Experiment in Terror Series Guide

A (very) mature new adult urban fan­tasy series that is scary, sexy and relat­able, filled with the super­nat­ural and things that go bump in the night.

In a large, flaky nut­shell, the Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror Series is an eight-part sci-fi/fantasy/horror series that revolves around a pair of ghost hunters. Well, aspir­ing ghost hunters, any­way. After film­ing a creepy expe­ri­ence in her uncle’s dilap­i­dated light­house, 22-year old Perry Palomino becomes a YouTube and inter­net star overnight. She attracts the atten­tion of Dex Foray, a pro­ducer and cam­era­man for a site that spe­cial­izes in var­i­ous webisodes, who con­vinces her to be a host for a low-budget ghost hunt­ing series. The only prob­lem is, nei­ther Perry or Dex are entirely “with it” — I mean, they see ghosts, after all. And when the duo isn’t wrestling with their very notion of real­ity, they’re grap­pling with a work­ing rela­tion­ship that’s deep-cut with sex­ual ten­sion. As the series moves on, lead­ing Perry and Dex to new locales and super­nat­ural sit­u­a­tions, their lives become more and more inter­twined, where they dis­cover that ghosts aren’t the only things that can haunt them.

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For us gals at Under the Covers, August 2013 will remain the month that the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle took over our life’s. There was no rest until we had consumed every single book; we were women possessed. A whole month went by when all our texts centred around EiT and would generally start with “OMG have you gotten to this part yet…” “I can’t BELIEVE Dex/Perry did that…” “Hands off bitch Dex is mine!”.

The Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle. Halle does a fantastic job of wrapping horror and romance together in a terrifying and sexy package then throwing it at her readers. There are some genuinely scary and creepy moments in these books and as someone who HATES horror films I can say if this was ever translated to the big screen, I don’t know if I could watch it.

Then there’s the romance. The at times frustrating, elating, frustrating, heart breaking, frustrating, sexy and did I mention frustrating…romance between Dex and Perry our main protagonists. This series keeps you on the edge of exasperation and desperation and I know, I know, it sounds awful! But it isn’t. It’s wonderful. I loved it. I HAD to keep reading, sometimes because of what was happening in the story line, sometimes because I wanted to get beyond the scary bit and sometimes because I needed to know what the hell the situation was between Dex and Perry. Combine all that and it had me glued to the pages until the end of the book.

Book 1: Darkhouse
UTC Review

Book 2: Red Fox
UTC Review

Book 2.5: The Benson
UTC Review

Book 3: Dead Sky Morning
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Book 4: Lying Season
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Book 5: On Demon Wings
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Book 5.5: Old Blood
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Book 5.7: The Dex Files
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Book 6: Into the Hollow
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Book 6.5: And With Madness Comes the Light
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Book 7: Come Alive
UTC Review

Book 8: Ashes to Ashes
UTC Review

Book 9: Dust to Dust
UTC Review

Book 10: Came Back Haunted

Every book is so unique.  You never know what to expect when cracking open a book in this series, except to be blown away.

There is so much to look forward to in the Experiment in Terror (EiT) series; as well more sexual tension than you can shake a stick at, some brilliant one liners and emotional moments that rip your tear ducts wide open there are also the monsters. Don’t be fooled into thinking EiT is fully of the not-so-friendly Casper types, although they appear in terrifying and twisted abundance. Karina Halle also explores the other monsters that may lurk under our covers (hehe see what I did there?!). So here is a glimpse of the creatures you can expect to pop up in the series ready to scare you into sleeping with the lights on.


There is so much lore about ghosts and hauntings, not to mention TV programmes, films and documentaries that it is hard to give a nice neat list of facts. What everyone seems to agree on is that they are the spirit of the living who stayed on this plane of existence for a variety of different reasons, mainly focused on unfinished business. Of course in the context of EiT that unfinished business is generally deadly and terrifying so keep your salt/holy water/silver depending on what you believe ready, you never know you may need it.


Unlike ghosts the information on Skinwalkers is quite specific and comes from Native American culture; it is a man or a woman who through supernatural powers can turn themselves into an animal, generally using a pelt of the animal they wish to transform into. According to the Navajo the witches able to do this are evil and can derive power from other peoples terror of them, or if you look at a Skinwalker directly in the eye they can then possess your body. Skinwalkers are definitely not the sort of people you would like to encounter; however, if you do just make sure you have a bullet dipped in white ash as this could be the only way to kill them.


Demons. Where to even begin, are they fallen angels? Twisted spirits? Or maybe something completely separate. However, what is interesting to know is that originally demons (or daimons) weren’t evil at all, the ancient Greeks believed daimons were spirits or divine powers with no malevolence implied at all, in fact it was the opposite. Of course, this was very much lost in translation and now there is so many different origins and legends about demons depending on what part of the world you live in and what religion you ascribe to that it is impossible to relay them all here.


They wantsss your brainsss, according to zombies they are good eats. Zombies; human beings that have risen from their graves to come snack on your cranium they are grotesque and mindless, walking at a slow shuffle but somehow are always able to keep up. Zombies; however, have not risen independently, they are puppets and generally a witch or magic practitioner is the puppet master, a zombie has no mind of its own and is merely a weapon in witchy hands. The most well documented zombie lore I could find was in African culture and related to Vodou, where a bokor (a sorcerer) can raise the dead. However, no matter what culture raises these zombies, I know I certainly don’t want to be on the menu!


Name: Dex Foray
Age: 32
Profession: Ghost Hunter/Cameraman/Producer on the internet series Experiment in Terror
Medical History: Crazy. On meds for seeing things that aren’t supposed to be there, he practically rattles when he walks. Throw in mood swings and a chequered past and he is the poster boy for poor mental health.
Appearance: 5’7″, dark hair and dark eyes, not typically handsome, but very compelling.


Name: Perry Palomino
Age: 22
Profession: Receptionist….Daydreamer….soon to be TV presenter of the internet series Experiment in Terror
Medical History: History of drug and alcohol abuse with a dash of crazy dreams and prone to seeing things other people can’t. Low self esteem due to perceived weight issues and general weirdness.
Appearance: Long dark hair and blue eyes, short and curvy. Likes to wear leggings and band tshirts.


Name: Maximus “Max” Jacobs
Profession: Comes on the scene during RED FOX as sort of a Ghost Whisperer.
Factoid: An old friend of Dex and used to be in his band Sing Swing Sinatra, Max always shows up at the right (or wrong) time, there may be more to him than there appears.
Appearance: Big and broad with fiery red hair.


Name: Ada Palomino
Profession: Still in School, but runs a very popular fashion blog.
Factoid: The younger sister of Perry, she doesn’t seem to have inherited any of her elder sisters paranormal talents, but who knows what can happen in the future.
Appearance: Slim with long blonde hair and an awesome fashion sense.


Name: Jennifer
Profession: Hostess of a sucessful internet show called Wine Babes where they pair cheap wines with cheap meals and fast food.
Relationship History: Jen is Dex’s girlfriend, and they on Wine Babes as Dex used to be the cameraman and producer.
Appearance: Tall, blonde, slim and beautiful. And damn does she know it.


Name: Rebecca Sims
Profession: Hostess of a sucessful internet show called Wine Babes where they pair cheap wines with cheap meals and fast food.
Relationship History: Rebecca is a lesbian and has just started a new relationship and is head over heels.
Appearance: Dark hair, with a wicked 50s style, always perfectly dressed and perfectly made up.

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