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The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn

I love a Historical Romance and no one quite does one like Julia Quinn; hilarious, romantic, light-hearted, fun yet not easily forgotten with characters that feel like old friends. The Bridgerton series is exactly the kind of series everybody needs on their shelves; something you can dip into and feel embraced by the warmth and humour threading the whole series as you enjoy each new romance as it unfolds. So why not give it a try? I am going to do my best to persuade and give you a quick synopsis in my own words for each book, enjoy…


The-Duke-and-IThe Duke and I

(Bridgerton #1)

The first in the series featuring a stuttering duke and the Bridgerton woman who loves him, all starting with the whole “pretending a courtship” business…we all know how it all ends, but it is fun watch the journey.

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The Viscount Who Loved MeThe -Viscount-Who-Loved-Me

(Bridgerton #2)

A rake set on taking a bride…and he has one in mind, an older sister determined to protect her sister. Sparks fly. A deadly and hilarious game of Pall Mall ensues. Lets hope the rakish viscount chooses the right sister.

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An-Offer-From-a-GentlemanAn Offer From A Gentleman

(Brigerton #3)

Like yourself a Cinderella story, one complete with a wicked stepmother, nasty stepsisters and a dashing gentleman? Then roll right up Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett have exactly what you need.

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Romancing Mister BridgertonRomancing-Mister-Bridgerton

(Bridgerton #4)

One formerly pudgy and badly dressed debutante with a scandalous secret and the dashing gentleman, a Bridgerton naturally, she has always loved, but always quietly and from a far. What could possibly happen when they end up becoming friends?

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To-Sir-Phillip, With-LoveTo Sir Phillip With Love

(Bridgerton #5)

Ever wonder what people did before eHarmony? I believe they wrote letters, something our Bridgerton heroine loves to do she just never expected an offer of marriage, or the two rambunctious children and certainly not the handsome Sir Phillip.

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When He Was WickedWhen-He-Was-Wicked

(Bridgerton #6)

What does a rake do when he has fallen madly in love with his cousins bride? I imagine some pining is involved. But more complicated, what does a rake do when his cousins dies and the object of his affection is now free?

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It's In His KissIt’s In His Kiss

(Bridgerton #7)

A diary, a mystery and one tenacious and adventurous Bridgerton woman forever finding herself in trouble, the poor man never stood a chance against her charms.

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On The Way To The WeddingOn The Way To The Wedding

(Bridgerton #8)

The last in the Bridgerton series…but will the last of the unwed Bridgerton brood marry the wrong woman? It’s all in tangle lets hope our Bridgerton doesn’t unravel it too late and on the way to his lady love’s wedding…to another man.

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Have you read these yet? Who is your favourite Bridgerton? Or, are these new books to you, are interested in giving them a whirl?

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Irma Jurejevčič

I read firs 5 books, the 6th is waiting for me at home to read it and I also have to buy last two 🙂 But I can honestly say that book in this series are so good. I’m sucked right into them right from the start. Julia is an amazing author and I love her work. i recommend this series to all romance readers expecialy historical ones.
And I’m in love with Colin <3 He's my guy 😉


Love the entire series. And my fave is Colin, of course. 🙂


I read one or two of these years ago I need to read them all


I also have the anthology of 2nd epilogues that was released last year. I have so many books I wanted to read this month but this has got me seriously hankering for a reread. Gah! My favorite Bridgerton is actually their mother, Violet. I’m also partial to Hyacinth, Colin and Daphne. When I think of my favorite historical romances The Duke and I and Romancing Mister Bridgerton always make the list.

Betty Hamilton

I read them all…and LOVED them all!


Amazing series! All of her books are great! I also love the bridgertons: happily ever after…it was wonderful catching up with the family 🙂

Sharlene Wegner

I finally collected them all through Paperback Swap & want to read them all. I have read the next generation books – The Smythe-Smith Quartet books. Just Like Heaven is so good! Thanks for the book descriptions.


Colin!! Hands down. My first book from the series was his and Penelope’s story and then I went back to read all the rest. So good!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads

How are there already eight installments in this series, and this is the first I’m hearing about it!? I’d be willing to give the first one a whirl, and then go from there. At least now I know that there’s an end in sight, and the story doesn’t go on forever which makes adding these novels to my TBR pile a little less daunting. Thanks for sharing!