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It’s no secret that we love paranormal romance here at Under the Covers, and shifters seem to be the least common kind that gets talked about around the genre.  While the fangy heroes are always sexy with their immortal, centuries old appeal… there isn’t anything quite like a furry shifter to make my heart start skipping a beat.  When I was making my way from reading Urban Fantasy and diving into Paranormal Romance many years ago, I discovered the Cascadia Wolves by Lauren Dane and I quickly devoured them.  I’ve been a fan of Ms. Dane’s writing across genres and I highly suggest you give this one a look if you haven’t yet if you are into more erotic paranormal romance and a good mix of shifters and witches.  They’ve recently been re-released with some hot new covers… Take a look!  And when you get through this series you can dive into some of the spin off series as well:  De La Vega Cats and Bound by Magick.  Happy Reading!

[new-release title=”Pack Enforcer” author=”Lauren Dane”]

Favorite Quote:

“You’re still healing. We should wait.” Unable to help himself, he leaned in and inhaled, the rich scent of her body.
“Gah! You with the talking. Shut up and fuck me already! Your little mister certainly wants to.”
He stood and pushed her back into the bedroom with his body. “My what?” His voice was incredulous.
“Thingy. Wee-wee. Johnson. Hoo-hoo. You know,” she indicated his cock, “that.”


[new-release title=”Wolves’ Triad” author=”Lauren Dane”]

Favorite Quote:

“Please,” she said through the kiss.
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me. I’m going to die if you don’t.”
“I don’t want this to be over.” The yearning in his voice tore at her.
“It has to be. I can’t feel like this, it’s not right.” Tracy knew that this thing between her and Gabe was something other than the anchor bond. Knew that it was deeper than that and it scared her as much as it seduced her. She had a mate, he was in the other room and she was in love with him and committed to him and she could not let herself fall any further into this thing she shared with Gabe.
“I know. But damn me, I want it forever,” he gasped as he pushed his cock deep into her hot embrace.


[new-release title=”Wolf Unbound” author=”Lauren Dane”]

Favorite Quote:

“Am I what you want?” His words were soft, gentle.
Her heart swelled as she nodded, emotion making words hard to come by. “Yes.  From the first moment you touched me at the club, before I’d even seen your face, you were what I wanted. You’re what I need too.”


[new-release title=”Alpha’s Challenge” author=”Lauren Dane”]

Favorite Quote:

Fate had chosen well for him, he only hoped he could be as good for her as she was for him.


[new-release title=”Bonded Pair” author=”Lauren Dane”]

Favorite Quote:

“Love isn’t enough so you have to work your tail off to make up that last twenty percent. Don’t rely on love, rely on your head and your heart and the knowledge that working and being in love is way better than slacking off and having it all fall apart later.”


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I’ve read Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings, the two spin-offs, and Ink and Chrome, but I haven’t read any of her paranormal stuff. For the past few years, I’ve been strictly an audiobook reader, so even though I love me some PNR, these weren’t on my radar.

I just checked and Audible now has the entire Cascadia Wolves series listed as featured pre-orders to be released on August 21. Looks like I’ll have an entire new series to devour in August. Thanks for the recommendation!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Woot awesome! Yeah, I was reading strictly audiobooks for a long time (years back) and Lauren Dane was one of those few authors that made me break that because I really wanted to read her and there was nothing on audio then (I might’ve started with the Brown siblings). Hope you enjoy them when they release on audio

Kathy Valentine

Sounds like a great series!!I’m new to this writer!! Put this series on my tbr list on good reads,thank you!!!! Shared on all my socials!!


I’m not a fan of her writing but these covers are really good!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Her writing style isn’t for everyone, I’ve heard that before from others. I do love these new covers. So much better than the previous ones!

Amy R

I’ve only read the first 2 books in this series, I need to finish the rest.


I need to get on these, thanks Francesca