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Wow, it’s September already?! Can’t believe the summer is pretty much over…it went by so fast! I hope you enjoyed some excellent, hot reads over the summer. While September marks the start of fall – my favorite season – and cooler temps, there look to be plenty of books that turn the degrees up and keep you hot under the covers. 😉

One of my favorite authors is the fabulous Rhys Ford. She really knows how to pen a great book, and this month we will get her release of Sloe Ride, book four in the “Sinners” series – woo hoo!!!! This book will focus on Quinn Morgan (oh, how I just love the Morgan clan) and Rafe Andrade, a recovering addict who wants to fill the bassist spot for the Sinners. As per usual, Ford weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue to go along with the romance. Hope you enjoy it!

On September 6, Jeff Adams will release the third and final book in his “Hat Trick” series, Penalty Shot. I haven’t had a chance to read this series yet, but it is near the top of my TBR pile. I love hockey, and I love gay romance – put those together, and bam…a perfect combo! The “Hat Trick” series has excellent reviews, and Penalty Shot sounds like it will be great as well.

A well-loved and much respected author, K.A. Mitchell, is releasing Put a Ring on It, the first in a new series, on September 9. This looks so good. Mitchell is so good at writing characters, giving them depth and realism, with a touch of good humor, some angst, and uber-hawt love scenes. Put a Ring on It is about two guys who have very different outlooks on life – one is an overachiever and very successful, and the other is a self-ascribed underachiever so that he never fails. The big question gets popped, and now everyone wants to be involved with the wedding except the grooms.

Out on September 15, Jordan Hawke is releasing Dangerous Spirits, book two in her “Spirits” series. I haven’t yet read this series, but I have read the first in her “Widdershins” series, and I absolutely LOVED it. Hawke truly knows how to write gay historicals with an paranomal twist. Dangerous Spirits deals with hauntings and tests of new love. I can’t wait to read it!

An Under the Covers favorite, Mary Calmes, will be releasing Fit to be Tied, the second in her “Marshall” series on September 18. This book continues the story of Miro and Ian and their new found relationship. Partners together in work and in the personal arena, obstacles come at them that will test their new bond. They will find out if it is strong enough to hold.

And last, but certainly NOT least… GAH!!! I just realized that Larissa Ione is coming out with a male/male in the Demonica series, Base Instincts!! What?! How did I NOT know this already?! OMG, I cannot tell you how excited I am! First – it’s a book set in the amazing Ione’s “Demonica” series…one of my favorite paranormal series! Second, it’s male/male…my favorite genre! And third, it’s both of those things put together! Seriously, I cannot even describe my excitement as discovering this! We’re talking seminus demons, assassins, succubi, deception, jealousy, and I am so sure – super hot sex! WOO-HOO!!

So there you have it – a little insight as to all the greatness that will unfold as the fall takes hold. Enjoy!!!


Sloe Ride Penalty Shot Put A Ring On It dangerous spirits
Fit to be Tied baseinstincts



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Thanks Leigh

Sophia Rose

I have a few already on my list to get, but others were new to me. Thanks, Leigh!


I really want to try rhys ford…I didn’t know about larissa ione’s book either…

June M.

I have been counting down to Larissa’s book! I actually just got an email that it is available on the publisher’s website. It won’t be other places until Monday, I believe.

Amy R

Adding more books to my wishlist.