Welcome to September! We are approaching the end of the year (already, it’s madness!) and the weather is starting to turn. That makes it the perfect time to cosy up with a September book releases and a mug of tea the size of your head. Luckily we have a round up of the best book releases coming out this September.

september book releases

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Thrilling Fall Reading

September is here, which means. in the Western hemisphere. we are going from Summer to Autumn. My favourite time of year! We get the crisp and beautifully coloured autumn leaves, bright cool days perfect for long walks with an audiobook and my scarves can come out of storage. We also tend to put down the beach reads and start to go for something a little cosier to go with our pumpkin spiced lattes!

Another reason I love the Autumn (or Fall) is that you start to see more thriller and mystery books. It’s one of my favourite genres, especially when there’s a little romance. I love figuring out who the bad guys are and why they’ve resorted to murder, then shouting panto style to my hero or heroine “they’re behind you”. It’s very exciting and sometimes sad and I lap it up.

If you haven’t read many thrillers or mysteries, I thought I would give you my top three authors who I think are a great introduction to the genre, especially if you’re a romance reader:

  • Kendra Elliot – the Callahan and McLane series is my favourite, but all her books are great and available on Kindle Unlimited
  • J.D. Robb – a pen name of Nora Roberts. She uses this pen name to write the In Death series which is one of my favourite series of all time!
  • Kelley Armstrong – specifically I am thinking her Casey Duncan series, it’s a great mix of romance and survival. When you live in a secret town populated with criminals, how do you figure out who wants to kill you?

And now let’s dive into the September’s book releases!

– 2023 September Book Releases –


Mysteries and Thrillers

Urban Fantasy

Women’s Fiction

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