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The sun is shining; the birds are singing; that annoying fly keeps getting in and buzzing round whilst you are doing your best to read, annoying the ever loving hell out of you. That’s right, summer has arrived. The time of holidays, sunscreen and sand in some particularly undignified places. Whether you have a holiday planned (where you can collect the aforementioned sand) or you are just chilling out in your garden or at the local pub there is one essential that every reader worth their salt requires: lots and lots of recommendations. As a reader, I can go through a lot of books, so give me a week off and some place comfortable to sit than one or two books just aren’t going to do it. I need a new series, or several new series, or a new author with a huge back list, a few piddly summer reads are going to last me the plane journey to my destination let alone the whole week. We figured that you guys, as fellow readers, might feel the same so here is our summer gift to you; more summer reading recommendations than you can shake a stick at!

Bella Andre’s books

Bella Andre and summer are pretty much synonymous with one another. So it’s really no surprise to find her here with two series (Love on Rockwell Island and Maverick Billionaires) that both have a sexy, summery feel to them. CAPE COD KISSES is much more beachy and heartwarming while BREATHLESS IN LOVE is sweet and sexy. Whatever you are in the mood for, Bella Andre has a great read for you this summer.

cape cod kisses breathless in love


Sexy in the Summer


On the Erotic Romance front, nothing is hotter than a married couple going on an island vacation where sex and sand are two musts. With jealously, scandal and temptation thrown into the mix, Amanda Abbott’s latest installment in the Pushing the Boundaries series blends emotion and sexual adventure in an enticing mix.



Hotter than hell series

McCauley Brothers by Marie Harte

This series is one I discovered last year and upon reading just one book, I fell head over heels in love with the McCauley Brothers. So much so that I became completely obsessed with the series. There are four books in the series and since all four are already out, this is the perfect series to take away with you if you are going away for a vacation. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be reading this back to back to back. Harte’s writing is sweet, funny, and EXTREMELY sexy. It’s hands down one of my favorite series I’ve discovered recently.

troublemaker heartbreaker mr. perfect what to do with a bad boy


Scorching Hot Must Read Series

Loving on the Edge by Roni Loren

Fair warning, you need a fan and a bucket of ice handy while reading this one.  It may prove to be just too hot to handle while the temperature rises outside, but you will love every minute of it!  Fans of erotic romance with a lot of heart and great stories NEED to read this.  It should be on everyone’s TBR if it isn’t already.

crashintoyou Still-Into-You MELTINTOYOU Fall-Into-You notuntilyou Caught-Up-in-You needyoutonight Forever Starts Tonight nothingbetweenus yoursallalong callonme breakmedown


While I do love my contemporary M/M series, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince series is M/M Fantasy so you can expect quite a lot of worldbuilding, taboo subjects but also a wonderful romance between Laurent and Damon. Their relationship doesn’t start in a typical boy-meets-boy fashion but I think this makes it a bit more interesting. It also moves at a slower pace but I don’t mind that much because of the way the story is set up.

 captive prince


Tired of billionaires? While some of you might be sick of CEOs in expensive suits, I have some hot rich guys that are a little different and might help you rekindle your love

1. Roarke and the In Death series by J.D. Robb – Roarke is the original bad boy billionaire so while others try to be as sexy as him no one ever comes close.

2.THE BOURBON KINGS by J.R. Ward – Ward always has class in her books but that is more true in this book where scandal, lies and deception all play a part in creating a twisting tale.

3. BROWN-EYED GIRL by Lisa Kleypas – Better known because of this last name, Joe Travis has a reputation that precedes him and it is this reputation that scares away Avery, but their chemistry is undeniable and after a night of red hot passion, Avery starts to melt for the hot Texan. 

Naked-in-Death BOURBONKINGS browneyedgirl


Pretty much anything by Katie MacAlister – Yes, these books are a bit older but the humor and feel is still PERFECT for  summer reading.  Whether you pick up the Asiling Grey series and check out some hot dragons (and meet one of my favorite side kicks EVER!!!! Jim!) or if you prefer some sexy vampires and decide to pick up the Dark Ones.  I think you will enjoy these totally unrealistic and over the top stories!

You-Slay-Me agirlsguidetodatingvampires

The Midnight Liaisons series by Jessica Sims – When it comes to summer I want light and fluffy paranormal.  Chances are I won’t be diving too much into urban fantasy or anything that I know will drain me.  So this series is perfect in blending the right amount of fun with the right amount of sexy.  I think fans of Shelly Laurenston will definitely enjoy this series about a paranormal dating agency and all the escapes the people working there may have while trying to match paranormals for relationships or just no strings attached sex.

Beauty-Dates-the-Beast Desperately-Seeking-Shapeshifter VIXEN Undead in my Bed, The SPEEDMATING singlewolffemale MUSTLOVEFANGS BEARNAKED CLAWSEFFECT wantedwildthing

Sweet Contemporary

Haven’t picked up the Hope series by Jaci Burton?  Then this is the right time to start.  The level of heat in these is just a little less than with Ms. Burton’s Play by Play, but the stories are so adorable and will just leave you with a smile on your face.  And if you’re like me, sweet small town romance is a perfect fit for the summer!

hopesmolders hopeflames hopeignites hopeburns loveafterall make me stay

Another sweet contemporary series to dive into… Dare to Love by Carly Phillips.  I fell behind on Carly’s releases and recently picked this series up.  It has all the elements I’ve always enjoyed in Ms. Phillips writing, without going into the extra drama and angst that some authors resort to.  And did I mention this centers around a family?  Total sucker for those!  These are pretty fast reads as well so you can gobble up the whole series this summer.

daretolove daretodesire daretosurrender DARETOSUBMIT daretotouch Dare to Hold Dare to Rock cover

There you have it.  More books that you can possibly handle this summer!  Now let’s go make it a good one.  Which ones would you recommend to read this summer?

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Great list!


Katie mac and roni loren are definitely on my go-to list

Amy R

Your list has a lot of books that are on my TBR pile and wishlist.

Oh those paranormals are new to me. I’ve heard of Katie M, but have never read her. Great time to start!