first book!

Nina T

I have a couple ARCs I’d like to read and some newly translated books from the library, if I get them.


I’d like to read Rise of the Iliri series by Auryn Hadley before the year ends.

Leeann Barker

Me, too!!


Really like the lizzie grace series, the golden spider was different than what I expected but good. I’m only on book 2 of the parasol protectorate series. I do have fireborn on my tbr.

Glenda M

I want to read both of Scarlett Peckham’s books. I’ve heard great things about The Duke I Tempted. Vanessa Kelly has the first in her new series about Clan Kendrick coming out at the end of the month. And I’ve always got a ton of books waiting on my Kindle

Dawn Dalrymple

I saved some of the recommended books so i can try to read before 2019. I’d really like to start the Chasing Hodini series before 2019 too!


Move The Stars and Lake + Manning both by Jessica Hawkins, Year One by Nora Roberts, WildFire by Illona Andrews, Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine, Red Rising by Pierce Brown…


I want to read Next Year in Havanna by Chanel Cleeton

Mary Preston

I’d have to check my list, but I’d love to read THE WINDS OF WINTER by George RR Martin some time soon.

Sophia Rose

You are definitely a woman with a plan. 🙂 I loved that Gail Carriger series. Golden Spider, Indigo Girl, and Wolf Song look good, too. I have three or four of those Kym Grossos, too. I just finished up my original list for Romance Roundabout. I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Cheering you on to finish strong.

Jennifer Beyer

You have two of my favorite books on your list!! Blameless is so smart and funny. Blood Ties is one of the best mystery books I’ve ever read. And the heroine is amazing! I am trying to catch up on the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich so I have to say that I want to read Sizzling Sixteen.

Kathy Valentine

I’ve had The Golden spider on my tbr gr list for awhile,I love the cover!! I’ve read Kades Dark Embrace,it was so friggin good!! Great recommendations francesca!! Ty for the giveaway too!!??


I want to catch up on Eden Winters’ Diversion series!

Kim Perry

I’d like to catch up on the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.

Nancy P

I have several on my ‘to be reviewed’ list.

Mineliz Medina

Some of this books sound interesting. They are all new to me and I’ve never heard of them although some of the authors I’ve heard of. Thanks for the recs.


I have so many that I want to read. I definitly want to catch up on my favorite authors.

Joanna M

I’ve heard of Blameless by Gail Carriger but to be honest it’s not on my current TBR. I’d like to squeeze at least 2 non-fiction books before 2019, Witches, Sluts, Feminists by Kristen J. Solle, and Keep Marching by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner… but I don’t think that’s going to happen because every week I get distracted by new romance releases! LOL

Leeann Barker

Oh Fran, my TBR is miles high!! I keep rereading my fav series this year, over and over and over, yet my TBR continues to grow. So, there’s that. Never knew that Lorilei James and Lori Armstrong were one in the same!! Thanks for the info!! Wolfsong and Kade’s Dark Embrace are now on my radar. I’m aiming for this year, however, your partner in crime, Suz, got me hooked on Scifi erotic and non erotic romance earlier this year. The more 7 foot, non-earthling, tentacled, winged, scaled, furred, horned, fanged, tailed otherworldly alpha males the better!! Let’s get lost… Read more »

Francesca Bertucci

I enjoy the Immortal of New Orleans series and Kade’s Dark Embrace was a good start.

Dawn Roberto

I seriously need to catch up on the DH worlds of Sherrilyn Kenyon, BDB world of JR Ward and a finally start the Archangels series by Naini Singh. Hasn’t been a lot of time for me to read lately.

Stephanie Johnson

I’ve started and am now almost done with the Breeds series and I agree with Francesca that some of them have too much sex in them. At one point I thought they were by different authors, because it seemed like there was no plot, just the sex. Now I’m on some of the later books and they are much more plot heavy. There are two things I’m sad that it doesn’t seem will happen; 1. I won’t find out why David has been mean to baby Amber, and is it because she’s his mate and he knows this too early?… Read more »

Diane Sallans

Mary Balogh’s Someone to Trust


Valerie Bowman’s Christmas story.


I’m looking forward to reading Sherry Thomas’s latest Charlotte Holmes book and Judith McNaught’s book finally has a release date..

Tammy V

Escaping Houdini is one of my top ones. Never seems enough time to read all the ones I want to.


I want to at least reread the first book in the Downside Ghosts series, Unholy Ghosts..

Pansy Petal

Oh my! Too many to mention. It seems my KU is always maxed out! And my tbr list in four digits, at least, maybe five. That being said, I have a couple of Sophia Oak/Lexi Blake books I need to read. Chasity Bowlin has a couple books coming out on my pre-order list. Riptide, Landslide, and Strictly Business by Kathryn Nolan. So much to read, so little time. aka Becky

John Smith

Before 2019 I am avid to read the latest installment of “Hell Divers”–that series is so exciting!


OMG…far too many to name. I am way behind on my list, because of life and just…being completely demotivated. Most definitely Helena Hunting’s newest releases and Lauren Blakely’s. They always make me laugh.. Love your list too! ??❤?

Amy R

I haven’t read any on your list but I do have Wolfsong on my TBR pile and recently added The Duke I Tempted to by wishlist.

nancy jones

I have quite a few to catch up on. I want to read Kade’s Dark Embrace.


Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep, Dating the Enemy by Nicole Williams and Ebba-Viva Fairisles: Immortal Plunder by Kelly St Clare.


The one by Devney Perry I still haven`t had time to read.