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When I think of Italy, I think of sunshine, glamour, beautiful vistas and delicious food. This is hardly surprising when Italy has brands such as D&G, Armani and Valentino and Italian beauty icons such as Sophia Loren and Isabella Rossellini. And let’s not get started on the number of pounds I have put on due to a tasty pizza or some slightly al dente pasta. The rustic landscape alongside the beautiful ruins are picture perfect and it’s easy to see why authors set their romances in Italy. You already have the romantic atmosphere, all you need is the characters.

However, it isn’t just an Italian setting that gets us romance readers excited. What about them Italian heroes and heroines? Typically passionate and fiery they light up our kindle screens, whilst their dark good looks set our hearts aflutter. So, in this stop on our Romance Cruise, I am going to recommend some books I have enjoyed, which are either set in Italy or have an Italian hero or heroine.


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