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This series only finished recently, however, I’ve been thinking about fantasy romance recently. My main thoughts are…there isn’t enough of it! Especially once you move out of the realm of YA. This is why Amanda Bouchet was so fantastic, she managed to hook a large audience with the Kingmaker Chronicles. By adding things we most of us are familiar with, like Poseidon, Zeus and Hades and then throwing them in to a brand new fantasy world it pulled us all in.

Then there was the romance. In this trilogy we watch Griffin a fierce warlord and Kat a displaced princess with massive untapped power and a sarky attitude fall in love. Then conquer the heck out of the rest of the continent…but in a nice way of course! The combination of magic fueled action and sensual romance married together created a series, that although not perfect, was definitely a great read.

So, if you’ve heard of this series but not tried it yet, or this is the first time it has popped on your radar check it out! It is an exciting trilogy that leaves you wanting more.

**P.S. If you are reading this Amanda Bouchet, please can we have a spin off series with some of the other characters from the Kingmaker Chronicles? Pretty please. **

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I have to agree it wasn’t perfect but it was really good bringing all those elements together.

Kathy Valentine

I’m new to this series,but I will check them out!! Ty! Suzanne!! Shared on all my socials!!

I’m all in on wanting a spin-off series for all those side-characters we meet in the series. It was a fun series and yes, it wasn’t perfect but still very good!

Darynda Jones

I ADORE AMANDA!!! I fell in love with her books (I originally typed boobs, which hers are rather fantastic) when she asked me for a blurb. I knew I had a winner in the first line. What an incredible writer and for those of you wondering, she is an amazing person IRL.

Amy R

I’ve had the first few books my my TBR pile forever; I need to start these.


I’ve got the first two books on my kindle, need to read them soon