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Over the past few years we’ve been asked multiple times if we would ever do a bookish podcast and the answer always seemed to be not right now.  But guess what?  It’s finally time and we have something we are so excited to talk about…. All things paranormal!  Francesca and Suzanne have joined forces with Stephanie from Ideally Inspired Reviews to bring you a podcast where we will discuss books in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy and sci fi genres.  You may have noticed this is our first love and we are excited to check out new books, new authors, old favorites, and hopefully bring you some fun recommendations.

Every Friday we will have a new episode.  We are each picking a book for all of us to read and discuss every other week.  And in between we are going to be re-reading the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost because it’s one of our all time favorite series and we think it should get even more recognition.  Plus it’s just fun to re-read your favorite book boyfriends.


Follow our podcast Instagram account to see what we’re going to be reading, and get even more recommendations.
And join us on Facebook in our Fangover group.  A community to have all the paranormal bookish discussions and more fun things in the future.

So join us!

Listen to the first episode here


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You can find our podcast on
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Amy R

I requested to join Facebook group and following on Instgram


Awesome! I’m so glad the timing was finally right…Good luck


Congrats on this new endeavor!