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As a resident of the UK there are a few things I am unfamiliar with; sunny optimism and sunny days. But this week the sun has been shining and we’ve all been subjected to the sight of sunburned beer bellies as men everywhere decide instead of wearing a t-shirt, they’ll whip their tops off altogether. As you can see, although sunny days have arrived, the optimism is still a ways behind. However, the bright hot days did get me thinking about holidays. It’s definitely that time of year when you book some leave from work and either jet away somewhere or chill out at home enjoying some unwind time.

And how better to relax than with a book? Along with your sun cream, cold drinks and flip flops having a book or e-Reader to hand is a summer essential. But then comes the next dilemma… what to read? Do you go for red hot reads to match the weather? Or maybe something chilling to cool you down? Or perhaps something action packed to get your heart racing after enjoying some hard core lounging? Or maybe this opportunity for some free time means you can finally catch up on all those series you’re behind on.

Personally I like to do a little of all those things. Something sexy so I can replace those visions of burnt beer bellies with day dreams of sexy golden brown abs. Something chilling so I can cool down after reading about the aforementioned abs. Then, I can add some excitement by reading an action packed UF. And, if I am lucky these will all be books I need to catch up on.

But, there are some books that I have put on hold, so I can fully read (and reread!) this summer without reality interrupting me.

Chilling Reads

I like a thriller or a mystery, it’s a lot of fun to try and guess whodunit. An author that I keep meaning to read is Kendra Elliott. I even have A Merciful Death on my kindle. I also really liked Look For Me by Lisa Gardner, which was well into her Detective D.D. Warren series. I hate reading out of order, so now I have plans to start at the beginning of the series and catch up!

Red Hot Reads

I am cheating a little as my red hot read is also something I need to catch up with. I have been following this series for years, but recently I have managed to fall behind. Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark is one of my favourite PNRs. It’s funny, it has amazing heroines and beautifully alpha heroes. And it’s hot. Cole writes an amazing sex scene.

With Shadow’s Kiss coming out towards the end of this year, I need to catch up on Shadow Seduction and Wicked Abyss so I am fully together for the new release.

Catch Up Reads

There are so many series I need to catch up on. However, the one I have been thinking about lately is a fantasy romance. The Wraith King series by Grace Draven. I read the first book Radiance in 2016. I have been meaning to read the next book Eidolon ever since! This summer I am going to do it.

Incidentally, if you like my alien sci-fi recommendations as you like non-human heroes, you might want to give this a go. The hero is half way between a traditional dark elf and a demon. Not your usual handsome fairy tale prince.


With Magic Triumphs the last in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews coming out in August, I’ve decided to reread the whole series before release. So many mixed feelings churning away in me about this release. Obviously I love this series, it is my favourite series ever…so why does it have to end?! *cue tears*

However, on the flip side, I am so glad it is ending whilst I am still dying for more. Andrews isn’t just churning out book after book until her fans gradually stop reading as the quality goes down. Instead it has a definitive ending. I like that. There are certain series that have gone on too long and I now no longer follow, even though at first I read with a fiery zeal. I am glad that the Kate Daniels won’t join my pile of series that I have fallen out of love with.

Still, I will inevitably have a little cry once I finish the final word in Magic Triumphs. Kate + Curren 4ever.


What are your plans for your summer reading?


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I have alone on my tbr….really enjoyed grace draven’s books….I agree withyour feelings on Kate Daniels….so I’ve reading the in death series, am currently reading iron and magic, and if I need a red hot read I usually turn to siren publishing

Kathy Valentine

My idea of a great summer is taking a great book or my kindle,with a cold drink and reading in the sun!! I’m a total sun worshipper!!! I never stay inside on a sunny day!! The only time I make a acception is the week I spend with my niece!!! Loved your picks suzanne,I’ve read every IAD!!I love this series!! Shared on all my socials!!

Sophia Rose

Ahh, poor Suzanne! You just can’t unsee some of that burnt beer belly stuff.

Very nice summer reading plan. I really want to catch up with those Grace Draven books.

Amy R

No plans, I just read something I’m in the mood for.


I have some catch up books I want to read plus some upcoming releases